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Chapter 393: Bone Wind Awl

Demon’s Diary
     Through the fight between Bone Scorpion and green evil beast, Liu Ming finally had time to see the specific appearance of the green evil beast.

    It had a pair of curved corners above its head; a huge wolf-like head; fangs in his mouth; crimson eyes that filled with tyranny; green stripes covered its body; four curved and thick limbs. The scythe-like claw made an air burst as it slashed in the air which gave people an extremely vicious feeling.

    In the moment Liu Ming observed, the green evil beast had fought with Bone Scorpion for several rounds.

    As Bone Scorpion’s dozen meters body twisted, it barely avoided the claws of the evil beast every time, then the snake-like tail hook behind it moved and turned into dozens of black lines.

    Facing the rainstorm attack of the black line, the evil beast waved its claws to resist while it kept jumping around. It actually dodged all of the attacks. After that, it roared suddenly. Its forelimb grew double of its original size.

    Bone Scorpion was pushed back as it was caught off guard, and it heavily slammed to the wall.

    At this moment, Liu Ming’s figure flashed and appeared next to the evil beast like a ghost. The two thick arms held the bone blade together, then it made an explosion as it slashed.

    This blade seemed slow, but it was actually the opposite!

    Even though the evil beast jumped as it knew that it was bad, it was still struck by the bone blade on its back.

    A “click” sound!

    Although the bone blade did not cut the body of the evil beast, the incredible power that surged from the bone blade instantaneously turned into an invisible shock wave that penetrated into its body, shattering its internal organs in an instant.

    The green evil beast screamed. It suddenly turned around and ran away, but it only took a few steps, then it crumbled to the ground. Black blood oozed out from its head. It could no longer move.

    A figure shook, then Liu Ming appeared next to the evil beast again. After looking at the beast coldly, he suddenly raised his foot and stomped on its head.


    The seemingly incomparably hard head immediately burst into a red and white thingys.

    Only then Liu Ming took back his leg that was covered with a layer of crimson hydra scales. After he withdrew his breath, his thick arms also returned to their original shape.

    At this time, Bone Scorpion jumped out from the side. It was so angry that it tore the evil beast’s corpse apart with its two pincers.

    It seemed that once this evil beast was dead, its defense power was not as good as before.

    Then Bone Scorpion leaned over and laid down beside Liu Ming’s feet as it hissed. Its tail hook began to shake randomly.

    Only then Liu Ming could reassess the corpse of the evil beast!

    This beast’s rank was not high. It was only at the early stage of the Condensation Period, but it was the first evil beast he beheaded.

    However, Liu Ming was most interested in its flesh that could strengthen his bone and flesh, and it could also be made into weapons.

    After studying his body a little bit, he dissected the evil beast with the bone blade.

    Liu Ming took out a jade storage rune bottle jade to store a dozen pounds of evil beast blood, then he cut off its flesh that was about a hundred pounds. He directly baked its flesh into jerkies meat, then he let Bone Scorpion carry them all the way back to the stone cave.

    After he observed the remaining bones of the evil beast carefully, he found out that it was more studier than the half evil beast’s corpse he saw before. However, it was still sightly worse than the bone blade in his hand.

    He dissected the evil beast’s bones and carried them back to the stone cave. He found a corner and piled them up.

    Liu Ming looked at the pile of wicked bones in front of him and touched his chin silently. Suddenly, he thought of something as if he remembered something.

    He flipped his hand and took a thick red book from the Sumeru Snail.

    It was the “Flame Cultivation Scripture” from Yan Jue.

    After Liu Ming obtained this book earlier, he just roughly glanced through, then he stored it back into the Sumeru Snail. He would study it when he had the time.

    Now, he quickly glanced at the forging part in the second half of the book, and then his gaze landed on one of the pages.

    “Bone Wind Awl, inferior grade spiritual weapon.”

    This one time consumable item was the only inferior grade spiritual weapon recorded in the book. Its special feature was that it didn’t need spiritual power to exert terrifying power, and its power was in direct proportion to the strength of the throw.

    According to the records above, there was once a powerful Condensation Period Physique Cultivator used this inferior spiritual weapon to exert horrifying power of a superb spiritual weapon. He even made a precedent of severely damaging a Crystallization Period powerhouse unexpectedly.

    When Liu Ming saw this description, he was naturally taken aback.

    After all, with the power of the physical body alone, the person could hurt a Crystallization Period powerhouse with an inferior grade spiritual weapon. This was really incredible.

    If this was the case, the Bone Wind Awl could be useful in a place that lacked natural aura.

