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Chapter 411: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan 2

Demon’s Diary
     Qing Qin was overjoyed by this, and he suddenly flicked his finger at the rune array.


    A blue light beam at the center of the rune array burst out, then it condensed and turned into a dragon phantasm with light blue scales.

    “Qing Qin, what happened? You actually use your feather for live-saving.” After the dragon phantasm appeared, it asked immediately.

    “Sir Sir King, it’s not good. The Sea Region Royal Family gathers the other ten Sea Creature Clan tribes, and they have already arrived at the Sea Emperor Palace. Sir, please quickly come back and defend the palace.” Qing Qin hurriedly replied.

    At the same time, in the air above the sea that was further away from the underwater world, the dragon that was transformed by Siren King couldn’t help but look gloomy. It remained silent for a while…

    At the moment, Beastkin Clan and Sea Creature Clan started the war in the underwater world.

    In a remote corner near Sea Emperor Palace, two slender figures flashed out of it quietly, and ran toward Sea Emperor Palace in tandem.

    Under the faint light of the surrounding buildings, it was the ‘missing’ Chi Li and Jia Lan.

    At the moment, the two had put on two green tight leather jackets. Chi Li, who was running in front, released her mental power to pay attention to the movement around them.

    Jia Lan, who was right behind her, had her eyes flickering.

    After coming to the Sea Emperor Palace, Chi Li suddenly flashed into a small door that was not known by the others, but Jia Lan looked back at the dense Sea Creature Clan armies outside the five-colour light curtain. Jia Lan showed a complicated look, but she clenched her teeth and hurriedly followed into the small door.

    In the golden Sea Emperor Palace, due to the war outside, the spacious tunnel could hardly see a guard.

    The only few maids after seeing Chi Li, they also bowed to herand dared not inquire.

    But these women were killed in one palm by the expressionless Chi Li. Even their corpse had turned into ashes.

    As a result, they finally came to a rather delicate and elegant hall after many turns.

    Chi Li looked at the hall coldly, then she bypassed the main seat in the middle and came to a stone pillar. She took out a blue shell and shook it gently.


    A faint blue rune flew out of the blue shell and flashed into the stone pillar.

    After the stone pillar trembled slightly, a layer of crystal light flowed on it, and a small door appeared immediately.

    “Let’s go!” Chi Li saw this with a delighted expression on her face. After she commanded, she went into it first.

    Seeing this, Jia Lan frowned, but she could only follow in.

    Then they walked down blue stone steps behind the door and entered a tunnel like an ice cave.


    The other side. Inside the longest cave in the deepest mineral vein of the deep sea.

    Lan Xi, sitting cross-legged alone, suddenly opened his closed eyes, and he stood up and said lightly, “It’s almost time. We should act.”

    Although the sound was not loud, it was like thunder in the ears of others.

    Everyone in the cave was shocked, and they all looked at Lan Xi.

    However,, the Crystallisation Period powerhouse turned a blind eye to everyone’s gaze. He walked to a stone wall nearby in a few steps and threw a punch without saying a word.


    The seemingly inconspicuous stone wall suddenly flashed a layer of white light at the moment when it contacted the punch, blocking his fist forcefully.

    When Lan Xi saw this situation, he looked serious. He made a deep chant. At the same time, a dazzling light emitted on his fist. A strange shockwave surged out instantly.

    A muffled noise!

    The white light curtain shook endlessly, and then the stone wall behind it broke apart inch by inch, causing the surrounding gray mist to roll.

    Behind the stone wall, a huge, a dark tunnel was revealed. The tunnel was filled with gray mist, not knowing where did I lead to.

    This sudden change made everyone here dumbfounded.

    Liu Ming, who was in the middle of the crowd, looked calm on his expression, but his mind was shocked.

    When he first entered this cave, he had already released a huge mental power to scan around the surroundings just in case, but he did not find that there was another route behind the stone wall.

    It could be seen that the white light curtain on this stone wall was definitely not an ordinary enchantment.

    Just as everyone in the cave was uncertain, Lan Xi said lightly, “Follow me,” then he walked into the tunnel on his own. His figure disappeared into it.

    Seeing this, others couldn’t help looking at each other, and many people showed a hint of hesitation.

