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Chapter 392: Evil Beas

Demon’s Diary
     With Liu Ming’s current alchemy attainments, if he knew the actual composition of this elixir, then there may not be a way to find a real detoxification method.

    When he just meditated, he found that the black mist above his internal organs eroded a little faster in his organs, but for the time being, it wasn’t really triggered fully yet.

    He has three antidotes at the moment. Although it was only effective within the seven days range, except for the two days walking back to his cave house, there were less than five days left. However, it was still enough for him.

    As Liu Ming thought of this, he immediately raised his hand and gently pressed the black elixir onto his forehead. He was going to use mental power to check the composition of the ingredients.

    As a result, when he released a ray of mental power into it, he could clearly sense that there was a wave of subtle spiritual power, but the elixir didn’t have any strange action.

    With a slight stagnation in his expression, he continued to control his mental power and slowly probed into the depths of elixir. But at the next moment, he suddenly felt an obstructing force coming from the core.

    His mental power could no longer detect any further.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming frowned slightly. He suddenly made a gesture. His eyes were flickering as a mental power that were numerous times surged out. It shoured the black elixir on his forehead, trying to break through the elixir forcefully.

    At the same time, a weird thing appeared.

    This black elixir seemed to have sense something, the obstructing power from it had also increased a few more times. When it could no longer resist the invasion of Liu Ming ’s huge mental power, the surface of elixir burst out a faint red light suddenly.

    Suddenly Liu Ming’s face changed, and he threw away the elixir on his forehead quickly.

    As a result, after the black elixir flew out for a few ten meters, it exploded as it turned into a green smoke and dissipated.

    Seeing this situation, Liu Ming couldn’t help looking a little ugly.

    It seemed that Siren King had set up some kind of mysterious enchantment in order to prevent the antidote from being cracked by others. Once it was forcibly stimulated with spiritual force, it would instantly explode.

    Liu Ming looked somber for a while. Suddenly his arm moved, and he took out a small jade bowl with one hand. He threw it forward. He made a chain of gestures as he chanted, then the symbols disappeared into the jade bowl.

    There was a burst of white light on the surface of the jade bowl, then it suspended in front of Liu Ming as it was slowly spinning.

    Liu Ming raised his one hand. After blue light spots appeared, they condensed into a water ball. It flicked and went into the jade bowl.

    He took another black elixir. He picked up gently with two fingers and put it into the jade bowl, then he pointed his index finger at the elixir.

    But as soon as the black elixir went into the bowl, it floated on the surface of the water. It kept spinning in the direction of the jade bowl’s rotation, emitting waves of red light.

    The jade bowl echoed with it, and a layer of white light curtain immediately appeared, covering the entire jade bowl.

    Liu Ming’s expression became dignified. He stopped chanting as his finger pointed down. A word ‘split’ visualized out of his mouth.

    The small bowl shuddered. It immediately made a buzzing sound, but the elixir on the water showed signs of melting at the next moment. Some parts were even glowing faintly. Some green and red liquids oozed out. At the moment they contacted the water, they condensed into a black and brown floc thingy which faintly exuded a fishy smell.

    Liu Ming was pleased as he saw this. He immediately scanned through with his mental power. At the same time, after scanning through all the spiritual matter in his mind, he found that the black and brown floc was a material called “arsenic yin silk”, and the green bead and red bead contained a kind of medicinal materials called “green sodium sulfate” and “red halloysite”.

    Among them, arsenic yin silk was a kind of toxic material, but at the same time, it could also be used to forge some elixir which was beneficial for those who practice the yin attribute cultivation method.

    As for the latter two, they were relatively common alchemy materials, and there was nothing special about it.

    As he was preparing to use his spiritual power to further decompose the elixir, he found that the red light on the surface of elixir flickered wildly. The entire jade bowl began to tremble slightly.

    Liu Ming laughed bitterly. He immediately withdrew his fingers, picked up the jade bowl, and then flew out hastily.

    At the next moment, the black elixir exploded in the air like the previous black elixir.

    In less than a few minutes, two Sea Emperor Pill antidotes were destroyed. Even Liu Ming couldn’t help but feel frustrated.

    If it were not for the two antidote ore were all obtained from others, he would be even more depressed.

    Looking at the last black elixir in his hand, Liu Ming couldn’t help but hesitate.

    If he took it immediately, he believed that he would be safe and secure in the next month. However, it didn’t help much to completely lift the Sea Emperor Pill’s imprisonment.

    For him, the most important thing now was to try to get rid of the two enchantments on his body. He didn’t want to be really constrained by this.

    After Liu Ming thought about it quickly, he immediately focused his mind. He gritted his teeth and decided to take the risk by not eating the antidote immediately.

