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Chapter 284 - Murong Yang Is Complacen

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 284: Murong Yang Is Complacent

    Half an hour later, Ye Chen arrived at the Maojia Hotel. It was a five-story house that was decorated sophisticatedly. Meanwhile, the founding father’s sculpture was erected at the door.

    As footsteps were heard, an old man in black martial arts attire came out. He looked very kind as he greeted, “Mr. Ye, you’re here!”

    The old man was Old Fu.

    Ye Chen glanced at him and asked in surprise, “How come it’s you here? Where’s Ms. Yao?”

    “Ms. Yao has returned to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, but she gave me what she wanted to hand you.” Old Fu carefully observe Ye Chen’s expression when he spoke.

    Ye Chen said, “Sure, give it to me then.”

    “There’s no rush, Mr. Ye. To thank you for selling us the Heart Repairing Pill, Ms. Yao has set up a banquet exclusively for you before she left. She ordered me to give you a good treat.” Old Fu placed his hand on Ye Chen’s shoulder causally after saying that, appearing very friendly.

    “Ms. Yao is just too kind.” Ye Chen smiled as he walked into the Maojia Hotel and went straight to the third floor.

    He did not see anyone along the way. The entire hotel seemed empty, so he could not help but ask, “Why isn’t there anyone in this hotel?”

    “Aren’t we doing all this for you? We reserved the entire hotel for the night so that nobody will interrupt you.”

    Old Fu invited Ye Chen to sit.

    At that moment, there were many dishes served on the table. There were two bottles of red wine, one of which Old Fu opened before he poured Ye Chen a glass. He said while smiling, “Mr. Ye, I’ll raise this glass to you on behalf of Ms. Yao!”

    Ye Chen clinked his glass and said after taking a small sip of red wine, “Aren’t you supposed to give me the Tiger Bone Flowers now?”

    “Why don’t you drink another glass?” Old Fu persuaded.

    Ye Chen shook his head and showed an excited expression, “You can give it to me first. I’ll drink later.”

    “Sure!” Old Fu got up and walked to the side. He took out a brocade box that seemed to be made of sandalwood. Ye Chen could smell the sandalwood fragrance from far away.

    “Mr. Ye, the Tiger Bone Flowers are in here!” Old Fu carried the box with both hands and walked over.

    Ye Chen extended his arm, intending to open it to take a look.

    The moment he touched the cover, a ferocious gleam flashed across Old Fu’s eyes as he held his head low. A silver needle appeared in his hand that was holding the bottom of the box.

    Immediately, a silver glow glimmered through the air. The silver needle pierced Ye Chen’s wrist, penetrating his skin directly. It vanished within the blink of an eye.

    Ye Chen’s expression changed as he looked at Old Fu in disbelief., “W-what did you do to me?”

    Old Fu, who had been extremely friendly, had a drastic change in attitude. Joy appeared on his face as he stated, “Naturally, I pierced the Mysterious Qi Sealing Needle into your body!”

    “What’s a Mysterious Qi Sealing Needle?” Ye Chen asked coldly.

    “It’s a magical tool to seal the mysterious qi in your body.” Old Fu grinned. “Do you feel weak in four limbs now and are unable to activate the mysterious qi in your body? Do you feel pain in your meridians as you use your force?”

    Ye Chen tried to do so, and the expression on his face changed again. “Why did you do that?”

    “That’s a great question!”

    At that moment, a hysterical peal of laughter came from the staircase on the fourth floor. Murong Yang walked down while smiling and clapping. “Old Fu, you did great!”

    “Murong Yang, it’s you!” Ye Chen wanted to stand up by instinct, but he sat back down, appearing in pain. “So, this is a hoax. You guys are trying to kill me!”

    “You’re not that dumb after all!” Old Fu chuckled and opened the brocade box before Ye Chen. It was empty, and there was nothing inside.

    Ye Chen glared at him angrily. “I’ve already given you the Heart Repairing Pill. You didn’t fulfill your promise!”

    “Brat, in reality, we never planned to give you the Tiger Bone Flowers from the very beginning.” Old Fu’s expression turned grim. “If we didn’t do this, how were we going to make you come?”

