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Chapter 286 - Yang Tian’s Wandering Journey!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 286: Yang Tian’s Wandering Journey!

    Ye Chen searched Old Fu and Murong Yang’s bodies but did not find the Tiger Bone Flowers. He figured it might still be on the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

    He thought he would just let it go, so he walked out of the Maojia Hotel feeling rather disappointed. He flicked his fingers and performed the Fireball Tactic. After a series of intense explosions that went on behind, the hotel then turned into a sea of fire.


    The next morning, Su Yuhan woke Ye Chen up early. She urged him to leave soon after she was shocked by Murong Kui and the rest the night two days ago. She was especially eager to leave right away.

    She woke Mengmeng up, washed her up, and had breakfast together. It was 9 a.m. when they were done with all that. They finally left.

    Longxi was located in the southeast of Ganzhou. It was above the Wei River in the middle of the Loess Plateau. It connected Tongwei County on the east and Wushan County on the south. It was the land that the military was eager to conquer since ancient times. It was also called the Land of the Four Fortresses!

    There were ten towns and eight villages in there. Meanwhile, Ye Chen was going to Wanshan Town which was one of the ten towns. When he performed the Soul Searching Tactic on him, Ye Chen learned from Su Tao that the Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate was in Wanshan Town.

    Meanwhile, Wanshan Town was approximately 300 kilometers from Longxi by bus. Ye Chen brought his family along and bought the bus ticket to Wanshan Town.

    To prevent that little girl from being hungry along the way, Ye Chen went to the supermarket to buy many snacks for her before they departed. He put all of them away in his storage ring.


    At the same time, it was the third day of the Medicinal Pill Exchange at the Murong residence.

    Murong He walked to the Medicinal Pill Exchange venue with his walking stick. A young man in a suit came up to him. “This humble one greets the old master.”

    “Where’s Yang’er?” Murong He squinted while observing the crowd far away. However, he did not see Murong Yang anywhere, so he could not help but frown.

    The young man in the suit said respectfully, “Old Master, Young Master went out past eight last night, and he’s still not home.”

    “Where did he go?” Murong He said in his deep voice.

    The young man shook his head. “I’m not sure about that. However, Old Fu from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain went with him.”

    Murong He came to a realization upon hearing that. He said worriedly, “He hasn’t returned since last night? Call him to check where he is.”

    The young man nodded and took his phone out to call Murong Yang. However, nobody was picking up.

    Murong He’s expression turned grim gradually. For some reason, he had a bad feeling. He said immediately, “Send everyone to look for them. We must find them!”

    Over an hour later, a hunk finally ran over while panting hard. He said while stammering, “T-the young master went to Maojia Hotel last night, but…”

    “But what?” Murong He hit his walking stick on the ground.

    The hunk wiped his sweat and said, “But there was a fire at the hotel last night. There’s nothing left inside. Besides that, Young Master and Old Fu are gone!”

    “Bring me there!” Murong He’s expression changed slightly.

    Half an hour later, a car arrived at Maojia Hotel. There were two police cars parked at the entrance where police tape also surrounded the area.

    The fire was put out before the day broke. However, the hotel had already turned into ruins.

    Murong He walked out of the car, appearing grim. Nobody dared to stop him wherever he went.

    When he walked into the hotel and saw the two skeletons on the ground, he was frozen still. Murong He bent down and caressed one of the skeletons as grief filled his face. “Yang’er!”

    At that moment, a middle-aged man in a policeman’s uniform walked in. He said with utter respect, “Old Master Murong, unfortunately, your grandson has died in the fire. Please take care of yourself. Don’t you worry. We’ll definitely investigate this!”

    “There’s no need for that!” Murong He suddenly turned his head and glared dangerously at him. His eyes were red. “I’ll handle this myself. There’s no need for you guys to interfere!”

    The middle-aged policeman nodded lightly and left.

    After he left, Murong He’s old face was replaced by ferocity. “I’ll never forgive you for killing my Yang’er. I’ll kill you no matter where you are in the world!”

    He knew Ye Chen had done this without even thinking about it.

