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Chapter 390: Two Forces

Demon’s Diary
     Liu Ming’s Physique Cultivator identity and Sword Controlling Technique were amazing, but as time passed, apart from some nearby slave miners, they still looked at him with caution from time to time, the others quickly forgot about the battle as they continued their own matters.

    The muscular man’s corpse was quickly dragged out of the exchange area by a few slave miners, burying somewhere in the cave.

    Of course, some people who rushed to the cave later would naturally be warned by their companions about Liu Ming.

    But for some slave miners, they secretly sneered.

    In their minds, Liu Ming still had spiritual power to cast these powerful attacks as a newcomer. After three to four month, even a Sword Cultivator couldn’t cast a flying sword.

    Soon after, the human girl named “Qingqi” and two companions also came to the cave. After seeing Liu Ming sitting there intact, they were startled. Then, they asked about what happened just now, and they were naturally shocked. They couldn’t help looking at each other.

    They immediately dared not look at Liu Ming’s side any more. Theyand hurriedly hid farther away to gather with several other companions.

    During the rest of the day, as the miners that dug deep in the mineral vein returned one after another, the more people gathered in the huge cave. In a blink of an eye, there were more than two hundred people, and there were still people coming in endlessly.

    However, most people who came later were all formidable. Their breath was far from comparable to some ordinary slave miners.

    Most of these people were in groups. The smaller group had three or four people; the bigger group even had twenty or thirty people.

    Among the two groups with the largest number of people, one of them was mostly Sea Creature Clan with all kinds of fish scales. Everyone in the group looked arrogant. They didn’t put the other miners in their eyes at all.

    The other group had cultivators of all clans, but everyone had a strong body and a cold face. They seemed to be quite successful in training physically. Most of them were wearing short-sleeved leather robes, and an earth eye logo was embroidered on the cuffs.

    Once the two groups gathered in the huge cave together, there were more than a hundred people. They occupied the most central territory on both ends.

    The people in other small and medium-sized groups that were already here, looked at these two groups of people with awe. They all avoided the place of the two groups.

    It seemed that these two big groups were the two big forces mentioned by the skinny young man.

    At this time, in another corner not far from where Liu Ming was sitting, a small team of slave miners were whispering while lowering their heads down.

    After Liu Ming released his huge mental power a little, he naturally heard it all.

    “Tze tze. The Sea Creature Clan people are still so arrogant. They basically don’t put the others in their eyes.” A rough voice said indignantly. Although the voice was deliberately lowered, the loudness of the voice still made the several people frown.

    “Lower your voice. What if they hear it? There will be another trouble.” A middle-aged man quickly persuaded.

    “Hmph, aren’t they just relying on a Crystallization Period old man behind them. If not, the other people might not be really afraid of them.” The person who initially talked snorted, then he lowered his voice again.

    “Both sides are in such an aggressive stance. Do you guys think the ‘Iron Alliance’ will clash with them again this time?” At this time, another person asked carefully.

    “I don’t think so. After all, the guards who collect ore should arrive soon. No one will be stupid enough to offend the guards at this time. They will never dare to make trouble and fight before this.” The middle-aged shook his head and denied the statement decisively.


    From their dialogue, Liu Ming confirmed what he thought in his mind. Those who occupied the center of the eastern end of the cave were mainly Sea Creature Clan forces. The leader was the only Crystallization Period Beastkin Clan slave miner in that mineral vein. It was said that he was half Sea Creature Clan and half Beastkin Clan. His origin was quite peculiar.

    The other group of people occupying the west end seemed to be another big force called the “Iron Alliance” Their leader must be the rumored Bronze Gong Clan Physique Cultivator powerhouse at the later stage of the Condensation Period.

    After Liu Ming recovered from his deep thought, he immediately began to carefully observe the two major groups.

    The group at the eastern end of the cave was dominated by Sea Creature Clan cultivators. There were forty or more people in the group, and 90% of them were from the Sea Creature Clan. Most of them had purple scales or black scales.

    In addition, there was a beautiful woman with golden scales who was about 20 years old. From her breath, it seemed that she was only at the Condensation Period intermediate stage, but the other Sea Creature Clan people seemed to be led by this woman. They surrounded her while looking at the other side of the cave full of provocation.

    However, under Liu Ming’s observation, he did not find that these people were as strong as the Crystallisation Period powerhouse.

