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Chapter 774 - The Start of a Legendary Era

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 774 The Start of a Legendary Era

    "We are living in great times. We are watching the changes in history. We are going to witness the start of a legendary era…"

    This was something McCain, the new American President and Chen Fan's old friend, said in a speech. As Huo Tingshan described.

    Some magical changes happened in the world three years before.

    The beasts gradually became larger and more vicious. A tiger that was three meters long was currently five meters long and some could even reach six meters. They could tear metals apart with their claws. Besides them, wild wolves were as large as calves, and even rabbits started to become larger and attack humans.

    At the same time, humans were also evolving.

    People felt like their bodies had become stronger and those with mild diseases had recovered. Athletes started to break world records which startled the world. The Martial Arts Community was also stunned after finding out the number of people with gifted talents had increased. One out of dozens of people could cultivate Internal Force at the moment.

    Since then, the Martial Arts Communities in the East and the West had been thriving. Many Martial Artists reached a higher level and there were many Grandmasters and Immortal State Warriors.

    "It sounds like the world is reviving."

    Chen Fan frowned.

    Such changes on Earth were similar to those in other cultivation planets or worlds.

    Since the Spirit Qi was extremely concentrated, all creatures were very active. For example, in the Realm of Kunxu, the ordinary people could live up to a hundred years old and there were several hundred Internal Force Martial Artists in Qishan City. The Lord of the city was even halfway to becoming a Grandmaster. In Mangcang Mountain, there were many beasts comparable to the ten-meter golden eagle.

    "No wonder I felt something wrong once I got out of the Gate of Heaven. The Spirit Qi on Earth is indeed much thicker, almost at the same density found in the Realm of Kunxu.

    "Didn't the Spirit Qi on Earth dissipate? Why is there so much of it again? Is it because of the core? I had never heard about cases where the core was capable of doing so…" Chen Fan thought and kept listening.

    "If those are just ordinary beasts, they can be shot to death easily. And yet, many of them are mutations with super powers. Some can even go head to head with a tank. Normal troops cannot deal with them. Only the top Martial Artists can," Huo Tingshan said.

    "How can those beasts take over half of India's territory? No matter how powerful the mutated beasts are, how can they survive attacks of missiles and nuclear weapons?"

    Chen Fan sneered.

    A couple Connate Spirit Beasts would not be strong enough to defeat a large country like India. These mutated beasts weren't powerful enough, either.

    "Those who attacked India weren't normal beasts, but powerful ones that came out of the ground."

    Huo Tingshan smiled wryly.

    According to what he said, places around the five continents suddenly collapsed after the world changed and created many giant holes on the ground. A lot of powerful beasts then crawled out of the holes and some of them seemed to be from the prehistoric times.

    Their power was on a completely different level when compared with the beasts living above ground.

    There were even some super beasts that could fly faster than the speed of sound, that was the reason why not even nuclear weapons were able to kill them, and fighter aircrafts could easily be torn in front of them. They were said to have come from a cave in Southern Iraq.

    "It was horrible.

    "Several countries in the Middle East were attacked by those beasts and millions of people died. The five superpowers mobilized their armies and used nuclear weapons to kill a few of the beasts, but the remaining ones ran to India. After that, India went down."

    "Two years ago, India lost a few hundred thousand soldiers and a hundred fighter aircrafts in the battle outside New Delhi. The beasts only retreated when they dropped the nuclear weapons," Huo Tingshan said.

    "The Middle East? Southern Iraq? Isn't that where the Devil's Cave of Babylon is located?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    The Devil's Cave of Babylon was extremely mysterious. It was said to be the entrance to Hell and was really deep.

    In the past century, England had sent a troop inside but they still hadn't reached the end after walking for dozens of kilometers. In the end, the entire troop was annihilated and nobody survived.

    "That would make sense if the Devil's Cave of Babylon leads to the underground. Those treasures and cores were all there. When the world changed and the Spirit Qi came back, the creatures underground evolved earlier than those on the surface. They must have waited for the best time to come out of the cave," Chen Fan pondered.

    But he was only guessing. He wasn't sure if it was true or not.

    "That's it? There seemed to be a battle in Kunlun and they even abandoned the Deity Burial Valley. What happened there?" Chen Fan asked.

