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Chapter 412: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan 3

Demon’s Diary
     “You want to get away from this mineral vein and regain your freedom, you also don’t want to take a little risk. How can there be such a good thing in the world? But since I can find this node, after entering the abyss, I’m naturally certain that I will find another node. All you have to do now is to assist me to get through the node in front. As for other things, it is not too late to discuss after entering the abyss.”

    After that, Lan Xi stood on the spot, waiting for everyone to decide.

    This naturally caused a commotion among the others.

    After Liu Ming thought for a while, his lips moved slightly, then he asked Xin Yuan quietly, “Brother Xin, I don’t know how much you know about this abyss, but can you tell me what you know?”

    After all, he just entered the underwater mineral vein not for long after all. In addition to knowing that there would be an evil beast coming from the bottomless abyss, he really didn’t know much about it.

    Xin Yuan had been here for some years, so he should be quite familiar with it.

    Sure enough, after a moment of silence, Xin Yuan heard it with a calm voice.

    “Speaking of this bottomless abyss, I also learned from Yan Luo that year. It is said that this underwater mineral vein was discovered by Siren King as early as more than hundreds of years ago. At the same time, he also discovered a large group of evil beasts in the mineral vein. After Siren King dispatched his subordinates to search, he found the existence of the abyss. Therefore, Siren King who was still at the Crystallisation Period and other Crystallisation Period Beastkin Clan powerhouses joined forces to cast an enchantment, tearing off the space that was connected with the abyss and entered into it. As a result, when they entered the abyss, they found out that it was a strange space like the netherworld. Not only the space was filled with negative qi, there was also the evil gas formed by the energy of the death of a ghost creature.”

    “This evil gas may be a great supplement to ghost creatures. But for mortals and other racial cultivators, it is extremely poisonous. It can easily pollute one’s three spiritual souls and seven physical souls. If ordinary people breathe it in, their consciousness will be greatly damaged. Their three spiritual souls and seven physical souls will also fall apart, and they will suffer an endless living hell. No one knows where the evil beasts of the abyss come from. They have flesh and blood; they don’t seem like a ghost creature, but they aren’t afraid of this evil gas. Instead, they can live by absorbing this evil gas. These evil beasts are also brutal. As long as they discover a different kind, they will swarm the individual. Even if you manage to pull some distance, they will still chase endlessly. I think Brother Liu also has a profound understanding in this,” Xin Yuan said here and paused.

    “Yes, these evil beasts are indeed extremely difficult. But this thing seems to be mostly at the Condensation State cultivation. If several Crystallization Periods join forces, even if they encounter the evil beast horde, they should be able to protect themselves.” Liu Ming recalled the scene when he escaped from the previous Evil Disaster, and he couldn’t help feeling scared.


    “It was exactly the opposite. It is said that those Beastkin Clan Crystallisation Period powerhouses, before they had the time to do more research, had already found out the existence of the evil gas when they just entered the space. Except Siren King and the other powerful individuals who reacted quickly, sealing their Spiritual Sea with their powerful consciousness, the other people still were sloppy as they breathed in the evil gas. Their cultivation was greatly reduced because of that. In the end, under the besiege of the large amount of evil beasts, a few people died on the spot. Only a few people including Siren King were alive, then they tore apart the space again to come back to the underwater mineral vein. They cast strict enchantment around the mineral vein, blocking the evil beasts from invading through space. Thus, the evil beasts can’t enter the mineral vein area freely like previous time. They can only take the opportunity when the enchantment becomes weak after a period of time to break into the mineral vein with luck.

    Xin Yuan said so many words in one breath, so Liu Ming knew a little bit more about the abyss. He also knew why other people were so afraid of entering the abyss.

    The legend about this abyss was not a big secret. People who had stayed here for a long time would naturally know it.

    “It seems that it is hard to tell whether this trip will be safe.” Liu Ming thought again, and a thoughtful look flashed on his face.

    After Xin Yuan hesitated, he suddenly sent a voice message again, “Although there is no basis, there has been a rumor that this bottomless abyss is actually connecting to the Underworld where the reincarnation between the six realms takes place [1]. However, this kind of rumor is obviously nonsense. After all, this Underworld where one’s soul goes after death is just a myth, no one has really seen it.”

    Upon hearing the words “Underworld” and “soul”, Liu Ming couldn’t help but sigh.

    The reincarnation of one’s soul that people usually talked about was that some of the people with powerful spirit were able to reincarnate themselves. If they had the chance, they could also awaken some memories and a small amount of cultivation experience in the previous life, so they could progress further in the road of cultivation.

