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Chapter 384: A Young Stranger

Demon’s Diary
     “Oh, so you purposely ambush at the entrance of the cave to do these dirty deals of killing and robbing the newcomers?” Liu Ming said with an ambiguous smile. He deliberately fiddled with the bone blade that originally belonged to the skinny man.

    “Please forgive me! I failed to recognize your mighty strength. If I knew you Sir is so strong, I would have avoided you. How would I dare to offend you. The main reason is that it is near the end of the month. I didn’t get much ores for this month, so after exchanging for the antidote, I have nothing left. Therefore, I waited near the cave entrance to try my luck and see if I can encounter any newcomers so that I can rob some spiritual weapon to exchange food.” As skinny man heard those words, his heart was palpitating quickly as he waved his skinny arms to explain.

    “Listening to what you said, it seems that there are not too many new miners here?” Liu Ming ignored the man’s begging and continued to ask.

    “You are right. I also heard from the chats of several guards when I went to the surface to pay the ore. In the past few years, because Siren King’s forces are shrinking, the newly captured slave miners are much less than before. In the past, several slave miners would be thrown into the giant hole by the guards. Now there isn’t even one person for a month or two. “The skinny man breathed out and began to say again.

    “In other words, most of the people who stay here now are old people who have been here a long time ago?” Liu Ming asked thoughtfully.

    “It’s true. The environment here is harsh. Food and other resources are scarce, and there are frequent disputes between forces. Therefore, people who can survive in this place, except for some Physique Cultivator or those with a slightly higher cultivation, most of them has already lost their mind. As for those weaklings… they either rely on the forces in the mine or a powerful individual, otherwise they will be long dead.” The skinny man replied honestly.

    Until now, Liu Ming finally got a general understanding of the situation in the mine.

    Although this skinny man was not so good-looking, he knew a lot about this place. It saved him a lot of time.

    The skinny man saw Liu Ming standing on the spot while contemplating. He supported his body with one hand and slowly moved backward, then he carefully asked, “Sir, I really told everything I knew, then I …”

    Before he finished speaking, Liu Ming glanced at the man faintly. Suddenly, a light flashed in his pupils.

    The skinny man only felt a “buzz” in his brain. A powerful mental power suddenly surged into his rushed into his sea of ​​consciousness, making him scream abruptly. He immediately rolled his eyes and fainted to the ground. He no longer had other feeling for a while.

    There was a faint smile on Liu Ming’s lips. He kept making gestures with one hand and hit it on the skinny man. A black ray flashed into the skinny man’s forehead. As his body trembled, he slowly sat up again.

    Looking at the skinny man’s dull eyes, Liu Ming’s face showed a trace of satisfaction.

    In the following time, in order to ensure that the other party did not hide anything from himself. By performing some simple enchanting techniques, Liu Ming asked the same question again.

    After confirming that there were no false statements and no omissions, he leaned over and crushed the man’s throat with his right hand.

    The skinny man fell to the ground. His eyes had returned to normal. His four limps kept twitching for a few times, but after showing a trace of unwillingness, the two eyes stagnated. He was completely dead.

    Liu Ming raised his hand, smashed a big pit on the ground and kicked the body into the pit after taking all the things from the opponent’s body. He then waved his sleeve to cover the pit hurriedly. Looking at the two passages nearby, he walked toward one of the passages after a slight hesitation.

    Knowing that it was so difficult to extract spiritual power here, he naturally wouldn’t waste his precious spiritual power to release a fireball to destroy the body.


    Half an hour later, in the tunnel of the mine, in the remote place where Liu Ming was previously, the body of the skinny man was re-excavated. He was put on the ground covered with mud.

    Under the faint light emitted by a few blue fluorite inlaid on the wall of the cave, the face twisted by the struggle before death was particularly strange.

    “It turned out to be Second Brother Sha. Tze tze, if it weren’t for Brother Shi’s sensitive nose, I’m afraid we couldn’t find him. But the person who killed him was really straightforward. If his elder brother knows about this, he will get mad.” After checking the corpse, he said as he felt strange.

    “It’s not too far away from the exit. When we went to hand over the ore, we did find some traces of fighting near the entrance. Obviously, Second Brother Sha was mostly killed by a newcomer.” A shorter figure next to him said.

    “Hehe, this kid most likely wanted to blackmail the newcomer to get some benefits, but he never expected to be killed. He really goes for wool and comes home shorn.” Another fat figure sneered as he said.