    Huo Tingshan suddenly hesitated.

    "Tell me!"

    Chen Fan snorted.

    A powerful energy fell from the sky and made the air freeze. Huo Tingshan felt as if a beast had awoken which suffocated him; every cell on his body was shaking.

    "He… he's not a Grandmaster. He's an Immortal State Warrior! A legend!"

    Huo Tingshan thought as his legs trembled.

    The energy disappeared immediately, so the residents of the building and the people on the street couldn't even sense it. If Chen Fan exerted himself, the entire Shenmen, including all creatures within a hundred miles, would have to kneel before him. Only a bit of his energy had made Huo Tingshan tremble.

    He sat on the ground, drenched in cold sweat, and said quickly, "I'll tell you, Senior. I'll tell you."

    Those who attacked the Deity Burial Valley were people from the Christian Church!

    "The Christian Church? Didn't their senior members die on East Mountain? Even the son of God was captured. How did they attack Kunlun and the troops at the Deity Burial Valley?"

    Chen Fan looked more serious as he listened.

    The world had changed a lot. Not only were there beasts surging out of the Devil's Cave of Babylon, other forbidden and secret lands also started to revive.

    Two years back.

    The sound of singing was heard at the cemetery in the Vatican and beams of light lit up the sky. In the end, many Saints and angels with wings on their backs, who had been sleeping for thousands of years, showed up and astonished the entire world.

    Other than the Christian Church.

    A dragon that had lived for a thousand years in Dragon Lake suddenly claimed that it was the Master of the snow mountains. Ye Qincang fought with the dragon for a long time and several other monsters came out of Dragon Lake, forcing Ye Qincang to retreat.

    In Siberia, wolf packs started to gather since their God had come to Earth.

    In the God of Gold Temple in South America, the God of Gold had awoken.

    In Egypt, the priest who claimed to have killed Anubis, created storms and flooded cities…

    Many ancient Entities or races that used to exist only in legends appeared in the real world. Due to their sudden appearance, the world started to change.

    Those races were more rational than the beasts. They usually worked with different countries, especially the superpowers.

    "Those Entities are as powerful as the Earth Level Deities. Luckily, we have Kunlun and the North Qiong Sect which is why we can compete with the other superpowers. Even so, we're still in a pretty bad situation. After all, there are only a few Earth Level Deities in China and we can't only rely on Heavenly Ye."

    Then, Huo Tingshan heaved a sigh.

    "I see. Those secret lands and races also revived because of the changes in the world?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    All of this was different from what had happened in his previous life. With his presence, there would be some kind of changes and history would go on another road.

    Huo Tingshan suddenly said, "Right, I heard that an alien battleship landed on the United States. They're still the top country among the superpowers with the support from the aliens."

    "An alien battleship?"

    Chen Fan was startled.

    He suddenly remembered what the leader of the Wise Men said about the ancient Mayans who had left Earth many years before. Were the Mayans returning?

    If everything that happened to the secret lands and races was nothing serious, the return of the Mayans would be a big deal. After all, it was a powerful race that traveled across the universe, developing the Mercury Armor and the God-killing Spear among other things.

    But that wasn't the thing Chen Fan was most concerned about.

    He mainly wanted to ask about the North Qiong Sect.

    "The North Qiong Sect is still the backbone of China and the East. While the legendary Overlords around the world appeared again, China's Deities didn't. Countless disciples of the North Qiong Sect fought hard to protect the country and many of them were killed or injured. In the last three years, three Earth Level Deities have risen from the sect."

    Huo Tingshan was in awe.

    One of the Earth Level Deities was Chen Huaian and the other two were Hua Yunfeng and Xie Yan.

    This surprised Chen Fan a bit. He had never thought that those two disciples would become Connate Cultivators in a few years. It must have something to do with the changes in the world, and it also meant that they were quite talented. With a bit of guidance, they would be able to go further.

    "Senior, you're very interested in the North Qiong Sect. Are you one of them?" Huo Tingshan hesitated and asked.

    Chen Fan didn't reply; he simply turned around.

    When Huo Tingshan saw his face, his eyes popped out. He took several steps back and pointed at Chen Fan.

    "You… you're Chen Beixuan?"