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Chapter 381: The Old Man in the Mine

Demon’s Diary
     When Liu Ming withdrew his gaze and regained his sense, there was a dignified expression on his face.

    Because he found that besides the Condensation Period later stage leader and the two other guards, there was an old man with messy hair not far away in front of him.

    The old man’s hair was silver and white, wearing a worn gray robe. His face was full of wrinkles, and there were scars on both cheeks. The cloud eyes that narrowed slightly made him seem like a dying old man, but it exuded a powerful vitality.

    The old man stood in the same place, and he faintly merged with the surroundings. With Liu Ming’s enormous mental power, he actually couldn’t detect the old man’s cultivation.

    While Liu Ming was still looking at the person carefully, the Condensation Period later stage guard leader had already walked to the side of the old man respectfully. He bowed slightly, seemingly saying something.

    The scarred old man’s eyes suddenly opened, looking up at Liu Ming. His face flashed a trace of surprise, then he nodded gently. The three guards hurriedly left the place respectfully.

    In this way, only Liu Ming and the old man remained.

    ‘I don’t know where you come from, and why did Sir Siren King personally appointed you here, but since you are here, your life and death are in my hands? Are you clear?”

    The old man’s voice was not loud, but it was clear in his ears.

    However, Liu Ming looked indifferent; he didn’t even blink his eyes.

    Seeing this, the old man with scar face didn’t feel angry. After he sneered, he continued to say, “There are only two rules for being a slave miner here. First, don’t try to escape. Otherwise, as long as you are caught, you will immediately be killed on the spot. There will never be mercy. Second, you have to hand in a certain amount of mineral to exchange the antidote for the Sea Emperor Pill, otherwise you will be poisoned to death in three days. ”

    When Liu Ming heard “Sea Emperor Pill Antidote”, his expression moved slightly. Only then he knew the name of the black elixir he had taken. Listening to the old man, exchanging antidote was just a way to subdue the miner.

    After the old man finished speaking, he saw Liu Ming’s face in contemplation. Then, he asked again, “Do you have any other unclear points?”

    After Liu Ming’s eyes flashed, he asked lightly, “What if I can turn in more mineral?”

    The old man heard the words, and he laughed lightly, “If you can hand in more mineral, then you can get some benefits from me. Even if you are a slave miner, you can live a rich life down there. But before that, you need to find some ways to live for the first month. ”

    As the old man finished speaking, without waiting for Liu Ming’s response, he stretched out his shrivelled palm and took out a disc from his arm. It was silver in color. As the light on it was gone, there were countless runes engraved on it.

    The old man slapped the disc with one hand, and he suddenly chanted. At the same time, his right hand lifted the disc as he transferred his spiritual power into it.

    The disc suddenly burst into a dazzling silver light.

    In the semi-circular blue light curtain covering the entrance of the giant cave, after a deafening roar, the surrounding ground began to vibrate. An array that was spinning appeared as a blue light curtain appeared as a silver light flickered


    The old man shouted lightly, made a gesture, and it flew into the giant rune array.

    A circle of light silver ripples flashed on the side of the rune, and a crack opened instantly.

    Then the old man waved his other sleeve, and a great force gushed out.

    Liu Ming only felt a tremor in his body, then he was pushed toward the crack.

    He lost his vision as he kept falling into the dark place below


    At the same time, inside the palace under the sea.

    Siren King, dressed in a white robe, stood with a gloomy face and his hands behind his back while Li Kun stood aside with a respectful face.

    “Is it what you said previously true?” Siren King asked faintly. Li Kun seemed to have known that the other party would ask such a question, so he answered affirmatively, “This is indeed the case. Sea Region Royal Family inadvertently got a layer of shell that you faded away many years ago. They now even try to curse you with the overpowered forbidden art, “Seven Stars Soul Stealing Array” to snatch your soul in the dark.”

    “Hehe, these Sea Region old monsters can really find this forbidden art!” Young man in white robe heard the words “Seven Stars Soul Stealing Array”, then he sneered a few times.

    He also heard of this ancient forbidden technique.

    It was just that the conditions required for this kind of forbidden art were extremely demanding. Not only did the caster have to gather seven powerhouses in the Pseudo Pellet State, he also needed something connected to the target’s blood, plus countless rare materials to cast it.

    And this kind of forbidden art had been lost in Sea Region for many years. Although he didn’t know how the Sea Region Royal Family got this art, and how far it was prepared, since he heard it from Li Kun, there must be something behind this.

    After pondering for a while, Siren King asked Li Kun with a sneered face and asked fiercely.

    “Do you have anything else to report to me?”

