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Chapter 282 - Do You Want Me Dead?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 282: Do You Want Me Dead?

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    Step, step, step!

    On a crowded street, an old man ran quickly. Using all of his energy, he sprinted on the street while the passersby stared at him.

    Murong Kui ran while turning his head back, fear and horror filling his face. “Why is this brat so powerful? Reckless! I’ve been reckless.”

    He was sweating as he recalled how Ye Chen had punched through the sharp-nosed old man’s body. “This brat might be a Martial Dao master. I must return to inform the Young Master.”


    At the Murong residence, Murong Yang and Yao Bingyue from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain sat across each other. There was a chess set before them.

    Yao Bingyue said while looking at the chess set with a white chess piece in her hand, “Why hasn’t the man that you sent returned?”


    Murong Yang dropped his chess piece and said without even lifting his head, “Don’t worry, Uncle Kui is a peak-stage Illuminating Pulse expert. It’s a piece of cake for him to fight that brat. What I’m worried about is that somebody else might go against my family.”

    “Your family is lucky,” Yao Bingyue smiled and said in a coquettish manner after dropping her chess piece, “I suspect that brat has a medicinal formula. If you manage to capture him and obtain the formula, I hope your family can give a copy to my Spiritual Medicine Mountain. We’re willing to give the Murong clan five Thousand-Year-Old Herbs.”

    “Amazing, amazing!”Murong Yang laughed out loud.

    Yao Bingyue smiled, but ruthlessness filled her face. ‘Ye, don’t blame me! Blame yourself for possessing something that you shouldn’t have!’

    At that moment, loud noises came from outside. Murong Yang grinned instantly. “Uncle Kui must have returned!”

    As soon as he said that, he saw a few hunks helping Murong Kui in. Drenched in sweat, he looked very clumsy.

    Murong Yang’s expression turned grim. “Uncle Kui, where’s that brat?”

    “Young master, that brat is…he’s…” Murong Kui wanted to speak while panting. However, he realized that there was an intense pain coming from his heart before he was even done speaking. It was as if his heart was being sliced by a knife.

    “Ahh! It hurts! My heart hurts!” He fell onto the ground while screaming and pressing his chest. He stretched his arm at Murong Yang in pain. “Young Master, h-help me!”

    His arm fell onto the ground when he was still speaking. Suddenly, he became silent completely.

    The people in the house looked on in horror.

    A hunk walked over and stretched his arm to check Murong Kui’s breath. His hand shuddered as he stammered, “Young Master, Master Kui is d-dead!”

    Murong Yang’s expression changed drastically.

    Yao Bingyue inhaled sharply. “Killing through the air? T-that’s a Spell Master’s technique. Murong Yang, we’ve underestimated that brat!”

    “That brat is a Spell Master too?” Murong Yang’s face looked serious.

    “That’s right!” Yao Bingyue nodded hard. “That brat has to be a Spell Master. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have medicinal pills. I’m guessing that he’s a Spell Master on Dao Entry.”

    Murong Yang’s face twitched hard.

    Spell Master!

    There were very few of them in this world. Their techniques were no weaker than ancient martial artists, especially Dao Entry Spell Masters, who could use magic tools and perform some spells.

    Although the Murong clan was the Ganzhou giant, there were few Spell Masters in the family and even fewer Dao Entry Spell Masters.

    “Don’t worry too much!” Yao Bingyue shook her head while smiling. “Don’t forget that you’re a Spell Master too, and you’re on Dao Entry. Meanwhile, your family’s Old Master Murong He is an Illuminating God master.”

    “That’s right!” Murong Yang could not help but feel relieved hearing that. He smiled lightly. “I admit that I underestimated that brat, but so what even if he’s on Dao Entry? My family isn’t afraid of him.”

    A Spell Master just like him!


    At Murong Xue’s home, Yu Shasha glared at Murong Xue who was blocking the door angrily. “Sister Xue, why did you drag me along? Ye Chen and…”

    “Stop talking about them!” Murong Xue interrupted her, “Are you an idiot? There are so many people around. If we stay, we can’t even protect ourselves.”

