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Chapter 382: The Person in the Painting

Demon’s Diary
     In the painting, a vivid young woman of Beastkin Clan was shown. She stood on a beautiful landscape with a smile. She looked only 20 or 30 years old. She had a pair of white horns on her head and a long brow. She looked elegant and refined.

    If Ye Tianmei sees this picture, she would be shocked because the woman’s face in the picture was very similar to her.

    It was just that compared with Ye Tianmei, the woman in the painting lacked the coldness like ice and snow, but there were more gentle and polite. She looked like unparalleled beauty.

    Siren King gazed quietly at the young woman in the painting. The breath of overlord in the Sea Region had long disappeared. There were only the eyes with the infinite gentleness. His white robe gave people a sense of tranquility and harmony when it was reflected in the ancient lamp in the hall. He didn’t move at all as if he had entered the state of oblivious to himself.

    But if one looks closely, he would find that the lips of this handsome young man in white robe were slowly moving. There seemed to be a few syllables between the opening and closing of his lips. It must be the name of the woman in the painting, but no one could accurately hear the pronunciation of those syllables, and the true meaning they represented.


    Under the deep sea, in the mine belonging to Siren King.

    After Liu Ming’s body was pushed into the giant cave hole by the old man, it was as if he was thrown straight down from the peak of the mountain. He only felt the wind blowing his ears. The turbulent airflow made it difficult for him to open his eyes. Even if he could barely open his eyes, he could only see darkness.

    Feeling that the spiritual power in the body still couldn’t be channeled, Liu Ming’s heart inevitably flashed a hint of nervousness. Although his physical strength was abnormally strong, he fell from such a high place, and it was hard to say what was the environment down there, he couldn’t help being hurt.

    When his body was a hundred feet off the ground, the blood threads outside his Spiritual Sea suddenly loosened after the originally imprisoned Spiritual Sea shuddered. The threats recondensed into bean-sized bloods.

    At the next moment, Liu Ming felt the spiritual power in the Spiritual Sea. It was as if the dyke was breached, the spiritual power surged madly in his meridians.

    There was a flash of joy on Liu Ming’s face, then he made a gesture. Black gas instantly surged out of his body, wrapping himself. Liu Ming’s body became light as he landed on the ground safely.

    When his feet finally stepped on the ground again, he felt a sigh of relief. Then, he looked around the surroundings.

    But at the next moment, his face changed suddenly.

    There seemed to be another inexplicable force of suppression at the bottom of this giant hole. However, at the moment he landed, his cultivation was forcefully being suppressed to the level of Condensation Period early stage.

    At this moment, Liu Ming’s previous injuries had not yet healed. His spiritual weapons such as the Golden Moon Sword and Crimson Hydra Leather Armor had also been taken away, and his cultivation was being sup Xiu Wei was suddenly suppressed abruptly, so the situation wasn’t optimistic to him.

    As he thought, he began to examine the surroundings.

    The place was abnormally dim. The landing ground was soft. It was mud that was extremely moist, and at the same time it exuded a disgusting odor.

    In the nearby mud, there seemed to be some dark stones that scattered around the ground.

    Next to the stone, there was a weird plant that exuded a faint fluorescent light. At a further distance, there was a faint flow of wind. There was obviously a passageway leading to an unknown place farther away.

    This place was so dim. Even if Liu Ming had an amazing eyesight after he had taken Wuhua Pill, his vision could only look twenty feet away, he could see nothing further than that.

    Liu Ming frowned slightly. After taking a deep breath, he finally calmed down and looked up into the air.

    It was where he fell from the giant hole on the ground.

    However, at this time, thousands of meters above the sky, except the darkness, he could also faintly see the silver light spot flickering like stars.

    The light should be where the previous array was, but at this time it was completely sealed. There was no more light coming in.

    It seemed that it was almost impossible to escape from here.

    Liu Ming slightly hesitated for a moment, so he decided to temporarily understand the situation in this place before making other plans.

    He immediately followed the direction of the wind and walked dozens of steps, then he found that there was indeed a dark narrow passage not far in front of him, not knowing where it led.

    “Tze tze, I didn’t expect I’m so lucky today. I actually meet a newcomer.”

    Just as Liu Ming’s body was ready to move toward this passage, a spooky man’s voice suddenly came from the darkness not far away.

    Liu Ming’s eyes squinted slightly. He faintly saw that from the dark place that was one hundred meters away, a thin figure was slowly approaching him.

    After he approached, Liu Ming vaguely saw the person’s appearance.

    It was a skinny human man about six or seven feet tall, wearing a rotten robe that barely covered his body. Many parts of the body were exposed in the air below the ground. Perhaps because he didn’t see the sunlight for a long time, his skin was very pale like a deadman in the tomb.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s face turned gloomy slightly. He stopped and watched coldly.

