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Chapter 388: Return to the Entrance

Demon’s Diary
     Of course, once Bone Scorpion cast a spell here, it was also difficult to directly restore spiritual power by absorbing spirit from the surroundings.

    Fortunately, it was a ghost-type beast. If it absorbed some yin spirit, it could also slowly transform into pure spiritual power. This was better than his current situation.

    With Bone Scorpion guarding him, he didn’t need to worry about anything. He could do his best to mine the ore.

    As for the Demon Flying Skull that had reached the intermediate stage of the Condensation Period, he naturally prepared to use it as his trump card. He would not easily reveal it in front of others.

    What made Liu Ming feel pity was that the iron ape puppet beasts were also taken away by the previous guards along with the storage amulet. Otherwise, they could be good miners as they used their enhanced iron bars.

    Of course, corresponding to this, he also had to spend an amazing spirit stone. The pros and cons of this were not easy to measure.

    However, with his powerful physical body that was not inferior to the Crystallization Period powerhouse, the speed of ore mining was also very amazing as he used full strength. It was just that the stamina consumption was also quite a lot.

    However, without being able to mobilize spiritual power, the bone spade made by the bone of the evil beast was far more useful than that of the inferior grade iron sword spiritual weapon. It could get rid of a big boulder every time it hit.

    Although this place was deviated from the main mineral vein, and the ore was relatively rare, under Liu Ming’s amazing mining speed, he could still find one or two rare blue ore once in a while.

    This kind of rare ore called “water mystic stone” was not only an excellent water attribute refining material, but it was also a good addition to crafting water attribute elixir. If it was brought to the outside world, every small piece could easily sell the high price of hundreds of spirit stones, but it was not considered top rare ore here. However, it was still enough for the monthly quota.

    Of course, if he took this stone to the exchange area, he could probably only exchange some evil beast flesh.

    After the blue ores were dug out by Liu Ming, they were thrown directly on the ground behind him. He didn’t even take another glance at it.


    In this way, time passed day by day. Almost half a month had passed.

    Liu Ming during this period. In addition to releasing Bone Scorpion to mine some ore at regular intervals, he meditated to heal and restore his physical strength. In addition to these, he didn’t do other unnecessary things.

    It turned out that after more than ten days. He had amassed more than 100 pieces of ore. Of course, most of them were like that water mysterious stones.

    But even so, if the other slave miners knew about it, they would be dumbfounded.

    If the person was an ordinary Condensation Period cultivator, even if he desperately dug day and night, he would be considered lucky to be able to mine one fourth of the amount in such a tunnel with scarce resources.

    According to the rules here, a slave miner had to hand over 30 rare ores every month in order to get the antidote for that month. As for other extra ore, they could directly exchange some elixir, talisman or even some low-level spiritual weapons with those guards.

    However, the price of these ores naturally shrank by more than 100 times as compared to the outside world.

    As for exchanging them with other slave miners, he could also exchange some other types of ore he needed as well as evil beast flesh and bones.

    On this day, Liu Ming woke up from meditation. His face looked significantly better than when he first came here. The injuries that were originally caused by activating the Taigang Sword embryo recovered a lot.

    When he casually looked inside the body, he suddenly found that the black gas attached to the internal organs of the internal organs seemed to be a little thicker than before, and the bloody light cluster was still turning slowly in the sea of ​​consciousness.

    His expression changed slightly as he found that there should only be a few days before the end of the moon.

    According to the previous information he got, if nothing was wrong, the next two or three days should be the day when the guards came in to collect the slave miner ore.

    Since he couldn’t expel the enchantment in his body for a while, he naturally had to get an antidote first.

    Of course, in his heart, he still had the intention to study it after getting the antidote.

    So, he sorted the ore piled up behind the stone cave. He piled most of the better-quality ore together, packed it in a leather bag, and went out of the cave. He found a place where the abandoned rock was originally piled up and buried them.

    He returned to the cave. He took out another worn leather bag and packed all the more than thirty pieces of water mystic stone into it. At the same time, he waved his hand at the bone scorpion that was guarding the entrance.

    Suddenly, the ghost-type beast turned into a black gas and disappeared into his sleeve.

    Liu Ming then picked up the leather bag, left the stone cave, and walked toward the exit of the tunnel.

    Perhaps due to the approach of the end of the moon, Liu Ming began to encounter some scattered slave miners shortly after leaving the passage. Without exception, they were carrying a bag as they were rushing back in a hurry.

    Due to the poor natural aura here, even the storage amulet would gradually lose its effectiveness. It was impossible to store items for a long time, so the slave miner here and Liu Ming could only use leather bags to hold the ore.

    When these people saw Liu Ming, there would be a trace of alertness on the pale numb face, or they would speed up their pace, or they simply switched to other roads to avoid him.

