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Chapter 400: Battle Practice

Demon’s Diary
     “Anyway, his move also resolved the danger of the Evil Disaster. As for the reason, he may have his own considerations.” Yan Luo hesitated and said with his eyes flashing.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming felt shocked in his heart. He faintly felt that Yan Luo should know something, but he didn’t show any weird expression.

    Xin Yuan was stunned too after listening to Yan Luo’s answer, then he also showed a hint of understanding. He sneered and stopped questioning on this.

    During the talk, several Sea Creature Clan people suddenly emerged from one side of the tunnel. As soon as they entered, they hurried toward the place where another major force gathered. They were suddenly surrounded by the Sea Creature Clan people and Beastkin Clan people of the same force. The quiet discussion also immediately spread out.

    After a while, the Sea Creature Clan people seemed to have unified their opinions. Under the watch of the surrounding small and medium-sized forces, they followed the people that came later and left from a tunnel by the side. They disappeared into the tunnel in just a few seconds.

    Liu Ming was surprised when he saw this, but when he looked at Yan Luo, he didn’t seem to care at all.

    At this moment, there was a rush of footsteps from the tunnel on the other side. Five people dressed up in Iron Alliance’s outfit appeared and walked straight to where Yan Luo was.

    “Boss Yan, several of us have surveyed the tunnels within a few miles of the neighborhood. Except for some corpses, we did not find any living evil beasts.” These people walked to Yan Luo, then the leader spoke respectfully.

    “En, very good, judging from the current signs. It should be certain that those evil beasts have retreated at the moment. There is no sign for them to come back.” After Yan Luo listened, he looked ease a little. He nodded and said.

    The people on the side were relieved when they heard the leader said so.

    “However, in order to be safe, it is not appropriate to go deep in the mineral vein in a short time. After all, this Evil Disaster is different from the past, and no one can guarantee that it will not happen again.” Xin Yuan on the side suggested cautiously.

    “Brother Xin is right. Moreover, we also suffered a lot of casualties. Most of the others are injured. Why don’t we go back to the Iron Alliance’s base camp to rest and reorganize? What does Brother Xin think? In such a close distance, if the evil beasts reappear again, we can rush to the enchantment at the entrance in time.” Yan Luo nodded in agreement after hearing Xin Yuan’s words, then he asked again.

    After Xin Yuan, Liu Ming and the others discussed, they naturally had no objections.

    After all, in this case. It was relatively safe to have more people, and it was also the base camp of the one of the two major forces here.

    And in this case, even if Evil Disaster reappears, they could use the fastest time to escape to the entrance of the mineral vein.

    “Okay, let’s go now. But this time we have to detour a little bit.” Yan Luo said with a smile.

    It turned out that the base where the Iron Alliance was stationed was not far from the exchange area, and they only needed to pass through a few tunnels and caves. But at this moment, the tunnel in the exchange area leading directly to the base had collapsed in the previous fierce battle, so everyone could only detour.

    But even so, the Iron Alliance station was only one hour away from the exchange area.

    After Yan Luo instructed a few people to stay in the exchange area to keep an eye on the nearby movements, he brought Xin Yuan, Liu Ming and the other subordinates that were about thirty to forty people to walk to another tunnel in the cave.

    On the way, Xin Yuan praised Liu Ming’s strength when he talked to Yan Luo about the thrilling experience of staying in the cave.

    “Brother Yan didn’t know that the situation at that time was really thrilling. I wanted to use the narrow terrain of the cave to take turns in battle, but I never expected that the evil beasts only increased as we killed more of them. Most of us were also physically exhausted and injured. If it weren’t for Brother Liu’s bravery in defending the cave alone after defeating a Condensation Period later stage evil beast, the consequences would be bad.” Xin Yuan still looked pale when he was shouldering the “Chaos Essence Refined Iron Rod”, but when he talked about the moment, his face was enraptured. It was the complete opposite of the cold image that Liu Ming had previously.

    “Hehe! Brother Xin has overpraised me. I was only doing it to protect myself.” Liu Ming could only smile bitterly when he heard Xin Yuan praised him like this.

    “Oh, it turns out that Brother Liu’s strength is so extraordinary?” Yan Luo’s eyes lit up when he heard Xin Yuan’s narration, and he became interested in Liu Ming.

    “Hehe, not only that, Brother Liu can use my Chaos Essence Refined Iron Rod, I’m afraid his physical strength is no less than you as a Physique Cultivator of the Bronze Gong Clan.” Xin Yuan added with a smile.

    “Great! Brother Liu, how about you and I have a battle practice when we arrive at the base?” Yan Luo said with a trace of excitement.

    “This …” Liu Ming couldn’t help but startled.

    “Brother Liu doesn’t need to hesitate, Bronze Gong Clan is already combative by nature. It is normal for Brother Yan to see that you are the type of cultivator that he enjoys fighting with.” Xin Yuan added as he noticed Liu Ming’s hesitation.

