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Chapter 378: Blood Spirit Silk

Demon’s Diary
     As soon as Qing Qin’s words fell, his palm turned over. Under the flash of red light, there was a blood red token in his hand.

    This token looked very simple with a size of a palm. Its surface was smooth. It faintly exuded a touch of blood.

    Qing Qin’s eyes flashed ruthlessness. His finger tapped the token lightly, and he suddenly injected a pure spiritual power into it.

    At the center of the token, a red glow flashed suddenly. Under a contraction, it suddenly turned into a blood light halo that spun rapidly. It quickly expanded and dispersed, turning into a dark red curtain that wrapped the token in it.

    The red light flickered in and out, and the surface of the token appeared a series of criss-cross patterns. The patterns were pale gold, and they intersected with the dark red light. It looked pretty weird.


    Qing Qin shouted in his mouth. He suddenly threw the object in his hand.

    The token floated in the air, then it suspended in the air, emitting circles of dazzling gold-red light and illuminating the entire room.

    As Qing Qin saw this, he began to chant. A series of blue runes surged from his hands. After they spun in front of him, they disappeared into the token.

    The patterns on the token surface seemed to become alive when the runes surged in. They detached from the tokens. After they trembled in the air and condensed into a cluster of blood red light, they floated in the air.

    Qing Qin was waiting for this. He opened his palm and grabbed in the air.

    The blue light gleamed, and the cluster of blood red light was caught in it.


    With a soft chime, his five fingers shook slightly, and the blood-red light cluster suddenly split into two. After that, it kept spinning in his palm.

    With the other hand touched gently, half of the blood red light cluster became blurred and turned into a blood red light that flashed into Liu Ming’s body.

    Liu Ming felt a tingling sensation like a needle in the Spiritual Sea. Although he was shocked in his heart, he did not make a sound. The blue veins on his forehead appeared, and his eyes were still staring at Qing Qin.

    “Hehe. Boy, with the previous elixir and this enchantment, you will be a slave miner forever under the sea!” At this time, Qing Qin said sinisterly.

    Then as he waved his sleeve, the other half of the blood red light cluster in the palm of his hand turned into a blood vessel. It merge into the token hanging in the air.

    The token turned into a simple and smooth appearance under a slight tremor and disappeared into Qing Qin’s waist in a flash.

    Then Qing Qin’s figure blurred. It disappeared from the room, leaving Liu Ming alone.

    At this time, the tremendous pain in Liu Ming Spiritual Sea also disappeared. He couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

    At the moment, although there was very little spiritual power left in his body, his physical body was still strong. Under the three punches without spiritual power by Qing Qin, although it was painful, it only caused minimal damage to him.

    After a moment, Liu Ming slowly climbed up from the floor with a sullen face. He no longer care about healing. Instead, he sat cross-legged on the floor to silently checking the changes in his body.

    Liu Ming expected this would happen.

    It was no surprise for Siren King to plant such an enchantment in his body with his arrogant character.

    If he didn’t guess it wrong, Wuyan and the other Crystallization Period powerhouses would be disposed of as usual. No one was spared.

    Otherwise, with a Beastkin Clan status, how would he leave these alien clan powerhouses with ease, and even brought them to his nest.

    After Liu Ming thought it over and over again, the only thing that was puzzling

    was that, since the other party was so cautious, why did he not take away his accompanying spiritual weapons, magical weapons, spiritual medicines or even spirit beasts in the storage amulet?

    Is it because I’m only at the Condensation Period intermediate stage, so they don’t even bat an eye on my belongings?

    Otherwise, are they doing it intentionally? Do they have any other intention?

    Liu Ming constantly guessed Siren King’s intentions. He could only continue to check the condition in his body.


    At the same time, when Qing Qin appeared again on the deck of the giant boat, he realized that Chi Li, who was wearing a red dress, was standing there and looking up here.

    As soon as she saw Qing Qin, the pair of beautiful eyes turned a few times, and she said with a smile, “Qing Qin, you’ve finally come out now. How is the kid doing?”

    “Hmph, what else can he do? Of course, I let him swallow the Sea Emperor Pill and plant the Blood Spirit Silk. However, this kid has a powerful mind. Under the pain that can hurt one’s soul, he actually didn’t even hum. “Qing Qin leapt to Chi Li’s side, standing with his hands on his back. He said faintly without expression.

    “This kid is indeed very weird. He can hurt Real Pellet State with the intermediate stage of the Condensation Period cultivation. It is also a precedent after opening up the Sea Region. But I don’t know why Sir Siren King wants to keep him alive. Based on my opinion, we can maybe get some kind of secret if we kill him and snatch his soul.” Chi Li gently stroked a strand of hair in her right hand and looked at Qing Qin with twinkling eyes as if she was expecting the other party’s answer.

