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Chapter 777 - I“m Back

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     777 I“m BackChen Huaian was shocked.

    A hundred Earth Level Deities? Even all the troops of the five superpowers together would be unable to manage this, and the number of Connate Cultivators on Earth was only slightly higher than that.

    "You killed a hundred Connate Cultivators?" Chen Huaian said with a trembling voice.

    "Yes, I also suppressed the Seven Exalted Sects. From now on, Kunxu will no longer be China's biggest enemy because I'm their King," Chen Fan said calmly.

    He was wearing a black outfit and looked handsome. Still, he didn't look like someone that had suppressed a realm.


    Chen Huaian was stunned at first, then he burst into laughter which even shook the hall. "You're definitely the star of the Chen Family! With you here in China, we won't have to worry about the Christian Church!"

    He had never been that happy in a long time.

    After three years of hard work, waiting and suffering, he could finally laugh.

    The disciples guarding the North Qiong Pavilion were confused and went to check what was going on, but Chen Huaian asked them to leave.

    "Xiao Fan, since you're so powerful, you should start planning how to deal with these secret lands," Chen Huaian said.

    Then, the two of them talked a lot.

    After receiving the news, Hua Yunfeng, Wang Xiaoyun, Fang Qiong and the others returned as fast as possible. They heard that an important person was there but they didn't know who it was. When they saw Chen Fan, they were extremely surprised and Fang Qiong's eyes were full of longing.

    "You fool, you're finally back."

    Wang Xiaoyun reached and twisted Chen Fan's ears, then she started crying.

    "Mom, I made you worry."

    Chen Fan caressed his mother and glanced at Fang Qiong with guilt. He went into the Realm of Kunxu the next day they got married and they hadn't really spent time together.

    After several years, Fang Qiong became even more gorgeous.

    She was tall, slim and had fair skin. She was wearing a pale pink trench coat with a pair of white jeans, looking like a queen.

    But then, tears welled up in her eyes and she looked at Chen Fan with her hand covering her mouth.

    A family reunion was supposed to be a happy day.

    They soon dried up their tears and asked Chen Fan about the Realm of Kunxu. He told them some of the main details and everyone was astonished. He killed a hundred Deities and defeated the Seven Exalted Sects. How impressive was that?

    Qian Yexue was dumbfounded.

    She had never thought that the superior Seven Exalted Sects in Kunxu would yield to Chen Fan. This was like a myth.

    "We have to call Master ‘King of Kunxu' from now on," Hua Yunfeng said.

    "This title sounds impressive! The God of Gold, Lord of Ocean City and the Pope of the Christian Church can't ever compare to my son."

    Wang Xiaoyun looked proud.

    Everyone else nodded. He was the King of a realm, which had a higher status than the American President!

    "Now that Xiao Fan is back, it's time to kick the a** of the Christian Church. Your grandpa was injured by them, and Yunfeng and Xie Yan were held under besiege. Xie Yan was severely injured and he's now resting in the Dragon Hall," Wang Xiaoyun said furiously.

    "Mom, don't worry. I'll settle the scores."

    Chen Fan smiled.

    He then asked about the North Qiong Sect and everyone remained silent. He turned around, glanced over all of them and found that many people weren't there.

    "Wu Shanhe, Cheng Danqin, Zhou Jinyi… Many Perfected Cultivators of the Medicine God Valley Sect and the North Qiong Sect died," Yukishiro Sa said.

    Everyone went silent.

    The last three years had been horrible.

    The beasts and alien races had attacked China. As the de facto guardians of the country, the disciples of the North Qiong Sect were all at the frontline which was why they suffered great losses. Chen Fan found that almost half of the members had died, but luckily, his disciples and family were fine.

    "Master, the Yin Dragon Pond was attacked by those from the Beimang Ghostdom and they took the Seana. The entire Yin Ghost Sect was exterminated and Wu Xiuzhu died. You must avenge them," A'Xiu said with tears in her eyes.

    "Sister Jinyi was caught and killed by the Gu God," Yu Wenjin said.

    Chen Fan immediately became serious.

    Wu Shanhe and Zhou Jinyi weren't close to him but they were his friends and members of the North Qiong Sect. How could someone kill them?

    "Who are these Gu God and Beimang Ghostdom?" Chen Fan frowned and asked.

    After hearing the explanation from the others, he finally understood.

    Other than the Seven Forbidden Lands and the Christian Church, there were many small secret lands and Entities in the world that had emerged. Those small secret lands might have a couple of Connate Cultivators.

    Like Hades in Japan, the Poseidon Temple in Indonesia and the Wolf God Land in Siberia.

    "The Gu God is an ancient Entity from Southern China and it had been asleep for thousands of years before it woke up. I heard that it's inextricably linked to the Maguses and Gong Tau Masters. Xie Yan fought with it three times and was injured at last."

    "As for the Beimang Ghostdom, it was something similar to the Hades in Japan where ghosts and spirits live. They've been hiding under the ground until now…" Fang Qiong explained.

