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Chapter 779 - I Will Exterminate Your Family

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     779 I Will Exterminate Your Family"Hm?"

    Chen Fan looked up and saw a group of people entering the hall, including Chen Fan's old friend, Mitsui Yuto. But then, this leader of the Mitsui Group stood respectfully behind a young man.

    The young man had long black hair and was brawny. He was only around twenty years old but he had already reached the peak stage of the Immortal State.

    All the people present at the party immediately went to greet the young man.

    "Master Xu."

    "Zhang Ruoxu from the Zhang family of Chang Bai. He's the most outstanding descendant of this generation of the Zhang family. He's battled with the North Qiong Sect several times and even Sister Yukishiro Sa lost to him," A'Xiu said.

    "Really?" Chen Fan asked.

    Zhang Ruoxu was a peak-stage Immortal State Warrior and was comparable to Tian Mingzi and the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect. He might even have a special lineage. And yet, how would Chen Fan take him seriously?

    "How is the Zhang family related to the Dragon Lake?" Chen Fan wondered.

    "I heard that the ancestors of the Zhang family were born in Dragon Lake thousands of years ago and had the blood of dragons. The family has guarded the lake for centuries. In the recent couple of years, the old dragon and the monsters have been hiding most of the time while everything's done by the Zhang family. Their leader is someone who has battled with General Ye," A'Xiu explained.

    Zhang Ruoxu ignored those who approached him and walked straight to the elevator. No one dared to say anything. They simply smiled and greeted him.

    "He's indeed Master Xu, the peak-stage Immortal State Warrior. We can't even stop him for a second."

    "Haha, Master Xu has always been arrogant. Even the top Young Masters in Yan Jin, like Xiao Xuan and Han Juntu, can only talk to him for a while. He's a peak-stage Immortal State Warrior and the Young Master of the Zhang family, who's even more superior than a President. But I heard that he's interested in the Goddess Xu Rongfei."

    "Seriously? Xu Rongfei is so lucky…"

    Everyone in the hall was discussing heatedly.

    Those who could enter the hall were influential figures who were worth billions or had positions in the government. And yet, they were much less powerful compared to Zhang Ruoxu.

    "He's running after Fei Fei?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    "Don't worry, Master. Miss Fei Fei is under the protection of the North Qiong Sect. Zhang Ruoxu might be complacent, but he's afraid of our power after all. He wouldn't dare to harass Miss Fei Fei," A'Xiu said.


    Chen Fan nodded.

    He didn't care much about Zhang Ruoxu. He waited for the old dragon, the God of Hades and the others to show up while enjoying the wonderful cuisine he hadn't been able to eat in the last few years. For Chen Fan, the real battlefield was in the sky, not in the cocktail party.

    Someone bumped into Chen Fan and said, "Ah, sorry…"

    That person was wearing large sunglasses that covered half of her face, leaving only her chin and small lips exposed. And yet, she still looked gorgeous.

    The girl apologized and was about to leave. She then glanced at Chen Fan and asked, "Chen… Fan?"

    "You are?" Chen Fan found the girl familiar.

    "I'm Ningxin, Fei Fei's roommate. You don't remember me?"

    She took off her sunglasses and showed her narrowed eyes when she smiled. It was Ningxin, Xu Rongfei's friend. She became more beautiful after a few years.

    "You're really Chen Fan? They said you… died in the Realm of Kunxu. I can't believe you're back. I must tell Fei Fei about it. She's gone crazy while waiting for you," Ningxin covered her mouth and said in shock.

    "Fei Fei is still waiting for me?"

    Chen Fan was speechless.

    "Why haven't you told Fei Fei you came back? During the last three years, she's been working every day to the point of exhaustion, all to stop thinking about you. You're a Heavenly Being. You must give her an explanation," Ningxin said.

    Chen Fan remained silent.

    Not even a Celestial Lord could deal with relationships easily! In his previous life, there were also many women across the universe who were into him, but Chen Fan was lost in the guilt of Fang Qiong's death. Most of those Saints and descendants of the sacred grounds could only leave, while some were still waiting for Chen Fan to return.

    When Ningxin was about to condemn him further, there was another commotion at the entrance.

    Xu Rongfei had arrived!

    As the Goddess of the people, Xu Rongfei had been thriving in the last few years and was about to become the top actress in the country. Besides, she was being protected by the North Qiong Sect, so nobody dared to offend her.

