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Chapter 778 - The Cocktail Party

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     778 The Cocktail PartyThe Dragon Lake of Chang Bai was holding a cocktail party in Zhong Hai to discuss with the Deities about the establishment of the League of Deities.

    The entire world was stunned once the news was spread. Europe had the Christian Church, the United States had an alien battleship, and the other superpowers had their own support. However, China seemed to be weak, only relying on Ye Qincang and Chen Huaian. They were apparently at a disadvantage among the superpowers.

    Overall, the East was much weaker than the West and they were struggling under the power of the Christian Church.

    But once the League of Deities was established, the East might be able to defeat the Christian Church.

    "The thing is, who's going to be the leader of the League of Deities? We can't let those beasts and dragons be our guardians."

    "What are you afraid of? We have Heavenly Ye and Heavenly Chen."

    "But Heavenly Ye might not be a match to the dragon of Chang Bai."

    The Internet in China was stirred. Countless people were discussing it, and a lot of TV stations and media made various comments. Many people were worried. The old dragon from Dragon Lake had lived a thousand years and was known to be invincible amongst the secret lands.

    "If Chen Beixuan was here, he would never let these monsters run wild!" a Martial Artist said.

    "Haha, Chen Beixuan? He died in the Realm of Kunxu. Even if he's alive, how can the Blood Ancestors and the son of God compare to the old dragon? It's half a Sky Immortal and is only a step away from becoming a True Dragon. Not even nuclear bombs can kill it," someone immediately replied with a despective tone.

    Such a conversation soon ended. Only a small number of people remembered Chen Fan. The others mostly knew about cultivators like Ye Qincang, the Saints of the Christian Church and the God of Gold.

    In Jin City.

    On the highway to Zhong Hai, Chen Fan was sitting in a Cadillac, drinking wine and looking at the information about the Earth Level Deities in the East on his tablet.

    "I heard that the old dragon in the Dragon Lake lost to Ye Qincang. Why are you scared of it?" Chen Fan wondered.

    "When the Dragon Lake appeared, the old dragon didn't fight with General Ye, it was one of its descendants. Even so, General Ye was forced to retreat because of a few monsters. He didn't even enter the entrance of the Dragon Lake to meet the old dragon in person."

    Yukishiro Sa cracked a wry smile.

    Fang Qiong also nodded and said, "The CIA announced the old dragon, Saint Peter of the Christian Church, Guao the God of Gold, Lord of the Ocean and two others as the six most powerful Overlords in the world. Their level is called ‘Disastrous Level,' meaning that each of them has the power to destroy the world. Many wonder whether they've actually become True Gods and Sky Immortals."

    "The six most powerful Overlords?"

    Chen Fan grunted and didn't care about it.

    Three years before, Chen Fan would have been worried about them, but he could at the moment kill a Golden Core Cultivator with his bare hands. He could easily smash True Gods and Sky Immortals.

    "So, what's the level of the Gu God, the Lord of Beimang and the God of Hades?" Chen Fan asked.

    "Even though the Gu God and the Lord of Beimang have existed for a long time, their power is only at the early-stage Connate Level after reincarnating many times. They're considered to be at the ‘City-destroying Level,' meaning that they're strong enough to destroy a city.

    "The God of Hades from Japan is a bit stronger. It's at the mid-stage Connate Level and the United States considers it to be at the ‘Nation-destroying Level.' It ranks twenty third on the Deity Roll."

    Fang Qiong's notebook recorded all sorts of data.

    She was wearing black glasses, a dress suit and a pair of black stockings. Chen Fan couldn't take his eyes off her business outfit.

    "The Deity Roll? Are the cultivators being ranked by the CIA?" Chen Fan was a bit shocked.

    Those levels made Chen Fan feel like he was near the end of the world.

    "It's published by the CIA, but the Star World Corporation and the Mayans are responsible for ranking the cultivators. The Deity Roll lists the Overlords among the Entities on Earth and those like the Gu God aren't good enough to be included. As for the six most powerful ones, they've gone beyond everyone else and are not listed," Fang Qiong said seriously.

    "Don't worry, honey. Just wait and see how I make those losers kneel before me." Chen Fan nodded.

    A'Xiu and Yukishiro Sa covered their mouths and chuckled.

    The Cadillac sped on the highway and many private jets flew across the sky. People were traveling from all over the world to attend the cocktail party, which caught everyone's attention.

    The Yinfeng Tower.

    It was a new landmark at the Yellow Dragon River in Zhong Hai. It was seven hundred meters tall and had a hundred and fifty floors, which was why it was called the highest building in Asia. The boss of the tower was mysterious. Many said he was an Earth Level Deity; not even the top Young Masters in Zhong Hai dared to do anything stupid at the Yinfeng Tower.

