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Chapter 389: Sand Armor

Demon’s Diary
     “This person is just an intermediate stage cultivator, but his physical strength is so powerful. He looks unfamiliar too. He doesn’t look like he stays here for long. Mo Qi, you have been here for a long time, have you ever seen him before? After Liu Ming walked away, the Human Clan woman named “Qingqi” suddenly turned around and asked a sturdy young man beside him.

    “I’ve never seen this person before. However, this person could knock off the bone blade made by the evil beast, so He should be a Physique Cultivator. This reminds me of one thing, do you remember that one month ago… “The sturdy young man touched his chin and said thoughtfully.

    “Oh, are you saying that Boss Sha put a bounty on the newcomer who killed his younger brother?” The other young man was surprised, then thought and said affirmatively.

    “I think it should be this person. In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer newcomers. Based on the point that the person could easily kill Second Brother Sha, the person isn’t a normal cultivator.” The sturdy young man rubbed your palms, then he spoke calmly with a very affirmative tone.

    “I see this person is most likely going to exchange ore for this month’s antidote. We can’t provoke this person, but it shouldn’t be a problem if we just report his whereabouts. Mo Qi, report to Boss Sha. Two thousand spirit stones shouldn’t be a small number. If we didn’t do it, the others would do so.” As Qingqi heard that, she hesitated a little and instructed the sturdy young man slowly.

    The sturdy young man nodded when he heard the words. He immediately took out a small piece of animal skin. After writing something on it, he summoned a low-level little animal that looked like a mouse from a small leather bag in his waist. After the animal skin was bound to his body, he threw it to the ground, and at the same time, a strange sound came from his mouth.

    The little beast blinked its two small eyes, then it quickly disappeared into the aisle.



    At the moment, Liu Ming was carrying a huge bag full of ore and continued to move toward the exchange area. He didn’t know that his identity as a newcomer was being tipped off by someone.

    But even if he knew about it, he probably wouldn’t bother about it.

    With his newcomer identity, if he wanted to stand in this underground mine, he must first show his power to warn the others.

    This time when he went to the exchange area this time, he also wanted to make a move. Therefore, he didn’t hold back as he saw the few Sea Creature Clan slave miners coming onto him.

    However, when he knocked out those five people, he didn’t kill them to avoid gaining too much attention.

    Later in the journey, he tried to take some small and secluded passages, but he still inevitably encountered other waves of slave miner.

    But these slave miners saw him carried a huge bag alone, and they were actually afraid of him. Not only they didn’t provoke him, they also pulled a distance or simply detoured to avoid him.

    This made Liu Ming dumbfounded.

    As a result, it was surprisingly smooth along the way.

    One day later.

    Liu Ming carried a huge bag and walked through a winding path. When he came to the entrance of the tunnel in front of the huge cave where the exchange area was located, he saw a muscular man with two hundred meters tall and a face full of muscle sitting on an empty space in the cave. He was sitting in crossed-leg while facing the entrance. His eyes were closed as if he was meditating. There were still two burly slave miners standing behind him as if they were waiting for someone.

    The moment Liu Ming Fang stepped into the cave. The muscular man suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Liu Ming. As a result, his face immediately showed a ruthless expression, and he was looking at Liu Ming with a bad intention.

    Liu Ming had a quick wit. His face immediately looked grimmed as he stopped and stared at the muscular man coldly.

    A breath of danger suddenly filled between the two.

    The murderous intention flashed in the muscular man’s eyes. After shaking his shoulders, his body stood up silently and said in a hostile tone,”Friend, you look very unfamiliar, but I’m quite familiar with the bone blade on your waist.”

    Liu Ming’s expression changed a little. He simply glanced at the bone blade on his waist and said faintly, “Oh, I think sir is making a joke. This bone blade is just a weapon made of the bone of an ordinary evil beast.”

    “It is indeed an ordinary thing, but it was made by my own hands and given to my younger brother. New boy, you are so courageous that you even dare to kill my brother! Don’t even think about leaving this place alive.” This muscular tall man named “Boss Sha” said with a sneer.

    “It turns out that the man who attacked me is your brother. It seems that whatever I say is useless. Very well! I see that you are not an ordinary person, then let’s have a match.” As Liu Ming heard the words, he looked understood. However, he suddenly laughed as he looked at the muscular man’s giant body..

    The confrontation and conversation between them had already attracted some slave miners nearby.

    These people had stopped what they were doing and looked over. Some showed indifferent look or some looked excited; they all looked like they were waiting for a good show.

