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Chapter 380: Guard

Demon’s Diary
     “Hehe, we have arrived, kid. You can enjoy this place in the following time!”

    Liu Ming was assessing everything around him. After hearing the sinister laughter of macho man in black, his heart froze, but he didn’t make a sound.

    Between the black macho man speaking, the two had already walked out of the teleportation array. But at the moment of landing, Liu Ming’s face changed greatly.

    Because when he walked away from the magic array, he suddenly felt a “poop” sound in his body. Under the tremor of the bloody light cluster near the Spiritual Sea, numerous thin bloodshot hairs burst out from it. It was so dense that it looked shockingly scary. It instantly wrapped his Spiritual Sea tightly, making him unable to extract any spiritual power.

    Macho man in black saw his face look shocked, and he sneered. It seemed that he had expected it. He strode forward without saying a word.

    Although Liu Ming’s face was very unsightly, he could only follow him coldly. After a few turns, they walked into a passage on the side.

    Before the two took a few steps, there was an uproar in front of them. There were seven to eight Beastkin Clan guards wearing black outfits with several silver spirit patterns on their faces, walking toward them from far away.

    Each of these guards looked hideous. They seemed to find out the movement here, and they were rushing here with weapons in their hand.

    “What is this!”

    Seeing the appearance of these people, the black clothes macho man suddenly showed a little displeasure on his face. A powerful breath burst out of his body, and it brought a gust of wind that spread to the surroundings.

    After hearing the voice of macho man, the guards suddenly changed their faces and held back their ferocious expression. They all stood a few ten meters away. One of the middle-age Beastkin Clan guard who looked like the leader even cupped his fist and said respectfully to the macho man in black, “It turned out to be Sir Jiao Chan, please forgive me! We have been waiting for your arrival for a long time! Sir, please give us an order!”

    “Hmph, I have just been here for a while, and you guys are actually so tired? If you guys are still like this next time, then don’t blame me for being rude.”

    Seeing that the guards were being obedient, only then the black macho man snorted in satisfaction, and he held back the powerful breath.

    Liu Ming secretly assessed these guards, and he found that these people’s cultivation was not high. Most of them were only at the Condensation Period, and the leader should be at the Condensation Period later stage.

    As the macho man in black was preparing to say something again, and the leader was also replied in affirmation, he saw Liu Ming by the side. His eyes shone as he asked first, “Sir, should we deal with this person with the old rules?”

    Macho man in black shook his head at the moment. He said with a deep voice:

    “I’m afraid it won’t work this time. This man was personally appointed by Sir Siren King. After explaining the rules, just throw him directly into the mine. Don’t do any nonsense.”

    After hearing that, the guard leader showed his pity, but he didn’t dared to disobey as he nodded again and again.

    As the black macho man walked up to Liu Ming and was about to say something again, there was a “buzzing” sound suddenly around his waist. He frowned as he took out an item exuding a milky white object.

    Liu Ming saw a crystal clear oval disk array in the light, which was made of jade. Its surface was carved with complex and mysterious patterns, exuding a touch of spirit fluctuation.

    After taking out the disk array, the black macho man glanced at it, and his face suddenly changed greatly. After giving a few orders, he returned back to the teleportation array under the respectful gaze of the guards and teleported away.

    The leader saw that the black macho man had left, the respect on his face suddenly disappeared. He looked back at Liu Ming who was wearing a broken rob, and his face became hideous again.

    “Bring him down!”

    With a wave of his hand, two figures besides him immediately appeared in front of Liu Ming. They extended their arms and clasped Liu Ming’s shoulder respectively. When they exerted force with their five fingers, they instantly became as cold as an iron hook.

    “Boss, we really don’t treat him with the old rules first?”

    A guard who held up Liu Ming turned back unwillingly, and asked the leader guard carefully.

    After hearing the middle-aged man, there was a hint of hesitation in his eyes, but he nodded at the end. He said with an evil on his face, “Let’s take a look first. As long as it’s not too much, it will be fine. After all, this person is personally appointed by Sir Siren King. We should still be careful. When he stays under there long enough, he will naturally offer all his good stuff to us.”

    Before the leader’s laughter was finished, the two guards who held Liu Ming suddenly looked

    Rejoiced. They immediately extended the other hand and searched Liu Ming’s body.

    Liu Ming looked blankly at the scene in front of him. At this moment, he was completely devoid of spiritual power. Naturally, he would not do unnecessary resistance.

    After a while, one of them first found Golden Moon Sword from Liu Ming’s long sleeve.