    The key was the material forging this thing. It only needed some bone materials and a little bit of plus a little bit of wind grind copper. Both could be easily found in this underground mine. Of course, the quality of the bone material was also the key to the power of this spiritual weapon. Although the rank of the evil beast was not high, its bone was a rare forge material because of its natural strong flesh.

    Compared with other inferior grade spiritual weapons, the forging process of this kind of consumable spiritual weapon was simple for several times. For a novice like Liu Ming, nothing was better than this.

    Of course, because of its low requirement for the number of enchantments contained in it, so in the whole forging process, it didn’t need too much spiritual power.

    The only trouble was that he had never tried forging before. Even if it was a simple spiritual weapon, it couldn’t be forged easily.

    After a long while, Liu Ming read the forging methods on this page of the book. He closed the book while his face looked a little uncertain.

    “Forget it, in this case, although I have superb spiritual weapons such as Golden Fallen Sand and Nine Skulls Shield, it is impossible to spend a lot of spiritual power to sacrificial refine. Besides, after I refine them, I won’t have enough spiritual power to use them. The intermediate and upper grade spirit stones in the Sumeru Snail can still afford this little spiritual power for forging. I will just try it first. If it really can’t work, I will stop it. ”

    After Liu Ming breathed out a sigh of relief, he finally murmured as he made a decision.

    After instructing Bone Scorpion to continue guarding at the cave entrance, he returned to the cave again.

    Next, Liu Ming continued to spend some time on adjusting his breath after consuming some pills. After that, he used the evil beast’s bone to try forging Bone Wind Awl such an one time usage spiritual weapon according to the method written on the “Flame Cultivation Scripture”.

    At the beginning, Liu Ming picked out a few rough evil beast bones, and then cut them into eight pieces which was at the same length of his bone blade. After that, he started carving some mysterious spirit patterns on a bone surface according to the description of the book.

    Once he made an error in the carving, he immediately threw the evil beast bone aside without hesitation, and exchanged for another one.

    A dozen days later, in the rock cave where Liu Ming lived, the pile of beast bones that were originally piled up in the corners immediately left only a dozen of arm-size bones. It was a cone-shaped bone about half a foot long. Each surface was covered with dense spirit patterns.

    As for other scrapped evil beast bones, he dug a large pit outside the hole and buried them directly.

    After a few more days, the one-month period came again.

    During this month, Liu Ming did not mine the ore because of studying antidote and specializing in forging the Bone Wind Awl. After taking a part of the ore he collected last time, he went to the exchange area again.

    A few days later, when he returned to the stone cave, in addition to an extra antidote on his body, there were dozens of pieces of yellow ores in the bag behind him.

    After Liu Ming returned to the stone cave, he immediately took a small black cauldron from Sumeru Snail and threw these yellow ore into it. He then looked focused. He opened his mouth and shot out a crimson flame that wrapped around the small cauldron.

    At the same time, his made two hands made a chain of gestures that went into the cauldron like a storm.

    The ore immediately dissolved at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, and it vaguely transformed into a yellow shining metallic juice.

    At this moment, Liu Ming grabbed a bone awl that was carved with spirit patterns from nearby and put it into the cauldron slowly.

    Four months later.

    Liu Ming, who was meditating in the stone cave, suddenly opened his eyes, and a black gass rolled out of his body. After hovering above his head, it split into a black haze hydra and a black haze tiger.

    After the dragon and tiger roared, they both disappeared into the top of Liu Ming’s head.

    Now, the injuries he had were finally completely healed, and his spiritual power also returned to the peak state. He couldn’t help but make a relief.

    But when Liu Ming looked into Sumeru Snail through Divine Thought, he couldn’t help laughing bitterly.

    At this moment, the intermediate grade spirit stone in the Sumeru Snail had been completely consumed. Even the upper grade spirit stones only had a dozen pieces left.

    The reason why these spirit stones were consumed so fast was that on the one hand, he had been continually absorbing it to heal himself in recent months, and on the other hand, he had been trying to forge the Bone Wind Awl.

    As Liu Ming thought of this, he grabbed in the air, and two four inches long spiritual weapons appeared in his hand.

    The two weapons had a sharp edge. They were in light yellow. The surface was covered with dense and tiny spirit patterns. There were two holes on the handle. The whole design looked a little weird.

    This was also the only two Bone Wind Awl that he had successfully forged after trying for the past four months.

    However, Liu Ming felt quite comforted when he thought about the great power described in the book.

    However, for these two inferior spiritual weapons, he not only spent a lot of precious stone, but he also consumed all the bones of several evil beasts that he killed in the past few months.

    He got these two one time usage weapons at such a high price. The pros and cons were really not easy to judge.