    Immediately after he picked up elixir, he continued to sit and adjust his breath. While recovering spiritual power through spirit stone, he used his mental power to glance inside his body, monitoring the movement of the black mist on the black mist on the surface of his internal organs.

    Nothing happened overnight.

    At noon the next day, Liu Ming, who was meditating, suddenly frowned. His body bounced up reflexively in an instant, and his face turned abnormally white. He pressed his internal organs hard, and a heart piercing pain came from his internal organs. Sweat started dripping down from his forehead.

    This sudden pain, even a person with high endurance like Liu Ming would be overwhelmed at that instant.

    He endured the severe abdominal pain, and he immediately scanned his body with mental power. He suddenly found that the black mist above the internal organs became thicker than before, and the corrosion rate became more terrifying. At the same time, it began to devour the body’s blood essence.

    Liu Ming clenched his teeth and endured the violent backlash of the toxin. His mind began to turn quickly. After remembering all the internal conditions in his mind, he quickly took out the antidote and swallowed it.

    As a result, the antidote turned into a fireball after it went into his throat. Then, it turned into a few energies with different colours and flowed toward the black mist.



    After a quarter of an hour.

    After Liu Ming’s complexion turned pale for a while, then he finally opened his closed eyes. After taking a long breath, he wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

    After he swallowed the Sea Emperor Pill antidote, he finally suppressed the toxin again.

    In this way, although Liu Ming also analyzed the other two spiritual medicine ingredients in the antidote, namely “halite” and “sal ammoniac jade”, he still couldn’t figure out the remaining few ingredients. However, after enduring such torment, the internal injuries in his body became more severe, and he also lost a lot of blood essence.

    Liu Ming could only swallow a few elixirs helplessly. After taking several intermediate grade spirit stones from the Sumeru Snail, he started to adjust his breath to heal the injuries.

    One day after half a month, Liu Ming was meditating in the cave. Suddenly, Bone Scorpion near the entrance suddenly stood up and made a “hissing” strange noise.

    Liu Ming opened his eyes anxiously. He released his mental power to check the outside of the cave. As a result, his complexion changed greatly at the next moment.


    His body shook, not only got up in an instant, but at the same time he turned into a phantasm and rushed out of the cave.

    As a result, when a phantasm condensed, Liu Ming’s body appeared in the tunnel. However, his eyes stared at the tunnel a hundred more meters away, and he revealed a dignified expression on his face.

    On the other side of the passage, a cluster of white mist appeared out of nowhere. Not only were there waves of spatial fluctuations from it, but there was also a green giant biast like a wolf desperately breaking free from it.

    A cold light flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes, and his arm moved almost without thinking. A punch was launched across the air at lightning speed.


    An invisible giant force crushed into the fog fiercely.

    The green beast that just broke out had no time to dodge. It could only roar, then its huge body was knocked back for thirty to forty meters away by the force through the mist.

    But at the next moment, the beast shook its dizzy head, and it stood up again after a tremble.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but be surprised, but as soon as his body moved, a chain of afterimages appeared in front of the giant beast. The afterimages turned into five figures that surrounded the beast and spun fanatically.

    After the air slash sounds, a dozen of white blade shadows almost struck on several places on the green giant beast’s body simultaneously.

    But apart from forcing the beast back through slashing and making it groan in pain, he didn’t really hurt the beast. It only left some white and red marks on its green fur.

    And after this beast got hit by Liu Ming’s swift attacks, this beast finally became ferocious. Suddenly, it pounced on the figure surrounding it without caring much. Its two blade-like giant claws scratched down with a fishy smell.

    All the figures blasted backward abruptly, dodging the giant claws. However, only four figures scattered away, only the figure facing the giant beast condensed and visualized Liu Ming’s actual figure. But there was a shock on Liu Ming’s face.

    Liu Ming only knew at this time why many slave miners in the mine looked terrified as they talked about the evil beast.

    Let alone the beast’s capability, but this kind of tough defensive power was definitely not something that the general Condensation Period cultivator could defeat. There might be a chance combining the power of a few people.

    However, he was not a general Condensation Period cultivator. Others were helpless against the power of evil beast’s defense, but as long as he used his mighty strength, it was not too difficult to kill this beast.

    Liu Ming thought quickly, but the bone blade in his hand had struck forward. After taking a deep breath, his arms suddenly swelled up. Blue veins on his arms burst out like earthworms.

    At this time, the green evil beast roared, then it pounced on Liu Ming with a big mouth full of fangs.

    A “bang” sound.

    Behind Liu Ming, a small red shadow rushed out. After a flash, it clashed with the green evil beast in the air and fought with it immediately.