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Chapter 370: Strange Scene

Demon’s Diary
     “You still don’t want to let me go?”

    Although there was still a hint of shyness on Ye Tianmei’s face, her eyes had gradually regained its formal brightness, and at the same time her body had suddenly become exceptionally cold, and there was a slight sharp breath. It was as she would become a sharp sword the next moment.

    Liu Ming immediately reacted. If he continued to hug the woman, he would mostly be cut into a few pieces in the next moment. His face changed greatly. After he let go of his arms, his body retreated for a hundred meters or so. He landed exactly near the entrance of the cave.

    If Ye Tianmei showed any signs of making further action, he would flee without any hesitation.

    “Hmph, although I knew you are bold, I didn’t expect you to be so bold. You actually dared to molest me. You tell me, what should I do to vent my anger?” After standing straight, the crystal light flashed in her eyes as she said coldly to Liu Ming. The strangeness on her face also disappeared.

    An astonishing vibe radiated out. In a blink of an eye, she completely restored the cold and proud as a Crystallization Period Sword Cultivator.

    When Liu Ming listened to this, he opened his mouth, but he didn’t know how to answer it for a time. Eventually, he could only smile bitterly and say “you can do what you like”, then he stopped talking.

    But he was relieved in his heart.

    As long as the woman didn’t immediately cast the flying sword to kill him again, it meant that her killing intention had mostly disappeared. At least he could keep his life.

    “Hmph, do what I like… Great, you stay here and protect me. For more than a month, I will pay close attention to restore some of my spiritual power.” Ye Tianmei’s face revealed a complicated expression. After a while, she snorted before commanding.

    Liu Ming naturally agreed to it as he heard it.

    So in the following time, Ye Tianmei immediately took out a stack of disk array. He quickly arranged a light silver temporary magic circle and entered it without any facial expression. She sat cross-legged again, and her eyes were flashing coldly. She seemed to be thinking of something.

    After the woman made a gesture, the magic array buzzed. A layer of silver light curtain appeared. The runes on the light curtain instantly protected the woman.

    Liu Ming looked at the silver light curtain, revealing a thoughtful look, but then he shook his head and took his gaze back. He immediately sat down on the spot, and he began to close his eyes and adjust his breath.

    Half a month had passed just like that.

    At the moment, outside the array where Ye Tianmei was, Liu Ming sat quietly on the ground. At the array not far away from him, Ye Tianmei’s breath faintly spread out from it.

    As time passed, this breath became stronger and stronger, attracting the spirit of heaven and earth outside the array. It formed a visible flow of energy into the array.

    At this time, Liu Ming who was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the array. He looked helpless at the same.

    The movements caused by Ye Tianmei’s recovering array were really too much!

    All the spirits around him were attracted by it, making him unable to adjust his breath calmly.

    However, after feeling the powerful and sharp breath in the array, Liu Ming felt somewhat happy in his heart for an unknown reason.

    “I guess her injury has recovered by more than half.”

    Looking at the runes on the silver light curtain in front of him, Liu Ming murmured to himself, but his face looked quite complicated.

    Even he himself didn’t find out that, after the changes that occurred that day, Ye Tianmei’s position in his heart had changed a little bit subconsciously.

    In these days, whenever Liu Ming closed his eyes to cultivate, the flirtatious scene of that day would always come to mind.

    Although Liu Ming had experienced many unimaginable hardships and setbacks, he had never had such close contact with the opposite sex.

    Ye Tianmei’s graceful beauty was subconsciously imprinted in his mind.

    In particular, the scene where the two embraced each other was so vivid that Liu Ming couldn’t forget about it.

    He took a deep breath, forcibly suppressed the scorching heat in his heart, and looked again at the array. He couldn’t help but look worried as he didn’t know whether she would completely recover this time.

    When he first saw Ye Tianmei outside the Ironfire Valley, she was obviously seriously injured. Otherwise, she would never ask her junior for help unless it was a last resort.

    Afterward, the old man with green eyebrows chased all the way down. At the last critical moment, she cast her mystic art to recover her spiritual power when she was still injured so that they could both live. Then, she even forcibly condensed the sword embryo spirit to severely injure the old man

    Then, after waking up, she once again assaulted Liu Ming due to anger.

    Ye Tianmei, as a strong Crystallization Period powerhouse, although she was very powerful, her body couldn’t stand such a torment.

