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Chapter 406 : Gather and Unexpected Change

Demon’s Diary
     “Hmph, I know even if you didn’t mention it. The crystal mirror is so precious, even I don’t have a few in my hand. If it weren’t to keep in contact with you, I won’t use this treasure at all. But it’s enough, our clan has everything ready. Now we only need an opportunity. It’s better if your movement can make a huge commotion. As long as you can attract the subordinates of Siren King, the defense of the underwater palace will be weaken, then our clan will have more chance to success. Of course, if you can attract more Crystallization Period Beastkin Clan cultivators, that would be even better.” The woman in the crystal mirror said in a sweet voice.

    “Hmph, attract more Crystallization Period powerhouses? You really dare to say that! If there are really three or four Crystallization Period powerhouses here, I’m afraid even if I have a backup blan, I will have to die here. Needless to say, as long as the plan is started, there must be a lot of commotion here. But how many people will be attracted by that time is not something I can manage.” Lan Xi said coldly with his hands on his back.

    “For this plan, our clan has been preparing for many years, and finally get it into actual execution plus some coincidences, so it can only succeed. The specific action time on your side must be launched according to the agreed time. It can’t neither be early nor late, definitely cannot.” The woman in the crystal mirror said without bothering Lan Xi’s answer.

    “You have said this many times before. I naturally know the importance of it. Hehe, that person dared to collude with Jiao Chan who is responsible for the guarding of the mineral vein. If I were not reminded by you many years ago, I am afraid that it would be betrayed by him. This time, I will let him know the price of selling me me.” Lan Xi flashed a ruthless cold light in his eyes as he said.

    “You are quite good as well. You can actually come up with such an escape plan, and you can make everyone else believe it. You deliberately leak the news without others realizing it to let them cooperate with our actions perfectly. It is a pity that those slave miners trust you so much. I’m afraid they will not even know how they die.” The woman in the crystal mirror suddenly giggled.

    “They really have a thoughtful dream. If it is so easy to escape, why would I be trapped in this place for hundreds of years. But if you didn’t provide me with the formula to breed this kind of spirit worm, I can’t let others believe in me so easily.” Lan Xi’s eyes flickered and his expression returned to normal.

    “It’s good that you understand it. If you didn’t have half of the bloodline of our clan, I wouldn’t have contacted you in the first place. After the plan succeeds, our clan will also fulfill the promise and promote you to be an elder so that you can enjoy the benefits of our clan.” The woman in the crystal mirror spoke slowly.

    “I hope so.” Lan Xi replied faintly.

    “Besides, I don’t care about other people. You must rescue the pure-blooded royal family who is stranded here. If you do this well, the clan will naturally give you other benefits.” The woman in the crystal mirror seemed to have thought of something again, then she added with a rather solemn tone.

    “Hmph. If it wasn’t to save her, why would I bother to come forward to deal with the evil beast of the Crystallization Period? Wasn’t that looking for trouble myself? Do you really think she can really help me get out of here?” Lan Xi’s eyes narrowed, then he questioned her instead.

    “Then I’ll need to trouble Brother Lan for that.” The woman in the crystal mirror said with a sigh.

    So, they talked a few more sentences and agreed on some details, then the crystal mirror and spirit stone at the edge of the magic circle suspended in mid-air. They suddenly exploded and broke apart at the same time.

    The woman’s figure disappeared into the air.

    As Lan Xi saw this, he turned around and left without expression. He pushed the stone door, then he walked to the corner on the side of the cave.

    Before and after walking to the rock wall, his arms suddenly blurred, striking a few times on the rock wall in quick speed.

    After a rumbling sound, a stone door suddenly appeared above the rock wall. After pushing the door, Lan Xi entered another very secret stone chamber.

    Around the room were inlaid with some fluorites that emitted light. There was a small altar with a diameter of several dozen meters on a high platform in the middle.

    A square small stone pillar was standing in the center of the altar. It was as dark as black ink.

    The surface of the altar had circles of light silver spirit patterns. The patterns were almost every inch above the altar. At the edge, it was inlaid with several black crystals.

    Lan Xi walked slowly to the altar. After some prayers, he solemnly raised his hand and made a strange gesture.

    The spirit patterns on the surface of the altar in front of him suddenly lit up. A dazzling white beam suddenly burst out from the stone pillar, rushing straight out of the altar for more than a hundred meters more high.

    Seeing this, Lan Xi spurted out a black token, and it turned into black mist that went into the light beam.

    After the light beam shook for a while, then a terrifying howl came out from it.

