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Chapter 386: Bounty

Demon’s Diary
     Inside a narrow and long cave of more than two hundred meters.

    The luminous green fluorite inlaid on the top could brighten this place clearly. The ground and walls were all pitted and uneven. These were obvious traces of being excavated.

    Judging from the traces, it should be excavated not for too long, and it was dug directly by a sharp knife object.

    On one side of the cave wall, there was a square tunnel that was several ten meters high, and the entrance of the tunnel was blocked by a large monster skeleton that was nearly half broken.

    At this moment, a young slave miner with ragged clothes and a pale look stood in front of the tunnel, looking at the monster skeleton with a thoughtful expression.

    This young man was naturally Liu Ming.

    After more than a day of going deeper, this place was no longer far away from the deep passage marked in the second half of the map.

    In the past period of time, he could see some slave miner bodies that died tragically from time to time. This was the first time he saw a monster skeleton like this.

    On this relatively large half-broken skeleton, there was no trace of flesh and blood left on it, and no trace of spiritual power spread out. It should be dead for a long time.

    Judging from the remaining skeleton debris, he could vaguely see that its body was about thirty to forty meters in size. Its appearance was like a huge dog. Although the bones of the remaining forelimb and hindlimb were broken, the paw parts were all unusually sharp. There were scattered fangs of several inches on the ground near its head. They were shinning a spooky cold light under the dimmed light.

    “This should be the evil beast right?”

    After Liu Ming thought for a while, he murmured a few words in low volume.

    Suddenly he thought of something, then he took the bone blade at his wrist and put it beside the skeleton. After a little comparison, he found that the materials of the two were very similar except for the old and new conditions, but there were some subtle differences.

    But the next moment, he suddenly moved his arm, and the bone blade in his hand turned into a cold light that struck down.


    The thick skeleton in front of him was immediately cut off easily.

    “As expected!” Liu Ming nodded and took the bone blade away. He looked like he had learned something new.

    Although the half skeleton was undoubtedly the remains of an evil beast, its bone quality was obviously not as good as the bone blade material in his hands. It seemed that there were different types of evil beasts, and the strength differences were huge.

    Otherwise, this half-broken skeleton would not be abandoned here so easily, and no one seemed to be interested in it.

    But even so, if these evil beast corpse equivalent to the Condensation Period was placed on the outside world, its skin and bones were still a good material for forging spiritual weapons.

    But here, even better evil beast bones could only be processed into sharp weapons. The waur is made into map clothing, and the flesh was consumed as food.

    However, although the slave miners here had pale look, their physical body was much stronger than the cultivators of the same level out there. It seemed that this evil beast flesh had the effect of enhancing body system. This had many benefits for the cultivation of Tiger Dragon Hell Prison.

    There was a hint of thought in Liu Ming’s eyes, but after touching his chin, he put the bone blade back to his waist. He bypassed the evil beast skeleton and continued to go deeper.


    After an hour.

    Liu Ming held the map in his hand. He and out from a small cave. When he came to a fork, he looked helpless.

    Since he saw the evil beast skeleton, it was difficult to find a matching intersection according to the route indicated on the map. After several attempts, he couldn’t help recalling the words of the unfamiliar young man whom he met earlier at the fork junction.

    “It seems that this should be the deeper part of the mineral vein. People often open up new channels so that the map in hand is not so useful.” Liu Ming couldn’t help thinking secretly.

    After he sighed, he put away the map in his hand. He found another blank animal skin from his body and simply sketched on it according to the current terrain. He then found another fork and went into it.

    Half a day later.

    Among the new animal skins in Liu Ming’s hands, he had drawn a lot of route signs, and most of them had a cross on them.

    Since he was deep in the mineral vein, he indeed found many caverns after repeated attempts in the previous time.

    But what made him depressed was that most of these places only had ordinary ores of little value or the place was mined.

    At the moment, he was holding a piece of jerky, and he was nibbling it while continuing to search carefully in a narrow passage.

    This kind of meat made of evil beast flesh was quite tough. It couldn’t almost be chewed, and there was even a pungent bloody smell as he put it into his mouth, making him have the urge to vomit. It was unpalatable to the extreme!

    Having said that, since he stepped into Immortality Cultivation Realm, this was the second time he had eaten animal flesh directly.

    After all, the effect of elixir that was made by beastkin flesh would be much better, and the impurities and side effects would be less.

    Liu Ming was not used to it at first, but after feeling its special effects, he was unable to give up on it.

