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Chapter 394: Evil Beas

Demon’s Diary
     Liu Ming also found that the appearance of evil beast in the nearby area seemed to have become more frequent recently.

    The tunnel where he was located was still an abandoned tunnel that was far away from the main mineral vein. From this, it could be imagined that the probability of evil beast appearing in other areas with more rare ores would only be increased.

    In the past four months, Liu Ming encountered several evil beasts, most of which were the same as the first he encountered. They were only at the early stage of the Condensation Period, but there were a few of the intermediate stage of the Condensation Period.

    Through these few contacts, he even discovered that evil beasts didn’t have only one form. In addition to the wolf-like form he encountered earlier, there were some forms such as tiger, leopard, cat and dog. The body shape ranged from a few feet to more than a hundred feet. Without exception, all of them had horns on their head and spirit patterns on their bodies. They had sturdy defense, and they had a certain resistance to toxicity.

    With the cooperation of Liu Ming and Bone Scorpion, it was extremely easy to kill the evil beast several times.

    In this way, besides the bones, he also saved a lot of jerkies. After eating them continuously, his physical body had grown stronger than he was when he initially came in.

    On this day, after Liu Ming just returned from the exchange area, he took the antidote and sat cross-legged in the cave.

    He looked at the bumpy ground outside the cave, and his eyes were flickering. He looked like he was reminiscing something.

    Since he was captured by Siren King into this deep-sea mineral vein, there had been quite some time. He recalled that when he travelled with Ye Tianmei all the way out of the Yunchuan Continent to Sea Region and Bieyuan Island. Everything seemed like it just happened yesterday.

    The fragrant scene more than six months ago gave Liu Ming a feeling of dreaming.

    Now he woke up from the dream, and the lady in his dream was gone. He was now in this mine cave under the sea. Liu Ming couldn’t help but show a complicated expression as he didn’t know when they would meet again.

    “I don’t know what happened to her now?” Liu Ming let out a sigh of relief for a long time. He murmured melancholily.

    Liu Ming finally regained his thoughts after losing himself in his mind for a while.

    He settled his mind and began to meditate on the possibility of escaping from here.

    At this time, since his injuries were completely restored, he could really start to consider the specific method of escaping this mine.

    For him, it was probably better to escape while he could still recover spiritual power through spirit stone. Otherwise, the possibility of escaping would be reduced to the minimum when he could only rely on his physical strength when he expended all his spirit stones and spiritual weapons.

    However, if he wanted to escape from here, he would naturally have to face two major difficulties. One was the two enchantments in his body, and the other was the route to escape from here.

    As long as one of the two couldn’t be resolved, he didn’t have to think about truly regaining freedom.

    In the former case, he had tried various detoxification methods to the black mist in his body, but they were ineffective. He also had some breakthroughs on analysing the antidote. Although he knew a lot of ingredients in it, he still couldn’t figure out a few of it, and the taboo of alchemy was fallacy of composition. He still had doubts about this so-called antidote, so he didn’t have any better countermeasure so far.

    The blood-colored light cluster suspended in the Spirit Sea wouldn’t be triggered and imprison his Spirit Sea under certain circumstances. He didn’t know the other effects yet, but he shouldn’t have any life danger temporarily. However, he was clueless about dispelling it.

    As for the escape route, what Liu Ming knew at present was only the entrance when he came in that day, but there were a lot of enchantments.

    Even if he broke through the enchantments, there were the mine guards and the unfathomable old man at the other end of the entrance. Besides, there were also the giant beast of the Crystallization Period and the twelve mysterious giant puppets.

    Thinking of this, Liu Ming stood up as he was quite annoyed in his mind. He frowned as he paced back and forth in the stone cave; the expression on his face was more dignified.

    Just after Liu Ming walked back and forth a few times, he suddenly found that Bone Scorpion near the cave entrance had sensed something. It actually looked up and made a strange hissing noise.

    Liu Ming was shocked after hearing that. His figure immediately flicked, then he appeared at the entrance. After he glanced at the surroundings, he abruptly took a deep breath.

    The hundred meters size tunnel in the vicinity was filled with clusters of grey white mist in the size of a dozen meters. They quickly condensed, and there were a few cloud of mist in an instant, forming a large area of murky grey white mist.

    In the mist, amazing spatial fluctuations were constantly coming out. There were vaguely the sounds of beast roars and the shadows that were flickering as if there were countless evil beasts going to rush out of it.

    “Evil Disaster!”

    After Liu Ming shouted, he associated it with the rumors and news he heard in the exchange area not long ago.

    This so-called “Evil Disaster” naturally refered to the evil beast disaster.

