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Chapter 408: A War Occurred Again

Demon’s Diary
     As soon as Siren King’s voice sounded, the space above the palace fluctuated together. A large hand with one hundred meters in size appeared in the blue light flash, pressing down at the silver light cluster below.

    Before it fell, the mighty power contained in the big hand shrouded everything within a thousand meters below.

    Ye Tianmei, who was in the silver light, only felt that the surrounding air was tight, and the escape technique’s speed was suddenly paused for a moment. At the same time, the giant sword under her feet shook violently without any sign, making her stumble and almost fall down.

    Ye Tianmei’s pretty face looked cold. She made a gesture and said ‘dash’, then the eight silver long swords suddenly flashed and went into the giant sword below.

    Under the fusion of the nine swords, an acre size silver light array instantly appeared below the woman’s feet. As countless silver runes danced in it, a thick silver light beam shot into the sky.

    “Puff”, the silver light beam suddenly turned into a gigantic silver sword on the way. With a flash, it sliced the blue giant hand easily from the middle.

    Then the gigantic sword became blurred and turned into a crystal rainbow which penetrated the blue light curtain of the underwater world, escaping to the surface of the sea.

    There was a crisp cracking sound below. The giant hand that was cut in half broke apart in a moment, turning into silver light spots in the air and disappeared.

    At the same time, in the secret ice cave of the underwater palace.

    Next to the icicle of the frozen woman, Siren King stood aside, holding the icicle in one hand and making a gesture in the other hand.

    But at the moment when the big hand above the palace was defeated, his body shook. His eyes opened immediately. His face was full of anger. After looking deeply at the beautiful woman in the icicle, his body turned in a cluster of phantasm which disappeared on the ground.

    A moment later, a dragon roar that resounded through the sky came out from the palace. After that a light blue dragon in the size of a hundred meters dashed out, pursuing Ye Tianmei with its claws and fangs bare.

    There was a twisted blue horn on this dragon head. Its body was covered with light blue scales. The surface of the body was wrapped by green lightning that flickered nonstop. Looking from a far distance, it really looked as shocking as a real dragon. With just a few shake of its head and body, it also appeared before the enchantments. It went through the enchantments and charged above the sea.

    In a blink of an eye, the silver rainbow had already rushed out of the bottom of the sea that was ten thousands meters deep and appeared above the sea surface. It splashed a thousand meters huge wave as it came out from the sea surface, blasting toward a certain direction.

    A moment later, the sea that had just become calm set off another huge wave again, as a blue dragon flew out together with a storm. After hovering in the air, he stared at the silver crystal rainbow and hurried away.

    The rainbow transformed by Ye Tianmei seemed to be aware of the hot pursuit of the dragon behind her. After a clear and long whistling, countless dense silver runes appeared from the silver light. They exploded and turned into several powerful shockwaves.

    The crystal rainbow emitted a dazzling light. Under a flash, it suddenly appeared seven hundred meters away. The escape technique speed was more than doubled than before.

    Seeing this situation, the blue dragon that was chasing after her first showed a startled look. However, it let out another dragon roar after a hint of ferocious flashed on its face. Its figure became blurred in the next moment. Circles of dazzling blue light blasted out from its body, turning into an overwhelming blue light wave that covered the dragon itself. It then surged toward Ye Tianmei. Its speed was increased by more than half.

    The two disappeared one after another on the sea surface in a blink of an eye.


    “What? Siren King actually left the Sea Palace alone? That’s wonderful, it’s really a godsend opportunity for our clan! Immediately send out the order and let the six lords start the action. Eliminate the Sea Emperor Palace, then kill Siren King. When we occupy his nest and capture his subordinates, I would like to see how can he fight back alone.” In the deep underwater far away from the Sea Emperor Palace, a majestic Sea Creature Clan old man with a golden crown on his head immediately burst into laughter and said after listening to the report of a Sea Creature Clan guard who was kneeling in front of him.

    “Yes, Your Majesty!” The Sea Creature Clan guard immediately responded and retreated.

    “Hmph, Siren King? When I capture, seize your Real Pellet, and refine your true spirit, it will help me break through the bottleneck and become the true king of the Sea Region.” The Sea Creature Clan old man’s eyes flashed as he was looking in the direction of the Sea Emperor Palace. He murmured to himself. The excitement on his face could hardly be hid.

    After a while, the seemingly calm sea suddenly boiled up.

    With the rumbling sounds coming out, the sea began to surge wildly. Hundreds meters huge waves came one after another as nmerous island-like gigantic sea monsters appeared from the sea.

    Most of these sea monsters are covered with spirit scales; their giant mouths were filled with sharp fangs. As they breathed, the sea water surged wildly. As soon as they emerged, they started to charge in a certain direction.