    The light beam disappeared, and it was replaced by a vague black grimace in the air. After the old man growled, it disappeared again.


    A month and a half time had passed.

    During this period, the deep sea mineral veins were calm as if the previous Evil Disaster had never appeared.

    In addition to beheading several evil beasts and obtaining some evil beast materials, Liu Ming had no other gains.

    He used the bones of these evil beasts to forge another Bone Wind Awl at the expense of spirit stones.

    At the end of the month, a slave miner came to the door of the stone cave where he was and placed the antidote for the month, then he left without saying anything.

    Liu Ming, of course, took the antidote. For the rest of the time, he stayed in the cave to adjust his breath and accumulate spiritual power, focusing on tuning his body and mind at the peak state.

    A few days later, an uninvited guest appeared in his cave.

    Liu Ming stared blankly at the middle-aged man in a leather robe, frowning slightly.

    The person in front of him was one of the confidantes of Yan Luo he had seen that day.

    The man in the leather robe looked at Liu Ming with a blank expression, then he suddenly shook his wrist. A golden object was launched toward Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming reached out and took a look. It was a golden shell. When his heart was moved, he took out another golden shell. When he combined them together, they were completely matched. There wasn’t even a gap on i.

    Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. He then put it on his forehead, and the runes on the shell circulated. At the same time, Lan Xi’s words sounded in his ears.

    After listening to these words, Liu Ming couldn’t help but be surprised.

    “What, let us gather now? The plan is ahead of schedule; it’s going to start soon.” Liu Ming stared at the other man and asked after removing the golden shell from his forehead.

    The man in leather robe nodded blankly.

    Liu Ming’s thoughts turned quickly, and his eyes flickered. He weighed the pros and cons, but he still said after a long breath, “Since this is the case, let’s go.”

    Half a day later.

    After passing some hidden tunnels that he had never visited, Liu Ming was finally led by a middle-aged man to a narrow cave in the deepest part of the mineral vein.

    Along the way, Liu Ming vaguely learned from the conversation with the middle-aged man that the action was advanced because it seemed that the plan had the potential to be exposed, so it had to be executed in advance.

    As for the specific problem, this middle-aged man was also unaware of it.

    After Liu Ming entered the cave, he looked around the surrounding and found that there was also another passage on the other end except the one he used to come here. However, it was covered by a layer of white mist.

    In the cave, more than twenty people had gathered there.

    Everyone had a dignified and worried expression. Among them, there were Xin Yuan, the Golden Scale Clan girl, and the woman named Qing Qi, but Yan Luo and Lan Xi didn’t show up surprisingly.

    After taking Liu Ming to this place, the middle-aged man walked away and stood with others.

    After Liu Ming’s expression moved, he walked slowly to Xin Yuan and sent a voice transmission with a slight lips movement, “Brother Xin, did you get any news from Yan Luo? Is this plan really exposed?”

    “Brother Liu, I was brought here by someone else. I was just a little earlier than you, and I haven’t received any news beforehand. Besides, I haven’t seen Yan Luo’s during this time.” Xin Yuan also replied with a voice transmission after a bitter smile.

    As Liu Ming listened, his mouth slightly twitched, then he stood side by side with Xin Yuan.

    With the passage of time, people were constantly brought into the cave. When the people saw a familiar person in the cave, their eyes looked shook.

    Obviously, many people did not formally meet before.

    After more than thirty people were gathered, a Blue Scale Clan man in the crowd suddenly came to the front and announced to everyone while cupping his fist, “Everyone is a companion selected by Senior Lan. Please wait here for a while. Senior is already on the way to this place. He will arrive shortly and discuss the escape plan with you.”

    “Senior Lan gathered us and said that the plan needs to start in advance, but now he let us wait here for nothing. Should he give us an explanation?” A muscular man crossed his arms and asked sullenly. “I don’t know how Senior Blue plans this escape? As for the explanation, you can ask yourself when Senior Lan arrives. I’m just responsible for passing on the message. Please don’t target the wrong person.” This Blue Scale Clan man replied with a smile.

    After the big man snorted, his face was a little uncertain, but he didn’t say anything.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming and other people also had different looks. Each of them took the initiative to speak.

    After an hour.

    A footstep sounded at the other entrance, and after the gray white mist rolled violently, a figure emerged and came out of it in a few steps.

    Everyone’s eyes looked over, but when everyone looked clearly at the person, they were all shocked.

    The figure was the initiator of this plan, the only Crystallization Period powerhouse in this place, Lan Xi. He was holding a soft body of bronze skin color in his hand. It was actually Yan Luo!