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Chapter 281 - It’s A Crime for An Innocent Man to Possess Wealth!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 281: It’s A Crime for An Innocent Man to Possess Wealth!

    Zhou Hong saidAs soon as Ye Chen was done speaking, two motorboats revved from both sides. At that moment, there were more than ten people on the barbecue boat. All of them had killing intent on their faces.

    An old man in traditional Chinese attire was leading the group. His temples were arched high and he looked terribly grim.

    As soon as he appeared, Zhou Hong had a change in expression. “Murong Kui, it seems like the Murong clan can no longer hold back.”

    One must know that Murong Kui was an expert at peak-stage Illuminating Pulse. The Old Master Murong He used to teach him, and he was considered invincible under the master.

    The rest were shocked to hear that.

    It was the Murong clan who had organized the Medicinal Pill Exchange, but the host was here to attack the guest who participated at the event. Judging by that, the temptation of the Body Strengthening Pill and Heart Repair Pill was extraordinary.

    Murong Kui scoffed, “The brat Ye stole my clan’s medicinal pill. I’m here to capture him so that I can question him.”

    Upon hearing that, the people secretly condemned him as shameless. They could not help but feel that it was such a waste. Since the expert, Murong Kui, was there, there was nothing that they could do about it.

    “Murong Kui, others are afraid of your family, but I’m not. You can take that brat with you. The Body Strengthening Pill is all I want.” Zhou Hong smirked.

    “That’s right!” Another old man with a sharp nose said, “My Emperor’s Long Fist Sect also just wants the Body Strengthening Pill.”

    “Sure!” Murong Kui said with his deep voice.

    The few of them collaborated immediately, looking as if they would definitely get Ye Chen.

    Murong Kui could not help but glance at Ye Chen. He said while squinting, “Brat, I suggest that you don’t fight and come with us obediently. Otherwise, I’ll kill you right here, right now!”

    Yu Shasha was completely shocked. Her face was extremely pale, and she could not stop shaking Murong Xue’s arm. “Sister Xue, what do we do now? What do we do?”

    Murong Xue inhaled softly and said to Murong Kui as she looked at him, “Master Kui, I’m from the Murong clan too. My father is Murong Cheng, and Ye Chen is my friend. I believe that he didn’t steal anything that belongs to the Murong clan.”

    In fact, she wanted to kill Ye Chen. ‘What a stroke of bad luck. So much trouble happens out of nowhere as long as I’m with you.’

    “Murong Cheng?” Murong Kui glanced at her, feeling rather surprised. Subsequently, he said while smiling, “Who is this Murong Cheng even? He’s just from the branch family. You aside, even your father wouldn’t dare to speak to me. Now, scram!”

    Murong Xue’s face turned pale. She knew that although they were from the Murong clan, Murong Cheng was really nothing in the presence of Murong Kui.

    She took a deep breath as she thought to this point. Then, she lifted her head to look at Ye Chen. “I’m sorry. I can’t help you guys!”

    “Sister Xue, you…” Yu Shasha’s expression changed.

    Murong Xue did not explain. She dragged Yu Shasha forcefully and left quickly since she had no means of staying at all. She had nothing to do with Ye Chen. After all, they had just known each other for a day. There was no way that she was going to drag herself into his trouble.

    Murong Kui only looked at Ye Chen wryly after they left. “Brat, I’m going to say this one last time. Go with us. Don’t force me to kill you!”

    “Why do you even bother talking to him?!” Zhou Hong grinned. “Just kill him and search him.”

    He could not help but ogle Su Yuhan who was standing aside as he spoke to this point. Lechery flashed through his eyes. “This lady is quite pretty. Although she has a kid, her body isn’t too shabby.”

    Rage flashed through Su Yuhan’s face upon earing that.

    When had she ever heard such filthy remark about her?

    Ye Wushuang’s eyes turned cold.

    Just when he was going to attack, Ye Chen stopped him. A ferocious gleam flashed in his eyes while he said to Murong Kui, “I’m here to travel. I don’t want to fight, but since you guys are seeking death, don’t blame me for killing you!”

    “Kill him!”

    “Brat, don’t blame me for killing you. The saying goes ‘it’s a crime for an innocent man to possess wealth’. You have yourself to blame for having something that you shouldn’t have!” Zhou Hong took the lead to attack after that. He moved and charged at Ye Chen with his claws, stretching out for Ye Chen’s chest. He clearly had the intention to kill.