    The cocktail party of the League of Deities was being held at Yinfeng Tower.

    "Snap, snap."

    Meanwhile, cameras were flashing and many luxury cars stopped at the entrance of Yinfeng Tower. Celebrities wearing suits and gowns got out of the cars and the reporters even blocked the door.

    "It's Li Xinru. She's a famous actress. I can't believe she's here."

    "Hm? Isn't that the Korean actress, Kim Eunjung? She's rumored to be dating the youngest Grandmaster in Korea, Seo Taean. He's the most famous Martial Artist in the country, an idol to countless people."

    "Yun Qianqian and Xu Rongfei are also here. They're the Goddesses of the country. I heard that many Martial Artists, including Grandmasters and Immortal State Warriors, are trying to hit on them. Rumor has it that even one of the Young Masters of the Zhang family has expressed his feelings to Xu Rongfei publicly."

    Many reporters in front of the Yinfeng Tower took pictures and talked to one another at the same time.

    Those who went to the cocktail party were Earth Level Deities and celebrities. The reporters even noticed many tycoons and leaders of some famous families.

    The CEO of the Mitsui Group in Japan, Mitsui Yuto, the CEO of Samsung in Korea, Lee Bongtae, the CEO of Aid International of Europe, Edward…

    "Many international tycoons are here. Looks like the foreigners are pretty concerned about the establishment of the League of Deities," someone said.

    A reporter of China Morning Post, who was wearing a pair of golden glasses, snickered and said, "This might be the biggest event in the East. If the League of Deities is established, the Earth Level Deities in the East will be united and they'll be as powerful as the Christian Church, the Ocean Clan and the Gold Clan. How can they not pay attention?"

    "The problem is, who can lead the League of Deities? If the Dragon Lake or the God of Hades take the lead, it'll be bad for China!" Another middle-aged reporter sighed.

    Everyone instantly became gloomy.

    However, only the superpowers could be involved in such a fight. Ordinary people could only wait for the results.

    "The Zhang family of Chang Bai is also here," someone suddenly yelled.

    Everyone looked over and saw a young man approaching, together with a lot of tycoons from Japan and Korea. He was brawny and tall; everyone quickly lowered their heads and made way when they saw him. Even the leaders of the top families in China seemed to be scared.

    When the young man entered the building, the reporter of the China Morning Post said, "How superior is the Zhang family of Chang Bai."

    "They're supported by the Dragon Lake. I heard that their ancestor and the old dragon are related. Nobody in China and the world dares to provoke the Zhang family now."

    The middle-aged reporter smiled wryly.

    The Zhang family of Chang Bai wasn't famous in the past, but when the world changed, they started to rise. They were called the "Family of the Dragon." All their members carried the blood of dragons and were talented Martial Artists. With the support of the Dragon Lake, they had become the first family in the East in just three years.

    Although secret lands like the Dragon Lake were hidden from the world, they had men spreading their influence among the countries.


    The Amou family from Japan that represented the God of Hades, the Thai Royal family that represented the Gu God, the Cao family that represented the Beimang Ghostdom… Many thriving forces arrived. Their one thing in common was that they all had Connate Cultivators backing them.

    These families were thriving in the current, chaotic times, and their power had surpassed the former top families or consortiums, including the Xiao family, the Wang family and the Qin family.

    "Why aren't the dragon of Chang Bai and the Gu God here?" a new reporter wondered.

    "Those are top Overlords on Earth and are both Earth Level Deities and Heavenly Beings. Why would they come down from the sky to attend such a party? Besides, the old dragon is several hundred meters long. If it made an appearance, it would be as tall as half of Yinfeng Tower."

    The middle-aged reporter smiled.

    While the reporters and onlookers were gathering at the main entrance, Chen Fan had already entered the tower. There were several doors and those going in from the side were usually some unimportant persons.

    "There's a lot of people!"

    Chen Fan walked into the building with a pair of sunglasses and grey long hair. He was wearing a casual outfit as if he were only a passerby, so nobody recognized him.

    "Master, this is the hall on the ground floor of Yinfeng Tower. The cocktail party actually takes place on the top floor, but a special invitation is needed to enter. The party today is really grand. Over ten thousand people were invited, but most of them can just stay here. Only the superior persons can go to the top floor," A'Xiu said.

    Yukishiro Sa, Fang Qiong and An Ya were all well-known people so they were invited to the top floor, but A'Xiu wasn't as famous in the last couple of years so she stayed with Chen Fan in the hall on the ground floor.

    "The cocktail party is just a guise. The Connate Overlords are the ones who will make the decision. I'll wait for them to get here," Chen Fan said coldly with a glass of wine in his hand.

    Then, there was a commotion at the entrance. A'Xiu glanced over and was startled.

    "Master, it's the Zhang family from Chang Bai."