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Chapter 420: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan 11

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 420: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan 11

    The young man in white robe suddenly clutched on himself at a lightning speed, and took out a golden yellow wood of the thickness of a chopstick. He threw it out and smashed it into a pile of golden powder.

    Then he waved his sleeves again, and immediately a blue light curtain emerged out of thin air, instantly covering himself in it.

    Old man with the golden crown witnessed this scene on the giant boat, but he clapped and laughed out loud.

    “Haha, this boy really got this ebony spirit wood in the previous years! Young Boy Lan, although you have been keeping it as a secret after you got it, and you haven’t told a few people at all, but you never expected that your confidant, Chi Li would report this to me. If I didn’t let Li Kun betray me and defect to you to purposely let you know about this information, how would you keep this wood on you? Do you really believe that we can use your physical body to cast an ancient curse spell? This is really ridiculous!”

    “Your Majesty is wise! Although Siren King is a Real Pellet State Powerhouse, he can only go down before putting up a fight in front of Your Majesty. Although he knows that the only effective way to resist this curse is to bring this rare spirit wood with him, he didn’t know that when the fragrance of this wood combines with the poisonous mist, it will only enhance the poison for several times. Even if he is a Real Pellet State powerhouse, he can’t resist it at all.” Li Kun also revealed a delighted expression as he said respectfully.

    At the same time, bloody dragons that had swallowed the poisonous black mist actually let out a painful moan as they struggled. Their bloody transparent outer shells were buzzing under the corrosion of the poison, and their figures were shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye. Within a moment, it turned back into the lifeless black liquid.

    And those silver soldier armor puppets that were originally just a little slow, after being corroded by the poisonous black mist, their seemingly sturdy armors also melted one by one. Their movement was in a stasis for a moment, then they fell from the sky and could no longer move.

    Siren King, which was supposed to be invincible, was instantly wrapped by the black mist like a cocoon. The blue light curtain that he originally released could not stop it, and his handsome face looked as pale as the paper.

    With just a few seconds, his aura had weakened by as much as half.

    The young man in white robe’s eyes immediately flashed a hint of murderousness. With a groan, a layer of blue light appeared around his body, pushing the poisonous black mist around for a while, and then he turned into a hundred meters blue dragon under a blur. After a dragon roar resounded through the sky, it forcefully broke out from the sea of mist and blasted straight at the Sea Emperor Palace.

    But at the moment Siren King showed up, the six main hall retreats, who had retreated, turned around and turned into six rainbows that pursued him to the palace like they unexpected this to happen.

    “Sir Siren King!”

    Qing Qin and several other Crystallization Period warriors couldn’t help feeling anxious as they saw this scene. The initial situation that seemed to turn better was completely overturned at this moment.

    They looked at each other immediately, then they suddenly used their remaining spiritual powers to disperse away!

    At this time, they could only run for their lives.

    However, after being swarmed by the dozen of holy beasts, no one was able to get away without being killed or captured.

    Afterward, the Sea Creature Clan army, who had retreated in the distance, surrounded the Sea Emperor Palace tightly under the command of the old man with the golden crown.

    At this time, the king of the Sea Region Royal Family was relieved. He said loudly with a delighted expression, “From now on, there will be no more Siren King in this sea. Only our Sea Region Royal Family!”

    As soon as his loud voice sounded, there was a burst of cheers in the battlefield. The original Sea Creature Clan soldiers with a solemn expression all showed excitement and enlightenment.

    And after the old man with the golden crown finished speaking, he stood up with hands behind his back. He again looked at the direction of the Sea Emperor Palace in the center of the encirclement, waiting for the good news from the Sea Emperor Palace.

    In his mind, when Siren King was already poisoned, he couldn’t escape the pursuit of the six hall masters.

    Only when this Real Pellet State Beastkin Clan was dead, their battle this time was truly complete.

    As a result, after waiting for a quarter of an hour, the initially quiet Sea Emperor Palace finally had some movement. Six powerful rainbows with powerful aura flashed out and blasted back toward the giant boat where the old man with the golden crown was at.

    A moment later, above the giant boat.

    A woman in a colorful robe stood in front of the old man with the golden crown. She was reporting something while the other five Pseudo Pellet State powerhouses of the Scale Clan stood respectfully behind this woman.

    “What? He ran away!? How is this possible!” The old man with the golden crown only heard a few words, then his expression suddenly became infuriated.