    As he held Golden Moon Sword in his hand and waved casually, a whistling sound could be heard. The faint light on the sword was even exuding a thick spirit. One could see that the sword was extraordinary at first glance.

    When the Beastkin Clan middle-aged man saw the scene, his eyes widened a bit. He grabbed the Golden Moon Sword from the man, and played with it. The rest of the people also showed ecstasy on their faces. They also searched faster on Liu Ming’s body.

    A few moments later, several of the storage amulet that were obtained from the defeated opponents were taken out. They had the inferior grade and intermediate grade spiritual weapons, elixirs, and even Crimson Hydra Leather Armor.

    After the guard took the piece of Crimson Hydra Leather Armor, he immediately had a thought. He gently struck the Golden Moon Sword in his hand at the leather armor.

    A metallic collision sounded.

    When Golden Moon Sword collided with Crimson Hydra Leather Armor, there was actually a sound of gold and stone collision. It only left a faint white mark left on the surface of the leather armor.

    “Good treasure! I didn’t expect this boy to have so many good stuff!”

    Several guards looked at the Golden Moon Sword and Crimson Hydra Leather Armor in the hands of a middle-aged man. Their hearts were full of excitement, and their eyes showed a fiery expression of greediness.

    Then, in the “efforts” of everyone, the Sumeru Sphere obtained from Yan Jue and other storage amulets with some rare materials were all searched.

    As for Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull in the leather bag around his waist, they ignored them after they glanced through with their Divine Thought.

    Later, in Liu Ming’s cold eyes, several guards began to divide up what was found in front of him.

    Seeing a few people not far away fighting for the prize they got, Liu Ming couldn’t help but sneer in his heart. His Divine Thought scanned through the grain-size Sumeru Snail that was buried deep in his shoulder, and he was relieved.

    Soul Lock, Golden Fallen Sand, Nine Skulls Shield and other important treasures were fortunately hidden in it. With the cultivation of these people, they naturally couldn’t find it out.

    After 15 minutes, the guards had divided the treasures. The middle-aged leader walked toward Liu Ming with a smile.

    He seemed to be very satisfied with the many treasures that could be harvested from Liu Ming. Instead of making him difficult, he waved his arm slightly, and a black color iron sword with a weak breath appeared in his hand. He threw it at Liu Ming directly.

    “Hehe, but don’t say that we let you go into the mine empty-handed. With your current cultivation, this spiritual weapon is enough to protect yourself.”

    Liu Ming grabbed the iron sword. He could say that it was a very inferior spiritual weapon by just one glance and just glanced at it. His eyes twitched a little, then he retrieved the sword without any expression.

    Then the leader took out a black palm size flag, then he chanted.

    The original normal flag suddenly shone greatly, bursting with dazzling light.

    After the first guard gently shook the object in his hand, a cloud of black mist suddenly rolled out from the flag. After it surged over, it actually wrapped around Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming suddenly fainted. A gust of wind could be heard in his ears. He vaguely felt that his feet had left the ground, and he was being brought to an unknown direction quickly.

    About 7 minutes later, Liu Ming felt that the wind in his ears stopped, then he stopped abruptly. The four hands that were holding onto his shoulders suddenly loosened, and the black gas in front of him dispersed like snow melting.

    Liu Ming immediately regained his vision. He realized that he was standing outside a dark giant cave. The surroundings still looked abnormally dark. It was just that the humidity in the air was three times more than before.

    Am I now deeper in the cave?

    Liu Ming thought quickly while he looked around.

    There was a faint black mist drifting in the giant cave, and the cave was bottomless. The area was about three hundred to four hundred meters in size. The ground around was dark, and the surroundings were imprinted with countless dense tiny runes.

    Opposite this huge cave, there was an unknown giant beast covered with barbs.

    The image of this beast was ferocious. It had a pig head and elephant body. It had around one hundred meters in size. It looked like a small mountain from far away. Its barbs were like growing from its bones. The barbs were silver white, exuding a ghastly metal luster as if it could pierce through everything.

    Although this beast was lying there motionless with its eye closed, it still exuded a coercive breath no less than that of the Crystallization Period powerhouse.

    After Liu Ming’s Divine Thought sensed it, his mind was slightly shocked.

    In addition, there are twelve strange humanoid puppets standing near the giant cave. It seemed to faintly form a strange formation between each other.

    These puppets were extremely tall. It was as tall as two people. It was covered in crystal-clear armor like it was molded by jade. They were holding a huge golden club, standing still in place. They were even exuding waves of blue light.

    There were countless golden patterns like thin hair on the armor of this puppet’s surface. They spread on the armor like blood vessels. The runes formed many mysterious arrays.