    Seeing this, the man was delighted in his heart. He walked towards Liu Ming unscrupulously. There was greed in his eyes. A white bone blade appeared in his hand. Under the dimmed light, it looked conspicuous.

    Liu Ming had already released mental power to scan the other party, and found that the person’s breath in front of him was at the Condensation Period early stage.

    In this case, since the other party had shown bad intentions, he would naturally not be polite anymore.

    He raised his one hand without saying a word. A fist-size fireball suddenly appeared above his palm, illuminating everything around him.

    Liu Ming saw through the fire that the man was grinning at him. He slightly hesitated. Suddenly, he flicked his fingers, and the fireball shot at his opponent.

    Maybe the man had stayed in the darkness for too long, so he couldn’t help but stun looking at the red light that blasted at him. When the fireball came to fifty meters near the man, he made a roar like beast. He moved his arm, and the bone and he couldn’t help but stare at the red light that suddenly blasted in front of him. When the fireball came to a place half a body away, he just roared from the mouth like a beast. Out, the arm moved, and the bone blade left an afterimage in the air.

    A “bang” sound.

    The fist-size fireball was instantly divided into two, and sparks scattered around.

    Liu Ming saw that the man was so agile, his eyes flickered. He waved habitually as he wanted to take out the Golden Moon Sword, but then he remembered that treasures such as Golden Moon Sword and Crimson Hydra Leather Armor had already been snatched by the guards.

    He snorted Hmph. He suddenly stepped on the ground and turned in an afterimage that blasted forward. A footprint with several inches appeared on the ground he stomped.

    The man saw Liu Ming assaulted at him instead of retreating, and his face flashed a hint of ruthlessness. His skinny body shook, then the bone blade struck at Liu Ming’s head from above.

    As Liu Ming saw this, his body was still in mid-air. After he took a deep breath and channeled his spiritual power, he launched a punch heavily at the bone blade.

    At the same time, the surface of the fist instantly produced pieces of red scales. They were dense and uneven.

    With a “bang” sound, the bone blade was parried immediately, and a tremendous force surged out of the fist.

    After the body of the man staggered, he retreated a few steps away. At the same time, he spat a mouthful of blood.

    The man only looked horrified now, knowing that he met a powerful opponent. He endured the severe chest pain and turned around, trying to run away.

    But how would Liu Ming let him succeed? Just before the man stood still, Liu Ming turned into a gale and rushed toward the man.

    The man’s heart was frightened and he wanted to avoid it, but it was too late. He felt a strong wind coming from the right side.

    As soon as the man bit his teeth, he struck the bone blade to the right, trying to force Liu Ming back.

    But Liu Ming just snorted, then he directly extended his right palm to grab the bone blade with his bare hand. The scales on the palm and the blade of the bone blade caused a spark as they collided.

    Liu Ming’s right hand held the bone blade tightly so that it could not move a bit, then his left hand extended instantaneously, climbing onto the man’s chest like a vine and slapping heavily.

    The man only felt blood spurting out of his mouth. He let go of his hand and his body flew into the air, slamming hardly on the wall near Liu Ming. After that, he fainted directly.

    Holding the bone blade taken from the man, Liu Ming stood on the ground and took a deep breath, then he strode toward him. He lifted the unconscious man on the ground. As his body flicked a few times, they disappeared into the nearby passage.

    After Liu Ming entered the passage, he quickly galloped forward. He also deliberately held back his breath while he was being vigilant about the movements around him.

    A while later, Liu Ming brought the man and found a remote and hidden place deep in the passage.

    After confirming the safety nearby, Liu Ming simply threw the man in his hand to the ground, and he immediately checked his whole body up and down.

    Previously, when they were fighting, Liu Ming had realized that although this skinny man had the Condensation Period early stage cultivation, his spiritual power was too little. The amount was only 10% to 20% of Liu Ming’s spiritual power. Besides, he didn’t seem like he wanted to channel spiritual power. Rather than saying it was a battle between cultivators, it was more like a battle between qi cultivators before he stepped into the Immortality Cultivation Realm.

    As for the seemingly weird bone blade, upon closer inspection, it should be made of some kind of animal bone. It was quite strong, but there were no spiritual power fluctuations. It seemed to be just a very ordinary mortal weapon, but it was just sharper.

    In addition to some ores of different sizes, plus a few pieces of palm-size beastkin-like jerky. There wasn’t even a storage amulet.

    Liu Ming then extended his arm again to tap a few times at the man’s chest and arm. After that, he stood up as he murmured thoughtfully, “This person does not look like a Physique Cultivator, but his body is much stronger than a normal cultivator. This is really weird.”