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Chapter 776 - I Have Killed Over a Hundred Sages

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 776 I Have Killed Over a Hundred Sages

    With Chen Fan's level of attainment, his speed was beyond any mortal's imagination. He could travel tens of thousands of miles in less than an hour. Half an hour later, Chen Fan had reached Jiang Nan Province, straight from Xiinjiang Province.

    Jiang Nan Province, Jin City.

    By then, this city had become the center of the world. It was the headquarters of the North Qiong Sect that protected China. The East Mountain had also been turned into barracks and a fortress. Countless people went there to learn from the North Qiong Sect.

    Chen Fan cast an invisibility spell and entered the East Mountain.

    He scanned the environment with his Divine Will and felt the presence of a Connate Cultivator, but he was severely wounded.

    "Who goes there?"

    Chen Huaian suddenly opened his eyes in shock. He had been recuperating from his injuries.

    Chen Huaian had entered the Connate Sate, therefore he was familiar with Divine Will traces. Ordinary people wouldn't feel any different when Chen Fan's Divine Will swept through, but to Chen Huaian, it gave him an overwhelming sensation. He doubted that the saints from the Christian Church could have such a mighty Divine Will.

    Even as Chen Huaian was going to rise to his feet, he heard a familiar voice.

    "It's me Grandpa."

    "Xiao Fan."

    Chen Huaian's body shook uncontrollably.

    A dark shadow appeared inside North Qiong Pavilion. Chen Fan had bypassed the arrays and radar detectors.

    "It's you. It really is you. Xiao Fan, you're finally back!"

    Chen Huaian gazed at the young man with tears in his eyes. His shaky hand padded Chen Fan's shoulder and said, "I missed you so much."

    "Grandpa, you're injured, who did this to you?" Chen Fan's gaze grew heavier and asked in a deep voice.

    Despite Chen Huaian's collected appearance tempered by cultivation, Chen Fan could sense the severe damage done to his meridians and internal organs. A few bright tendrils of energy were still wreaking havoc inside of him. It was apparent that Chen Huaian had to take on a few opponents.

    "These scratches and bruises are nothing to me."

    Chen Huaian let out a broad smile.

    In the last few years, Chen Huaian had transformed from a elderly man to a battle hardened warrior. However, his injuries were too painful to ignore and bothered him whenever he moved.

    "Please sit down grandpa. Let me help you."

    Chen Fan pressed Chen Huaian down on a futon and formed a hand seal with his fingers, pouring a stream of azure energy into the old man's body.

    Ever since Chen Fan reached the Phenomenal Success in his Divine Body, the effectiveness of his Divine Body had increased.

    The art brought a new breath of life into the hall. Countless plants emerged from the floor, the ceiling and the corners. The Yi Wood Spirit Qi formed many Dao talismans in the air that were covered with ancient inscriptions.

    The Inscription of Perpetual Life!

    Chen Fan had used this art to save Lu Yanxue. As Chen Fan's power grew, so did the art, so much so that Chen Fan could give life to a dead man.


    Chen Huaian was going to refuse the treatment, in fear of consuming too much of his grandson's power, yet he suddenly felt a force sweep across his body.

    Every bone, muscle, meridian and cell rejoiced and cherished the wonderful feeling of being completely surrounded by energy of life and rejuvenation. The foreign energy inside Chen Huaian's body had also subsided.

    Ten minutes later.

    Chen Huaian rose to his feet with great vigor in his body and lights in his eyes. He had not only recovered, but his level of attainment had also been improved.

    "This is amazing! If I knew this art, I could have saved so many lives over the last few years," Chen Huaian exclaimed.

    "Things are not good?" Chen Fan frowned and asked.

    "Worse than ‘not-good', it's outright dire. So many things have happened in the last three years during your absence. China has struggled hard and we are on our last leg now."

    Chen Huaian let out a wry smile.

    Chen Huaian went on to explain what had happened over the three years he was absent.

    "Malice Beasts revealed themselves ever since the big shift. However, they were the least of our concerns. Not even the Super Malice Beasts from the Devil's Cave could have posed any real threat to us. It was looking pretty good for China in the beginning of the Big Shift. More and more people's abilities were being awakened thanks to the Vitality Serum.

    "Countless Martial Artists, Grand Masters and Immortal State Warriors appeared all of a sudden. It was a wonderful time.


    Chen Huaian shook his head

    "The awakening of the saints and the alien races from the Seven Forbidden Lands and Mystic realms came as a complete surprise. They are as cunning as humans and more numerous than the Malice Beasts in number.