    On the wide back of the giant sea monsters, rows of Sea Creature Clan soldiers standing on top with armored suits on their bodies and tridents in their hands.

    Their armors were shining in waves of blue halo under the reflection of the scorching sun. In a far distance, the blue lights rose and fell one after another. Their momentum was extremely shocking.

    On the horizon farther away, after a variety of bird chirping sounds, a large number of dense black sea birds emerged. They became clear at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. They were the black demon bird that Liu Ming once met on the sea. They were good in casting demon wind. Under the gust of gale, they flew toward the sea monsters.

    Not long after these black demon birds flew over, there was a loud “buzzing” noise behind them which made the sea below tremble. After a black shadow flashed in a far distance, a dozen hill-size flying boats appeared.

    These giant boats were about three thousand to four thousand meters long. Its surface was imprinted with blue spirit patterns, and there were black thorns of several dozen meters long everywhere which made it look abnormally fearsome.

    On the deck of the giant boat, many figures were moving. Blue armor soldiers could be seen vaguely. They densely formed a neat square formation. The momentum was breathtaking. They were obviously elite soldiers at a glance.

    At the front of one of the giant boats, a woman in a rainbow color robe was standing on it. She was the Sea Region Royal Family Pseudo Pellet State powerhouse, Zhen Tian who once appeared on the Yunchuan Island.

    Behind her, there were more than a dozen Sea Creature Clan with red, blue and silver scales. Everyone had a dignified look, and the aura they released was very powerful. They were the Crystallization Period powerhouses of the Yunchuan three tribes.

    On the other side of the underwater, there were also several shadows with amazing auras. They were silently swimming toward the underwater palace.

    One of them was a huge black shadow. It was a huge octopus covered with lilac demon patterns all around its body. Each of its eight tentacles was a thousand meters long, and in front of its head was a gorgeous woman’s face, but the eyes were flickering in green light without any expression.


    At the same time.

    In a seemingly unusually tall attic near the underwater palace, a woman in a red dress stood in a shadow on a floor, looking at a disc that was flashing with light silver texts in her hand. A hint of madness appeared momentarily in her eyes.

    “Keke, I didn’t expect that the ling of your Sea Region Royal Family is really decisive. As soon as Siren King left, he is ready to start a war. Since this is the case, you and I have to do something. These days, I secretly help you to get rid of those Beastkin Clan powerhouses, who thought of touching you, just for the arrival of this day.” The woman said with a chuckle before turning around.

    After her face emerged from the shadow, she was Chi Li who was a Beastkin Clan Crystallisation Period powerhouse.

    Not far behind her, there was another beautiful white skin woman with a weird expression on her face. This girl was actually Jia Lan.

    “I’m naturally grateful that you can protect my virginity, but I can’t understand why you, as a Beastkin Clan and as a Siren King’s confidant, want to betray him and surrender to our clan long ago. If you didn’t use the crystal mirror to contact the elder in our clan and talk to me, I wouldn’t believe you at all.” Jia Lan asked slowly.

    “Hmph, a Sea Creature Clan girl is not qualified to ask about my business. If it were for your succubus physique that is still useful to me, I wouldn’t care about your life and death. Now that your Sea Region Royal Family have started to act, we have to start too. Remember, follow all my instructions. By the way, we must send a message to the guy in the mine to let him start as well, so as to distract the guards’ attention. At this moment, it is better if this place get more chaos.”

    Chi Li glared at Jia Lan as she said, then she suddenly took out a clear crystal ball from her arm and shattered it.


    A bean-sized crystal rune emerged out of thin air. As it raised into the air, it became the size of a hat and disappeared into the air in a flash.

    “Let’s go.”

    Chi Li was commanded and walked down the attic.

    As the crystal light flashed in Jia Lan’s beautiful eyes, she bit her red lips and followed her.


    At the same time, in a hidden cave deep inside the mineral vein.

    Liu Ming and others were still waiting quietly.

    Suddenly, an inaudible and crisp sound came from the void.

    Lan Xi was sitting alone at the end of the cave. A crystal ball in half an inch size hanging around his waist burst and shattered under a flash.

    Such a scene naturally attracted the attention of others. Many people opened their eyes and looked at the old man in front of them. Their eyes were flashing a trace of doubt.

    But the Crystallization Period powerhouse only showed a ridicule look after looking down at the empty string on his waist. After that, he didn’t explain anything and closed his eyes again.

    Although Liu Ming and others were full of doubts, when they saw this situation, they could only look at each other, and no one really asked anything.

    The entire cave was now in an extremely strange atmosphere.