    Although Lan Xi said that it was because Yan Luo betrayed him first, so he didn’t tell anyone his true escape plan, the words that Yan Luo said before he died made many people suspicious.

    But at this moment, a gray figure flickered in front of everyone. A young man entered the tunnel without hesitation.

    It was Xin Yuan who had been silent all these while.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming frowned; he was slightly surprised.

    But after the first person followed, the others looked at each other. Someone immediately laughed and followed.

    As the others saw this, they entered into it immediately with no hesitation.

    By this time, they were still doubtful about Lan Xi’s escape plan, but in this dilemma, they had no better choice.

    After all, as long as there was a glimmer of hope, no one was willing to stay in this dark mine for life.

    Liu Ming stood aside. After most of the people entered the tunnel, his eyes flashed and went into the tunnel silently.

    The tunnel was getting wider and wider. After a while, the wide was about fifty to sixty meters wide, and the walls were glittering in a grey light. Liu Ming had never seen it before.

    The gray mist filled in the tunnel seemed to be emitted through this kind of rock, which made Liu Ming a little curious.

    But in this case, he could not excavate a few grey rocks and study them carefully.

    This tunnel seemed to be slowly extending down like this, and they went deeper below the ground the further they went. Everyone didn’t know how deep they were below the mineral vein.

    Time passed slowly.

    Everyone walked this way for more than two hours. Everyone just silently followed the figure of the old man in front and kept walking forward.

    But when everyone saw a dazzling light, a huge underground world appeared in front of them.

    Liu Ming’s eyes swept around, only to see that the cave was like the grey stone wall in the previous tunnel. At the bottom of the stone wall, there were some unknown plants.

    In the middle part of the underground world, it was occupied by an extremely large underground lake.

    This lake occupied one tenth of the entire ground of the cave. It was a few miles in size.

    The lake was cold and dark, and there was a thick gray mist above it, emitting a smelly and pungent smell.

    A man stepped forward abruptly, suddenly lifted his foot, and blasted a dead wood on the nearby ground. After the force was exhausted, it immediately fell on the lake.

    An amazing scene appeared!

    The seemingly fluffy dead wood spun and sank straight down as it touched the lake water.

    When everyone saw this, there was a look of horror on the face.

    On the shore of the lake where everyone came in, there was a pale golden array standing upright.

    There were ten stone platforms of a few ten meters standing in the array, faintly forming a strange shape.

    On the stone platforms, there were golden formation flags that exuded a touch of golden light.

    At this moment, Lan Xi, who was standing at the forefront, suddenly turned around and said to the people behind him with a blank expression,

    “This place is the escape route entrance that I finally found through years of searching. It is a weak node where the underground abyss intersects with the mineral vein. As long as we can break this node, we can enter the abyss where the evil beasts come. After that, we will find another node in the abyss and try to go to another place. Then, we will be free.”

    As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd naturally made a commotion.

    “Senior Lan, once we enter this abyss, we must face the erosion of evil gas in it. Seniors may not need to worry about it, but we…”

    “Not only that, but there are those overwhelming evil beasts, which are worse than the Evil Disaster. There are places to retreat in this mineral vein, but in the abyss, once we encounter them, there is only a dead end.”

    “Also, the abyss is endless. With only the few of us, how can we find the nodes that connect to another region?”

    “Yes, this method is too risky…”

    Some people who seemed to have some understanding of the abyss also asked in with a shocked expression.

    Facing the doubts of everyone, Lan Xi flipped one hand, and a gruesome white domino and a black bottle appeared in his hand. He glanced into everyone’s eyes as he said slowly,

    “This is a kind of protective spiritual weapon refined by me using the evil beast bone. As long as you wear it, it can resist the erosion of the evil gas. As for this bottle, it contains a kind of spiritual liquid that I refined through the evil beast’s blood essence. After you consume it, you can change your aura to be similar to the evil beast. You won’t be assaulted by the evil beast during this period. When you enter the abyss, I will give it to each of you. At the same time, I will also help each of you to dispel the enchantment in your Spiritual Sea. As for how do we find other nodes in this abyss…”

    When the old man said this, he paused and sneered.