    “Brother Gu, how do we deal with this matter? Seeing that the body is still soft, he should not be dead for long. With your tracing skills, there should be a chance to catch up with this person. This is a great opportunity to let the Madman Sha owe us a favor.” The previous short figure asked the tall figure.

    “Hmph, forget it. Although Second Brother Sha didn’t have high cultivation, he wasn’t weak. He had survived in this place for so long after all, so he wasn’t the normal survival. I think we should meddle into this matter to avoid getting us into trouble.” After a little hesitation, the tall man shook his head.

    Although the other person felt a pity listening to that, he still nodded.

    So they no longer pursued this matter, and they walked past the body toward another passage.

    Half a day later, the body was discovered by another group of slave miners passing nearby, and this matter was finally spread in the underground world.


    At the moment, Liu Ming was walking alone in a dim mine. Not only did he have a bone blade around his waist, but his clothes and shirts became shabby and dirty.

    He was now dressed like a slave miner who had stayed here for a long time, thinking that no one could easily see through his newcomer status.

    In his hand, he held a light yellow map of animal skin. The content in the picture was very simple. It outlined a rough outline of the underground mine so that every time he walked to a branch, he needed to stop and carefully identify it.

    While he was moving forward, Liu Ming glanced at both sides of the passageway and found that the rough gray-white stone wall was full of potholes, but there was no ore in it. It seemed like the ores here were excavated many years ago.

    Liu Ming was not surprised at all, and he continued to move forward.

    After all, this place was still near the exit. According to the skinny man, the ores had been excavated long ago. To find the ore, he must go deeper in the mineral vein to get something.

    What made him frown secretly was that as he continued to move forward, with his strong spiritual power, he could even scout for a long distance, and his mental power would be exhausted in a shocking speed.

    In this way, unless he reached a suspicious place, he naturally didn’t dare not release mental power easily.

    After all, in this crisis-ridden underground world, perhaps he could save his life at a critical time if he preserved more strength.

    He walked for about 15 minutes like this, but he saw that the light at the end of the passage not far ahead was flashing. He came to a fort junction again, and the stone wall near the junction was inlaid with several pieces of worthless green fluorite that exuded a touch of white light.

    However, as soon as Liu Ming entered this junction, his face suddenly changed. His feet didn’t move, but his body suddenly slid to the side.

    At this moment, a black iron rod smashed down on his head at an astonishing speed. It almost brushed Liu Ming’s body closely.

    “Boom“, a loud noise echoed throughout the passageway, raising a cloud of dust. After the dust had cleared, a dozen meters deep pit appeared on the ground where Liu Ming had previously stood.

    After Liu Ming’s body swayed, he appeared fifty to sixty meters away. He then stared coldly at a thin figure on the side of the pit.

    “You actually dodge it! I didn’t expect that you are quite capable as a newcomer.” The thin person, who had just appeared, saw this scene, and he said to himself unexpectedly. He lifted the giant iron rod that didn’t match his body size. He casually waved it and put it on his shoulder, then he looked up as he assessed Liu Ming with curiousity.

    Liu Ming also clearly saw the other party. He was actually a young man wearing a gray cloth. He had a pale ill face and a skinny body. His facial features still looked good, but he had thick brows and big eyes. He seemed to be at a similar age to Liu Ming. He was assessing Liu Ming with a languid look.

    “How do you know that I am a newcomer, don’t you know everyone here?” Liu Ming looked at the bone blade at his waist and the ragged clothes on his body, then he asked faintly.

    “It is unlikely to know everyone, but I have lived here for so long. I have some impressions for most of the people I have seen. Moreover, although you have dressed up deliberately, everyone who has lived here for more than a year, which one of them doesn’t have a pale face and weak breath? How can they still maintain a strong spiritual breath.” As the skinny young man heard the words, he sneered. He said calmly.

    “It turned out that I’m being sloppy. I’m Liu Ming, I think you are also a human cultivator right. May I know your name.” Liu Ming nodded. He didn’t seem to bother that he was just being assaulted, instead he smiled and asked.

    “If you want to know my name, you have to at least live for a year. There will naturally be a lot of opportunities in the future. In addition, you can escape my blow, it means that you are qualified to survive here. Also, let me give you an advice, no matter how you get the map, you can only trust the front part. The later part which is in the deeper passage, it will add or disappear for a period of time.” As soon as the figure sneered, it turned into a black shadow that disappeared into another passage.