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Chapter 398: Chaos Essence Refine Iron Rod

Demon’s Diary
     After the giant evil beast roared in pain, he fell down in the air. Its crimson eyes were staring at Liu Ming who ruined its plan. It made a few strange sounds, and a few poison lumps in different sizes protruded out of its back which made it look very vicious.

    However, Liu Ming was standing side by side with the burly man after his figure flicked again.

    “Thank you.” The big man didn’t say anything more. He took out a detoxifying elixir and swallowed it. After he put a talisman on the wound, he stared at the evil beast.

    “You take care of the other evil beast. Leave this big boy to me.” Liu Ming glanced at the giant toad-like evil beast and said slowly.

    Regarding Liu Ming’s suggestion, the man named “Zheng Yong” had no objection. After nodding his head, his figure moved as he pounced on a low tier evil beast with his bone sword.

    Liu Ming stood at the same place, holding the bone blade in one hand and looking coldly at the giant evil beast.

    After the giant toad made a groaning noise, the two hind limbs suddenly exerted force, and it jumped up again. Several poison lumps behind its back suddenly burst open, ejecting several extremely thick black mist. It instantly covered half of the air in front of it.

    Liu Ming looked at the black mist that was surging at him. Without hesitation, he waved one hand, and a fist-sized fireball flew into the black mist and disappeared, then he uttered ‘explode’ lightly.

    A dull explosion!

    As the black poisonous mist rolled, it scattered away instantly as if it was swept by a gust of wind.

    However the next moment. Liu Ming found out that there was nothing in the air in front of him as if the toad-like evil beast vanished into the air.

    At the same time, a dozen meters away in front of him, there was suddenly a fluctuation. The toad-like evil actually flashed out ghostly. It opened its mouth and shot out the intact long tongue again at Liu Ming’s forehead.

    Liu Ming stood expressionless without moving, but a red light flashed on his forehead. A few layers of bean-size crimson scales appeared on his forehead.

    “Cheng” a metallic sound!

    The toad-like evil beast’s long tongue was bounced off as it hit the crimson scales,

    The evil beast was shocked. It seemed to be surprised at the scene before it.

    Liu Ming’s arm moved, and his arm enlarged after a click. A palm full of crimson scales caught the long tongue.

    He only felt that the place he grasped was very cold and greasy. A murderous intention flashed across his eyes as his five fingers flickered. Immediately, an invisible shockwave came out, surging straight along the tongue to the head of the evil beast.

    The toad-like evil beast was shocked. As its long tongue became so tight that it couldn’t move, it closed its mouth all of sudden. It actually snapped its own tongue, and the poison lumps on its back exploded at the same time. The black poisonous mist swept over to Liu Ming’s place.

    Liu Ming’s expression condensed. His foot tapped on the ground, then his figure bounced backward while launching several fireballs from his hand.

    After a burst of explosions, ,most of the black poisonous mist was blown away again.

    But when Liu Ming stood firm, he found that the severely injured toad-like evil beast actually took this opportunity to escape out of the entrance. It leaped for a hundred more meters and escaped.

    At this moment, the other two wolf-shaped evil beasts jumped into the hole again, pouncing ruthlessly at Liu Ming.


    During the next hour, Liu Ming and Xin Yuan’s companions took turns in the cave entrance in such a way as to prevent the evil beasts outside the cave from breaking in.

    After a bitter battle, everyone except Liu Ming had already suffered a lot of injuries. Fortunately, there were no more casualties, but after such a violent battle, everyone was naturally tired.

    However, Liu Ming did not use much spiritual power during this period. He was just using his tyrannical physical force to defend waves of evil beast ferocious offensive.


    No one knew how many times passed, the sound of fighting and roaring outside the stone cave was still endless.

    Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged at the corner of the cave at this moment, meditating with his eyes closed. He was adjusting his breath to recover his physical strength without wasting any time.

    After several rounds of bloody fighting, the others were already overwhelmed.If there was no such stone cave that they could take turns in battle with the help of narrow terrain, they would probably be overwhelmed by the evil beast horde outside.

    At this time, Xin Yuan and his companions in the stone cave, except for one being killed by the toad-like evil beast, only two of the remaining six had the power to fight. However, they also suffered injuries to varying degrees. They were defending at the cave entrance now.

    Xin Yuan, who was sitting opposite Liu Ming, had looked much better than Liu Ming since he took the healing elixir. However, if he wanted to get started, he probably still couldn’t do it in a short time.

    This made Liu Ming feel a bit regretful.

    At this time, if there was a powerful helper, the chance to stay alive would naturally be increased.

    From the time the Evil Disaster happened, only more than half a day had passed. The evil beasts gathered outside the stone cave made them feel that the evil beasts were increasing despite being killed.

