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Chapter 397: Xin Yuan

Demon’s Diary
     The cave was not big. It was only about ten feet in size.

    Apart from a few stone beds and a few large bags piled on the side, there was nothing else in the cave.

    The first thing that Liu Ming saw was a pale and skinny man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. The sickly face made him look bleaker.

    It was the skinny young man he encountered when he first entered the underground mine.

    At this moment he was sitting cross-legged on a stone bed in the middle, and the huge iron rod about two feet long was leaning against a stone wall.

    This was the first time Liu Ming saw the rod leaving the hands of young people. He couldn’t help but be slightly surprised, then he assessed the young man again.

    Only then did he find that the gray shirt on the young man was worn out at the moment, and there were still a lot of bloodstains on the surface. Not sure whether it was the blood of the evil beasts or his own.

    But looking at his situation, he was obviously wounded, and it was still quite serious.

    Besides, he was actually injured with such strength. It could be seen that he must have experienced fierce battles not long ago.

    Liu Ming almost subconsciously thought of the black giant wolf-like evil beast that was four times larger than the surrounding evil beasts in his mind.

    And beside him, there were also four men sitting cross-legged. One of them was previously recruited by the skinny young man with an antidote at the exchange venue, but his physical body was as strong as the other three men. When they saw Liu Ming coming in, they just glanced at him blankly and continued to meditate.

    The skinny young man also looked at Liu Ming and Bone Scorpion on his shoulder, then he said with a smile, “Mr. Liu can arrive here safely in this Evil Disaster. It seems that I have underestimated you as a newcomer.”

    “Not at all, I just found out early, and I ran fast enough. I just have better luck. I wonder if you can tell me your name now?” Liu Ming laughed as he didn’t agree or disagree.

    “I’m Xin Yuan, when I was sent here eight years ago, I was only temporarily promoted by several brothers as the leader. However, I don’t have to explain more about the current situation at the moment.” This skinny young man named “Xin Yuan” smiled lightly as he said after hearing that, but this smile seemed to trigger his injury, making him cough a few times. His face looked instantly pale.

    “It turned out to be Xin Yuan. This place is completely surrounded by evil beasts. Plus the batch of evil beasts that are chasing me, the number is shocking at the moment. We can’t break out from this encirclement forcefully. But I just saw that the evil beasts here seem to be led by a black giant wolf evil beast. Does Brother Xin’s injury relate to this evil beast? “Liu Ming asked slowly after he hesitated for a moment.

    “Yes, I was backstabbed by this beast attack. This evil beast has the strength of the Condensation Period later stage, and it can also change its body size. It mixed in the common evil beasts before, and it caught me off guard. Fortunately, the other brothers rescued me in time, and we rushed into this dead-end by chance. We are still able to defend for a while. However, for Mr. Liu to escape to this place, it seems that we are destined to meet. “Xin Yuan smiled slightly as he said.

    “I don’t really want this kind of fate!” Liu Ming heard the words and couldn’t help laughing bitterly.

    “Hehe, unless you really want to break out from here, otherwise you can only stay here for a while. Now the situation is urgent, and I don’t want to say anything nonsense. Brother Liu and I are now on the same boat. If you want to live, I’m afraid you have to contribute something.”

    “What does Brother Xin want me to do?” Liu Ming thought about it slightly, guessing something in his heart.

    “It’s very simple. Brother Liu’s strength should be extraordinary for you to break into this place alone. The Evil Disaster has just begun. If it is in accordance with the usual practice, there are still more than two days. During this period, I need you to take turns to defend the evil beasts at the cave entrance like my other brothers. Take a shift every quarter of an hour! What do you think? “Xin Yuan looked a little serious.

    Hearing this, Liu Ming nodded and immediately agreed without thinking.

    The evil beasts outside would only be increased. There were also Condensation Period later stage evil beasts among them, and every other tunnel had already been blocked.

    He had no choice but to stick to the young man to survive this Evil Disaster.

    Although this young man called “Xin Yuan” seemed to have lost most of his combat power, his companions seemed to have extraordinary body strength. As long as they could ensure that the entrance didn’t get breached and they took turns to recover, they should be able to hold for a long time.

    “Very well, Brother Liu is really a smart person which saves a lot of effort for me. However, you should exhaust some of your stamina for you to rush here all the way. You don’t have to spend a lot of time talking about it. But if you come all the way, you must have exhausted a lot of physical strength. You can now take some rest. When all of them took their shift, then it is only your turn.” Xin Yuan saw Liu Ming promised in such a forthright manner, and his face flashed a hint of joy. He said loudly at the same time.

    “Since that’s the case, I will take my rest then!” Liu Ming saw the situation, and he didn’t deny it. He recalled Bone Scorpion into his waist leather bag and let it rest for a while, then he looked for an empty space in the stone cave and sat cross-legged.