    "Fei Fei is here. Let me tell her the good news," Ningxin jumped and said.

    Chen Fan stood there, looking at the beauty standing at the entrance. Xu Rongfei seemed to have become mature and every move she made was elegant. She was wearing a black gown and red lipstick.

    Everyone was stunned when she showed up and Ningxin appeared to be inferior to her.

    Countless men who thought they were charming enough immediately approached her and tried to win her heart.

    When Ningxin was about to run to Xu Rongfei, a group of people led by an elder came down from the top floor. They walked to Xu Rongfei and said, "Miss Xu, our master knows you don't have an invitation, so he sent me here to take you upstairs."

    Even though Xu Rongfei was a superstar.

    Those on the top floor were tycoons, leaders of major families or Sect Masters. She wasn't superior enough to go up there.

    "That old man is from the Zhang family. I saw him standing next to Zhang Ruoxu," someone yelled.

    Many people were startled. It looked like the rumors about Zhang Ruoxu running after Xu Rongfei were true. Otherwise, why would he send somebody down?

    "I'm sorry, my friend's with me. I'll just stay here," Xu Rongfei rejected politely and waved at Ningxin.

    "Your friend can also come to the top floor with you. I guess my Master, the owner of Yinfeng, would love to let her join us to save face," the elder said with arrogance in his eyes.

    The Zhang family was the top family in the East. Even the boss of Yinfeng Tower would not dare to provoke them.


    This time, Xu Rongfei was apparently more indifferent.

    She walked away and held Ningxin's hand. Xu Rongfei's legs were 120cm long and they were even more gorgeous with her high heels, while Ningxin looked small and dainty. The two beauties walking together immediately captured everyone's attention.

    "Miss Xu, no one can disrespect my Master again and again. You might be fine refusing to meet him, but I can't guarantee the same for your friends, family and colleagues," the elder said calmly.

    "Are you threatening us?"

    Ningxin immediately looked furious.

    The elder slowly stood upright. He was only a normal servant when he bent his body, but then, a powerful energy surged out from him. He stood straight and his eyes were twinkling. He was apparently an Immortal State Master.

    "A legend."

    Many people exclaimed with a startled look.

    This elder was an Immortal State Warrior and he would be a VIP in any country, right after Earth Level Deities and Heavenly Beings. In China, he was even someone like a dominator or a Sect Master, but he was only Zhang Ruoxu's servant. How would everyone not be surprised?

    "The Zhang family is too terrifying. They're a family that's beyond everything in the world! They even have the support of the Dragon Lake."

    A Transcendent Grandmaster shook his head.

    "The North Qiong Sect has Xu Rongfei's back. She might win," another person said.

    As expected, a middle-aged man behind Xu Rongfei came up. Chen Fan knew he was a Grandmaster of the Dragon Hall called Xie Cheng. Xie Cheng said, "Miss Xu is protected by the North Qiong Sect. Does the Zhang family want to declare war against us?"


    The elder grunted and said with disdain, "The North Qiong Sect might not exist after today. The League of Deities will be established and the old dragon will unite the East. If the North Qiong Sect doesn't obey, you'll be eliminated."

    He snorted and Xie Cheng was pushed ten steps backwards. His nose and ears were bleeding as if he had been attacked hard.

    At that moment, the elder had already injured Xie Cheng with his Immortal Will. This was the difference between an Immortal State Warrior and a Transcendent State Warrior! A Transcendent State Warrior was as weak as a child in front of an Immortal State Warrior.

    "Please, Miss Xu. Don't make it difficult for me."

    The elder stepped aside and bowed. He instantly turned from an Immortal State Warrior to a respectful servant.

    Then, the four guards behind him stepped forward. They were all Martial Arts Grandmasters and were as powerful as Xie Cheng.

    "Miss Xu… Don't."

    Xie Cheng struggled to get up. He could barely stand after being attacked by the elder and had no more energy to fight.

    Xu Rongfei stood there alone.

    The men around her fell back and nobody was willing to give her a helping hand. Facing the power of the Zhang family, the four Grandmasters and the Immortal State Warrior, who would dare to step up? Their own lives were more important.

    Ningxin was enraged and her face flushed.

    Xu Rongfei's eyes were full of determination. When she was about to speak…

    A calm voice was suddenly heard.

    "Fei Fei wants you to leave, so leave. Otherwise…

    "I will exterminate your family!"