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Chapter 379: Underwater Palace

Demon’s Diary
     Through repeated observations by Divine Thought, Liu Ming found that these black mists would not actively consume the spiritual power in his body. Only when he urged his spiritual power, the black mist would consume it.

    Each time the black mist consumed part of his spiritual power, its colour would be a little deeper than before, and its corrosion rate of his organs would also become faster at the same time.

    However, Liu Ming’s physical body was very powerful, and his recovery ability was amazing, so he didn’t have to worry much about this type of corrosion.

    However, if it was other cultivators in the Condensation Period Period, even if they were fine in a short time, it would cause a huge impact on their body for the long run.

    “What is this black elixir…”

    Liu Ming murmured to himself as he frowned, but he couldn’t think of a solution in a while. As he was helpless, he could only put the black mist matter aside, then he shifted his attention on the Spiritual Sea.

    After his Divine Thought glanced through, he immediately discovered that there was a bean-sized bloody light cluster floating near the Spiritual Sea, and it was slowly spinning. Each time it spun, the light cluster flickered as if it had life.

    This was the half of the blood that had emerged from the mysterious token, then it merged into his body.

    This bloody light cluster was similar to the black mist. When he tried to force it out with spiritual power, not only it had no effect at all, but the spiritual power was easily swallowed by it.

    Now both of them were firmly rooted in his body, and they couldn’t be forced out of the body by ordinary methods.

    “It seems that Siren King’s enchantment is really strange. I can only find a way to solve it in the future.”

    After Liu Ming thought about it in his mind, he didn’t bother about the black mist and the bloody light cluster. He simply took out several elixir that restored spiritual power from the storage amulet and ate them, then he meditated.

    The elixirs instantly melted into a stream of essence energy when they went into his mouth. They were slowly flowing into the meridian along his throat. Then, under the lead of his little spiritual power in his body, they began to repair the damaged meridians.

    Liu Ming knew in his heart. Soon after, he would be dispatched to the deep sea mine. Although he didn’t know anything about that place, he was certain that it wasn’t a good place.

    Therefore, regardless of any future plans, the immediate priority was to restore the spiritual power as soon as possible, so that he could protect himself in the face of crisis.

    If his life is gone, everything is in vain! As for other things, he could only take one step at a time.

    As Liu Ming thought so, he gradually calmed down. He didn’t bother about anything else outside.

    In this way, Liu Ming quietly healed his injuries in this cabin in the following times. He stayed in the cabin silently for about two months.

    In these two months. In addition to waking up several times from the entrance to eat bigu pill [1] Pigudan and elixir that restored spiritual power. He also tried to release mental power to observe the movement around the room, but in addition to vaguely feeling that the giant boat always flew in a certain direction, he didn’t have any new discoveries.

    And Qing Qin and others did not appear again to trouble him.

    As a result, Liu’s injury gradually became under control. His spiritual power had also recovered by less than half.

    On this day, as usual, he closed his eyes tightly and used his spiritual power to heal himself. There were waves of spirit fluctuations around him.

    Suddenly the whole house trembled, but it took a while to recover into its initial state.

    Liu Ming opened his eyes suddenly, and a trace of vigilance flashed on his face. He looked at the flickering faint light on the walls, then he murmured in enlightenment, “Have we reached…”

    Just as he was about to get up, the giant boat actually trembled again, then he could feel it diving slowly.

    At the same time, the enchantment on the surrounding walls suddenly shone, bursting out a bright light and brightening the whole room.

    After Liu Ming’s eyes lit up, he only felt shocked in his mind. He could help feeling astounded. He immediately made a gesture. His meridians instantly burst out spiritual power to hold his body tight.

    After waiting for a while, Liu Ming’s face changed slightly after hearing a muffled sound. However, everything was returned to the usual state.

    “All out!”

    In the room, suddenly a loud sound came out of the air, shaking Liu Ming’s eardrums until they felt throbbing pain. It was full of unspeakable majesty.

    Then the enchantment on the surface of the gate flashed and disappeared, then the door slowly opened on its own.

    After taking a deep breath, Liu Ming walked outside. At this moment, two guards wearing blue armor stood abruptly outside. Their faces were all covered by silver masks. After seeing Liu Ming, they said nothing and lead him forward.

    When Liu Ming came to the deck, Qing Qin in a green robe was already standing there, and beside him was another black macho man.

    The macho man in black had a purple sarcoma, and his face looked slightly hideous. From the breath of his body, he was also a Beastkin Clan powerhouse of the Crystallization Period.