    Li Kun felt a slight shudder in his heart after feeling Siren King’s cold and bone-piercing gaze, and he quickly said again, “As far as I know, the Sea Region Royal Family is preparing to suddenly use this art on the day of the final battle with His Majesty, then they will kill you on the spot after weakening your strength. Knowing this. I do not have a close tie with the Sea Region Royal Family, so this is all I know. I don’t know about further information.”

    “Wait until the final battle before casting it! They are really thinking well!” Siren King snorted and fell into deep thought.

    After 15 minutes, Li Kun quitted the hall respectfully.

    As Li Kun went away, Siren King’s eyes flashed coldly.

    Qing Qin appeared next to him and asked with a worried look on his face, “Sir, if this person was telling the truth, how do you plan to deal with it?”

    “Relax, I have something in my mind. Is this kind of overpowered forbidden art easy to arrange? Even if they can really arrange it, I naturally have a way to deal with it.”

    Qing Qin felt relieved when he heard that Siren King seemed to care nothing at all.

    “Siren King, I have brought in the person you wanted to see!”

    While Qing Qin was talking with Siren King, Chi Li’s voice suddenly interrupted.

    As soon as she spoke, Siren King saw Chi Li, who was in a red blouse, brought Ye Tianmei walking slowly toward the center of the hall.

    Ye Tianmei had put on a green water cloud embroid dress at this moment. Her slim figure and together with her beautiful eyes, she looked more pretty, but she still looked cold as if she was unapproachable.

    Siren King saw the arrival of Ye Tianmei, then he held back the vibe on his body. He suddenly revealed a smiley and gentle look. He waved his hand to gesture Qing Qin and Chi Li to retreat.

    “Siren King, I will leave first!”

    Upon seeing this, Qing Qin immediately understood it. He didn’t dare to hesitate a moment. After seeing Chi Li’ looked hesitated by the side, he immediately gave her an eye signal. After that, he dragged her away from the hall.

    Ye Tianmei stood outside the three feet of Siren King, staring blankly at the young man in white robe without speaking.

    And Siren King’s eyes were full of appreciation after seeing the exquisite face of the stunning woman in front of him.

    “Are you satisfied with the room that I have arranged for you for the past few days??” After a while, Siren King broke the silence in the hall and asked with a very soft voice.

    As Ye Tianmei heard this, she inadvertently frowned slightly, but she did not answer the other party. Instead, she said directly, “Let’s cut the nonsense. What do you want for summoning me here?”

    As Siren King heard the words, he laughed as he asked, “In this case, I will say it directly. I don’t know what is your consideration for being my cultivation companion that I mentioned earlier?”

    “This matter is easy. You let my nephew disciple go, then I can consider this matter.

    Ye Tianmei raised her eyebrows and replied without thinking after Siren King just spoke

    “For Fairy Ye to reply this way, are you underestimating me too much? There is no need to say more about this condition.” Siren King had expected it in his mind. After hearing it, his expression remained unchanged, but he still refused.

    “Since this is the case, there is nothing to talk about.” Ye Tianmei saw Siren King answering this, her expression was indifferent. She turned around and walked outside the hall.

    “Since you are so persistent, I may also consider giving you a chance.” Looking at the back of Ye Tianmei, Siren King said suddenly after a cold flash in his eyes.

    Siren King’s voice was not loud, but Ye Tianmei’s ears heard it clearly. Her figure stopped abruptly.

    “What chance?”

    Ye Tianmei didn’t look back. She just showed her back to Siren King, but her voice was still cold.

    “As long as you can advance to the Crystallization Period intermediate stage within ten years, I will let your nephew disciple leave. And during this period, I can promise that there will be rude to you.” Siren King’s voice remained indifferent, but he was staring at Ye Tianmei’s back. It was just that he didn’t realize his breath and heartbeat accelerated a bit.

    Ye Tianmei frowned. She did not immediately ask the reason. After hesitated for a while, she asked again, “If I really advance to the Crystallisation Period intermediate stage as you said, how do you promise to let him go?”

    “Promise? If you really want that human race junior to leave alive, you can only believe in me. As a Real Pellet State cultivator, how will I lie on such matter!” Siren King squinted his eyes and laughed lightly.

    As Ye Tianmei heard this, her body shivered slightly. Under the watch of Siren King, she walked slowly outside the hall with no expression.

    Looking at the back of Ye Tianmei leaving, Siren King’s face suddenly showed a strange and inexplicable expression.

    After a long while, he withdrew his gaze. He suddenly grabbed in the air with one hand. Under the flash of light in his sleeve, there was a painted scroll with a faint silver light in his hand.

    Siren King looked at the painted scroll in his hand. When his arm shook, it slowly spread open like a waterfall, revealing the painting on it.