    “Okay, I have long heard about the name of Brother Yan for a long time. By the time, I will learn the might of the Bronze Gong Clan powerhouse.” After Liu Ming heard the words, he actually agreed with it after giving some thoughts to it.

    It was also a rare opportunity for him to measure the true strength of the Iron Alliance leader.

    “I knew Brother Liu is also a forthright person. Let’s go quickly. We are not far away from the base.” Yan Luo couldn’t help clapping and laughing when he saw Liu Ming agreed to it.


    After an hour.

    Liu Ming and others came to a huge cave under the lead of Yan Luo.

    The cave was one thousand meters wide and one hundred meters high. It looked very spacious. In addition to the tunnel they used to come here, there were two other tunnels leading to somewhere.

    The stone walls and the top of the cave were also inlaid with a lot of green fluorite stone. They were shining in a faint light, sparkling a half acre of green water in the center of the cave.

    There were dozens of stone houses scattering around the water pool, and each stone door was carved with a yellow eye symbol.

    At the moment there was no one in the cave. They probably ran to other places when the Evil Disaster broke out.

    As soon as everyone entered the cave, after cleaning up the place, they each occupied a house and took a rest.

    Nothing happened for one night.

    Early the next morning, Yan Luo and Liu Ming stood in an open space in front of the water pool, facing each other.

    Many people nearby watched with excitement.

    Xin Yuan and others were also in the crowd.

    “Brother Liu, let’s get started!” Yan Luo cupped his fist and spoke to Liu Ming.

    “Brother Yan, please enlighten me!” Liu Ming naturally didn’t dare to neglect facing this Bronze Gong Clan powerhouse. After taking a breath, he solemnly replied.

    As soon as Yan Luo heard the words, he sneered, then his arms shook slightly. Suddenly, a burst of firecrackers sounded from his body. At the next moment, the powerful breath of the later stage of the Condensation Period rose from his body.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming also channeled the spiritual power in his body. When he cast the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison, Xin Yuan’s voice transmission suddenly sounded in his ear, “Brother Liu, if possible, you may wish to use your Sword Controlling Technique. If you can perform well, maybe there will be great benefits waiting for you.”

    After listening to Liu Ming, although the look on his face was the same as usual, his heart was naturally inexplicable.

    Xin Yuan actually asked him to use the Sword Controlling Technique which consumed the most spiritual power, and he didn’t tell the reason clearly.

    This naturally puzzled Liu Ming.

    However, by virtue of his superior intuition, he vaguely felt that the skinny young man didn’t have bad intentions. After weighing the pros and cons in his mind, he decided to try it out according to the voice transmission.

    Liu Ming immediately shook his sleeve decisively, and a black tiny sword appeared in his hand. As the tiny sword trembled, it made a clear voice.

    In an instant, dense and countless sword shadows emerged. After they condensed, a black light sword in the size of ten meters appeared. The black tiny sword was being wrapped in it. At the same time, an astonishing sword qi shot out. It made an air slashing sound in the surroundings. It was as if countless invisible blades were intertwining in the air.

    “Sword Cultivator”

    Seeing this situation, Yan Luo wasn’t surprised, but there was even a glimmer of joy in his eyes.

    Obviously, this Iron Alliance leader clearly knew Liu Ming killed Boss Sha with his Sword Controlling Technique.

    Immediately after he growled, blue arms appeared on his arms. When he opened up his arms, two arms grew bigger as a circle of bronze colour appeared on the surface, and the colour quickly spread to the whole body.

    In a moment, Yan Luo stood on the ground like a bronze man. Under the fluorescent light in the cave, his body surface reflected the stunning metal luster. He walked toward Liu Ming in a rumble. Every step was uncommonly heavy, and his momentum was breath taking.

    Liu Ming’s eyes flashed sharply. He suddenly touched the light sword in front of him lightly.

    The light sword shot out in a black rainbow. After a flicker, it turned into a seventy meters long black sword shadow on top of Yan Luo’s head. It struck down without any delay.

    Before the huge sword shadow had fallen, it made a sharp noise. It left a series of afterimages as it moved.

    Faced with such a shocking attack, Yan Luo faintly felt a tingling sensation like a knife cut on his face, but he was delighted instead. He didn’t even intend to dodge it. A bronze arm dived down, and he had already worn a silver shining glove. He shouted furiously as he threw a punch in the air. A formless mighty power soared into the air.

    An earth shattering sound!

    A silver halo suddenly appeared above Yan Luo’s head, and the entire cave shivered slightly.

    The huge sword shadow in the air slightly condensed, then it was slightly deflected by the silver light. It brushed against Yan Luo’s shoulder as it struck down.


    The ground below the muscular man shattered all of sudden. A huge trench with a length of a hundred meters more appeared out of thin air. It almost slashed the nearby water pools.

    Just as the crowd exclaimed, a red line suddenly appeared on the copper-like shoulder on the left side of Yan Luo, and the blood burst out of it.