    Before that, Murong Yang even took his magical tool out to fight Ye Chen. This happened right away, so who else would have done this if not Ye Chen?

    “Lock all the bus stations in Longxi down. Interrogate everyone with the family name Ye strictly. We can’t let that brat escape no matter what!”


    At the Murong clan’s ancestral residence, Zhang Mengqi observed the people in a condescending manner while standing on the second floor. Zhang Zijian could not help but say, “What’s happening today? Why isn’t Murong Yang here? Also, Yao Bingyue is gone too.”

    “That brat Ye isn’t here either!”

    Zhang Haoxuan, who was standing on the side, could not help but say, “I suspect that Murong Yang went after that brat. It’s going to be a good show.”

    He could not help but look at Zhang Zijian as he spoke to this point. He smirked upon seeing how worried Zhang Zijian looked.


    At the front desk of the hotel Ye Chen previously stayed, Murong Xue dragged Yu Shasha and asked the female receptionist before her, “Where are the guests staying in A302?”

    “They’ve just checked out.” The lady smiled lightly.

    Yu Shasha was rather disappointed to hear that. “Ahh, they’ve left?”

    Murong Xue looked like she was in deep thought and she mumbled, “This guy is pretty wise. He ran away knowing that he has offended Brother Yang.”


    On Huludao in Liaoning in the northeast, there was a secluded, crude house that was very dim. Screams came out of it every now and then.

    “Let me go! Is there anyone out there?” It was a man’s voice. However, the voice was filled with rage, helplessness, and even worry.

    At that moment, a skinny, young man opened the door and went in. The man had a food container in his hand, half of which was filled with dishes.


    The dim room lit up.

    It was a tiny room of less than 50 square meters, and it looked like a garage. There were many plastic boxes around with many banners hanging on the wall.

    “Blue Sky Project, gain fortune overnight!”

    “Today’s failure is tomorrow’s success. Believe that making a million per month is possible with the Blue Sky Project!”

    “Grab the opportunity, take control of your life. Become the second Jack Ma and Li Ka-Shing!”

    There were countless enthusiastic banners like those in the room.

    Meanwhile, there was a young man with stubble and messy hair sitting on a stool against the wall. His hands and legs were tied to the stool, so he could not move at all.

    The skinny man walked over and slammed the food container in his hand on the table before the disheveled young man. “It’s time to eat!”

    The slovenly man merely opened his eyes. Perhaps because he could not get used to the brightly lit room, he said after closing his eyes again, “Brother, can you let me go? There’s really something urgent that I need to handle. I can’t be wasting time here!”

    “No!” The skinny man shook his head and lit a half-cigarette. He squatted on the ground and said with his cigarette butt extending up, “Our boss has said that we can only release you if you join our Blue Sky Project.”

    The slovenly man was pissed to hear that!

    ‘Join, my a*s! Don’t you think I’ve no idea that as soon as I join this marketing organization of yours, you guys won’t let me go until my blood is sucked dry?!’

    He wanted to cry as he thought to this point.

    ‘Ahhhh! Why is my life so miserable!? I’ve picked up trash for a month, and I’ve been sleeping on the streets or under the bridge. I’ve finally made it to Huludao, and I’m close to Ji Province, but this marketing organization has kidnapped me and brainwashes me every day, asking me to join this Blue Sky Project!

    “I,Yang Tian, am a beggar, and you guys want money from a beggar. Aren’t you shameless? You even took the hard-earned 38 yuan that I got from selling trash, claiming that it’s the membership fee. Aren’t you shameless?’

    Yang Tian was getting angrier and worried as he thought to himself.

    It had been a month since his journey begun!

    The promise he had with Ye Chen was for three months. Besides needing to make it to Changbai Mountain, he also had to make it home from there.

    It had been over a month now. Not only had he not arrived at Changbai Mountain, but he was also kidnapped by a marketing organization.

    At that moment, the door was kicked down hard as five police officers in uniform rushed in. They pushed the skinny young man, who was smoking, onto the ground.

    “Freeze! Police!”

    Yang Tian was crying from the stir of emotions. “The police, you guys are finally here!”