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Chapter 387: Dispel the Toxic again

Demon’s Diary
     After exploring in the mineral vein these days, Liu Ming had discovered that these ore were extremely rare in the outside world. Even in the deep area of ​​the mineral vein, these ore couldn’t be seen everywhere.

    And even if he found the mining area where the ore was concentrated, with only one person’s strength and his spiritual power being suppressed, it was a very time-consuming and laborious task to excavate these ore.

    The reason why this mine was abandoned by the original slave miners was they found out that the ore quality was normal or the quantity couldn’t satisfy their needs, only then they would give up completely.

    But Liu Ming couldn’t ask for more from this place.

    First, it was far away from the main mineral vein. It was relatively remote from the entire mineral vein. Secondly, the abandoned mine cave was hard to be noticed.

    Therefore, as soon as he discovered this place, he immediately set up his temporary residence here, but he did not immediately start mining ore.

    Instead, he immediately released Bone Scorpion. After giving a few commands in his mind, he turned and walked into the middle of the cavern and sat cross-legged.

    He consumed a lot of spiritual power in his previous explorations and excavations, so he naturally had to recover some before making plans for the next step.

    At the next moment, Liu Ming took two intermediate grade spirit stones from Sumeru Snail and held one in each hand to display the multitasking talent. He began to absorb the spirit in spirit stone while recovering his physical strength through breathing technique.

    As the spirit stone in Liu Ming’s hands began to flash a soft faint light, he also slowly closed his eyes, preparing to enter the trance.


    After an hour.

    Liu Ming opened his eyes slowly, his pupils were clear like water. Although the spiritual power and physical strength of the whole body didn’t recover to the best state, they were much better than before.

    With a little thought, he immediately took out a few detoxification elixir that he previously collected from the outside world from Sumeru Snail with one hand. After that, he channeled some mystic arts to try to force out the Sea Emperor Pill’s poison and the little blood cluster near the Spiritual Sea.

    Since the two strange enchantments were planted in his body by the Qing Qin. Although Liu Ming didn’t have anything on the surface, he always felt a little uneasy.

    He would never allow his life to be controlled by others.

    When he was on the Siren King’s boat, although Liu Ming also tried to expel the foreign matters in his body, he didn’t dare to put all his effort in it because he was under the surveillance array. Otherwise, it would even be worse after being found out.

    After that, from leaving the giant boat to reaching the deep sea mineral vein, he still did not find a suitable opportunity to do it.

    Now, he was finally alone, and he had found a quite hidden place. So, he must use all his means to dispel the enchantment in his body through the power of magic array and elixir.

    After a moment, Liu Ming chanted. He made gestures with one hand, then he pointed at his surroundings in a series of actions.

    Dozens of colorful formation flags nearby disappeared without a trace after a flicker.

    Then countless white runes emerged from where the formation flags disappeared. They intertwined and immediately formed a milk white pattern array with the size of ten meters.

    Liu Ming raised his one hand again, and several intermediate grade crystals flew out of his sleeve. They steadily went into the several holes at the edge of the pattern array, only half of the upper half of the crystal revealed.

    After doing this, his expression changed as his ten fingers flicked, forming a series of complicated gestures. The gestures then looked at him and his fingers popped out. Countless runes disappeared into the pattern array.

    As a result, the pattern array began to rotate slowly as it absorbed the runes. It emitted waves of white light, and the lights overlapped and formed a while net above Liu Ming in a few breaths.

    Although the net was only ten meters long, it covered the upper part until it became cloudy.

    Because of this Sumeru Snail, Liu Ming still had so many elixirs and spirit stones on his body. However, after all, this thing had very limited space, plus some important spiritual weapons and other important items that couldn’t be discarded, so there were only a few intermediate grade spirit stones in addition to the dozens of upper grade spirit stones.

    As for other spirit stones, some of them were used to buy some formation flags and elixir when they were in Ironfire Valley. The remaining stocks that could not be put into Sumeru Snail was put into the Sumeru Bead which had been taken away by the mine guards and successfully diverted the guards’ attention

    Although this array was successfully set up today, once it was channeled, the consumption of spirit stones was much greater than the outside world as it couldn’t get spirit from the surroundings.

    Therefore, Liu Ming knew in his heart that once he activated this array, he couldn’t hold it for long.

    At this moment, the white silk net that suspended above Liu Ming, under the change of the gestures in his hand, it began to expand and shrink rhythmically. Then, it suddenly fell from his head. It spread all over Liu Ming’s body at the moment it contacted him, wrapping him all over.

