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Chapter 404: Escape Route

Demon’s Diary
     Liu Ming and two others glanced at each other, then one of them, the blue-skinned interracial man with messy hair, immediately stepped forward and asked with one hand:

    “Senior Lan, I’m Xun Kun from the Green Clan…”

    “I have already known what your names are, so make it short and ask your question.” Lan Xi interrupted his words impatiently and said coldly.

    “I want to know how you get the worm egg that can suppress the toxicity of Sea Emperor Pill? Junior seems to have not heard it before. The number of people who participated in the plan this time and how many egg worms can we get?” Seeing this, the Green Hunter Clan Xun Han was first stunned, but he asked quickly.

    “Hmph, these are already two questions. Well, since you are the first to ask, I will make an exception and answer all of them. I have been here for more than hundreds years. By examining the antidote that is provided monthly, I have some understanding about the nature of this Sea Emperor Pill. After that, I used a dozen of years effort to crossbreed the worm egg that you all see. Thus, there are no such spirit worms in the outside worm. As for quantity…”

    As Lan Xi talked about this, his voice paused. He continued after thinking about it, “This worm is not easy to breed, and it has limited time. Therefore, there are not too many eggs with me, but as long as you are really willing to join my plan and promise to obey my command, I will give 10 or more at a time for each person so that you can temporarily suppress the toxicity after escaping this place.”

    After listening, the Green Hunter Clan man opened his mouth, trying to ask more, but Lan Xi signaled the Sea Creature Clan man with a gloomy face beside him to ask the next question.

    The man was straightforward as he cupped his fist and asked directly,” Senior Lan, the poison of Sea Emperor Pill can be temporarily suppressed, but is there any good countermeasure for the enchantment in the Spiritual Sea in our body? With such enchantment, I’m afraid we can’t leave this place easily.”

    “The blood light cluster in your body is actually just a rather complicated blood channel enchantment, and it will only trigger when we leave a certain distance from the mineral vein. Although they have no effect on life, they can instantly imprison your spiritual power which is also quite troublesome. However, I recently researched a mystic art that can solve this enchantment. By the time the plan is about to be executed, I only have to consume some spiritual power to help you guys dispel once and for all. Are you satisfied with this answer?” Lan Xi replied without thinking.

    After listening to Lan Xi’s statement, the Sea Creature Clan man was naturally satisfied, so he stood aside.

    Thus, everyone’s eyes naturally turned to the last person Liu Ming.

    After Liu Ming was silent for a moment, he spoke calmly, “Senior Lan. When I was sent into this place, I found that there are a lot of enchantments at the exit. Not only there are many guards patrolling, but there is also Crystallization Period powerhouse and beastkin guards. I am afraid that there are also a lot of guard patrols around the mineral vein. I don’t know how senior can ensure that we can leave this place safely?”

    After listening to Liu Ming’s question, Lan Xi frowned slightly for the first time. After hesitated for a while, he slowly replied, “Don’t worry about what you just mentioned. When we leave, we won’t pass through the entrance of the mineral vein that we came. It’s just that this route is important. The specific circumstances, you will know it later. I’m inconvenient to say more.”

    Lan Xi’s answer was vague. He apparently would not reveal the specific plan at this time.

    Liu Ming was naturally disappointed in his heart, but he didn’t reveal it on his face. He said nothing after that.

    But at this moment, Lan Xi showed a strange smile, he suddenly said cold to them.

    “Please don’t be too happy. Since I have answered all your questions, then you three should make your own choice.”

    “Make our own choice? Senior Lan, what do you mean by that? Didn’t we agree to participate in this plan?” The Green Hunter Clan felt that something was wrong. He asked as his complexion changed.

    “Hmph, it is you three who are willing to join, but I never say that I will keep you all. To be honest, my escape method is rather special, so there is a limited space for the candidates. Now there is only one slot left. The three of you have similar qualifications and should barely suffice this qualification, but because of this reason, only the most powerful among you three can get my approval and become the last important companion in my plan. As for the other two… Hehe…” As Lan Xi spoke until the end, there was a cruel smile on his face.

    Although he didn’t finish his words, everyone was clear in their minds. With the importance he attached to this plan, the other two people who weren’t accepted by him would most probably be dead.