    Su Yuhan picked Mengmeng up immediately. She then turned her head over.

    Ye Chen remained standing.


    Zhou Hong’s fist landed on Ye Chen’s chest. However, Ye Chen’s chest was not pierced like what he imagined. Instead, a clanging metallic noise was heard.

    Subsequently, drilling pain came from his five fingers as if they had been broken.

    “How is that possible!?” Zhou Hong’s expression changed.

    One must know that Zhou Hong was known in Northern China for his Heart-piercing Claw. Apart from that, he had the Illuminating Pulse ability. A hook was all it took to pierce through the wall. He could even pierce through metal, but it had done nothing to Ye Chen’s body at all.

    ‘Oh no, this brat is an expert!’ Zhou Hong’s heart sank. Without even knowing why, a sense of threat grew within him slowly.

    He retreated a few steps back immediately. He turned his head instantly and said to Murong Kui and the old man with the sharp nose, “This brat is an expert. Let’s fight him together!”

    “Old Master Zhou, isn’t that your Heart-piercing Claw? Why is it useless when it comes to such a critical time?” The old man with the sharp nose smirked. However, he was still walking toward Zhou Hong anyway.

    “This brat’s body is pretty strong. He must’ve consumed the Body Strengthening Pill,” Zhou Hong said. “That means this brat has more than one Body Strengthening Pill. All the more reason we should kill him!”

    The old man with the sharp nose looked greedy. “Zhou Hong, stall him. I’ll go get his lady and daughter!”

    He threw a punch out with a whistling noise as soon as he was done speaking. “Emperor’s Long Fist!”

    Bang, bang, bang!

    His punch whistled, shaking the air.

    The old man with the sharp nose threw his punch at Ye Chen. He was extremely agile like a hungry tiger in search of a lamb or a lion fighting a bull. He was nimble.

    His four limbs and spine opened up like a full bow. His fist was like the arrow, and the wind blew at his fist.

    Standing aside, Murong Kui secretly nodded. “The Emperor’s Long Fist lives up to its name. The movement was great and the attack was accurate alongside powerful defense!”

    Zhou Hong smirked in a lecherous manner. He scratched Su Yuhan, who was carrying Mengmeng. “Babe, I’m here!”

    However, a sword gleam swept when he was halfway there. Both of his legs were severed while the top half of his body maintained falling down.

    “Ahh!” Zhou Hong shrieked in devastation. He could not help but look at that young man in the suit who remained sitting.

    Watching Zhou Hou’s terrible ending, Murong Kui and the old man with the sharp nose were shocked. They looked at Ye Wushuang, clearly not expecting him to be so powerful.

    The old man with the sharp nose gulped and proceeded to charge at Ye Chen. To him, everything would be over after he killed Ye Chen. He would run after getting the medicinal pill.

    However, Ye Chen’s mocking eyes reached him, and in the next second, Ye Chen threw a punch out.


    That punch alone pierced through his chest.

    The old man with the sharp nose held his head low and looked at the fist that had pierced through his chest blankly. He then stared at Ye Chen. “You…”

    Shock, fear, regret, and disbelief filled his face…


    Before he was done speaking, he was split into half directly. He then exploded into a bloody mist.

    Dead silence filled the space.

    Zhou Hong, whose legs had been severed, stopped screaming. As he looked at that scene in fear, he felt like even his heart was shaking.

    How had the old man with the sharp nose who was also on Illuminating Pulse been killed just like that? One must know that his ability was no less than Zhou Hong’s.

    Murong Kui remained still. If one were to look closely, they would realize that his body was trembling. Sweat the size of beans dripped from his forehead.

    “Run! I must run!” he shouted and turned around to flee far away in a berserk manner. He did not even have the courage to fight Ye Chen.

    However, Ye Wushuang got up and chased after him.

    “There’s no need to chase him. He won’t be able to live!” Ye Chen called out to Ye Wushuang and looked in the direction where Murong Kui ran. His eyes contained a grim expression, then he looked at Zhou Hong in a condescending manner.

    With a start, Zhou Hong was terrified while struggling. “Mr. Ye, spare my life. Please spare my life. I shouldn’t have attacked you…”