    At the moment when Liu Ming was wrapped, Liu Ming looked inside him with Divine Thought. He discovered that the bloody light cluster near the Spiritual Sea was still blinking and turning slowly. However, under the effect of the elixir and the white silk net, it seemed to be slower. Similarly, the erosion of the black mist on the surface of his internal organs has also slowed down.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming felt a little relaxed in his heart, but then he quickly put a green elixir in his mouth. After closing his eyes slightly, he urged the spiritual power in his body to guide the elixir.

    This green elixir is called “Cleansing Spirit Elixir”. Liu Ming spent a lot of spirit stone to purchase this detoxification elixir in the Ironfire Valley. He only had three. It was specializing in dispelling some strange poisons, so they had been hidden in the Sumeru Snail in case of need.

    Immediately after the elixir entered his mouth, it became very smooth. It directly dissolved into fluid and flowed into his abdomen. Then, a refreshing peculiar feeling in his body immediately rose, and under the guidance of spiritual power, it slowly gathered into his Spiritual Sea.

    In a few breaths, Liu Ming’s Spiritual Sea had another green light cluster. After his spiritual power triggered it, it carefully approached the bloody light cluster.

    The bloody light cluster near the Spiritual Sea seemed to be aware of it, and its flashing speed suddenly accelerated. It emitted circles of bloody light, and the green light cluster actually couldn’t get closer as it trembled.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming was surprised. He clenched his teeth and surged a lot of spiritual power into the green light cluster. The dimmed green light cluster shone brightly. It broke through the block of the bloody light, then it crushed against the bloody light cluster.

    But at the next moment, Liu Ming’s face changed suddenly. The moment when the two light clusters contacted, there was a violent pain like being stirred by countless sharp knives at the same time.

    This made Liu Ming’s, who was caught off guard, face pale and bloodless. His forehead immediately covered with dense sweat beads that were dripping. His body also instantly curled up into a bow shape!

    This pain that could penetrate into his soul only lasted for a little while. Within his Spiritual Sea suddenly a blazing burning sensation came out, but then it immediately turned into a coolness. It was repeated several times, tormenting Liu Ming.

    As time passed, the coolness was gradually replaced by a burning sensation. The green energy cluster in his Spiritual Sea also gradually became smaller, and it eventually disappeared. Moreover, the spiritual power that he used to trigger the green light cluster was also devoured by the bloody light group.

    At that moment, the tremendous pain in his dantian also disappeared without a trace. Liu Ming straightened his sitting position, but his face became more and more unsightly.

    He sighed in his heart. After hesitating, he took out another elixir and made another gesture to channel his spiritual power.


    An hour later, when the “buzzing sound” in the array under Liu Ming came to an abrupt halt, the crystals in the surrounding holes immediately cracked apart.

    Liu Ming opened his eyes, revealing a helpless look.

    At this moment he had exhausted all kinds of means and consumed a lot of intermediate grade spirit stones, but he still couldn’t dispel the two enchantments in his body.

    Both were used by Siren King to control the slave miner on such a large scale. As expected, the enchantments could be dispelled, but he had to find another way.

    So for the rest of the time, Liu Ming did not want to consume the limited spirit stones anymore. After collecting the formation flags and taking some rest, then he walked out of the cavern and started to walk into the end of this abandoned mine pit.

    He had come to this mine area for quite some time. Now, he could only follow the underground world’s “rules” to gather the amount of ore to exchange the antidote for this month, then he would think of another plan.

    Although his body could still forcibly resist the corrosion of the black mist that was formed by the Sea Emperor Pill for quite some time, he couldn’t guarantee what astounding change could happen when the poison was triggered.

    Otherwise, there were countless slave miners with powerful bodies and arrogant characters, how would they be willing to exchange ore with antidote.

    A moment later, Liu Ming came to the stone wall at the end of the passage. Through previous investigations, although qualified rare ore was somewhat rare here, it still had some value to mine here.

    Liu Ming glanced lightly at the pothole surface of the stone wall. He grabbed in the air and got a bone pickaxe that was abandoned on the ground. He simply waved two times to test it, then he started to dig with full effort.

    During the process, Liu Ming did not put Bone Scorpion in his leather bag, but he kept it nearby to guard for him.

    He was now alone here. In the situation where mental power couldn’t be released from the body for a long time, he naturally needed a powerful helper out there to prevent being sneak attack.

    This beast was only at the Condensation Period early stage. However after mutation, not only it had an extra layer of defensive scales, but the “snake head” behind was extremely toxic. Common Condensation Period slave miner was its opponent.