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Chapter 391: Antidote

Demon’s Diary
     The middle-aged leader seemed to be indifferent, but it could be seen from his eyes that he enjoyed the awe and angry eyes of these slave miners. So, he walked even slower deliberately.

    Wherever he passed, whether it was those small and medium forces, or those two big forces in the middle, they all silently stepped back and gave way.

    A moment later, the guard finally walked over the open space of the central square and stopped in front of a stone platform about ten meters high.

    The first middle-aged man did not speak immediately, but he looked around.

    After seeing a hint of anticipation in the surrounding slave miners’ eyes, he nodded with satisfaction and announced with a loud cough: “I, Chen Gang, hehe, I don’t need to introduce more as most of you know me. The rule today is similar to the past, but the is a slight change in the exchange condition. 35 pieces of rare ore can be exchanged for a Sea Emperor Pill Antidote. ”

    As soon as he said, the field suddenly went into an uproar.

    “Last month, it was still 30 pieces of ore for one antidote. Why did you suddenly raise the price without giving a notice in advance?” Someone started shouting.

    Upon hearing this, the crowd at the scene was even more tumultuous. Many slave miners whispered at each other with different expressions.

    Liu Ming glanced indifferently, and he found that those who caused the commotion were mostly small and medium-sized forces. The slave miners, which belonged to the two major forces, were silent.

    “Yeah, now the outer area of the mineral veins have long been exhausted. Some of the rich ore-producing areas are mostly occupied, and the amount of ore mining is much less than before.”

    “Not only that, those evil beasts have also become a little crazy in the recent months. They also appear more frequently…”

    Some other slave miners kept making noise as they were anxious.

    Seeing this, Chen Gang standing in front of the stone platform suddenly spoke loudly with a grim face, “Quiet! Can you guys argue for the rules with me? If you don’t want to exchange antidote, leave early! If anyone who doesn’t follow the rules, don’t blame me for being rude.”

    The sound resounded throughout the cave. The original shouting slave miners were shocked and suddenly kept silent. The huge cave suddenly became quiet.

    Seeing this, Chen Gang looked slightly calm, then he continued to say, “Remind you, I will give you the antidote as long as there is enough ore. You can also exchange for the others, but the antidote can only be kept for 7 days. Don’t even think of keeping until the next trigger of the toxin. For those who didn’t have enough ore, don’t ask for the troubles yourself. Of course, those who have more ore, you can exchange some elixir, talisman, etc. Alright, the exchange will begin now.”

    After the middle-aged Beastkin Clan guard finished speaking, he took a step back with his hands behind his back, and he no longer spoke.

    The following time, the Beastkin Clan guards stepped forward, took out a few storage amulets, and put a lot of spirit stone, talisman and elixir on the stone platform after a flick. After that, they asked the people to come forward for the exchange.

    Among the items, the most were a few hundred dark green bottles. Those were obviously the so-called Sea Emperor Pill Antidote.

    At first, it was quiet inside the cave. Many slave miners of small and medium forces were silent. They just looked at the two forces that occupied the eastern and western ends of the cave center.

    The guards were also accustomed to this. They were just standing on the stone platform, sneering. They didn’t urge them at all.

    However, after a short while, the Golden Scale Clan woman named “Shen Ming” was the first to exchange a big bag of antidote and some elixirs and talismans under the accompany of two Sea Creature Clan people; the Beastkin Clan elder of the “Iron Alliance” also walked forward to exchange.

    In an instant, the antidote and other things on the stone platform were less than half.

    After receiving their antidote for the month, the two powerful forces left from the two passages beside the cave like a gust of wind. They must be wanting to consume the antidote so that they could return to the mineral vein as soon as possible.

    After the two forces left, the space was immediately occupied by other forces. At this time, only two-thirds of the people left in the cave.

    After this, the rest of the small and medium forces also stepped forward and began to exchange.

    In front of the stone platform, after a guard received the bag of the exchanger, another guard would hand over a black bag that had the antidote to the other party.

    In addition to the Sea Emperor Pill Antidote that requires thirty-five rare ores, the excess ore could be exchanged for spirit stone at a ratio of one to twenty, while some other low tier talisman and elixir required a few pieces of ore to exchange.

    Such a conversion ratio, it was simply impossible in the outside world. However, the people, except for criticizing in their mind, could only succumb to it silently.

    Therefore, apart from the previous two rich and powerful forces, the rest of the small and medium forces rarely exchanged for other items.

