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Chapter 376: Hurting the Real Pellet State Powerhouse

Demon’s Diary
     Just now everything happened in an instant. The nearby Crystallisation Period powerhouses saw the shocking scene in front of them, then they felt the fearful fluctuations looming in the one thousand meters giant sword.

    At the moment when the giant sword appeared, they felt a chill down their spin. They actually had a feeling of powerlessness.

    Several weaker Crystallization Period powerhouses subconsciously retreated a few steps. They grabbed their respective protective spiritual weapons in their hands as their heartbeat accelerated.

    The two Crystallisation Period powerhouse, Wu Yan and Valley Master Sun, looked into each other’s eyes, and they could see the surprise in each other’s eyes.

    With the horrible breath of this great sword, if they were the target, they didn’t have the confidence to take.

    Ye Tianmei looked at the giant sword in the air. Her eyes looked cold, but a strange expression appeared on her face.

    Even the young man in white robe not far away, at the moment when the giant sword condensed, the relaxed expression on his face dissipated without a trace. It was replaced by a sense of crisis. He growled lightly almost without thinking. His spiritual power was even channeling fanatically. A breath that was comparable to the golden sword’s breath burst out abruptly.

    For a time, the spirits within a thousand feet around flowed in, and then turned into a blue beam of five feet wide that rose into the sky.

    There was a sudden shock between the sky and earth. The young man in white robe had merged with the light beam. The pressure from the light beam was several times higher than before.

    At this moment, the blue giant palm suddenly increased to the size of a thousand meters. It was like a hand covering the sky. Under the command of Siren King, it dropped on Liu Ming and the golden giant sword like an enormous mountain.

    At this moment, the giant palm was ten times more powerful than the palms endured by Wu Yan and others!

    Siren King had instantly raised his spiritual power in the body to the extreme!

    Liu Ming, controlling his crumbling body, staring at the blue giant palm falling down in the air. As he moved his thought, the golden sword in the air shone greatly. It slashed toward the giant palm like a giant pillar that could reach the sky.

    Wherever the giant sword passed, the spirits in the space suddenly tumbled violently. The air explosion was deafening like earth shattering, echoing in every corner of the thousand miles away.

    Just when the giant sword was about to touch the palm, the blue light outside the palm suddenly flickered. Numerous blue halos emerged from its surface. The halos overlapped with each other and formed a faint blue light curtain, wrapping the giant palm in it.


    The giant sword was slightly blocked by the blue light. It seemed that it couldn’t go any deeper. As it was pressed down, a buzzing sound could be heard.


    A cold snort with a hint of sarcasm came out of the young man in white robe. His whole body was wrapped in blue light, and his appearance was blurred.

    In his view, although Liu Ming’s golden giant sword was far more powerful than he expected, his opponent was only a Condensation Period intermediate stage cultivator after all. Siren King was using all his strength now, Liu Ming had no chance at all.

    Just when others thought that the power of Liu Ming’s sword was about to be resolved, the giant sword that was blocked suddenly changed.

    On the surface of the giant sword, the dense spirit patterns suddenly turned like a living thing as soon as the golden light flashed. Waves of golden light interwound many unknown mysterious arrays, and there were countless golden runes flowing inside. They all surged toward the blue light curtain, and they turned into a cluster of golden flame that exploded, emitting waves of powerful fluctuation.

    In the blink of an eye, most of the sky was occupied by the golden sea of ​​fire and the blue light curtain which outlined a scene of water and fire.

    Looking around, it was gorgeous, but the bursting sound was astounding.

    After the nearby space trembled, just after taking a few seconds, the blue light curtain covering the giant palm gradually dimmed in the golden rune flames.

    At the moment, the golden light also went back into the giant sword, revealing the real sword that was a thousand meters. Although the light was gone, it still exuded the metallic breath of a real gold.


    The body of the giant sword hit heavily on the blue light outside the giant palm, and it actually broke a part on the surface. Then, it turned to a few ten meters and spread to all directions.

    Seeing this, Siren King’s face changed drastically. His gestures changed quickly, trying to resist the sword.

    The next moment, after the golden giant sword chimed, it slashed the blue light and giant palm into half. After that, it turned into a golden light that went straight to Siren King.


    The two giant palm halves split open when the terror waves split open. The golden light waves condensed slightly, but after it blurred and disappeared, it slashed the Siren King’s blue beam into half instantly. Everyone present was astounded.

    “How is it possible! He actually cut Siren King in half!”

    “Sir Siren King!”

    All of the Crystallisation Period powerhouse in the crowd widened their mouths with an unbelievable expression. They even exclaimed. Especially Qing Qin and Chi Li, their expressions were particularly agitated.