    As for the location of the “Tiemeng” which was at the west end of the cave, although the number of people was much larger than that at the group in the east, they were separated into a few subgroup according to their clan.

    But to Liu Ming’s surprise, there was no cultivator that was similar to the Bronze Gong Clan powerhouse.

    The two groups looked at each other far away. The atmosphere was quite tense.

    “Hmph, just a group of scattered soldiers. How powerful can they be.” A Sea Creature Clan with red-red scales suddenly broke the silence and muttered. His voice wasn’t loud, but it was exceptionally clear at this time as it spread into everyone’s ears in the cave.

    “Yeah, look at these people scattering in small groups. I really thought they are just some small forces.” Another Silver Scale Clan man next to him noticed this, and he immediately went along. His voice was louder than the previous man.

    “Hehe, they actually call themselves “Iron Alliance”. It’s really funny. Rust Alliance suites them better.” A blue-skinned Beastkin Clan sneered and spoke casually.

    As soon as these words came out, people from the same forces around him immediately laughed.

    At the same time, the Iron Alliance couldn’t help but show a gloomy face. A few people stood up suddenly, then the initially scattered groups all stood all. The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

    “What do you think you are? You are just a bunch of insignificant people…” A short Human Clan slave miner with a pale face said coldly.

    “If I remember correctly, the golden baby girl seems to belong to the Golden Scale Clan who claims to be the Sea Region Royal Family. Unfortunately, if there are no such scales, she is a rare beauty.” The Orc Clan brawny man with golden eyes next to him interjected. His face was showing malicious intentions.

    After hearing the words of the Orc Clan brawny man, the Golden Scale Clan woman’s face suddenly became very cold. She immediately snorted, “I heard that your alliance has recently found a place with unusually rich ore-producing areas. I think Yan Luo is taking other people to mine day and night. I don’t know why they didn’t let you guys go together?”

    As soon as the woman made this remark, the people in the opposite immediately looked ugly.

    “Fairy Sun Ming is quite well informed, but your alliance leader, Lan Xi seems to only appear a few times in front of the others. Even your six men subgroup was robbed and killed, he didn’t seem to care. What is he busy with?” An Beastkin Clan white-haired old man in the Iron League said faintly.

    “Hmph, how can you guys ask about Senior Lan’s matters.” The golden scales woman immediately said with a dark face.


    Although the two forces continued to quarrel and glared at each other, they didn’t really make a move due to the fear of each other.

    The other small and medium-sized forces on the sidelines lost their interest after a long time except for a few people. The other people no longer bothered about them.

    Liu Ming also took his gaze back. After he remained silent for a while, he looked again at the other forces at the corner of the edge of the cave.

    Most of these small and medium-sized forces were in groups of three or five, and most of the leaders were at the intermediate and later stage of the Condensation Period, and there was a huge bag around them. It should be loading with ore that the team members got for the past month.

    Under careful look, Liu Ming even found that many of the leader of these small groups also had a lot of hot-blooded people. Their physical strength was obviously stronger than other the team members.

    One of them was the unfamiliar young man who had attacked him with an iron bar at the three-way junction that day.

    This young man was still carrying a huge iron rod that was obviously different from other people’s weapons. In front of him, there were also five or six Human Clan cultivators. They were occupying an empty space near the center of the cave.

    The young man seemed to feel that Liu Ming was sizing him up. He suddenly turned around with a smile, then he turned back and continued to speak quietly with the people around him.

    In addition, Liu Ming also found that there were also four or five slave miners who were alone like Liu Ming. There were no other people nearby, and they meditated with their eyes closed.

    In this way, another half day passed.

    At this time in the exchange area, the slave miners came one after another. It had already reached more than three hundred people.

    After the two big forces spoke sarcastically at each other for quite some time, they finally stopped arguing. The big cave became quiet again.

    There was a rush of footsteps. Suddenly, a person came from an entrance that no one had used before.

    The people who were meditating looked solemn as they were all looking at this entrance.

    After a moment, seven or eight Beastkin Clan guard figures in black shirt came out of the passageway. When seeing the guard leader, Liu Ming frowned lightly as he narrowed his eyes.

    This man was the middle-aged Beastkin Clan man who had taken Liu Ming’s items that day.

    As soon as he entered, he glanced toward the cave. He immediately showed a strange smile, then he brought the people behind him and walked into the open space in the middle of the cave.