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Chapter 385: The City in the Mine Cave

Demon’s Diary
     Seeing this young man’s casual come and go character, Liu Ming touched his chin. He smiled helplessly, then he continued to look at the map in his hand, revealing a thoughtful look on his face.

    According to the information previously obtained, the situation in this mine was not too good now. No matter whether it was spirit stone or food, they were in a desperate need.

    But in this case, the physically powerful person was obviously more dominant.

    And with his physical strength, he almost didn’t have to be afraid of anyone in this mine.

    According to Liu Ming’s plan, he wanted to take advantage of the current physical strength and spiritual power to explore the situation in this mine before exhausting them. He could also go and see the evil beast along the way.

    After all, if he couldn’t adapt to the environment of this place in a short time, when he exhausted his spiritual power, he would be in a passive situation.

    Although he still had some upper grade spirit stone and elixir in Sumeru Snail, even so, they couldn’t last long with the rapid rapid consumption of this place.

    And he should better find a way out of here before his spiritual power was exhausted.

    As Liu Ming thought so, his eyes slightly fixed somewhere on the animal skin in his hand.

    According to the record on the map, the direction of a certain passage at the fork road would lead him to the deeper mineral vein. On the way, he would also pass by some assembly point like an exchange area.

    For this kind of market city that allowed cultivators to exchange goods and resources, Liu Ming naturally was familiar with it. He just did not expect that there would be such a place in this underground mine.

    Liu Ming thought of this, and he no longer hesitated as his figures flashed a few times. He went into the left passage.

    After two hours, Liu Ming entered a few passages according to the map, and he finally saw the faint white light flashing not far in front. There seemed to be a huge cave not far away. He immediately looked joyful as he strode forward.

    This was obviously the so-called “exchange area”.

    Liu Ming suddenly felt his horizon become wide. An empty place with dozens of huge stone pillars appeared in front of him.

    Each of these pillars had the thickness of a water tank. Their surface was inlaid with dense shiny fluorite, but it was unusually bright to reflect the entire cave.

    Liu Ming scanned through the surroundings.

    This place was about two thousand to three thousand meters wide. In addition to the passage that he used to come here, there were several other passages. However, he didn’t know where they led. According to the map, one of the passages should be leading deeper to the mineral vein.

    It seemed that this place was connected to several places.

    From the countless large and small stone pits and the degree of surface wear on the cave walls, he could know that this place was also a mining area a long time ago. Now it should be a gathering place for slave miners.

    Forty or fifty slave miners were gathered in the cave at this moment, but it didn’t seem too deserted.

    Most of the slave miners were Sea Creature Clan, there were also some human race and other foreign clans, but there were few people from the Beastkin Clan.

    All these slave miners had pale skin, messy hair, and ragged clothes. Most of their expressions looked abnormally numb. Only some looked unperturbed, and some had a vicious look.

    These people placed something in the open air in the central square of the cave. They were exchanging some materials and food with each other. It seemed that some people had the bone weapons like the bone blade on Liu Ming’s waist, but there were only a few spiritual weapons.

    Seeing Liu Ming coming in, except for a few people who turned around and glanced at him, most of them didn’t bother about him. They were still continuing in their conversation.

    The caverns on the walls were also being utilized. There were some very simple stone caves. Most of which were empty, and a few of them were occupied by people. The people sitting inside the cavern looked better in terms of appearance and breath than the slave miners in the square. The objects placed on the stone platform in front of them were of much better quality than those placed in the open air. It seemed that they were either a master of a certain force or an individual with powerful strength.

    These people who stayed in the exchange area, except for a few people, most of them were the weakest individuals of a certain force. Some of them were even Spiritual Apostle. The truly powerful people were most likely in the deep section of the mineral vein.

    Liu Ming walked quietly into the caverns. After he casually found an inconspicuous corner and sat down, he began to observe quietly.

    This place was similar to what he had previously thought. It had vaguely formed the most primitive market.

    At this moment, there was a commotion from one of the passages.

    Liu Ming’s subconsciously looked at it.

    There were three bald headed man figures exuding strong killing intentions appeared at the entrance of another passage, and under the led by the leader in the middle, they walked to a corner of a cavern.

    Under the seemingly bright light inside the cave, Liu Ming found that the two were carrying a huge burlap bag behind them. There was blood on the surface of the bag. The slave miners in those squares stopped their business and looked up.

    Many slave miner’s lifeless eyes were filled with a longing look at the moment.

    The three bald headed men strode to a cavern in the corner under the watch of the crowd and rested in it.

    As for the leader, he cupped his fist against a middle-aged man who was meditating with eyes-closed, then he took down a small bag and passed over. At the same time, he whispered a few words.