    However, just before everyone was awake,

    Siren King’s body, which was cut in half, suddenly turned into golden light spots and slowly dissipated in the air. The fifty meters blue beam also disappeared in a flash.

    At the same time, a cold voice came into the ears of everyone from the blue light at one hundred meters behind.

    “Even a junior of the Condensation Period can actually make such a blow. If I didn’t evade in time, I am afraid that I will really be hurt.”

    As everyone heard it, their hearts shook. It turned out that Siren King did not die. It was only his phantasm that was being sliced into half.

    Looking around, the figure of the young man in white robe appeared again in the blue light on the other side. But on the side of his face, there was a wound of an inch. A light silver blood flowing out and stained the white robe, but the blood instantly coagulated. The wound also healed and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

    The young man in white robe appeared again in a flash. Murderous intention surrounded between his eyebrows. He stared at the giant sword in the air with a gloomy face.

    It turned out that at the moment when the golden giant sword broke the giant palm, Siren King had a feeling of facing a life and death disaster.

    He immediately and decisively decided to explode the giant palm when the giant palm dissipated. The burst of powerful power could make the giant sword pause a little in the air, then he cast a mystic art to leave a phantasm with a hint of Divine Thought.

    Otherwise, once he was really hit by the giant sword, even if he was already a Real Pellet State powerhouse, he would most likely be seriously injured.

    Even so, his face was still hurt by the sword energy on the giant sword. Although only his skin was cut by it, it was the first time he was injured after he entered the Real Pellet State. He couldn’t help but look at Liu Ming with a strange gaze.

    At this time, Liu Ming’s face was pale. His forehead appeared blue veins as if he was enduring great pain. He stood on the ground with difficulty, staring at the young man in white robe across the distance.

    In the center of the eyes of the two, the golden giant sword condensed by Liu Ming had cracks all over, and it instantly broke apart after doing the terrifying blow. It turned into golden light spots and slowly dissipated in the air.

    Watching the golden giant sword slowly dissipated, everyone around was slightly relieved.

    But Liu Ming couldn’t help laughing.

    At this moment, the situation in his body was extremely bad. Because of the explosion of the sword embryo spirit, not only was his mind traumatized, he was even twitching due releasing such a huge spiritual power. His meridians were completely disrupted. He could no longer do anything.

    Seeing the bizarre confrontation between the two, the numerous Crystallization Period powerhouses around, whether Qing Qin and Chi Li or Wu Yan and Li Kun, all showed different complexions.

    Except for a little surprise in Ye Tianmei’s stunning eyes, there was a touch of worry.

    After Liu Ming coughed twice, he suddenly smirked at the opposite Siren King and said, “Now, I don’t know if I succeeded in taking your blow?”

    After Siren King heard Liu Ming’s words, although his hands were behind his back, a trace of killing intention appeared on his face suddenly. However, after a moment of silence, he suddenly replied with a sneer, “I have said that as long as anyone other than the Sea Creature Clan can take my blow, I will keep him alive and give him the rights to surrender. But it is a different thing to accept one as a subordinate. It depends on my mood!”

    Siren King’s sneer echoed in everyone’s ears which made many people feel stunned.

    “Then how do you plan to deal with Nephew Disciple Ye!” Ye Tianmei frowned, then she asked lightly.

    “In the deep sea under my jurisdiction, a mining vein is being mined there. Now there is a lack of a group of Condensation Period mineral slaves with a strong spiritual power. I will send you there to serve me since you can endure my one blow! Alright, the matter here is done. You all shall go back to the Siren King Palace with me. “Siren King said without looking at Ye Tianmei.

    Later, regardless of Liu Ming’s agreement, he turned around and fluttered into the blue light curtain that he had previously cast.

    After other people looked at each other, they could only follow him into the blue light.

    A moment later, apart from Liu Ming, only Ye Tianmei, and two people from the Sea Creature Clan, Li Kun and Jia Lan, remained there.

    Jia Lan looked at Liu Ming with a complex look. She walked up slightly as she tried to say something.

    However, Li Kun next to him suddenly stretched out his palm and grabbed her. Without saying anything, the two went into the blue light instantly.

    From the emergence of Liu Ming to this, Li Kun naturally recognized at a glance. Td the person in front of him was the “human race junior”.

    However, under these circumstances, he did not take the initiative to trouble Liu Ming.

    Not to mention that he had been recruited by Siren King. Even he couldn’t keep himself alive. When Liu Ming battled with Siren King, the shocking sword that he cast even made Li Kun terrified.

    If he really forced Liu Ming into a desperate situation, he couldn’t imagine how he would deal with it if Liu Ming used such a move. It wouldn’t be weird if he would die on the spot..

    As for the holy beast’s egg on Liu Ming, he still didn’t forget about it. However, he could only leave it for the future.