    When Liu Ming’s figure appeared several feet away, the macho man raised his head and assessed him casually, then he looked back.

    Qing Qin said lightly to the macho man in black next to him, “Be careful, this human junior is a slave miner appointed by Sir Siren King. You must send him to the mine personally.”

    “Slave miner appointed by Sir Siren King personally?” As the macho man in black heard the words, his face flashed with surprise. He couldn’t help assessing Liu Ming carefully again.

    “Yes, I’m afraid that Brother Jiao has to personally bring him there.” Qing Qin said without thinking.

    “Hehe, since it is the order given by Sir Siren King personally, what else can I say.” The black macho man’s complexion turned normal. He sneered and replied.

    Just when the two were talking, Liu Ming’s figure had appeared ten meters away from them. He just stood quietly without speaking.

    The two guards quietly retreated after paying their respects.

    Liu Ming glanced silently for four times, but he found that there were some tall coral boulders all around. Their surface was uneven, and they exuded a colorful glow.

    Above his head, at a height of 100 feet, there was a light curtain barrier with a pale blue light, but beyond the light curtain was boundless sea water.

    The giant boat was suspended in the open land among a coral boulder.

    Liu Ming’s eyes turned back. When he glanced at the surroundings, he found out that there were some blue armor guards around the corals. They were standing there motionless as if they were stone puppets.

    A few miles away from the giant boat, there was a magnificent underwater palace. Although the palace was not too big, it still had more than ten thousand meters wide. The palace was surrounded by a layer of pale blue light curtain.

    There were more blue guards patrolled around the palace.

    Obviously, this was where Siren King lived.

    In the vicinity of this huge palace, there were some buildings lined up one after another. There were some strange cultivators coming in and out from time to time. They were wearing strange clothes that were hard to see on the Yunchuan Continent.

    “Jiao Chan, this person will be given to you now. I still have something to do, so I’ll leave first.”

    Qing Qin glanced at Liu Ming, then he asked the black macho man next to him again. After that, his figure flickered and disappeared.

    Macho man in black grinned at Liu Ming for a while, then he waved his sleeve. A ray of light flashed from his sleeve. After the light faded away in the air, a small black flying car appeared.

    “Boy, come with me!”

    The rough voice of the black macho man had already come behind Liu Ming.

    Before Liu Ming responded, the black shadow flashed in front of him. Then, he felt a strong wind rolling over him. A pair of big hands suddenly suddenly appeared on his shoulder, and the palms were extremely heavy.

    As soon as Liu Ming’s body lifted up, he appeared on the flying car with the macho man.

    The macho man in black’s figure condensed, then he made gestures on both his hand. Waves of gestures became a black ray that gradually went into the flying car below him.

    Under a tremor, the flying car immediately left the ground and floated in the air.


    The car turned into a blast of black light and went away.

    After 15 minutes, under the lead of the macho man in black, the flying car stopped in front of a one hundred meters building, and they jumped down from the flying car.

    The outer wall of the building was cyanine in color. Its shape was square which looked well structured. There were countless shells and pearls inlaid on the wall. It was dazzling like the stars in the sky.

    At this time, the black macho man next to him saw Liu Ming froze on the spot, then he snorted coldly. He raised his arm, clenched his fist, turned into an afterimage, and smashed Liu Ming back hard.


    The fist was extremely hard as if it was made of gold sonte. It brought a wild wind. As it smashed on Liu Ming’s back, Liu Ming staggered, but he immediately stood still as if nothing happened.

    “It turned out to be a Physique Cultivator! A Condensation Period cultivator can actually train the body to such extent. It is really rare. Hehe, it seems that you are born to be a slave miner. Don’t just stand there. Hurry up and follow me.” The macho man named Jiao Chan saw that he didn’t knock Liu Ming down with a punch, he felt a little unexpected. After a few sneers, he took the lead and walked toward the building gate in front.

    When Liu Ming entered the cyanine building with the macho man in black, he found that the space in it was not large, but it was very empty. There was a high platform that was being covered by a layer of white mist on the ground in the center.

    Around the platform, there were four green stone pillars. Each of which was inlaid with several black stars like crystals. The runes on the surface were flashing.

    This high platform was actually a teleportation array of ten meters size.

    After the two entered the high platform, the macho man made a gesture. The array made a soft chime, then it burst out dazzling light that shone the room. It then formed a light curtain that covered the two.

    After a few seconds, the space in the light curtain fluctuated together. After the white light flashed, the two figures disappeared without a trace.

    When the white light flashed in front of Liu Ming, after a dizziness, he suddenly appeared in a dark and wet cave.