    Since he advanced to the Condensation Period, he was naturally qualified to read a lot of information in the Scriptures Pavilion of the sect that Spirit Apostles could not read. He read about the information of the Underworld in a very old book.

    According to the ancient book, the ghost creature mentioned by the general cultivator and the soul in the Underworld were completely different concepts.

    The former was a creature produced by a large number of negative qi, which could be formed by white bones. It could directly condense the negative qi into its real body. Its size and shape could be varied, and it could diversify into different subtypes. As for the latter, it was the soul that descended into the Underworld after a living creature was dead, then it transformed into a soul-like existence by borrowing the power of negative qi. Most of them still maintained the same look when they died.

    Because both of them formed by borrowing the power of negative qi, thus people always mixed up with the two.

    The ghost creature mentioned above actually had a real physical body. Only a few of them had intangible bodies, but the shapes were very odd.

    The common ghosts that people referred to were just a soul that didn’t disappear due to some reasons after death.

    Therefore, the “Netherworld” that Savage Ghost Sect could control was naturally the former.

    The Underworld mentioned by the latter had been rumored since ancient times. It was said that only real powerful men could enter this realm as a living person, so the place was always mysterious. People rarely knew about this realm. They only knew that the realm was divided into nine spirit areas by a spirit river. Each area was ruled by a Spirit King. As for the information about the reincarnation between the six realms could no longer be found.

    When Liu Ming was having some weird thoughts, other people were finally convinced by Lan Xi. Most of them expressed their willingness to enter the abyss.

    After all, the people present were all powerful individuals selected by Lan Xi from the mines. They would understand after thinking about it carefully. Since Lan Xi was willing to go with them, he naturally had some confidence about this plan. Otherwise, he was simply making fun of his own life.

    So under the arrangement of Lan Xi, the crowd walked forward.

    Lan Xi’s figure flashed and stood next to a stone platform the next moment. As for the other stone platforms, the ten other cultivator with powerful offense were standing on them after Lan Xi assigned them with name.

    When Liu Ming was called, his sleeve robe flicked, and a blue light flashed out of it, turning into a small blue sword that flew toward him.

    Liu Ming caught the little sword with surprised. Lan Xi’s voice message was sent to his ears,

    “This is an intermediate grade spirit sword hidden by me. You will use this sword to perform your Sword Controlling Technique with all your strength later.”

    This move naturally aroused some other people’s doubts, but in this scenario, no one naturally asked more.

    For those who had not yet been assigned to the stone platforms, Lan Xi instructed them to attack the enchantment together when they were breaching the enchantment.

    Seeing that everyone was in place, Lan Xi said with a look of solemnity, “I have deliberately studied this barrier before. Although it is much weaker than other places, because of the enchantment blessing near the mineral vein, it will be divided into three layers. I will break the first level and expose the second layer later. You all can attack the second layer with all your strength. As for the third layer, I have another way to break it.

    After that, he only made a gesture with both hands, and a low and obscure chant came out of his mouth. Then, dozens of symbols were formed quickly. In a strange sequence, they hit accurately on the golden formation flags on the stone platforms that everyone was standing on.

    Suddenly these formation flags flickered and a burst of golden light flashed. Golden light silks in a thumb size radiated from the flags. They connected above them and formed a golden array in a hundred meters size.

    As Lan Xi saw this, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. It turned into a blood mist and went into the golden array.

    In an instant, the air was buzzing, and the light array suddenly showed a dazzling crystal awn. As everyone was caught off guard, they closed their eyes.

    Because Liu Ming had taken Wuhua Pill, his eyes narrowed and he saw the next process clearly.

    He saw that after absorbing Lan Xi’s essence blood, this golden light array suddenly spun up and rose under the control of Lan Xi. It slowly moved above the lake.

    The next moment, Lan Xi’s hands were glowing with a layer of pale gold.

    At the same time, the golden light array echoed with it. Circles of golden light flew out from the middle, and it slowly disappeared into the empty air.

    After a few moments, the golden light in Lan Xi’s hands were gone, and the golden light array of a hundred meters disappeared above the lake.

    “Boom“, an earth-shattering noise!

    Suddenly, the space above the lake became blurred. Suddenly, a burst of dazzling golden awns burst out, tearing apart a half-acre silver curtain.

    The crowd standing on the stone platforms opened their eyes one after another. When they saw the scene in front of them, they couldn’t help but look surprised.

    “It’s now. Attack now!” As Lan Xi saw this, he shouted with a pale face.