    It was different from the evil beast that occasionally broke through the barrier from the bottomless abyss. Evil Disaster meant that the barrier between bottomless abyss and the mine would suddenly weaken greatly for some reason, causing many evil beasts to rush into the mine at the same time.

    Once Evil Disaster happened, there would be hundreds or even thousands of evil beasts appearing in the mine at the same time. Among them, there might even be Condensation Period later stage or even Crystallization Period evil beast.

    This was undoubtedly a disaster for most slave miners who struggled to survive here.

    Even if Liu Ming is even more capable, if he is trapped by some evil beasts, I am afraid that he will only fall.

    Because once the Evil Disaster broke out, if someone was caught by the evil beast and could not run from it in a short time, he would attract more evil beasts.

    In this case, even a Crystallization Period powerhouse wouldn’t dare to be sloppy and run far away.

    But according to those old slave miners who had stayed here for decades, this Evil Disaster should only happen once in five or six years. And the last outbreak was only two or three years ago. This period of time should be safe. Was there any unknown change had happened?

    Seeing that the nearby fog masses were still approaching each other, Liu Ming’s thoughts quickly turned. He called back Bone Scorpion without thinking, then he rushed to the entrance after his figures flicked a few times.

    According to the previous incident, as long as he could escape to the area near the exit, there would naturally be mine guards to cast the enchantment in the cave, blocking the powerful evil beasts. After some time, these evil beasts would be reabsorbed into the bottomless abyss by an unknown force.

    In the past, after estimating the few months before the Evil Disaster’s arrival, the miners would try to stay away from the main mineral vein or they would simply wait at the entrance. Even when they wanted to mine, they would choose some remote mine vein or gather more people to go out together.

    What Liu Ming had to do now was to seize the time before the evil beasts completely broke through the barrier and quickly escaped to the entrance area of ​​the mine.

    Many miners like him would most likely be dead under this sudden and strange outbreak of the Evil Disaster.

    With Liu Ming’s powerful body, he became a cluster of grey shadow as he ran with all his strength. After flickering a few times in the tunnel, he had escaped for more than a thousand meters. He could vaguely see the way out of this tunnel.

    Bone Scorpion understood the danger at the moment under the link of their mind. It didn’t hesitate to use spiritual power to turn into a phantasm. Its limbs kept moving to follow closely behind Liu Ming

    At this time, in another large gray white fog near the exit of the tunnel, a malicious wind suddenly gusted out. A centipede-like, multi-footed evil beast with the size of eight meters long rushed out. It precisely blocked the whole exit.

    This evil beast was not only tall, but also countless foot hooks on both sides were extremely sharp. It was dancing all over with its fangs and claws. There were air bursts everywhere it went. Clusters of yellow mist appeared in the air, and it instantly turned into countless small tornadoes, faintly forming a wind wall that pressured Liu Ming.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s face sank slightly, but his speed was not reduced at all. As he moved his might, the crimson scales appeared instantly on his shoulders. He rushed through the tornado wall that was coming at him. Except for the grinding sound, he wasn’t really affected by the tornadoes.

    When he was a few ten meters away from the evil beast, he stomped on the ground suddenly and blasted at the evil beast like a crossbow.

    The multi-footed evil beast was furious when it saw this. Several strange compound eyes stared at Liu Ming in the sky. It shook its head, and it immediately sprayed out a smelly green mist. Then, it opened its mouth full of fangs and bit ferociously.

    Seeing the green mist coming, Liu Ming didn’t dodge. He just shook his sleeve, and a gust of wind came out and blew away the poison gas. His other hand grabbed in the air, and a black small sword appeared in his palm. He turned his body and transfigured into a chain of afterimage, dodging the bite. He then appeared behind the evil beast, and slashed its back.

    As soon as a whistle sounded, a black sword light flashed away, and the beast was cut into two pieces.

    Before the corpse of this beast landed on the ground, Liu Ming had already rushed out of the tunnel together with Bone Scorpion without looking back.

    Just as he was about to get out of the tunnel, his pupils couldn’t help shrinking again.

    I saw another passage leading to the exchange area, and there was also a haze of gray mist condensing, and there were already two toad-shaped evil beasts stuck in it.

    However, these two beasts looked slightly demented. Although they saw Liu Ming, they just stood staring at the same place, and did not mean to attack.

    At the same time, there were bursts of roar in the tunnel behind him. Apparently, other evil beasts were rushing out of the fog to his direction.

    Liu Ming’s heart sank. He knew that he couldn’t be entangled by other evil beasts at this time. He didn’t give much thought as his body flicked, and he went into another empty tunnel without hesitation.