    Although he relied on his strong physical body and he did not feel strenuous, it wasn’t really easy to say how long could he sustain after a long battle. After all, there was still a Condensation Period later stage giant wolf evil beast waiting for an opening outside.

    “Brother Xin, Zheng Yong is also injured. The evil beasts outside seem to be crazy. They keep coming. I can’t hold any longer.” A quick shout came from outside the hole.

    Xin Yuan was shocked when he heard this, and he couldn’t help but smile bitterly. After glancing around the cave, he finally set his gaze at Liu Ming in the corner.

    Xin Yuan’s action was reasonable as Liu Ming was the only one who could battle.

    Seeing the slightly apologetic gaze in Xin Yuan’s eyes, Liu Ming took a deep breath and immediately stood up. He cupped his fist and said directly, “Brother Xin, I wonder if I can borrow your weapon?”

    Liu Ming’s bone blade was finally bitten into pieces by an evil beast during the last defense.

    Xin Yuan couldn’t help but startled, but he immediately nodded and said, “Brother Liu doesn’t need to be polite. Just take it.”

    Then Xin Yuan grabbed the huge iron rod leaning against the stone wall with one hand. He slightly used some strength, and the iron rod was whistling in the air.

    The huge iron rod was even releasing a suffocating malicious wind as it was still swinging.

    Liu Ming raised his eyebrows. He relaxed his shoulders lightly, then his arms were one size bigger. He grabbed the iron rod flying toward him.

    At the next moment, Liu Ming felt his hands sink, and his heart was shocked slightly.

    This huge iron rod was a bit heavier than he initially expected.

    A burst of exclamation came from several other people. Everyone had a surprised expression.

    Xin Yuan was even more surprised as he looked at Liu Ming, but he said calmly, “This Chaos Essence Refined Iron Rod made by black iron weighs 1,300 pounds. After I stepped into the Condensation Period and obtained this weapon, it was the first time I borrowed it to someone else. I hope it can help Brother Liu.”

    “Very well, I think I should be able to hold it for a while with this weapon.” Liu Ming said with a smile on his face after swinging the iron rod a few times.

    Then he carried the iron rod on his shoulder as he flashed out of the cave.

    At this time, the situation at the opening of the cave could only be described as tragic.

    A burly man covered in blood was standing alone in the middle of the stone cave entrance. He was waving the bone hammer in his hand with all his strength. Although he could hit one to two evil beasts that pounced on him, his stamina was already exhausted. As the evil beast just fell to the ground, it could still stand up as if it was unharmed. It roared and joined the horde again.

    The other man not far from him was Zheng Yong who had previously fought side by side with Liu Ming.

    At this moment, his leg was badly injured, and his body was covered with wounds. The wound on his neck that was caused by the toad-like evil beast’s tongue had opened up. Blood was flowing out of his neck. But he was still waving his bone sword as he leaned against the cave wall. The few evil beasts in front of him didn’t dare to attack for a while.

    Between the two, several evil beast bodies and broken limbs had been piled up.

    “Leave it to me. You two go back and rest first.”

    Liu Ming jumped into the open space in front of the burly man. After he informed them, he then hit the wolf evil beast charging at the burly man with the iron rod on his shoulder.

    Then the twenty meters long iron rod turned into a hill-like black rod shadow as he waved it. It surged toward the evil beasts like a storm.

    Once the evil beasts got in contact with the shadow, they were either killed with a strike or they spat blood and were knocked back on the spot.

    The iron rod of more than a thousand pounds was like a paper in his hands.

    By this time, Liu Ming’s strong physical power was finally fully revealed.

    Within a few breaths, three or four evil beasts were killed under Liu Ming’s rod shadow, the roaring sounds near him disappeared as it sounded.

    Seeing this, the man who had just lifted up the man surnamed Zheng by the side showed an incredible expression on his face, and he was dumbfounded on the spot for a while.

    At the same time, the huge black wolf evil beast standing on the high ground at the corner of the cave seemed to have found a slight change in the battle. Suddenly, it made a terrifying howl, and countless black gas surged out from it. It instantly made the surrounding wolf evil beasts stop and roar in the sky. The vibe was astonishing.

    The eyes of the giant wolf evil beast gleaming with red light flashed slightly. Its figure slightly blurred, then it disappeared.

    Above the open space not far in front, a black light flashed, and the giant wolf evil beast emerged. As it was wrapped by the black gas, it blasted straight at Liu Ming who was at the cave entrance. Behind the giant wolf evil beast, a dozen wolf evil beasts charged along with it.

    Seeing this situation, Liu Ming knew that it was bad. However, he was still waving the iron rod at the same speed, but he was thinking quick in his mind.