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Chapter 285 - A Hundred Ghosts Wandering with Devastating Cries!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 285: A Hundred Ghosts Wandering with Devastating Cries!

    “That’s impossible!” Murong Yang looked at Ye Chen in disbelief and shrieked with all of his might, “How is it possible that you’re Mad Southern Ye? That’s definitely impossible!”

    If one were to look closer, his body even trembled a little when he said that.

    Mad Southern Ye!

    These three words represented many things!

    It represented endless killing and determination. There were countless people who had died by this man’s hand, including 10 to 20 Martial Dao masters.

    It represented the ultimate combat strength and status. He was the Martial Dao master, the kungfu master, No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard, and the No. 1 of China!

    One could say that the name Mad Southern Ye was the legend of the Martial Dao World in China. At the same time, he was also the nightmare of countless people.

    Therefore, Murong Yang and Old Fu had such a great reaction after hearing Ye Chen reveal that he was Mad Southern Ye. They were actually quivering in fear.

    “That’s right. It’s definitely impossible for this brat to be Mad Southern Ye. Young Master Murong, don’t be deceived. He’s trying to scare us.” Old Fu suppressed the fear in him forcefully. His eyes were filled with killing intent when he stared at Ye Chen. “Die, brat!”

    He performed a strange hand seal quickly as soon as he was done speaking. The hand seal was like a six-edged star that covered six directions. As soon as the hand seal was formed, vile energy came charging out of the six directions.

    The vile energy was extremely freezing. If ordinary people were to touch it, they would catch a cold or a fever and die on the spot if it was serious.

    “Brat, I’ll show you my Six Vile Formation. It will definitely kill you!”

    Endless foul energy gathered from the hand seal that he performed. Eventually, it rushed to Ye Chen like a flood. It was a Spell Master’s technique.

    Although they could not fight with their physical strength like ancient martial artists did, they could perform hand seals to fight their enemies with the help of spells!

    Old Fu only managed to master this Six Vile Formation after learning it for over 20 years. Since he was on mastery-stage Dao entry, the power coming from it at full force was on par with the full blow of a peak-stage Illuminating Pulse’s ancient martial artist.

    Ordinary people would die immediately when they touched it. As for ancient martial artists, their flesh would be consumed by the vile energy instantly and their soul might be affected!

    Old Fu could not help but smirk and look complacent as he thought to this point. He seemed to be able to witness Ye Chen’s devastating ending. However, he looked as if he had just seen a ghost in the next second.

    He saw Ye Chen charge at his evil flood. As Ye Chen suddenly opened his mouth, an air whirlpool was formed before him out of nowhere.

    Under the air whirlpool, the vile flood that was charging at Ye Chen was sucked into his mouth.

    “H-how is that possible!?” Old Fu stared with his eyes opened wide.

    The foul energy could seriously harm a living person’s body. Not only did Ye Chen not dodge it, but he also swallowed it instead!

    Even the Illuminating God expert, Yao Huayuan, from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain would not have dared to do that!

    On the side, Murong Yang’s face was filled with horror.


    Filthy energy spat out of Ye Chen’s mouth as he burped. “Is that all you’ve got? It’s not enough. It’s far from enough. Do you have any more powerful ones?”

    He had the body of an immortal. Even lightning between heaven and earth could do nothing to him, let alone the insignificant vile energy.

    “W-who exactly are you?” Old Fu finally panicked.

    “I’ve told you that I’m Mad Southern Ye!” Ye Chen walked to him one step after another.

    “Mad Southern Ye is an ancient martial artist. How could he possess that technique that you just performed?” Old Fu shrieked and said immediately. “Young Master Murong, why aren’t you attacking? If you don’t, we’ll die here today!”

    Murong Yang snapped back to his senses with that shriek. He pulled the pendant on his neck. It was a purple gourd that was the size of a thumb. There were many patterns inscribed on it.

    “Ye Chen, go to hell!” Murong Yang stretched his arm to remove the cork on the purple gourd!


    A pungent wind blew out of the gourd and expanded. Soon, it covered the entire third floor of Maojia Hotel. Countless devastating shrieks echoed while shadows like specters charged at Ye Chen.

    “Is that the Ghoul Gourd?!” Old Fu’s scalp turned numb.

    He had heard that in order to refine this magic tool, Murong Yang had destroyed a village with lots of people so that he could gather endless resentment from that. He could not believe that it was true.

    Facing the whistling black energy, Ye Chen opened his mouth and shouted as he performed the Heavenly Dragon’s Eight Tone, “Scram!”

    His voice was majestic like the rumbling Heavenly Thunder. It was like a real dragon roar that was filled with utter majesty.

    As soon as he yelled that, all of the black energy was crushed. They subsequently vanished!


    Murong Yang spat a mouthful of blood out hard. His face turned pale as if he was drained of all his blood.

    Not only had Ye Chen broken his spell, but he had even broken his Ghoul Gourd. He injured his soul severely with that yell alone.

    “How dare you boast before me with your child’s play? I’ll show you guys what’s the real Ghost Dao magical tool!” Ye Chen chuckled softly, and a black flag appeared in his hand suddenly. As soon as the black flag appeared, the temperature in the room dropped significantly.

    “Come out, a hundred ghosts!” He waved the black flag!


    Endless black energy came out of the black flag. There were extremely devastating screams and intangible, fierce faces that were filled with resentment rushing out of it.

    At that moment, the entire third floor of the hotel turned into a ghost territory. A hundred ghosts were wandering around with devastating cries.

    Murong Yang had goosebumps all over his body. “H-how did you obtain such a terrifying magical tool?”

    “Oh no!” Old Fu’s expression changed as he said, losing rationality, “We were wrong. This brat is an almighty on Illuminating God. Run! Run now!”

    He leaped toward the door after speaking. However, a stream of black energy blocked his way.

    Noises of flesh being eaten came from within as soon as his left hand reached the black energy.

    “Ahhhh!” Old Fu shrieked and withdrew his hand. He found out that his left arm below the shoulder had turned into white bone. There was no flesh and blood on it at all!

    Murong Yang almost passed out from the scare when he saw that. He fell onto the ground by instinct and begged “Mr. Ye, no. Don’t kill me, my grandpa is an Illuminating God expert. You can’t kill me…”

    “If your grandpa dares to come to me, I’ll kill him too. You’ll go first!”

    When Ye Chen waved the Hundred Spirit Flag again, tens of black energies changed at Murong Yang.


    A skeleton appeared on the ground as the horrifying noises of munching rang out.


    Old Fu knelt hard onto the ground. He made his way to Ye Chen while kneeling in fear. “Mr. Ye, spare my life. Please spare my life. As long as you don’t kill me, I’m willing to return and bring you the Tiger Bone Flowers!”

    “I’ve already given you the chance to do that!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly and pressed his palm to his head, performing the Soul Searching Tactic by force. Old Fu screamed in pain, but he could not struggle his way out.

    Soon, Ye Chen retreated his arm slowly. His expressions changed a few times, then he eventually grinned. “Yao Bingyue, you’ve really returned to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. You’re lucky! But do you think you can run away from your promise? You’re too naive. Since that’s the case, your life is mine!”