    “Zheng Yong, Hua Dan, you two go and take the turn…” Xin Yuan commanded two men sitting cross-legged not far from him. One of whom was the cultivator of the Condensation Period early stage.

    The two responded and stood up. They took out the bone weapon on their waists and walked toward the cave entrance.

    A moment later, the two burly men who had previously stood at the entrance of the cave walked into the stone cave one after another. The bone hammers in their hands were stained with blood, and their bodies were covered in wounds. Their clothes were torn apart. Countless tiny blood marks could be seen vaguely.

    The one walking behind had one arm being penetrated by something. There was a thumb size wound bleeding out a dark red blood, emitting a disgusting smell.

    “Those toad-like evil beasts are really difficult to handle. Not only are they extremely fast, their tongue attack angle is also quite strange.” The man with a severe wound on his arm looked pale after he said that, then his body stuttered and fell down.

    While the man walking in front heard someone fell to the ground, he was shocked. He immediately turned around and lifted him up, and with the help of others, they put him flat on a stone bed. After feeding the man with a detoxifying elixir, the people were slightly relieved.

    Liu Ming’s face looked a little uncertain.

    The small toad-like evil beasts that chased him before were really difficult to deal with, but fortunately he didn’t intend to fight with these evil beasts. Otherwise, he would be in huge trouble.

    Seeing this situation, Xin Yuan’s face was a bit ugly. Another person was seriously injured now. The situation was naturally even worse. However, when he coughed lightly and planned to say something, there was another scream outside the cave. It was followed by another person’s shouting, “Hua Dan is also poisoned. Someone come and help me!”

    As soon as the sound passed into the stone cave, everyone’s expression changed greatly.

    “Let me deal with it first. I have some understanding of this kind of evil beast, it should not be too difficult to deal with.”

    Before waiting for Xin Yuan to speak, Liu Ming’s eyes flicked up. He suddenly stood up, pulled the bone blade from his waist, and strode out of the cave.

    “By the way, I still have a bottle of elixir. This should be good for Brother Xin’s injury.”

    He walked a few steps, then he suddenly flicked his sleeve without turning his head. A green bottle was thrown out at that moment.

    Then his figure flickered. After two flashes, he rushed to the cave entrance. Then there was a sound of air slash, and the evil beasts suddenly made a loud roar…

    Xin Yuan grabbed the green bottle and looked at Liu Ming disappearing from the cave. His face couldn’t help but look strange. After he opened the cap and sniffed the bottle, he was instantly refreshed.

    The skinny young man was a little moved.

    With his experience, he could immediately be sure that this medicine bottle was the best elixir.

    In this underground cave, nevermind the upper grade healing elixir, even the inferior grade elixir was very rare. Elixirs were often rare among the items that the slave miners could exchange from the guards. Healing elixir also had the highest price among them.

    When the young man glanced at it, he noticed that there were two green elixirs in the bottle, and he was even more surprised.

    After all, he also lived in the mine for several months, it was impossible for him to not know the value of these upper grade healing elixir.

    After Xin Yuan’s face changed for a while, he looked at the burly man lying on the stone bed next to him. He finally poured out a pill to serve him unwillingly, then he took another one. After that he used his little spiritual power in his body to urge the medicine to heal himself.

    When another man stumbled back into the stone cave with a darkened face, Liu Ming at the entrance of the cave just used a blade shadow to cover the two toad-like evil beasts.

    Another man next to him waved a bone sword, desperately resisting another evil beast’s attack in the other direction.

    “Be careful!”

    After Liu Ming severely wounded the two evil beasts and pushed them back, his eyes turned to the man and suddenly reminded him with a low voice and a shocking look.

    Almost at the same time, a wolf-shaped evil beast at the back made a fluctuation. A dark green figure with the size of ten meters flashed out. It was a giant evil beast that was several times bigger than the common toad-like evil beasts.

    The man was also a person with rich experience in fighting against the enemy. As he felt the danger in his mind, he waved the bone sword without hesitation. It transformed into a wave of sword shadow that blocked in front of him. He also activated a talisman with his other hand at the same time.

    After an explosion, a blue light curtain emerged, protecting the man in it.

    As soon as the huge evil beast appeared, it immediately opened a big mouth to launch a thumb-size long tongue. It dodged the sword shadow in a weird angle and struck on the light curtain.

    A burst of crisp crackling sounded!

    The tongue of the giant toad evil beast just paused a little bit, then it penetrated the light curtain and passed through the man’s body.


    The man’s head twisted, then a long tongue swept past his neck. Blood spattered all over the place.

    It turned out that this person had already expected that the light curtain could not resist its attack, so he made a desperate attempt to dodge at the moment of life and death.

    At this moment, a bone blade flickered like lightning and slashed ruthlessly on the evil beast’s tongue, cutting it in half.