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Chapter 395: Being Surrounded

Demon’s Diary
     Just after Liu Ming left.

    There was a sudden gust of wind in the tunnel he had just stayed. As the sand and stone flew around, the tunnel was shrouded by yellow mist. There were a few giant shadows appearing out of the mist after they roared. They all dived into the empty tunnel right away.

    Two huge toad-like evil beasts blocking the entrance to the exchange area looked spirited after seeing this situation. They made two weird croak sounds, then they followed as they jumped for a hundred more meters away. They also disappeared in a few breaths.


    In a room on the top floor of a splendid undersea palace thousands of miles away from the deep vein of the mineral vein.

    Inside the room was about a hundred more meters wide. Not only were there gorgeous and exquisite blue jade on the ground, but the surroundings and the top were also inlaid with glittering blue crystal stones.

    These crystal stones were flashing a faint blue light, making the whole room look exquisite and gorgeous.

    The room was clean and tidy, and the tables, chairs and beds that were made by white jade were stainless. At the window that could see the beautiful scene of the sea, there were also a few pots of unknown light blue flowers.

    In front of the bed at this moment, a stunning woman in a green dress with water cloud embroideries was sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed. Her long hair laid over her shoulder, and her curvy body was motionless.

    It was Ye Tianmei who made a ten-year agreement with Siren King.

    The next moment, her stunning face moved as she suddenly opened her eyes. She breathed lightly. Her face still looked cold as usual, and she was indifferent to everything inside the room.

    Until now, the serious injuries she had after forcefully channeling the sword embryo for multiple times were finally completely recovered.

    During that period, Siren King did not appear even once as he promised before. Just every once in a while, a maid would send an exquisite jade box which contained a faint golden elixir with a rich fragrance.

    Ye Tianmei knew this was the rare and top-ranking sacred elixir “Awakening Pill” in the entire Sea Region.

    In this regard, she did not refuse.

    With the help of the magical power of this medicine, her injuries could be recovered in such a short time, and it didn’t leave any potential danger.

    Now the light in Ye Tianmei’s eyes was flowing. She opened her small mouth all of sudden, and a faint silver sword flew out. It circled in the air and suspended in front of her. She put her hands flat on her leg, then she started chanting,

    In an instant, her body was immediately covered with a layer of faint silver light. Under the light expansion, the small sword in front of her shook slightly. The light silver rune on its surface slowly flowed, and a soft buzz sounded.

    Ye Tianmei looked at the little sword in front of her, and she suddenly closed her eyes again.

    At the next moment, an unspeakable giant sword qi rose to the sky!

    Ye Tianmei who was wrapped in the silver light was like an unsheathed sword with a shocking vibe.


    At the same time.

    In a quite spacious tunnel deep in the mineral vein of the deep sea.

    Liu Ming in a gray robe, his arm became blurred, and the black sword in his hand suddenly surged out in a black rainbow. He slashed the lizard-like evil beast in the size of ten meters into half. His other arm moved as his knuckle that was covered with crimson scales slammed. He knocked out another small evil beast of a few feet size like a sandbag.


    A black line flashed and penetrated through the evil beast’s body, pinning it against the wall, then it flashed again as it withdrew back again.

    It was Bone Scorpion behind Liu Ming. After it saw the timing, it launched its strangely long “snake head” on its tail, penetrating through the critical point of the small evil beast.

    This small evil beast had a pair of meat wings. Although it struggled to fly again as it roared, its skin instantly turned purple and black, and it crumbled to the ground.

    With the strong toxicity of Bone Scorpion’s “snake head”, even if these evil beasts had a certain resistance to toxicity, if they were fully injected with venom, they could no longer move as long as they weren’t that strong.

    After Liu Ming took the black sword back, his thoughts moved, and the crimson scales on his hand were removed instantly.

    At this moment, from the dark tunnel behind, other roaring sounds came again faintly.

    Liu Ming looked hopeless. After sighing, he waved one hand and jumped on top of Bone Scorpion. He turned into several inches in size after a blur, then he landed fell firmly on Bone Scorpion’s shoulder.

    His figure flickered again as he blasted out in a series of afterimages. After a few flickering, he appeared at the end of the tunnel, continuing sprinting forward at full speed.


    After an hour.

    An abnormally fierce scuffle was being staged in the center of a huge intersection connecting five or six tunnels at the same time.

    During the fight, blood and hurricane intertwined in the air continuously. The sound of roaring and bursting kept coming out.

    Liu Ming in a gray robe was holding a black spirit sword. He was being surrounded by a dozen of evil beasts together with eight other slave miners, and they were desperately resisting.

