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Chapter 283 - Seems Like She’s Really Going Back on Her Word!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 283: Seems Like She’s Really Going Back on Her Word!

    “I’m busy!” Ye Chen spoke at a normal volume, but everyone heard him.

    Silence filled the space as everyone looked at him with their eyes wide open. They looked at Ye Chen in disbelief.

    ‘Is this brat rejecting Murong Yang’s invitation?’

    Murong Yang blinked a few times, then he eventually laughed and said, “Forget it if you’re busy, Brother Ye. We’ll speak when we have the opportunity.”

    He turned around and walked to the crowd after he said that. There was grave killing intent beneath his warm smile.

    ‘This man must die!”

    The reason why he had extended the invitation was to test Ye Chen’s attitude toward him. However, Ye Chen had rejected him.

    This only proved that Ye Chen was bothered by the fact that Murong Yang had sent people to kill him. It also proved that there was no way for both parties to smoothen things out.

    Murong Xue only walked over after he left. She said angrily, “Are you out of your mind? How could you reject Brother Yang’s invitation openly?”

    She was from the Murong clan and was very well aware of Murong Yang’s status in the entire Murong clan.

    “So, what if I reject him?” Ye Chen was cold.

    “You…” Murong Xue was infuriated and said after a scoff, “Whatever, I won’t bother you any longer. Shasha, let’s go!”

    She dragged Shasha along after saying that. Yu Shasha turned her head to give Ye Chen an apologetic look.

    Ye Chen lifted his head to look at the entire lounge. He paused when he saw Yao Bingyue walking over from far away. Master Gu was following behind her.

    Yao Bingyue’s face froze the moment she saw Ye Chen. She did not seem to expect Ye Chen to be so daring as to go over to the Murong residence after what happened last night.

    She looked somewhere else, pretending not to see him. However, Ye Chen walked over and said calmly, “Ms. Yao, when will you send over my Tiger Bone Flowers?”

    A chill flashed through Yao Bingyue’s eyes when she saw that Ye Chen was blocking her way. However, she remained smiling as she said, “Mr. Ye, very soon. Don’t worry. It’s on the way!”

    “I hope to see it tonight,” Ye Chen replied with a nod and turned around to leave.

    As she watched him leave, Yao Bingyue’s expression changed a few times. Subsequently, she looked at Murong Yang. Both of them walked to the living room of the Murong residence with one of them leading the way.


    Murong Yang slammed the table, his expression extremely grim. “This brat is too much. I can’t believe that he dares to reject my invitation!”

    “Kill him, Murong Yang!” Yao Bingyue’s countenance bitter too. “That brat is obviously underestimating you. I suggest that you kill him. My Spiritual Medicine Mountain will send a Dao Entry expert too. Let’s work together and kill him tonight!”

    Earlier, she suddenly got a phone call from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, saying that the Tiger Bone Flowers that Ye Chen asked for had accidentally wilted.

    Now that Ye Chen was onto her, she could no longer care.

    She could not help but turn her head to say to the old man in black who came with her as she spoke to this point, “Uncle Fu, please help me tonight. My grandpa is dying, so I must return in advance with the Heart Repairing Pill.”

    Uncle Fu’s eyes lit up and grinned. “Don’t worry, Miss. Let me handle this brat. He’ll definitely die.”

    “Who are you guys killing?” A withered voice came.

    Subsequently, an old man clad in green walked over slowly with a walking stick. He was approximately 60 years old but appeared to be as old as 80.

    A wave would ripple beneath his feet with every step he took as if he was stepping on everyone’s heart. If an expert from the spell world had been there, he would have been shocked to find out that the old man’s steps were like a formation.

    Uncle Fu could not help but release a low groan. He clasped his fists immediately with shock written all over his face. “Greetings, Old Master Murong!”

    Yao Bingyue bowed at him too, simply because the old man was the pillar of the Murong clan: Murong He, the Illuminating God expert who stood on top of the spell world. Legend had it that he could turn flowers into swords and water into ice. He possessed incredible spell skills.

    “Grandpa!” Murong Yang walked to him immediately and subsequently told him about Ye Chen possessing the Heart Repairing Pill.

    Murong He stretched his arm to Yao Bingyue and made a grabbing motion. A yellow medicinal pill then flew from her to Murong He.

    Yao Bingyue’s expression changed. Just when she was going to speak, she saw a gleam flash through Murong He’s cloudy eyes when he was looking at the Heart Repairing Pill. “It really is a medicinal pill that can prolong one’s life!”

    He flicked his fingers as he spoke, and the Heart Repairing Pill then flew into Yao Bingyue’s palm.

    “Little girl, since the Heart Repairing Pill belongs to you, it’s only natural that I won’t take it away from you,” Murong He said with his extremely coarse voice, “As for that young man named Ye, my family will never let him go!”

    He lifted his eyes to look at Murong Yang as he spoke, “Yang’er, your plan is right. You’ll fight with Old Fu tonight. Bring that young man to me. Please capture him alive. He should have the medicinal formula with him. Also, here’s a magical tool for you!”

    A silver needle appeared in his hand. “This is the Mysterious Qi Sealing Needle. When you penetrate his body with this, he won’t be able to use his mysterious qi. You’ll be able to do anything you want to him.”

    “Yes, Grandpa!” Murong Yang took the needle over, feeling over the moon.

    Yao Bingyue was envious as she watched.

    Murong He then looked at her. “Little girl, return to Spiritual Medicine Mountain now. Pass your grandpa my message and tell him that we’ll produce the Heart Repairing Pills together when we get the formula. By then, nobody will dare fight us in China!”

    “Sure!” Yao Bingyue agreed to that right away because she also saw the tempting benefits!

    If they could really mass-produce the Heart Repairing Pill, countless losers in China would kneel to Spiritual Medicine Mountain and the Murong clan.


    Night fell.

    Since they were leaving the next day, Su Yuhan went to bed early with the little girl.

    When Ye Chen looked at the time, it was already 10 p.m. He could not help but shake his head lightly. “Yao Bingyue, so you’re going back on your word!”

    At that moment, someone knocked on the door. Ye Chen got up to open the door to see a staff standing there. “Mr. Ye, a lady asked me to give you this.”

    There was a letter in his hand which Ye Chen took. He only opened the letter after the staff left. The contents were short.

    “Mr. Ye, the Tiger Bone Flowers are here. Please come over to retrieve them. It’s at the Maojia Hotel.”

    It was Yao Bingyue who had sent the letter.

    Ye Chen burned the letter in his hand into ashes after reading it. A mocking smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. ‘Seems like she’s really going back on her word!’

    Yao Bingyue knew where Ye Chen was staying at, but instead of getting someone to send the Tiger Bone Flowers over, she was asking him to pick it up himself! She was obviously trying to kill him without leaving a trace.

    “I’d like to see what you’ve got to be daring enough to go back on your word!” Ye Chen walked out of the room after smiling.

    Ye Wushuang walked out of the room next door. “Brother, let me go with you?”

    “No need,” Ye Chen said while shaking his head, “You’ll stay to protect your sister-in-law and Mengmeng. I thought I’d talk to these people, but it seems like I’ll need to speak with my fist! It seems to be the same no matter where you are. The person with the harder fist wins!”