    "The saints of the Christian Church, Chang Bai Fey, God of Gold from South America, Merman from Daxi, and Dark Wolf from Siberia…

    "Each one of these deadly foes required the combined might of all nations on Earth to ward off. We were quickly overwhelmed by the appearance of all of them at the same time. In addition, many minor Mystic realms and deities also turned up and caused trouble. Me and General Ye were stretched very thin."

    Chen Fan's eyes grew cold.

    He could sense desperation and hopelessness in his Grandpa's words. China was besieged from all sides, but she only had two Connate Cultivators.

    "Thank god that Yunfeng and Xie Yan both reached the Connate Level. Ancient Fire Ape and Tian Nan also were of great help to me. In addition, Azure Dragon, Nantian, Changchun Taoist broke through to the Mortal Deity realm. The national emergency fund was also put to use and the national lab cooked up a few quite useful weapons," Chen Huaian said.

    "I heard that an alien ship landed in the United States. Is it true that the Mystic realms turned all the nations around the world into puppet states?"

    "That's right. That alien ship never existed, it's a ruse to divert the public's attention. Most of the nations on Earth are now under the control of saints or deities."

    Chen Huaian let out an ugly grin.

    The severity of the situation had caught Chen Fan by surprise.

    When the mystic realms first appeared, the superpowers of the world worked in lock step and defended the common interests of mankind. However, the Christian Church in Europe was the first that had fallen, then the European nations quickly capitulated. The Warg attacked Moscow, killing Oleg and forcing Russia to her knees. Then the god of Takamagahara was awakened and it quickly took over Japan. By the end, the Mayan Battle Cruiser appeared in the United States and controlled the White House.

    Of the five superpowers in the world, only China remained independent.

    "But not for too long."

    Chen Huaian heaved a sigh.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and as an icy glow came up in his eyes. "Grandpa, I have heard that Saint Augustus injured you. But I noticed more than one energy surge inside of you."

    "Augustus can't hurt me. I was ambushed by five saints when I went to question them. If not for the spirit artifact you gave me, I would have been a goner," Chen Huaian said. Then he shook his head and continued with indignation, "But my injury is the least of our problems…

    "Our nations' integrity is in danger. Each day, Malice Beasts raid small settlements along the border while unknown enemies wreak havoc inside the country. China is surrounded by powerful foes who can't wait to claim it for themselves. The lack of defense and an incredibly strong economy made China an easy and alluring target."

    Chen Huaian paused and looked at Chen Fan with a smile. "But it's all good now. You are back."

    The old man heaved a sigh of relief.

    "Rest assured Grandpa, I will wipe out the Forbidden Lands and the Mystic realms. I won't let these false gods lead mankind," Chen Fan said firmly.

    "Take your time. The world has changed. Even a small nation could be guarded by a deity. I would like for you to remain alive," Chen Huaian said.

    He was worried that Chen Fan would get carried away.

    Many deities had turned up on Earth over the last three years. Chen Fan could no longer easily claim the seat of power.

    Even an ordinary Mystic realm had a few Connate Cultivators, much less the Christian Church.

    "Xiao Fan, there's bad blood between you and the Christian Church, the Mayan Race and the God of Gold, so they had been picking on us over the last three years, especially the Christian Church. They have ambushed me to seek revenge for the Divine Child. It would be wise to stay low for now. Otherwise, we will be in grave danger," Chen Huaian said seriously.

    He had experienced the power of the Christian Church first hand. Over a thousand years, many saints and angels had been buried in their divine cemetery.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and sauntered out of the room. He looked at the disciples assembled in the courtyard and asked, "Grandpa, do you know where I have been and what I have been doing over the last three years?"

    "Weren't you in Kunxu?" Chen Huaian's face changed and asked, "Ah right, how was it? I heard that there are over a hundred Earth Level Deities. Are they going to join the fray since the portal is now open?"

    One Christian Church was enough to wreak havoc on earth.

    Kunxu was the most powerful Mystic realm and a few times stronger than the Church. They would annihilate the resistance on Earth with ease. The old man doubted that ten Chen Fans would be able to ward off the overbearing threat.

    "The Realm of Kunxu has two hundred and thirty seven Earth Level Deities, thirteen Supreme Overlords and seven Exalted Immortals."

    Chen Huaian's face paled as his mind was seized by despair.

    "But I have reduced that number to less than a hundred," Chen Fan cracked a smile and said playfully.


    Chen Huaian was stunned, eyes wide open with disbelief.