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Chapter 396: Evil Beast Horde

Demon’s Diary
     Just when Qingqi escaped not far, the giant bear-like evil beast’s figure suddenly flickered, then it appeared in front of the passageway where she was about to escape. As it growled, both its arms became blurred, launching countless giant palm shadows.

    As each palm shadow shook, it turned into a long gray crescent in a meter size.

    In an instant, there were dozens of crescents rushing to the escape light transformed by Qingqi. The momentum was terrifying.

    Seeing this, Qingqi couldn’t help but tremble in her mind. She couldn’t care much as she launched a few talismans out of her sleeve. As the talisman blasted forward, she shouted ‘explode’ at the same time.

    After a loud noise, the talismans burst apart and turned into a dazzling red light that blocked all the crescents.

    Seeing this, the giant bear evil beast stomped suddenly. It jumped up, then it waved its arms to launch another wave of crescent that flew toward Qingqi swiftly.

    After a few humming sounds, a few crescents flashed and penetrated through Qingqi’s body. But at the next moment, her body actually turned into light spots and fell apart.

    At the same time, behind the golden giant bear evil beast, a slim figure appeared in a faint fluctuation. The person was Qingqi.

    As soon as this woman appeared, she exploded another talisman in her hand without hesitation.

    After the yellow light flashed, she was already deep in the tunnel ahead.

    Qingqi turned around and looked sentimentally at the two companions behind her, then she sighed a little. Her figure flicked as she fled into the tunnel without looking back.

    Giant bear evil beast also naturally found that the opponent had escaped. It immediately slammed its chest fanatically a few times with its two big palms, then it made a furious roar. Its figure turned blurred as it disappeared into the tunnel that the woman fled into. A few evil beasts also followed behind at the same time.

    Seeing all this, Liu Ming’s eyes flickered slightly. He waved the black sword in his hand forward a few times, and the black sword gas forced the tiger-shaped evil beast in front of him back for a few steps. With a jump, he appeared behind another tiger-shaped evil beast who was about to pounce on Bone Scorpion. He extended one hand swiftly and caught its hind leg like a hook.

    He exerted a force in his five fingers with a blank expression, and a strange shock suddenly came out of his fingertips, then he suddenly tore from an incredible angle. A broken sound could be heard, the tiger-shaped evil beast’s hint leg was being twisted forcefully.

    The beast twitched its body under pain. It involuntarily fell to the ground. The Bone Scorpion seized the opportunity and appeared on top of the evil beast. Bone Scorpion slammed its pincers heavily, and it instantly accelerated its falling momentum.

    The evil beast was slammed to the ground, smashing a big pit on the ground. It couldn’t get up for a while.

    As Liu Ming just fell to the ground, he suddenly made a gesture. His body was overflowed with black gas. As a dragon shadow roared in the black gas, his figure grew tremendously in size, and his body was even covered with layers of crimson scales.

    At the next moment, he cast the black gas to bring Bone Scorpion to rush toward the nearest tunnel. He waved a few punches to knock back a few evil beasts and dug out the eyeball of a Condensation Period intermediate stage evil beast. The other evil beasts involuntarily stepped back for several steps, but they looked even more ferociously at him.

    But Liu Ming took this opportunity to rush into the tunnel. After a few flickers, he disappeared without a trace.

    In the cave, after more evil beasts surged out from other tunnels, the roaring and screaming sounds became loud for a time, but after a while, only the roar could be heard.


    Half a day later.

    Liu Ming was desperately running forward in a tunnel with a pale face. According to his impression of the mineral vein map in his mind, there did not seem to be a tunnel directly leading to the exchange area in the front. After he made some turns hurriedly just now, he might be further away from it.

    However, under the siege of the evil beast, in addition to constantly escaping into the seemingly empty tunnel and trying to get rid of the evil beast behind, there was no other better life-saving strategy.

    According to previous information, the Evil Disaster usually lasts about three days after the occurrence. After three days, the evil beasts would return to the abyss like a tide. It was almost impossible to find an evil beast in the mine cave after that.

    Therefore, as long as he didn’t get besieged by the evil beasts in these few days, even if he failed to escape back to the entrance of the mineral vein in time, he could also save his life.

    And now Evil Disaster had only happened for half a day, and there were more than ten evil beasts that died in his hands. If the profit would be huge if it was usual time, but he could only run in the current situation. How could he have the time to bother about these evil beasts’ corpses.

