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Chapter 418: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan 9

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 418: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan 9

    Such a scene naturally made many people look pale immediately.

    At this moment, a blue-haired Beastkin Clan man in the front of the crowd, after his facial expression changed, he finally could not bear the huge pressure brought by the giant evil beast on the opposite and suddenly exploded a talisman in his hand. He was wrapped by a blue light, then it turned into a light ball that flew into the sky.


    The one of the big python heads of the six-headed evil beast suddenly opened its mouth and sucked in the direction of the blue-haired man.


    A yellow ray of light surged out from the giant mouth, and it immediately shrouded the person under it.

    “Senior Lan, save me!” The blue-haired man flew in the opposite direction suddenly after letting out a piercing cry for help. He was sucked directly into the mouth of the python, then he was chewed into pieces and swallowed into the evil beast’s belly.

    Seeing the scene in front of him, Lan Xi was expressionless. He didn’t intend to help at all. Everyone behind him could not help but take a deep breath.

    However, because of this person’s interruption, when the evil beasts rushed over, it walked past them quickly without stopping.

    Such a scene naturally made several other slave miners, who initially wanted to escape, broke into sweats while thinking that they were lucky!

    So the people continued to stand still as if they were stones in the river.

    After half a cup of tea, the last row of evil beasts also passed by them and gradually left.

    Only then everyone looked relieved, and most of their clothes were already soaked in sweat.

    After the evil beasts went far away, Lan Xi flew up again without saying a word. He continued to fly forward in the direction indicated by the jade disk in his hand.

    After the people looked at each other for a while, they could only take off in succession and followed closely behind Lan Xi.

    At this time, Liu Ming took a breath. The Bone Wind Awl that he was holding tight suddenly disappeared in a flash.


    In the underwater world.

    “Boom” a loud noise.

    A qirin-like giant monster that trapped in the magic circle faced, its transparent body finally shattered like glass under the overwhelming attacks of the Crystallization Period powerhouses and soldiers of the Sea Creature Clan.

    At this point, no qirin-like giant monster could be found on the battlefield.

    After an hour of melee combat, after paying the cost of the death of several Crystallization Periods, the Sea Creature Clan Army had already killed all Beastkin Clan who resisted in the underwater world.

    The remaining people were the Crystallization Period Beastkin Clan powerhouses, such as Qing Qin and the others, who were gathered on an empty space in front of the Sea Emperor Palace. They formed a small magic array. They barely resisted the waves of attack by the Sea Creature Clan by using the enchantment of the Sea Emperor Palace and the four giant puppets.

    Fortunately, although the Sea Creature Clan attack was abnormally rapid and ferocious, they also lost some Crystallization Period powerhouses, and the others had expended most of their spiritual power. They couldn’t break through the defense of the Beastkin Clan powerhouses for a while.

    “Zhen Tian. Meng Zuo, you two go and take down the Sea Emperor Palace.” On the giant boat behind the Sea Creature Clan army, the Sea Region Royal Family old man with the golden crown was finally a little impatient. Then, he said with a gloomy face.

    “Yes, Your Majesty!”

    The figure behind the old man flashed. A woman in colorful robe and a Sea Creature Clan man had appeared behind the old man and responded while cupping their fists.

    It was the two famous Pseudo Pellet State hall masters of the Sea Region Royal Family.

    Previously, the old man with the golden crown didn’t let them go because he wanted the six hall masters to be at their best so that they could have a final battle with Siren King.

    However, just when the two hall masters of Sea Creature Clan were about to fly out of the giant boat, a figure flashed at the gate of Sea Emperor Palace. A young man in white robe appeared silently.

    “Siren King!”

    The old man with the golden crown exclaimed as he saw the young man.

    Qing Qin and the others were surprised and delighted when they turned around and saw Siren King.

    “You all have done well. You can leave the rest to me now.”

    Siren King’s face was slightly pale. After simply saying a sentence, his figure blurred and disappeared.

    The next moment, the sky above Sea Emperor Palace fluctuated together. The young man in white robe appeared there like a ghost. His robe was fluttering in the air. His eyes glanced across the Sea Creature Clan army and looked everything in the underwater world in his eyes.

    However, the initial prosperous and magnificent underwater world was ruined at this moment. Except for the Sea Emperor Palace and the four giant puppets that were half squatting, the other places had already become pieces of dilapidated houses.

    At this moment, on the ruins, either there were the dense Sea Creature Clan giant ship, giant monster, or there were corpses and broken limbs all over the ground, or the wreckage of some giant chariots and giant boats.

    This scene clearly showed the intensity and tragicness of the war just now.