    "There aren't many of these ghosts and Entities but they're all working as allies. They're also being supported by the old dragon of Dragon Lake, so they'll be difficult to deal with." Hua Yunfeng sighed and shook his head.

    Chen Fan found that Fang Qiong had become the new Master of the North Qiong Sect and everyone seemed to have gotten used to obeying her orders. Chen Fan nodded. This was the Zi Qiong Goddess he remembered.

    This surely had something to do with her identity, and she was also a peak-stage Divine Sea Cultivator.

    "Once the world changed, everything started to show up. Let me deal with them before going after the Christian Church."

    Chen Fan snorted.

    Then, Chen Fan stayed in North Qiong Pavilion for a short while.

    They hadn't been able to see one another for a long time and there were a lot of things to talk about. Chen Fan stayed with his family for a few days, especially because he felt sorry for Fang Qiong.

    The news about his return was blocked by the North Qiong Sect.

    It would cause a great furor otherwise. After all, Chen Fan had too many enemies on Earth. Besides, he and Chen Huaian were preparing something that would shock the world.

    Chen Fan stayed with his family and distributed the Spirit Medicines and Spirit Artifacts he collected in the Realm of Kunxu.

    The few Spirit Treasures were the most important ones.


    Everyone was shocked after seeing the blade aura that almost cracked the array of the valley.

    A'Xiu said, "Master, is this a Spirit Treasure?"

    The Tianxuan Sword was as bright as a beam of golden light and its powerful energy left everyone out of breath. Hua Yunfeng and Chen Huaian even felt as if their lives were threatened.

    "This is the Tianxuan Sword, the Dharma Treasure of the Azure Mystic Sect. An Immortal State Warrior can kill a Connate Cultivator with it," Chen Fan said.

    It could kill a Connate Cultivator?

    All of them gasped after hearing what he said. Connate Cultivators were much more powerful than Immortal State Warriors. Other than Chen Fan, who else could do that? With this sword, one would be able to kill Connate Overlords?

    Hua Yunfeng and the others finally realized how Chen Fan had run wild in the Realm of Kunxu.


    Chen Fan took out the Spirit Treasures, including the Divine Thunder Plate, the Five Dragon Whip and the Qingxu Qi Bell to distribute them. Since his Divine Body had achieved phenomenal success, he could kill a Golden Core Cultivator with his bare hands and his body was the most powerful Dharma Treasure. Why would he need those ordinary Spirit Treasures? Although, he wouldn't mind keeping the Yuntian Palace.

    Chen Huaian received the Divine Thunder Plate, Hua Yunfeng the Five Dragon Whip, Wang Xiaoyun the Qingxu Qi Bell, Yukishiro Sa the Tianxuan Sword and Yu Wenjin the Twenty Four Skies. As for the Moon Wheel, Chen Fan gave it to Fang Qiong.

    "It's beautiful."

    When the Moon Wheel wasn't initiated, it looked like a crescent floating in the sky.

    Fang Qiong loved it.


    She touched the Moon Wheel gently with her finger and it became a full moon, shooting at ten times the speed of sound to a thousand meters away. Hua Yunfeng couldn't respond in time.

    "It's too fast. I would have lost my arm just then." Hua Yunfeng was drenched in cold sweat; half of his sleeve had been cut off.

    The Connate Four Righteousness Qi of Hua Yunfeng didn't seem to exist in front of the Moon Wheel.

    "The Spirit Treasure hasn't been initiated yet. When it awakes completely, Xiao Qiong will be able to defeat a couple of Earth Level Deities by herself," Chen Fan smiled and said.

    Everyone was thrilled and terrified at the same time.

    The Moon Wheel was already overwhelming as it was in Fang Qiong's hands. If the Sect Masters of the Seven Exalted Sects had it, how earth-shattering would it have been? And how invincible Chen Fan was to be able to kill those Sect Masters?

    None of them dared to imagine.

    Chen Fan didn't tell them that he had also killed a Golden Core Cultivator. Otherwise, Wang Xiaoyun would have a heart attack.

    Eight days later.

    Hua Yunfeng returned, visibly angered.

    "The old dragon at Dragon Lake in Chang Bai gathered all the Deities in the East, saying that it's going to establish a league to resist the Christian Church and the United States. The meeting will be held in Zhong Hai in five days. It even invited many politicians, celebrities and movie stars around the world to the cocktail party. I heard that even the secret lands are sending their envoys. The Lord of Beimang, the Gu God and the God of Hades from Japan have already accepted the invitation."

    "They're targeting the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun."

    Yukishiro Sa and the others were also enraged.

    Once the League of Deities was established, it would have the power to control countries, but who could fight with that old dragon? If it became the leader of the league, Kunlun and the North Qiong Sect would also have to yield to Dragon Lake.

    In the past, everyone would have to bite the bullet.

    But then, they all looked at Chen Fan and A'Xiu was even feeling excited.

    Chen Fan slowly ate the grapes An Ya had prepared for him and raised his eyebrows.

    "It's been a while. It's time for me to tell the world…

    "I'm back!"