    “But Ye Chen…” Yu Shasha’s eyes turned red.

    “What about him? Do you know where my family stands in Ganzhou? Ye Chen and the rest can’t fight in our presence.”

    Murong Xue sighed. “You dummy, what’s your relationship with Ye Chen? What’s my relationship with him? We’re not related. If we’re being honest, we’re not even friends. What is there to worry about?”


    On the floating barbecue boat, Ye Chen smirked after sensing that the spiritual power cyclone that he left behind in Murong Kui’s body had exploded. He then looked at Zhou Hong who was begging, and his eyes turned cold. “Kill all of them, Wushuang. Leave no one behind!”

    As soon as he said that, a devastating shriek filled the place.

    Ye Chen simply walked to Su Yuhan and his daughter and hugged them softly. “I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t scare you?”

    “Ye Chen, who are these people? Why were they trying to kill you?” Su Yuhan said, her pretty face having turned pale.

    Although it was not her first time seeing Ye Chen killed, she found it unacceptable every time.

    Ye Chen comforted her, “They’re a bunch of trash who should get over themselves. Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle it.”

    “W-why don’t we leave? I no longer want to stay here!” Su Yuhan said worriedly.

    Ye Chen nodded and agreed, “Sure, we’ll leave the day after tomorrow, but before that, I’m going to collect some debts!”


    The next afternoon, Ye Chen went to the Medicinal Pill Exchange that took place at the Murong clan’s ancestral residence. There were up to a hundred more people than yesterday.

    As soon as Ye Chen showed up, most of the people who had seen him before were shocked. They clearly did not expect that not only was he not dead, but he even dared to come back!

    These people had no idea what happened at all last night, let alone the fact that over ten people had vanished from this world.

    Ye Chen seemed as usual facing the people’s stares. He was secretly looking for Yao Bingyue after finding himself a seat.

    “Ye Chen?” A voice of disbelief came.

    Ye Chen lifted his head to look and saw Murong Xue and Yu Shasha standing far away, looking at him blankly. Yu Shasha had guilt written on her face.

    “Y-you’re not dead?” Murong Xue walked over quickly, appearing shocked.

    Ye Chen glanced at her expressionlessly and said, ‘What? Do you want me dead?”

    “What do you mean by that?” Murong Xue was annoyed. Initially, she felt a little guilty that she had left Ye Chen behind yesterday. As soon as she heard Ye Chen’s mean remark, she got upset.

    “Alright, Sister Xue. Stop talking.” Yu Shasha tugged at Murong Xue’s sleeve and lifted her head to look at Ye Chen. She felt a little wrong. “Ye Chen, s-sorry that we…”

    “Don’t worry about it!” Ye Chen’s face eased. He had nothing against Yu Shasha. This girl was naive and soft. Although they had just met not long ago, she was sincere to him.

    Murong Xue scoffed while standing aside upon seeing that Ye Chen’s behavior was completely different while speaking to Yu Shasha. ‘So it’s my fault for leaving you behind? It’s you who were looking for trouble, so what does that have to do with me?’

    At that moment, a commotion came from the lounge.

    Subsequently, Murong Yang walked from the end of the lounge. He was walking to Ye Chen one step after another.

    When she saw that, Yu Shasha’s expression changed. She recognized Murong Yang and thought that he was there to wreak trouble upon Ye Chen.

    Murong Xue dragged Yu Shasha aside because she was worried that Ye Chen would drag them in.

    However, Murong Yang smiled kindly when he arrived before Ye Chen. “Brother Ye, may I speak to you?”

    At that moment, everyone, including Yu Shasha and Murong Xue, was stunned. Murong Xue never expected Murong Yang to be so nice when speaking to Ye Chen.

    One must know that Murong Yang was the first young master of the Murong clan. Apart from that, he was the Old Master Murong He’s favorite.

    Murong Yang looked at Ye Chen in an extremely kind manner. The smile on his face was sincere.

    To him, although Ye Chen was a Spell Master, he would not reject him since he, the first young master of the Murong clan, had extended a warm invite to him. He would not dare to reject him!

    However, Ye Chen said without even lifting his head, “I’m busy!”