    Looking at the underwater world, that he had been managing for hundreds of years, being ruined by the Sea Creature Clan army, the young man in white robe had a layer of frost on his handsome face. His lonely figure floating in the air gave people an inexplicable feeling of beautiful, solemn and stirring in contrast to the surrounding Sea Creature Clan army and ruins.

    “Okay, great! I didn’t expect that you can push me to this point.” For a moment, Siren King’s expression returned to normal, and he said lightly.

    “Hmph, our royal family has been planning hard for more than ten years for this siege. Only then we can succeed. Siren King, today will be your death!” The old man with the golden crown on the giant boat snorted and said instead. Although the voice wasn’t loud, it still clearly reached everyone’s ears.

    Then the old man raised his one hand, and a loud trumpet sound immediately sounded behind him. The Sea Creature Clan army that encircled the Sea Emperor Palace retreated like tide. The encirclement was doubled in size.

    At the same time, the six figures at the rear of the Sea Creature Clan Army flashed like lightning. The next moment, they appeared around the young man in white robe. The aura that they released was vague. They were actually the Pseudo Pellet State hall masters of the Great Sea Region Royal Family!

    As Siren King saw this, his eyes flashed coldly. When he was about to say something, there was a rumbling loud noise coming from behind.

    The Sea Creature Clan army felt a huge quake in the space behind him, then the sky above him was suddenly covered by several huge dark figures. The entire sky was dull for a moment.

    After a few seconds, when the dark figures passed through, everyone only discovered in shock that these giant figures were the giant monsters with a mountain-like body size.

    The giant monster leading in front was a giant octopus with faint purple demonic patterns all over its body. The front of its head was a beautiful face of a woman. Its eight tentacles in the size of a thousand meters long could travel for a thousand meters distance as they stretched out. The momentum was amazing.

    The sea monster under the foot of the Sea Creature Clan soldiers actually shivered slightly at the moment.

    “It’s a holy beast!” Someone in the Sea Creature Clan suddenly shouted; the voice was trembling slightly with agitation.

    As soon as this sentence came out, it immediately caused commotion among the Sea Creature Clan army. Everyone’s eyes looked fiery. Only the Sea Creature Clan knew what it meant when this holy beast, that was worshipped by them for numerous generations, was summoned.

    In addition to this human-faced octopus, there were a pair of snow white giant sharks; a few golden flying fish; transparent squids; a total of twelve holy beasts.

    Seeing this scene, Siren King, who was floating in midair, couldn’t help but look gloomy. But at the next moment, he raised his eyebrows and sneered. He suddenly raised an arm into the sky, and a tremendous aura soared into the sky. He opened his five fingers and cast a layer of faint blue flowing light.

    This flowing light was circulating indefinitely like a living creature. It was spinning faster and faster in his palm, and it turned into a faint blue giant vortex in an instant.

    After the young man in white robe shouted silently, the center of the vortex immediately made a rumbling sound. Circles of blue hurricanes swept all around, making his black hair flutter in the wind.

    At the same time, the sea water held up by the blue light curtain above his palm suddenly rolled violently and formed a vortex. Blue light silks shot out from the light curtain and went into the vortex in Siren King’s palm. It faintly condensed into clusters of fish-size blue liquid. They were as clear as crystal.

    At this moment, the young man in white robe arm waved down in the air suddenly. The faint blue flowing light paused, then the giant vortex in his palm collapsed and disappeared, leaving only more than ten blue liquids floating quietly in the air.


    The young man blasted out blood silks from his hand, and the blood silks went into the blue liquids, turning them into a bright red color.

    The young man in white robe made a gesture and pointed in the air.

    The blood-red liquid rotated and transformed into dozens of bloody dragons in an instant. They were just about an inch size, but they suddenly became five hundred meters huge.

    They wandered around Siren King ferociously. From the aura emanating from them, each one had the strength of the early stage of the Crystallization Period.

    Not only that, but after Siren King’s sleeves shook again, his hands were shining brightly. He took out a long flag with silver rune patterns on it. He threw it into the sky, then he made a gesture to turn it into the size of an attic.

    After the young man in white robe chanted, the giant flag released a strong silver light. At the same time, mysterious runes were looming on the flag. There were also dense silver light spots revealing from it, and they turned into numerous giant puppets with silver armor after a flash. They were twenty meters tall and looked expressionless. There were hundreds of them.

    At that moment, the bloody dragons around the young man in white robe kept roaming, and silver light shone from the puppets were scattering across the sky above the entire Sea Emperor Palace. The momentum was astonishing.