    Ye Chen closed his eyes and said, “I can understand why Murong Yang wants to kill me, but I don’t think I’ve offended the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. Why do you guys want to kill me? And you’re actually working with him?”

    Murong Yang took a good look at him, not sure whether he was smiling or not. “Because you have magical things like the Body Strengthening Pill and Heart Repairing Pill. If I’m not mistaken, you should have a medicinal formula with you.”

    “No!” Ye Chen shook his head immediately, seeming rather panicked.

    The smile on Murong Yang’s face got brighter upon seeing his reaction. “I told you nicely to give the Heart Repairing Pill to me earlier, but you were being ungrateful to have rejected me. Later on, I sent Uncle Kui to kill you. Never had I thought that you’d have killed him through the air. I didn’t know that you’re a Dao Entry Spell Master.”

    The expression of his face was replaced by brutality. “But so what? I, Murong Yang, am a Spell Master too. I’m also on Dao Entry!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, a compelling aura exploded from his body. He stretched his arm and waved at the chandelier on the ceiling.


    The chandelier lit up. When he waved again, the lights on the chandelier went away. Subsequently, he lifted his gaze at Ye Chen. “I guess you must be very surprised. And you’re even regretful for having rejected me, aren’t you? But it’s futile even if you regret it now!”

    Murong Yang shook his head lightly. “I can kill you on my own, but my grandpa and Ms. Yao sent Old Fu to help me just in case. On top of that, but he also gave me the Mysterious Qi Sealing Needle.”

    His expression turned cold as he spoke to this point. “Now that the Mysterious Qi Sealing Needle has sealed your mysterious qi, to me, you’re no different from an ant. You must die today! Old Fu, kill him!”

    Old Fu, who was standing aside, grinned as soon as he said that. He stretched his arm at Ye Chen and shouted, “Brat, rest in peace!”

    “Wait!” Ye Chen suddenly spoke.

    Mockery filled Murong Yang’s face as if they were playing a game of cat-and-mouse. “There’s no need to beg because it’s too late. You can have your last word.”

    Ye Chen looked at Old Fu. “I’m giving the Spiritual Medicine Mountain one last chance to give me the Tiger Bone Flowers. Then, get Yao Bingyue to come here to kowtow and apologize to me!”

    “You’re still boastful despite being on the brink of death!” Old Fu grinned. This time, he threw a punch at Ye Chen directly.

    However, Ye Chen sighed softly and stood up. He did not struggle to move like he was before.

    “H-how come you’re able to move?” Old Fu stared with his eyes opened wide in disbelief.

    Murong Yang was shocked as well. “Aren’t your mysterious qi and meridians sealed by the Mysterious Qi Sealing Needle?”

    “The Mysterious Qi Sealing Needle? Do you mean this?” Ye Chen chuckled and rolled his sleeve up. The skin on his arm began to vibrate as a silver needle surfaced slowly.

    “H-how is that possible!?” Old Fu and Murong Yang exclaimed at the same time.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. He looked at Murong Yang with slight disdain. “Didn’t you investigate my identity before attacking me?”

    “What identity?” Murong Yang’s heart sank.

    Although the Murong clan was the Ganzhou giant, they were powerless outside, so they had very little news.

    He had gotten people to investigate Ye Chen before, but all he heard about was the conflict that Ye Chen had with Bandit’s underlings in Shilao Pond. He had not thought too much about it back then. He thought that Bandit was fearful of Ye Chen being a Spell Master.

    Now that Ye Chen asked that question, a bad feeling arose slowly in him.

    “It’s no wonder that your family is only a giant in Ganzhou, but nobody knows your family outside Ganzhou.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly and walked to Murong Yang one step after another with his arms behind his back. “My name is Ye Chen and I come from Tiannan. I killed Yuan Bupo as well as three masters consecutively. I killed the Su family and destroyed the Martial Alliance’s branch with a sword…”

    Murong Yang’s expression changed drastically as soon as Ye Chen was done speaking. He retreated over ten steps back, eventually screaming, “Y-you’re Mad Southern Ye?!”

    “What?” Old Fu, who was standing aside, had goosebumps all over his body upon hearing that. He shrieked in disbelief, “He’s Mad Southern Ye?!”