    The three of the slave miners were the three men and women who reported to Boss Sha that day. At that moment, the woman named Qingqi held a bone sword to fight against a jackal evil beast. The other two were fighting back and back against three to four evil beasts.

    While fighting with two tiger-shaped evil beasts with amazing defensive powers, Liu Ming constantly scouted the battlefield to look for an opportunity to get out.

    At this moment, an Orc Clan slave miner who was fighting with a black panther evil beast with bare hands, after hearing a deafening roar above his head, he suddenly raised his hands in shock and raised his bone shield up. At the same time, he took out a talisman and exploded it with a pinch, then it turned into a light shield that protected him in it.

    But he could only hear loud noise approaching from the top of his head. Hundreds of green edges were blasted from a mantis evil beast that just appeared. The edges were raining down heavily.

    As the green light flashed, the bone shield was shredded into pieces after the sharp noise of a metallic friction sounded. The countless green edges condensed slightly, then it surged down on top of the Orc Clan slave miner.

    A scream of sorrow!

    The Orc Clan slave miner pulled out a bone sword and danced in the air. However, under the slash of the sharp green edges, his body and the light shield were shredded all together into minced meat, stirring up a blood mist.

    After the giant mantis evil beast landed, the pair of compound eyes flashed in red, then it jumped over the cave wall again, crawling to the next target.

    On the other side, a long and thin Sea Creature Clan miner was dancing with his bone fork with a powerful vibe when facing the pincer attack of a wolf-shaped evil beast and a pig-shaped evil beast. He looked at ease, but when he heard the horrible scream, he couldn’t help shuddering. He immediately looked at the entrance that was near him, then he had the idea of escaping the battlefield.

    He shook off the wolf evil beast while holding the bone fork with both his hands, then he forcefully stabbed the bone fork to the ground, and his body was launched from the ground. He kicked the pig evil beast behind him, then he dashed out for forty meters by using the rebound force. Then, he took out a talisman and stuck onto him without hesitation. A green light wrapped around him instantly and blasted toward the entrance.

    But just after he escaped more than a hundred more meters, a violent wind suddenly rose ahead of him. After a giant figure blurred, it just blocked his way ahead.

    The skinny Sea Creature Clan’s face changed. As a ruthless expression flashed in his eyes, his speed didn’t decrease, but it increased by 20% more. He spat a blood essence on the bone fork as well, and the bone fork suddenly became big after it flashed.

    It was actually a spiritual weapon!

    He tossed the giant bone fork forward, and it turned into black ray that blasted forward.

    At this moment, the vague figure in front condensed into a bear-like evil beast with fifty to sixty meters tall.

    The black light flashed, and the giant fork had arrived in front of this beast.

    But it didn’t mean to dodge at all. Instead, it growled loudly. Its two palms clapped forward hastily. ‘Pop’, the giant bone fork was clamped in between the palms.

    As the palms exerted forces, the bone fork immediately collapsed, turning into powder that dissipated away.

    Then the figure of the giant bear evil beast turned blur again. The next moment, it appeared before the Sea Creature Clan miner who transformed into the light, and the two palms clapped forward again.

    The skinny Sea Creature Clan miner couldn’t help but change his complexion. He could only feel that the air around him was tight. He couldn’t move at all.

    Before the Sea Creature Clan miner could even scream, he was turned into a blood mist under the pressure of the two giant palms.

    This giant bear evil beast was actually at the later stage of the Condensation Period!

    In a blink of an eye, two slave miners died. This terrified the remaining miners who witnessed this. All of them looked desperate instantly.

    Seeing this scene, the human woman named Qingqi’s face turned pale. She dodge the bite of the jackal evil beast, and she suddenly shouted to the two companions on the side,

    “If we go on like this, all of us are bound to be slaughtered by the evil beasts. Mo Qi, Xiao Wu, the three of us will immediately separate and escape. The more we can survive, the better.”

    As soon as she spoke, the woman jumped back. She immediately took out two talisman. After she exploded one talisman, she turned into a black mist that shrouded the jackal evil beast in front. She then stuck the other orange talisman on her. She was wrapped in an orange light cluster, then she escaped toward the nearby tunnel.

    After the other two young men heard her, they looked at each other. They immediately launched a series of fierce attacks to force back the evil beast, then they also escaped to the nearby tunnel.

    But at the next moment, seven to eight evil beasts appeared by chance from the channel on the other side, and they were surrounded.

    The two were shocked. They hurriedly resisted the evil beasts, and they were instantly trapped in the evil beast horde again.