    “So what if he has a secret? For us to advance to the Crystallisation Period, was there anyone of us who didn’t encounter any lucky event. Now that his sword embryo spirit is gone, it isn’t worth Sir Siren King’s attention even if he has a secret. Moreover, this human clan kid’s secret will be extracted by the guard in the deep sea mine sooner or later. Isn’t it better than our soul capture technique.”Qing Qin said with a smile.

    “Hmph, you are indeed right. I think it is because Sir Siren King is tempted by that Ye Tianmei, so he only keeps this kid alive.” Chi Li heard him, but he said with a dull face.

    “What are you talking about? How can you and I discuss the matters about Sir Siren King?. Chi Li, you don’t talk nonsense lest you get trouble on yourself.” Qing Qin was startled. He hurriedly looked around. After seeing that no one was nearby, he only anxiously lowered his voice and said.

    Chi Li also knew that she had said something wrong in a hurry, so she snorted and said nothing more.

    Qing Qin saw this, his heart was relaxed, and his expression slowly said:

    “You also know that the deep sea mineral veins lead straight to the bottomless abyss. Not only will his cultivation be limited, there are also evil beasts appearing often. Sir Siren King ordered us to keep the belongings and elixir of the slaves, and even let them keep their spiritual beast or puppet so that they can protect themselves. However, it will still be very dangerous inside there. There are many Condensation Period cultivators dying inside there. Even Crystallisation Period cultivators like us won’t be safe there. Moreover, the outer layer of the mineral vein is almost done excavating. Now the slave miners have to go deeper into the mineral veins to excavate. Thus, the danger is increased by many times… ”

    “But I always feel that this human junior named Liu Ming is still not quite simple. And that Ye Tianmei … Hmph …” After Chi Li’s face turned uncertain for a while, she still snorted sulkily.

    “Alright, that kid is now seriously injured and his life is under the control of Sir Siren King. Even if Sir didn’t trouble him, he can’t live long in the mine. As for Fairy Ye, it’s not you I can bother about it. “Qing Qin’s face suddenly sank. As his sleeve shook, then he turned into a green light cluster and left.

    Chi Li still remained in place, mumbling the name “Ye Tianmei” several times in her mouth, and her face looked gloomy for a while. Finally, her figure blurred and disappeared.


    In the cabin hall of the flying boat, Siren King, dressed in white robe, stood with his hands on his back while facing Crystal Valley, Valley Master Sun in front of him and Wu Yan, the master of the Black Flame Palace. He seemed to be instructing something.

    The Valley Master Sun and Wu Yan both stood respectfully and listened quietly. They went with a reply from time to time. They didn’t dare to have the slightest impatient.

    “I order you two to use all methods to take down the Thousand Treasure Mountain for me within one year, and integrate all the forces of Bieyuan Island. If anyone dares to resist, kill them!” Siren King said faintly, but his tone was full of majesty and undoubted.

    At the same time, his body seemed to emit a breath belonging to a Real Pellet State powerhouse unintentionally, which made the two feel pressured on their chests. The blood in their bodies was tumbling.

    “Yes, Siren King!”

    Although the two of them were the masters of one force before, they did not dare to have any objections at this moment. With a bitter smile in their hearts, they responded with an affirmation.

    The young man in white robe nodded in satisfaction. After saying a few words with a calm expression, he let them leave.

    Although Wu Yan and Valley Master Sun left Siren King’s side, they had previously planted enchantment by this Real Pellet State powerhouse. They immediately summoned a few subordinates and turned into a rainbow, leaving the giant boat. They went to the directions of their respective forces.

    At this time, in a room in the cabin.

    Liu Ming sat quietly on the floor, exuding a strange breath.


    He exhaled gently and opened his closed eyes. His face was extremely unsightly except for his pale skin.

    After some exploration, Liu Ming found that a black mist was attached to the surface of his internal organs. The mist was condensed. It was corrosive, slowing eroding his internal organs.

    This black mist was naturally caused by the black elixir that Qing Qin had forced him to eat.

    The black mist was very strange like a canker on the bone.

    Liu Ming thought about using spiritual power to try to dissolve it. But just when his spiritual power came into contact with the black mist, the black mist seemed to be full of life, swallowing up his spiritual power one after another and strengthening themselves after dissolving his spiritual power.

    When he saw it, he quickly dissipated his spiritual power in shock.