    Faced with the cautious manner of these people, Liu Ming laughed slightly in his mind. He naturally wouldn’t provoke them himself.

    One day later.

    When Liu Ming made a few turns and came to a long and narrow passage, his pupils shrank suddenly as he suddenly stopped.

    Because he found that just at a wider intersection not far in front of him, there were two waves of slave miners confronting each other hostilely.

    And at the moment Liu Ming appeared near the intersection, the two waves of people immediately discovered his whereabouts and they all looked at him with a fierce gaze.

    Liu Ming was stunned, and he immediately looked at these slave miners without changing his expression.

    In one of the group, there were only two men and three women of the Human Clan; while the other group had five men, and they were all Sea Creature Clan cultivators.

    Judging from the breath of these people, except for the woman and a Sea Creature Clan old man who were at the intermediate stage of the Condensation Period, the others were only at the early stage of the Condensation Period.

    The two groups apparently had just met, and they seemed to know each other. After taking their eyes away from Liu Ming, they were still in a stalemate. They didn’t intend to leave.

    “Fairy Qingqi, I don’t want to make it difficult for you. As long as the three of you leave half of the ore in the bag to me, you all can leave safely.” The Sea Creature Clan old man leader with a sinister face sneered as he spoke to the human woman with a delicate face.

    “Wei Fandu, don’t think I don’t know about it. Didn’t you just join that Boss Sha some time ago? Look at what this is.” The human woman named “Qingqi” sneered. Her one hand suddenly raised, and a black-red thing appeared faintly in her hand.

    “What, you …” The Sea Creature Clan old man blurted out after seeing clearly what was in the woman’s hand. His face changed suddenly, revealing a full of disbelief.

    “Hmph. Hurry up and make way for us. I don’t have time to waste here.” As Qingqi said impatiently, she glanced at Liu Ming.

    However, Liu Ming stood still and did not move at all. His eyes were flashing as if he was thinking about something.

    The Sea Creature Clan old man finally gritted his teeth and turned around, but he was walking toward Liu Ming.

    The four slave miners behind him made an eye signal to each other and immediately followed.

    “Boy, if you are smart quickly hand out the bag and bone blade. Our Brother Wei may let you live if he is in a good mood.” The group of people walked to Liu Ming, and one of them with a deep red scar on his face shouted at Liu Ming with a grinning smile as he walked forward.

    Liu Ming did not speak, but he was just watching the four people approaching him slowly without expression.

    Seeing that Liu Ming didn’t bother him, the man couldn’t help but be furious. He suddenly pulled out the bone blade around his waist. He pounced out for about thirty meters, then he waved his arm. A blade shadow struck on him quickly.

    Liu Ming suddenly focused his gaze, and the joints of his body made a “snap” sound. He punched out at a lightning speed.

    With a “bang” sound, the bone blade flew into the sky immediately, and it pierced deep into the stone wall in a flash.

    The slender man even screamed horribly. He turned into a dark shadow that flew backward.

    But at this moment, Liu Ming stomped on the ground with one foot suddenly, and his figure turned into a gust of wind that flew past the man who was flying backward. He came in front of the other four people first, then his both arms turned blurred and transformed into storm-like fist shadows.

    The three Sea Creature Clan slave miners were taken aback. Before they could make a defensive stance, they were being hit on several critical spots on their body at a lightning speed. They felt pain all over their bodies, then they fainted right away without making a sound.

    The Sea Creature Clan leader moved fast enough. After being shocked, he almost subconsciously made a one hand gesture. A layer of light blue light curtain appeared on his body instantly, and he actually blocked the dense fist shadows in front.

    But a moment later, a crack appeared on the blue light curtain.

    The Sea Creature Clan old man exclaimed, then he desperately ran back with a pale face.

    But after seeing a crisp sound on the light curtain of his body, he felt a wind coming behind his head. He felt a chillness at his neck, then he fell to the ground.

    It was Liu Ming who instantly pulled out the bone blade at his waist and knocked him out swiftly using the back of the blade.

    At this time, the scarred man, who was knocked back, fell heavily on the ground, but his limbs were so weak that he couldn’t stand up anymore. He could only stare at everything in front of him with a disbelief look.

    Liu Ming turned around again at this moment. After looking coldly at the man with a scarred face, his figure flicked and appeared ghostly in front of the man. He moved his arm and knocked out the man with one punch as well.

    Next, Liu Ming snatched all the ore from the several people, then he carried a larger package and walked toward the opposite intersection.

    The other group of people were dumbfounded watching Liu Ming’s moves. The woman leader saw Liu Ming walking toward her, and she was so shocked that she retreated a few steps. She forced a smile on her face, but she couldn’t say anything.