    As the three people heard that, their hearts sank.

    At this time, Yan Luo, who was standing next to the old man, frowned, and looked at Liu Ming with a hint of apology. He seemed to indicate to Liu Ming that he didn’t know about this, but he did not say anything to stop Lan Xi.

    “Only one of us can be left. Senior Lan thought we would agree to such conditions…” The Green Hunter Clan man suddenly shouted in anger.

    But before he finished his words, his muscular arm moved at lightning speed. He launched a surprise punch at the Sea Creature Clan man standing next to him.

    The Sea Creature Clan man hurriedly tried to avoid it, but it was too late. Blood splattering around and white bone could be seen as he was suddenly being smashed.

    “How dare you…”

    After the man yelled in anger, his eyes turned blurred. He felt dizzy in his head as he staggered a few steps. But a black smoke popped out of his sleeve without any sign and condensed into a black ferocious bone dagger. As it flashed, it blasted right into the man’s abdomen.

    But at this moment, the Sea Creature Clan man only felt a green light flashing in front of his eyes, and his neck was cold, then he felt that he was already in the air. In front of his eyes was a familiar headless body, then his vision went dark as he lost his consciousness.

    Just when the head of the Sea Creature Clan man was chopped off swiftly with a green long blade by the Green Hunter Clan man, the black bone dagger that came to his front was turned into a cluster of black gas and dissipated.

    From the moment the Green Hunter Clan man shouted in anger to killing the savage Sea Creature Clan man next to him, the whole process only took a second.

    At this time, the Sea Creature Clan man’s headless body twitched a few times before falling heavily on the ground.

    Lan Xi just watched silently at everything happening in front of him without expression, but with a hint of madness appeared in the corner of his mouth. Instead, Yan Luo’s face changed slightly, but it then returned to normal.

    “Very well, now you are the only one left.” The Green Hunter Clan man put his green long blade in front of him, then he turned around and spoke to Liu Ming with a gruesome face.

    “This is exactly what I want to say to you, Sir.” Liu Ming retreated silently to a few ten meters away at the moment when the green-skinned man suddenly made a move. After seeing the man saying this at the moment, he yawned and replied.

    Seeing this, the big man’s eyes flashed a ruthlessness. He didn’t speak immediately. The green long sword in his hand flickered, and suddenly countless emerald green branches emerged from it. After they intertwined together, they formed an emerald giant wood sword. Countless black thorns also spawned from the sword at the same time.

    He just waved the giant sword at Liu Ming’s direction, and a huge amount of black thorn immediately launched from the giant wood sword.

    For a while, the whistling sound was endless. The space in front of Liu Ming was covered with countless black light.

    The huge wooden sword spawned countless black thorns again after a flash of green light. As he shook, another wave of black light blasted out as if it was endless.

    At this moment, Liu Ming suddenly growled. After clenching both his fists, a crackling sound spread out. His body was one size bigger. His both hands and the critical spots around his body were covered by crimson scales. When he launched his punch brutally, an enormous force surged out.

    After a tremor, the black lights blasted from the opposite side were blown away after a wave of sharp rumbling noise. Only a few black thorns made some white marks on the crimson scales.

    Seeing this, the Green Hunter Clan couln’t help but be shocked. The green wood sword flicked in his hand, and a few green branches with thorns whipped at after its figure turned blurred. At the same time, he jumped up and struck the giant sword in his hand at Liu Ming.

    A sneer flashed on Liu Ming’s face. He shook off the black lights with the same method, then he stomped on the ground. His figure disappeared after turning blurred.

    At the next moment, a figure flickered in the air, and Liu Ming actually broke through the laters of green branches and appeared directly in front of the man. After a black gas rolled out and condensed, a black mist dragon and black mist tiger appeared on top of him. He launched another two overwhelming punches.

    As the man was frightened, he could only block with the giant sword and spat out a talisman that formed a green light curtain protecting him.

    “Boom” “Boom”

    Liu Ming smashed the huge wooden sword with one punch, and after another punch, his grew bigger and blew out the green light curtain. After a flick, he punched through the man’s chest and crushed the heart that was beating inside.