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Chapter 377: Black Elixir

Demon’s Diary
     During the previous dialogue between Siren King and Liu Ming, Li Kun carefully assessed Liu Ming on the side.

    With his knowledge and eyesight of a Crystallisation Period powerhouse, he could naturally see that the little golden sword cast by Liu Ming was a sword embryo spirit that was used to forge flying sword true spirit.

    But what puzzled Li Kun was how Liu Ming who was only at the Condensation Period intermediate stage condensed the sword embryo spirit, and he even burst its terrifying power!

    But when he saw his sword embryo turned into ashes after a blow, he was relieved. After the sword embryo was destroyed, let’s not mention Liu Ming’s true spirit was damaged, and he could no longer cast the previous mighty sword. Even after he recovered, he wouldn’t have any improvement on the Sword Cultivation.

    Otherwise, if Liu Ming could use the mighty blow for a few more times, he would really avoid Liu Ming everytime he sees him. He would forget about the holy beast’s egg.

    Moreover, now that he had offended Siren King. Although he was temporarily degraded to mine ore in the deep sea mineral vein, everyone knew very well that it would be so simple.

    In addition, he was also incapable of protecting himself now. If he really did have any thoughts, he wouldn’t act rashly at this time.

    Liu Ming could naturally guess what Li Kun thought, but at this time he could only ignore it with a smile.

    When Jia Lan and Li Kun also left, only Ye Tianmei and Liu Ming were left in place.

    Ye Tianmei frowned as she stood aside. She looked at Liu Ming and slowly walked to his side.

    Before Liu Ming opened his mouth, Ye Tianmei waved her sleeve. After a light flashed, a fragrant red elixir appeared in her palm.

    As soon as this elixir appeared, it exuded a strong aura. At first glance, it looked like something extraordinary. Especially the appearance of elixir, there were even runes faintly flowing around. It emitted a faint milky light, making people who smell it feel refreshed.

    “Hurry up and eat it!”

    Ye Tianmei didn’t say much. Her fingers flicked, and the elixir turned into a fragrant wind flying over.

    Liu Ming swallowed this elixir in his mouth and it turned a fluid that flowed into his abdomen.

    After hesitating, Ye Tianmei raised her arm and slapped his back. She immediately sent in a stream of pure spiritual power to let the elixir spread quickly, then it turned into a mysterious essence of energy. It ran in his meridians with a cool touch. It kept repairing Liu Ming damaged meridians and body.

    After doing so for many times. The backfire that caused by him forcibly condensing spiritual power was finally suppressed.

    As soon as Liu Ming looked relieved, he glanced at Ye Tianmei’s delicate face and whispered, “Thank you!”

    Then he closed his eyes to check his body condition again.

    At this moment, the severed meridians were everywhere in his body. His internal organs were somewhat misplaced. Even his Spiritual Sea, which was originally full of spiritual power, there was now no trace of spiritual power.

    Seeing this scene, Liu Ming smiled bitterly. This situation was even worse than he expected. If he was not physically stronger than his realm, he may have already died.

    Now even if there was a healing elixir by Ye Tianmei. It would still need a long time before he could recover.

    However, he recalled that when the sword was far beyond his expectations, he was equally shocked. He could actually hurt Siren King who was at the Real Pellet State.

    Although exploding the sword embryo spirit was a desperate move, he believed that a normal Condensation Period Sword Cultivator would never hurt Siren King even if he exploded his sword embryo spirit.

    On the one hand, Tai Gang Sword Tactics, which recorded this mystic arts, was really extraordinary. On the other hand, it showed that the Grandmaster Liuyin, who created the Tai Gang Swordsmanship of Savage Ghost Sect, had a high cultivation. He was by no means as simple as a Crystallisation Period cultivator. He was most probably not inferior to Siren King, and he could also be stronger than a Real Pellet State cultivator.

    Otherwise, his previous move would never have such great power.

    Ye Tianmei looked at Liu Ming who was thinking with his head down, and her eyes looked a little entranced. She sighed softly, then she wanted to say something to Liu Ming.

    But at this moment, behind the blue light curtain, two figures flew out of it.

    Liu Ming looked up in shock. He found out that they were Qing Qin and Chi Li.

    Qing Qin looked at them with a gloomy face, then he said in a low tone,”What are you two doing here? Do you want to defy Sir Siren King’s orders?”

    But when he glanced over Liu Ming, there was a trace of fear in the depths of his pupils.

    Obviously, Liu Ming’s move just now had given him a deep impression.

    Ye Tianmei raised her eyebrows and looked at them coldly, but she didn’t mean to move at all.

    As Qing Qin saw this, his expression was cold. He immediately said with a threatening face, “Why? Does Sister-in-law Ye want to resist? If that is the case, don’t blame me for being rude.”