    Liu Ming’s face looked uncertain. His figure flashed ghostly in succession, then he had moved a hundred more meters away.

    The were a dozen toad-like evil beasts behind him five hundred meters away. Each of the evil beasts also closely followed Liu Ming. They could travel for a dozen meters for one jump.

    Occasionally, Liu Ming launched a punch behind him to push back the evil beasts close to him. The evil beasts would stand up again as if they were unhurt, then they joined the horde and chased him.

    In the deeper tunnel behind these dozens of small evil beasts, there were also waves of fuzzy roar. There were obviously more evil beasts chasing behind.

    If this was not the case, as long as Liu Ming decided to spend his spiritual power to cast his sword controlling technique, he might be able to kill the dozen of Condensation Period early stage small evil beasts.

    But if he did that, he would be entrapped by the evil beasts behind him instantly. By the time, he would really be dead.


    Liu Ming flicked together with Bone Scorpion on his shoulder, then he rushed across a corner and went into a giant cave.

    At the next moment, his face suddenly changed, and he immediately stopped as if he was pinned to on the spot.

    Looking at the scene in front of him, Liu Ming’s face instantly turned blue.

    The huge cave in front of him that had a hundred acres had become an ocean of evil beast.

    Under the light reflection of the blue fluorite stones inlaid in the surrounding walls, Liu Ming’s eyes could clearly see about 50 to 60 heads of wolf-sized evil beasts. They scattered densely in the cave. The roars came one after another. The momentum was astonishing.

    These evil beasts were under the command of a giant wolf-shaped evil beast that was four times bigger than the common evil beast. They were launching rounds of attacks on the cave entrance on the stone wall.

    The huge wolf-shaped evil beast was black in colour. It was standing still in between the common evil beast. Its eyes were revealing a blood-red light as it gazed at the cave on the stone wall. They looked particularly conspicuous.

    At that moment, the cave was also filled with shouting, and some evil beasts were blown out like sandbags from time to time, but then there were other evil beasts pouring in. There seemed to be many people trying to resist the evil beasts’ besiege.

    The two tunnels that lead to other places were also blocked by many evil beasts.

    At the moment when Liu Ming appeared, the evil beasts who followed closely roared as they appeared after turning around the corner. They ran toward Liu Ming without stopping.

    The wolf-shaped evil beasts in front of the cave also turned around and stared at Liu Ming. The crimson red eyeballs looked ferocious.

    Liu Ming was a decisive person. Seeing this situation, he almost poured all his spiritual power into the sword without thinking for even a second. He then waved the sword, and it turned into black rainbow that blasted out. Blood splattered as the black rainbow passed through. The wolf evil beasts that pounced on him were minced into a blood rain in an instant.

    While urging the Sword Controlling Technique, Liu Ming also jumped up and turned into an afterimage that followed the rainbow. He came near to the cave entrance instantly. He caught the black sword in his hand, then his other arm turned blurred as he drew out the bone blade on his waist at a lightning speed. He pushed back two evil beasts that pounced into the air.

    After Liu Ming’s figure shook again, he appeared at the entrance of the stone cave.

    Looking into the stone cave, he saw that two burly human were standing side by side in the small open space at the entrance. Each of them was holding a giant bone hammer that was filled with flesh and blood on the surface. They were fighting with several evil beasts around.

    One of them waved one arm, and the giant hammer struck at an evil beast.

    A “bang” sound.

    The evil beast flew out under the heavy blow and smashed on the cave wall, stirring up a wave of dirt. Another burly man waved his bone hammer quickly in a fierce momentum. The few evil beasts in front of him didn’t dare to get close for a while.

    The two of them naturally saw Liu Ming, who suddenly appeared in the mouth of the cave, and they were shocked.

    “Eh, it turns out to be you. In this case, let him come in.”

    Before waiting for Liu Ming to speak, there was a gentle surprised male voice deep inside the cave, and he did not hesitate to let Liu Ming enter.

    Liu Ming was familiar with this voice, but his heart moved. Without saying a word, he punched back an evil beast that was in front of him, and jumped into the stone cave.

    Although the two burly men looked weird when they saw this, they didn’t stop Liu Ming from going in..

    Just a moment after Liu Ming stepped into the cave, the evil beasts outside the cave made an ear-piercing roar, and several evil beasts joined the besiege at the cave entrance.

    Seeing this, the two burly men in the cave entrance looked solemn, but the huge bone hammers in their hands danced more and more quickly. With the narrow terrain, they forced the evil beasts to stay before the cave entrance.