    But when the middle-aged man listened, he stretched out a hand to take a small bag. After checking the items inside the bag, he kept it inside his sleeve. He nodded. After that, he extended another hand, pointing at the caverns in the middle of the cave wall. He then continued to meditate.

    Liu Ming found that the middle-aged man’s clothes were surprisingly neat and tidy compared to other slave miners. He also had an indifferent look. He didn’t put anything on the stone platform in front of him. It seemed like he was the person sent by a certain force to manage this place.

    When the three bald headed men walked to the stone cave pointed by the middle-aged man, the leader suddenly turned around and shouted loudly, “One thousand kilograms of evil beast’s flesh. Each 0.5 kilogram will cost for two spirit stones or equivalent minerals. First come first served!”

    As he said, the two behind them put the sacks on their shoulders on the stone platform at the cave entrance, then they opened the sacks. Stacks of evil beast’s flesh could be seen.

    “Yuan Meng, aren’t you too heartless! Not long ago, 0.5 kilogram of evil beast’s flesh was only one spirit stone.” A Sea Creature Clanslave miner shouted at the plaza, and several slave miners started to go along with him.

    “Heartless? Hmph, the evil beast is much stronger than usual. If you have the ability, go hunt them yourself.” The bald headed man named “Yuan Meng” glared fiercely at the Sea Creature Clan man and shouted loudly, then he entered the cave and sat down. He started to meditate.

    Seeing this, the other slave miners looked at each other.

    Finally, several slave miners swallowed their saliva, and they still came to the entrance of the stone cave and lined up to prepare to trade spirit stones with the evil beast’s flesh. One of the bald headed men received the spirit stone, then the other bald headed man would slice the corresponding amount of flesh for the buyer.

    With just a while, the flesh on the stone platform in front of “Yuan Meng” was gone. It was replaced by bags of spirit stones and various ores.

    Even the previous man named Sea Creature Clan, after seeing everyone exchanged for the flesh, he also dejectedly took a bag of spirit stones to trade a few kilograms of flesh from the bald headed man. He left through the passage from the side.

    Seeing this scene, Liu Ming couldn’t help but frown. It seemed that the food and spirit stone here were far more precious than he had imagined. He couldn’t help but sigh.

    Fortunately, the spirit stone was still a common thing here. With his upper grade spirit stones in in his Sumeru Snail, he didn’t have to worry about it in a short time.

    In this way, Liu Ming stayed here for a while and understood a little about the price of some items here, then he quietly entered the passage leading deeper into the mineral vein.

    This time, in order to avoid some unnecessary troubles, he took out an unknown elixir quickly after entering the passages. After wiping it on him, his face turned pale just like the other slave miners.

    After Liu Ming made a gesture, his breath also became weaker abruptly. In this way, he looked no different from the other slave miners.

    After he had done all this, he continued to pick up the map and continued walking forward according to the instructions above.

    After walking for quite some time, Liu Ming’s figure flicked. He came to a small cavern with around one hundred meters in size. There were two passages in front of the cavern. After making a simple judgement, he was preparing to go into one of the passages.

    As a result, he suddenly found several bodies of red light under his inadvertent gaze, lying in a corner of the cave.

    When Liu Ming saw this scene, he couldn’t help but stopped a little. He stepped forward and examined the corpses for a few times. He found that these people had their four limbs being broken; the death was extremely miserable. Moreover, looking at the rotten statem, these people were only dead for two to three days. Even their clothes were being removed.

    Even more weird, the faint red light on the surface of these corpses actually came from the unknown red bugs that densely covered on them. Liu Ming took a deep breath.

    These small insects were less than an inch long. There with two tentacles on their heads. They were lying motionless on top of the corpses, and the red round shell on their backs reflected a faint red light under the green fluorite’s light which made them seem very strange.

    Seeing all this, Liu Ming continued to walk toward the front passage after his face twitched slightly.

    After just walking through the two corners, there were several figures coming in front of him.

    Liu Ming frowned, but he continued to walk forward with no expression on his face. He didn’t even look at these people at all.

    A faintly visible Divine Thought scanned over immediately, but it was gone after after a slight touch.

    And when passing by these people, Liu Ming clearly felt the ill intentions in the eyes of these people.

    But fortunately, they seemed to have little interest in the slave miner like him alone. They just took a few looks at him, then they walked past him quickly almost without any pausing.

    In the following time, he also encountered several waves of slave miners passing by on the road.

    However, although these people did not recognize his newcomer identity, when they saw Liu Ming alone, there was always a hint of malice in their eyes.

    Fortunately, at this moment, he was heading deeper into the mineral vein, and he looked poor and powerless, so no one really did anything to him.