    After all, in the special environment of this place, spirit stone was extremely scarce. At the life and death moment, one more point of spiritual power could provide a little chance of staying alive.

    The exchange had been carried out in a rather strange atmosphere.

    Although many people from small and medium-sized forces stepped forward and looked at the guards, especially the boss named “Chen Gang” with a somber face, the whole process was still methodical.

    “Boss, we have a total of four people. Why did you only exchange three antidotes?” Suddenly a questioning voice broke the quiet in the cave.

    The voice came from an foreign clan young man with purple lips in the corner of the cave, and the leader of the four man party was a slanted-eyes man. He just took a bag full of ore, but he only exchanged for three antidotes.

    “Brother Weng, I’m helpless. I didn’t expect Chen Gang to raise the price on his own. There are still 20 pieces of ore left here. You find some ways yourself.” The slanted eyes man was also troubled by it. After he threw the bag to the skinny young man, he showed a helpless look.

    After seeing the blank expressions of the other two companions, the young man with the surname Weng flashed a disappointed expression on his face. He quickly picked up the bag and took out his bone sword and spirit stones to try to gather some ore from the other forces.

    The same scene kept happening during this period.

    Many small groups had to give up their weak companions because they couldn’t gather enough ore.

    Some of these abandoned people stumbled and left this place dejectedly; some were furious as they fought with their companions, and they wanted to take back the antidote, but they were killed by their previous companions.

    Regarding the scene in front of him, Chen Gang, who was standing behind the stone platform, watched with a strange smile. He was gloating as he saw them suffering.

    However, some forces that had a surplus in ore started to get companion at the cost of ore to expand their forces.

    The former unfamiliar young man with a huge iron rod on his shoulders used an antidote to take in a Human Clan companion in the early stage of the Condensation Period, and then he brought the rest and left through the side entrance.

    When passing by Liu Ming, this person also smiled deeply at Liu Ming.


    Liu Ming stood quietly and observed for a while. When there were only one third of the people left, he touched his chin and finally joined the queue with his huge bag.

    While waiting here before, he quietly scanned the ore in the bag with Divine Thought and found that he had two hundred plus ore adding those he previously obtained from the five Sea Creature Clan people. However, most of the quality was just common rare ore similar to water mystic stone.

    But this number had already surprised those guards.

    Chen Gang, who personally sent Liu Ming into the mine not long ago, did not blink at all as if he didn’t notice Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming immediately exchanged three antidotes with the guard in front of him, and exchanged some low tier elixirs and talismans with the extra ore.

    The reason why he did this was naturally the intention to prepare to study two more antidote elixir.

    Liu Ming did not want to stay here after changing things. He left immediately the exchange area from the previous tunnel that he came from.

    On the way back to the depth of the mineral vein, nothing happened.

    Two days later,

    Liu Ming finally returned to the original abandoned passage again based on the animal skin map made by him.

    After confirming that no one entered his temporary cave house, he tapped the leather bag on his waist and released the bone scorpion to guard this place.

    As soon as he turned around, he entered the cave and sat down cross-legged. After serving an elixir that restored spiritual power, he began to meditate and adjust his breath.

    After an hour.

    Liu Ming woke up from meditation. He immediately took the antidote from the leather bag on his waist.

    But the antidote was like the Sea Emperor Pill that he swallowed in the giant boat. It was about an inch size, and it was black. It had a faint radiance on the surface, and there was a faint fragrance coming from it, refreshing those who smelled it.

    “This is the antidote for Sea Emperor Pill! But it can only restrain the toxin for one month, if I know its composition…” Liu Ming looked at the black elixir in his hand and murmured thoughtfully.

    According to the information currently available, after taking this black Sea Emperor Pill antidote, it can temporarily suppress the erosion of the internal organs by the black mist of Sea Emperor Pill.

    When Liu Ming learned the alchemy technique from Fan Baizi in Xuanjing, he once heard the alchemy master mention this kind of temporary antidote.

    In order to achieve the control purpose of the poisoner, such an antidote had two possibilities.

    First, although the antidote contained a small amount of symptomatic spiritual medicine, it also contained a small amount of the same ingredients as the poison. While suppressing the onset of toxin, it also planted the seed for the next toxin attack. Under such repetition, the toxin would be a serious problem after accumulating over time.

    The second was that this kind of antidote did not contain antidote spiritual medicine, but it was another domineering poison. It only temporarily suppressed the toxin by toxin for a period of time. After a long time, when the two poisons combined into one, the results would still be a disaster.