    “Your Majesty, when we were pursuing Siren King, we discovered that he had run below the ground, and he even brought a woman of our clan with him. When we followed her breath and went to a secret room, he actually prepared an array there long ago. He tore the space and went into an unknown space fissure. After he went in, he forcefully destroyed the entrance.”

    “Your Majesty, when I was caught, I seem to have heard that there is a rare underwater mineral vein under the Sea Emperor Palace, and the depth of the mineral vein seems to link to an unknown bottomless abyss.” Seeing this, Li Kun added cautiously.

    After listening to the old man with the golden crown, he was stunned.


    At the same time.

    Next to the large hole at the entrance of the underwater mineral vein, mine guards were scattering around with blood. The air was filled with a thick bloody smell.

    Even the twelve huge humanoid puppets were all sliced into half at this moment, lying on the ground and unable to move at all.

    As for the leader of the mine guard named “Chen Gang”, he was lying in a blood pool with his head detached from his body, and his face was twisted due to fear.

    In a place not far from his body, Ye Tianmei in a green robe was standing there. She waved her hand and the nine silver light swords flying around her paused and flashed into her body.

    Then, she raised her hand and grabbed in the air. A golden sword and a crimson leather armor flew out from Chen Gang’s body and landed firmly in her hand.

    The woman glanced at the two things, then she frowned and kept them away.

    Then, her beautiful eyes flashed; her hand shook; a silver light flashed in the air.

    With a bang, the semicirlce blue light curtain that originally covered the large hole on the ground suddenly broke apart.

    Ye Tianmei’s figure flashed, and she silently went into the deep hole.


    In the bottomless abyss.

    A group of slave miners led by Lan Xi, just after avoiding a large group of evil beasts, they were rushing on a gray ground in a hurry.

    Suddenly, a “buzz” sounded in the sky more than a thousand meter above them, then it was followed by violent space fluctuation. A space fissure emerged out of the sky.

    A white figure appeared, and a young man in white robe holding a woman stumbled out.

    The young man looked handsome, but his face was very pale. There seemed to be a trace of blood on his white robe.

    He was floating in the sky. He first breathed a sigh of relief, then he glanced at the slave miners below him. He immediately looked surprised, but he was calmed immediately.

    He said faintly, “Oh, it turns out to be you guys. This is really a surprise!”

    Liu Ming and the others were dumbstruck looking at the young man in white robe appeared abruptly. They almost thought they saw it wrong.

    This young man was naturally Siren King who fled to this place through the magic circle under the Sea Emperor Palace.

    After his eyes flashed at this moment, he looked at Lan Xi in front of everyone again and said calmly.

    “I had thought that you might have the intention to touch this abyss. I didn’t expect you to do so, and you even brought a bunch of waste! This is very different from your original temperament.”

    Lan Xi was astonished when he saw the young man in white robe, but after hearing his words at this moment, his face immediately looked very ugly. His mind was contemplating quickly.

    Although his plan couldn’t be said to be perfect, after many years of planning, all aspects were still considered very carefully. Especially the timing for the plan execution, this plan was almost certain to succeed.

    But he never expected that he would meet Siren King here.

    After all, according to his calculations, it should be the most intense moment for the invasion of the Sea Creature Clan’s army.

    And with the strength of both sides, it is by no means so short-term to be able to decide the outcome.

    It seemed that an unforeseeable change had happened up there!

    The hearts of Liu Ming and others were sinking straight down!

    These slave miners who could enter the abyss with Lan Xi were originally the best among the slave miners. Whether it was theri cultivation or experience, they were relatively extraordinary. Otherwise, they would not be selected as companions by Lan Xi.

    But in the face of Siren King, the Real Pellet State powerhouse, they would never expect to have the chance to escape from him.

    In this way, the people, who had thought that they had escaped from the underwater mineral vein and had the opportunity to regain their freedom, showed a desperate look.

    In Liu Ming’s heart, he also secretly whined a lot. What is wrong with Siren King? Why would he tear through the space and appear here!

    Thinking that on Bieyuan Island, so many Crystallization Period powerhouses were vulnerable in front of them, let alone this time.

    But who is the woman in Siren King’s arms?

    Although he could not see clearly because half of her face was in his embrace, the figure shouldn’t belong to Ye Tianmei. However, it still gave him a very familiar feeling.

    At this moment, Lan Xi suddenly said slowly with a relieved expression, “Everyone don’t panic. Don’t be fooled by his lies. Siren King, at this moment looks strong in appearance, but he is weak in reality. I think he probably is in a dire situation, so he tore through the space to get here. If we join forces, we might still have a chance.”