    In a stone cave in the far corner, the former middle-aged man who was in charge of the place still meditated with his eyes closed as if he didn’t notice anything about what happened here.

    Upon hearing Liu Ming’s words, Boss Sha’s pupils shrank , but he immediately burst into laughter. He clenched both his hands suddenly into fists. There was a burst of crackling joints. At the same time, he stomped on the ground with one let. The seemingly hard and solid ground shattered. A cluster of yellow sand flew out and hovering around his body.

    The muscular man only made a gesture.


    The yellow sand gathered on his body instantly. It formed a layer of extremely rough earth yellow earth armor. Under the reflection of the blue fluorite on the stone pillar in the cave, a layer of yellow halo appeared. He looked like a sand puppet looking far away!

    Liu Ming frowned when he saw this. After his arm moved, he threw the huge bag behind him. He flicked his sleeve and a small black sword suddenly appeared in his hand.

    “This newcomer actually uses such a broken sword to deal with Boss Sha?”

    “Yeah, is he tired of living. Boss Sha is a Physique Cultivator has the ability to manipulate sand, and it only cost a little spiritual power.”

    “Haha, haha​​…”

    A burst of sneer and sarcasm came into Liu Ming’s ears, but Liu Ming’s complexion didn’t change except his gaze turned slightly cold.

    Boss Sha saw Liu Ming holding a broken inferior spiritual weapon, and his eyes could not help showing contempt. He stomped the ground suddenly, then he turned into a gale as he jumped up. The layers of thick sand armor were as if having no weight at all. The knuckles wrapped inside the sand were smashing directly at Liu Ming as if two giant hammers.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming twisted his body without saying a word, and his figure suddenly became blurred.


    At the ground below, a huge pit of several ten meters in size suddenly appeared.

    Amidst the cloud of dust, the giant man wrapped in sand armor slowly stood up, and he turned around with a look of surprise.

    The place he had initially stood on, Liu Ming appeared with his indifferent face after an afterimage flicked.

    They seemed to switch to each other’s initial position.

    “Boy. I didn’t expect you to escape so fast! But if you are only capable in this, you should accept your fate obediently!” The muscular tall man in the sand armor threatened Liu Ming with a deep tone. He rubbed both his hands, and a thirty meters long giant sand blade appeared. Sands were rolling on the blade as if it were a living creature.

    Seeing this situation, Liu Ming finally showed a peculiar face, and the murderousness appeared in his eyes.

    After he snorted, his wrist shook suddenly. The black sword suddenly turned into hundreds of dense sword shadows. However, after they condensed, they transformed into a black light sword with a few feet. Black runes appeared on the sword.

    Liu Ming instantly poured his spiritual power into the sword.

    The black Sword suddenly made a buzzing sound, and it burst out a dazzling halo. After a tremor, it suddenly turned into a black rainbow that surged to the front.

    “Sword Cultivator”

    “Sword Controlling Technique”

    There were naturally many well-informed cultivators in the crowd miner on the sidelines. At the sight of this scene, a few people immediately lost their voices!

    Seeing this, Boss Sha boss was even more shocked. He wanted to dodge it, but it was too late. He could only shout desperately, slashing the sand blade onto the black rainbow. The earthy yellow armor covering his body suddenly shone brightly at the same time.


    The seemingly giant sand blade immediately turned into gravel and collapsed.

    After the black rainbow swirled around the muscular man’s body at lightning speed, the light disappeared and it returned to the little black sword. It flashed back into Liu Ming’s sleeve.

    Sha Lao shouted loudly. After staggering forward, the sand armor on his body broke apart. Then, blood splashed out, and his body was sliced into two.

    The huge cave was quiet for a moment, and many people took a deep breath!

    Some people who also had some ill-thoughts on Liu Ming’s huge bag package could help but burst into cold sweat.

    The two burly men behind the Boss Sha boss changed their faces, they turned around without saying anything and disappeared into the crowd.

    The middle-aged man in the corner of the stone cave couldn’t help but open his eyes and glance over here. The complexion on his face was unclear. Not sure what he was thinking.

    After Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief, he walked a few steps forward as if nobody were there. He searched the body, picked up his package, found another corner, put it down again, and sat cross-legged on the floor.

    When he heard someone talking about Boss Sha’s special defensive spiritual body, he was determined to end the battle quickly. Otherwise, it would not be wise to fight the attrition battle with his strong defensive power.

    Only by using the Sword Controlling Technique, he could instantly burst into amazing power and deter others.

    Now it seemed that the effect was quite good!