    As soon as he spoke, Qing Qin immediately released a powerful spirit in his body.

    Chi Li also revealed an ambiguous smile. Her gaze looking at Ye Tianmei had a hint of coldness that was hard to detect.

    As Ye Tianmei saw this, her complexion turned cold. Her five jade fingers moved in her sleeve, and a little silver sword appeared in her palm immediately.

    “Go, as long as you can survive, everything is possible.”

    At this moment, Liu Ming suddenly grabbed the woman’s arm and said with a smile.

    Ye Tianmei’s body shivered. She turned and looked at Liu Ming, then she put her hand on Liu Ming’s hand. She nodded after a moment of silent.

    Liu Ming then loosened his hand. Without waiting for Qing Qin and Chi Li to say anything, he flew toward the blue light.

    Ye Tianmei regained her cold expression and followed.


    In the pale blue light curtain, there were a dozen of feet flying boats. The flying boats were black. Its surface shone with a faint golden light. At first glance, it was full of extraordinary enchantment.


    As Liu Ming carefully assessed the flying boat, in Qing Qin’s left hand, there was a palm size token that was full of patterns.

    A light blue snowflake was imprinted on the token. It was made of unknown materials. It was blue. There were water patterns on it which made it look like a jade.

    Qing Qin’s arm flicked, and suddenly a pale blue light was emitted from the token. It merged into the golden light on the surface of the flying boat.

    The four of them followed the gap and instantly went into the flying boat.

    After a while, the four of them were in a large and delicately furnished hall in the middle of the flying boat.

    “Siren King, I have brought them!” Qing Qin and Chi Li bowed slightly as they said.

    “Bring them down and settle them down. Right, don’t be too rude to Fairy Ye!” Siren King said without looking back.


    Qing Qin and Chi Li responded simultaneously, then they took Liu Ming and Ye Tianmei, respectively, and walked outside the hall.

    When he came to the door, Chi Li and Qing Qin exchanged a look, then Chi Li led Ye Tianmei to the front of the flying boat.

    Before Ye Tianmei took a few steps, she suddenly looked back at Liu Ming. There was some worry in her eyes.

    Upon seeing this, Liu Ming shook his head slightly. After he was pushed by Qing Qin, they walked to the back of the flying boat.


    After 15 minutes, Liu Ming was led into a rather lonely hut. It only had a few ten square meters. There were a few with several quaint chairs. It was surrounded by wooden boards, and the wooden board surface had a layer of brownish-yellow light curtain. There were countless tiny runes on it, exuding a faint spirit fluctuation.

    After assessing around, Liu Ming’s expression remained unchanged, but he sneered.

    With so many enchantments, it was clear that the Siren King wanted to monitor if anyone had any ill-intention, but he was not afraid of being discovered by anyone. His overbearing character was pretty obvious.

    After Liu Ming’s thoughts turned around, he took a deep breath. He immediately sat on the ground. He took out an elixir from the storage bag and ate it, then he began to heal himself.

    He was seriously injured this time. If he was careless, his realm would most likely be reduced by one rank.

    Now for him, the first thing to do was to suppress the injury completely and recover a little spiritual power first.

    Half an hour later, while Liu Ming was closing his eyes and cultivating, suddenly a footstep came from the door.

    Liu Ming’s eyes opened instantly. He looked towards the door. When a figure flicked, Qing Qin appeared in the room in a green robe.

    When he saw Liu Ming looking at him, a slight grim smile suddenly appeared on his face. He walked slowly to the front of Liu Ming. Suddenly, he raised his right arm and hit ruthlessly at Liu Ming’s abdomen.

    A “bang” muffled sound.

    When Liu Ming felt hot at his abdomen, he could clearly sense a strange vibrating force passing through the opponent’s fist. Even with his strong physical body, he couldn’t help but look pale. His blue veins appeared in an instant, and his forehead kept having cold sweats. However, Qing Qin threw another punch again without holding back.

    “Boy, what’s the taste of this punch?” Qing Qin said with a smile while watching Liu Ming’s body curled up like a prawn.

    Then he lifted his right hand gently, and a black elixir appeared in his hand. As he shook it, it turned into a black light and flew into Liu Ming’s mouth.

    Then he shook his right arm and hit him hard again.

    Liu Ming swallowed elixir into his abdomen with a subconscious mouth movement due to the abdominal pain.

    As the black elixir entered his mouth, it turned into a stinky energy that spread quickly in his organs.

    “What did you give me!”

    After Liu Ming reluctantly straightened himself, he felt a slight change in his body. He didn’t look angry. He asked calmly instead.

    “You will know later!” Qing Qin saw this, then he only snorted coldly.