    It turned out that this kind of jerky, after being swallowed into the throat, it turned into a trace of tiny heat that flowed into his body meridians. It gave an unspeakable comfortness in his body. Even his mind seemed to be more awake.

    It seemed that as he had previously guessed, this evil beast’s flesh was really beneficial to his body.

    To Liu Ming’s surprise, the evil beast’s flesh almost didn’t recover the spiritual power in his body which was totally different from ordinary beastkin flesh.

    It seemed that this evil beast couldn’t be regarded as a real beastkin.

    When he walked along the passage again for hundreds of meters, at the end of the passage not far ahead, he saw a new passage that seemed to have just been opened recently.

    As he was delighted, he quickly walked over. Before and after coming to the cave, he looked at the small sword marked with black and red blood stains at the entrance and immediately frowned.

    After hesitating a little, he shook his head and turned around. He started to look for another mine again.

    Although there should be a lot of rare ore resources in this tunnel, since there was a mark, it was obviously already occupied by people.

    When Liu Ming walked along the road, he could see some abandoned mine tracks that had been dug out from time to time. There were quite a few of them that had various marks at the entrance of the tunnel.

    In his current situation, he naturally did not have to provoke other forces.


    At the same time.

    Another cave not far from the mine trading area.

    The cave was more spacious. It was about three hundred meters in size. There were several simple stone houses made of giant stones.

    The stone house was completely enclosed. There was no window. Only a few holes were opened above the four stone walls.

    In the open space in front of the house, there were two rather burly slave miners patrolling back and forth. Each of them had a weapon made of an evil beast bone on their waists. Their eyes glanced at the only entrance from time to time. They looked alert.

    Among the largest stone houses, there were a lot of bonfires at the moment.

    Several barbecues were set up above the bonfire, and the fragrant of the bloody smell meat filled the entire stone house.

    By the campfire, a muscular man with a stern and ferocious face and two hundred meters tall was pacing back and forth, and he glared at the small green skin slave miner with an uncomfortable look on his face.

    “So, it was a newcomer who killed my brother, but how did you get this news?” Suddenly, the muscular man said coldly. The two thick palms only grasped slightly, and it immediately made a burst of joint snapping sound.

    “Report to the boss, I recently used the demon worm to cast my mystic arts on the Iron Scales people to detect their movements. To see if there are any newly discovered resource points, but I never thought of hearing the news about your brother. Therefore, I rushed to inform you as soon as possible.” The small slave miner hurriedly replied with a smile.

    “Hmph, I will personally verify this news. If it is true, your benefits are indispensable. But if you dare to deceive me, I will break your bones inch by inch.”

    As the muscular man heard, his figure stopped. The finger snapping sound from his hands stopped abruptly. The muscles on his chest and arms bulked up, revealing a layer of crystal color as if they were forged by steel.

    “Boss Sha, how dare I deceive you. I swear by my heart that I didn’t lie to you.” The small slave miner couldn’t help but be shocked under the muscular man’s vibe, then he slapped his chest and vowed.

    “Very well, you go spread this news for me. Just say that I put a two thousand spirit stones bounty to search this newcomer. A newcomer actually dared to touch my man? Although my little brother is a trash, if I don’t avenge him, the others will look down on me. As long as I find this newcomer, I will make him regret coming to this underground world.” The muscular man instructed the small slave miner with a ferocious face.

    The small slave miner naturally didn’t dare to say no. After the muscular man waved his hand, the slave miner retreated out of the room respectfully.

    The stone house became quiet again.


    Liu Ming naturally didn’t know that his life was only worth two thousand spirit stones in the eyes of these people.

    At the moment, he was already in a stone cave that was dug out by him. He was taking out some flags to arrange a temporary magic array.

    At the door of the stone cave, a Bone Scorpion with crimson scales lay quietly on the ground, carefully watching everything nearby.

    This passage was an unused abandoned place that he finally found after spending a lot of time, and he used the inferior grade iron sword spiritual weapon obtained from the guards to barely dig out a place for him to stay after spending a lot of time.

    The stone cave that he dug on the wall of the mine tunnel was not large, and it was only twenty to thirty meters in size. It could be due to the rare ores in this area, even a normal stone was harder than steel. Even though he had a powerful body and strength that surpassed the cultivator of the same rank, each of his sword strikes could only cut off an inch on the stone wall under the situation that he didn’t dare to simply use spiritual power to channel the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison.

    At this time, Liu Ming finally understood why the slave miners were so desperate for some rare ores.