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Chapter 287 - The Ghost Rider Sect Mountain Gate

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 287: The Ghost Rider Sect Mountain Gate

    The source of the mountains and rivers in the world came from Kunlun Mountain.

    Therefore, Kunlun Mountain was also called the Forefather Mountain in China. I was the No. 1 mountain in China. Meanwhile, the mountains in Longxi was an extension of a branch of Qinling Mountain which belonged to Kunlun Mountain.

    At noon, in the mountain of Wanshan Town in Longxi, the jungle was deep with dense, lush greenery. The weeds were human height, and there were people around. However, there was a series of childish voices at that moment.

    “Hmph, ha, hei, ya…”

    Mengmeng stood aside and could not stop dancing with the sword in her hand. She would shout and grunt with all sorts of sounds while her movements were funny and childish.

    Meanwhile, the long sword in her hand was Ye Wushuang’s Great Thunder Sword. It seemed small, but it weighed over 52 kilograms. The little girl held it like a branch, making it seem like a piece of cake for her.

    The little girl had yet to step into the path of cultivation. Therefore, she could not activate the function of the Great Thunder Sword. She was purely treating it as a toy.

    Meanwhile, Su Yuhan got a handkerchief out and walked over to the pond to wash her hands while bending down.

    Ye Chen lay on a big rock using his hands as his pillow. He looked at the mother and daughter with a smile on his face, indulging in the moment.

    What was better than having his beautiful wife on his left and his daughter on his right? No, nothing!

    Su Yuhan walked over with her clean handkerchief and called out to the little girl who was drenched in sweat on the other side, “Alright, Mengmeng. Stop playing and come over here.”

    She rolled her eyes at Ye Chen as she said angrily, “Hey, you, Mengmeng is a kid. Why did you let her play with a sword? What if she hurts herself?”

    Ye Chen was speechless.

    ‘I know my daughter. Also, this little girl is eating medicinal pills like candy. She’s not a wimpy girl.’

    “What? Don’t you agree?” Su Yuhan glared at him.

    “No, no!” Ye Chen shook his head immediately.

    The world was big, but his wife was the most significant! How would he dare to disagree with her?

    The little girl ran over with the Great Thunder Sword. She was panting, but she did not look tired at all.

    “Look at you. All you do is play. You’re like a dirty little kitten,” Su Yuhan scolded while smiling. She wiped the little girl’s face and hands with her handkerchief.

    Ye Chen took two bottles of mineral water out from his storage ring for the mother and daughter. After the little girl had a sip, she said in a pitiful manner, “Daddy, I’m hungry.”

    At that moment, Ye Wushuang walked over from far away. He held a wild hare that was still moving, it weighed two to three kilograms and had gray hair.

    “Oh? It’s a rabbit!” The little girl’s attention was drawn to the creature. She ran to Ye Wushuang immediately and asked, “Uncle Wushuang, where did you get this little rabbit from?”

    A smile appeared on Ye Wushuang’s cold face upon seeing the little girl’s cute face. “I was walking around nearby and caught it.”

    He passed the wild hare to the little girl.

    The little girl put the wild hare in her embrace softly. Then, something strange happened. The wild hare that was struggling became obedient and still as soon as it got into the little girl’s embrace.

    “Daddy, Mommy, this little rabbit is so cute!” The little girl was over the moon as she giggled.

    Ye Chen said without even thinking about it, “Aren’t you hungry? We can eat this rabbit. Daddy will cook, and I’ll make you guys delicious grilled rabbit.”

    Both the big beauty and the little beauty glared angrily at him as soon as he was done speaking.

    The little girl hugged onto the wild hare tightly. She said angrily while pouting, “Daddy, the rabbit is so cute. Why are you eating it?”

    Su Yuhan was on her side. The mother and daughter were standing on the same line at that moment. “That’s right. You’re too cruel.”

    Ye Chen glanced at Ye Wushuang who was standing aside, and the duo was instantly speechless.

    ‘I’m cruel just because I want to eat a rabbit? Would you guys say that I’m cruel if I feed you dragon’s liver and phoenix’s gall?’

    “We’ll eat some snacks then!”

    Ye Chen shook his head in between tears and laughter. He took out the snacks that he had bought earlier from his storage ring. He gave it to the mother and daughter as well as Ye Wushuang.

    After they were done, they proceeded their journey with Ye Chen leading.


    Over half an hour later, they arrived at an empty space. Compared to the lush greenery earlier, what they saw was rather eerie. The land was black and dark as they looked over it.

    Meanwhile, the barren Eagle Cliff was ahead of them. It was hundreds of meters high, which completely blocked their way.

    Black energy lingered at the peak of the cliff. The black energy gathered around, and there were no birds flying around. It was miasma that was extremely toxic.

    “Ye Chen, is this a dead end? Are you a qualified guide?” Su Yuhan glared dangerously at Ye Chen.

    “Don’t be afraid, my love. Your husband has a solution!” Ye Chen chuckled softly as a gleam flashed in his hand. It was the Almighty Killer Sword. As soon as the flying sword appeared, it grew a few folds larger and became like a giant sword.

    “Wifey, your husband will give you a taste of flying today!” Ye Chen stretched his arm out to Su Yuhan.


    Upon hearing the hidden meaning in Ye Chen’s words, Su Yuhan flushed and showed her temper. Nonetheless, she held onto his hand anyway.

    Before she could react, he grabbed her and placed her onto the Almighty Killer Sword. It turned into a sword gleam and flew far away.

    “Ahh!” Su Yuhan was shocked and shrieked by instinct. She held onto Ye Chen tightly in fear whereby she buried herself in his embrace. She was quivering like a scared little rabbit.

    “Don’t be afraid! I’m here with you. Open your eyes and look,” Ye Chen comforted and decelerated the flying speed. Su Yuhan then opened her eyes slowly.

    The little girl was stunned to see that her parents had left her alone. She wailed suddenly, “Daddy and Mommy have left me behind…”

    At that moment, Ye Wushuang carried her and stepped onto the Great Thunder Sword directly. They went after Ye Chen and Su Yuhan.

    To acclimatize Su Yuhan to flying, Ye Chen made a few more rounds intentionally. They only landed on Eagle Cliff when Su Yuhan stopped screaming.

    Ye Chen lifted his head to look around. There were cliff walls everywhere like ferocious beasts that were preying.

    Meanwhile, they were standing in a terrain that was shaped like a bowl. There was an artificial cave that was dug in the wall before Ye Chen.

    He walked over slowly and came to a realization after observing it. Clearly, it was the entrance of the Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate. Judging by the trail, it should have been dug by Bai Zhanyuan and the rest.

    “Ye Chen, is this that Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate you were talking about?” Su Yuhan walked over and took a look, wanting to go closer by instinct.

    “Don’t move!” Ye Chen pulled her suddenly. “There’s a formation set up in front. You’ll activate the formation if you walk further and you’ll be attacked!”

    To prove what he said, he picked up a rock and tossed it ahead. The rock began burning out of nowhere after flying less than a meter out.

    Su Yuhan’s face turned pale, and she retreated many steps back immediately. “What do we do?”

    Ye Chen chuckled softly. “It’s just a formation. How difficult would it be for me to break it?”