    If her source of power was hurt, leaving any unknown hidden dangers, then it was very likely for her cultivation to be reduced or lowered than her initial cultivation!

    Although Liu Ming had always been resolute and calm, he couldn’t help but be swayed by considerations of gain and loss at this time!

    On the afternoon of that day, the tranquility inside the cave was broken by a surprised sound that came out from the silver halo array.

    The array actually stopped running at this moment, and the silver light curtain disappeared instantly.

    Ye Tianmei, who was sitting at the center of the array, had already opened her eyes. Her two curved eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and a hint of surprise revealed from her beautiful eyes.

    But a moment later, the woman suddenly lifted her arm, stroked in the air, and said “close”.

    With a soft voice echoing in the cave, the light curtain that wrapped her body emitted a faint silver light. After it trembled a little, the runes in the light were circulating slightly.

    At the next moment, the silver light suddenly dissipated, revealing several flags. As she waved, the flags turned into rays that disappeared into her sleeve.

    Liu Ming was naturally awakened long ago. As he saw everything here, he suddenly stood up in surprise. There was trace of doubt in his eyes.

    But before waiting for him to speak, Ye Tianmei’s face not far away changed instantly, and an unbelievable shock appeared on her face.

    At the next moment, the woman made a gesture and burst out her powerful breath. She waved her sleeve and she turned into a silver ray that brought Liu Ming to the sky together. It actually broke through the top of the cave.

    After a flash of light, the two had come to the sky.

    When the figure appeared again, Liu Ming was still confused, and Ye Tianmei looked very dignified into the distance.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s complexion changed. He immediately followed Ye Tianmei’s gaze, but in the distance, except for a few floating white clouds and the scorching sun in the sky, no other eye-catching things appeared in his sight.

    Liu Ming blinked his eyes. As he was about to ask Ye Tianmei directly, in the distant sky, suddenly countless white clouds appeared in a tumble, and then thunderous sounds came.

    The sound was like thunder, and it also seemed like thousand horses galloping. Although it was far away from the two, it was still clear and audible.

    After Liu Ming heard that, his face turned solemn. He didn’t speak, but he was looking at Ye Tianmei with a look of inquiry.

    “You be careful later. I can’t bother about you.”

    Ye Tianmei said lightly without looking back. Her expression was exceptionally cold, but her voice was quite crisp and sweet. Liu Ming’s heart was moved as he heart it.


    Liu Ming responded softly, and then stood quietly aside. However, his mind was thinking fast about what would happen next.

    In less than 15 minutes, as the roar from the distance grew louder, the two could clearly see the colorful light curtain that were rolling from the distance toward them.

    Over time, the light curtain became clearer in sight.

    Liu Ming saw this clearly. It turned out that the light curtain was composed of dozens of escape technique lights, and some of the figures revealed in the escape technique light shocked him!

    “How can this be?”

    Liu Ming couldn’t help but exclaim because there were several figures in the lights. All of whom Liu Ming knew, and they were the people of Sea Creature Clan, such as Jia Lan, Prophecy Fairy and Hong San.

    At the moment, they looked panicked as they kept forming gestures and running forward like a crazy without turning their heads.

    However, the power of the other people surrounded by these lights were even more amazing, and the breath looming under the light was extremely powerful.

    They were either a spiritual fly weapon or a rainbow formed by unique mystic arts, or countless winds that supported their bodies. As they were galloping, the surrounding space was turbulent, and the sound of the wind was like thunder.

    Among these people, there were the Human Clan, Sea Creature Clan and Beastkin Clan. Looking at their costumes, they were all dressed in a black robe with a burning golden flame pattern on their chests.

    According to Liu Ming’s previous experience in Ironfire Valley, he immediately confirmed that these people were all high-level members of Black Flame Palace.

    In other words, most of these people should be the powerhouses in the Crystallization Period.

    One of the black-faced old men riding a golden puppet giant bird looked majestic and emited the most powerful breath, and the other Black Flame Palace powerhouse in the vicinity also seemed to be led by him.

    And the giant puppet was about three hundred to four hundred meters in size. It was covered in black feathers. Not sure what it was made of. It was emitting a faint metal light which seemed very sharp. As it flapped its wing, it caused gusty winds and numerous vortexs. The leader also turned into a light that appeared instantly for around a hundred meters. His speed was really astounding.