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Chapter 369: Detoxification

Demon’s Diary
     Originally, the remaining spiritual power in Ye Tianmei’s body maintained a subtle balance when resisting the toxin, and this balance was instantly broken by the addition of Liu Ming elixir.


    Ye Tianmei, who was still in a coma and looked pale, couldn’t but spurt out a black blood that had a pungent smell.

    It seemed that most of the toxins in the body should have been forced out of the body by the combination of two forces.

    Seeing this scene, Liu Ming was relieved, thinking that there should be no problems for the time being.

    Afterward, Liu Ming turned around, crossed his knees not far from it and sat down to recover spiritual power for himself.

    Just as Liu Ming’s eyes closed for less than 5 minutes, a soft hum came suddenly into his ear.

    This voice came from Ye Tianmei’s mouth!

    “Is she awake?”

    Liu Ming suddenly opened his eyes, murmured in his mouth, and looked up to where Ye Tianmei was.

    It was at this time that another change happened.

    The moment Ye Tianmei just opened her eyes, a wave of spiritual force suddenly broke out in her body.

    In its meridians, the remaining fever snake venoms were little, but it burst out abruptly when the effect of the elixir disappeared. After her body flashed in red light, waves of red halo surged out, turning into clusters of flame that wrapped around Ye Tianmei and burned wildly.

    The flame was red and blue, exuding a chilling breath, but it also gave a burning sensation which was very strange.

    Liu Ming was shocked when he saw this!

    Unexpectedly, this snake venom was actually full of spirit. Its last counterattack was so terrifying.

    However, at the moment of the flame eruption, the white dress on Ye Tianmei’s body instantly turned to ashes, and her pure body was exposed.

    Looking at the delicate body like white jade in the flames, Liu Ming was stunned for a moment. He could not help swallowing his saliva.

    The stunning face with white skin like jade, coupled with the smooth straight legs, slender waist, this scene was actually full of endless temptation under the comparison of the red blue flame.

    Liu Ming’s heart beat a little faster. His eyes were deeply attracted, and he couldn’t control himself for a while. Even his breathing became unconsciously rapid.

    Faced with this sudden change, Ye Tianmei also glared with her beautiful eyes. She was also stunned on the spot. She actually forgot to cover her body for a while.

    Liu Ming took a deep breath and channeled his spiritual power. A cool breath spread within his body, and the feeling of heat in the heart was instantly suppressed.

    But it was this slightly deeper breath that finally made the naked lady in front of him sober.

    After a hint of humiliation and annoyance flashed across her face, she suddenly waved one hand, and immediately a white wind blew past. Not only it put out the blue flame on her body, it also pushed Liu Ming away for a dozen ten meters.

    When the wind disappeared, Ye Tianmei not only stood up, but she also had another exquisite and unusual white palace dress on her body. Her gaze looking at Liu Ming suddenly became a little murderous.

    An overwhelming atmosphere of terror suddenly erupted from this woman. It was just like the severe winter, causing the temperature in the cave to suddenly drop and forming a layer of frost.

    Liu Ming’s heart sank. He knew that it was useless to explain anything at this time. After he made a bitter laugh, he was about to turn back and exit the cave.

    As Ye Tianmei saw this, her jade suddenly looked gloomy. Her sleeve flickered and a silver rainbow immediately swept out.

    Among the silver lights, there was a silver sword of several inches long.

    There were only a few ten meters between Liu Ming and Ye Tianmei. After the tiny silver sword flashed, it reached to the front of Liu Ming. The blow was as fast as lightning.

    As Liu Ming was shocked, he tried to release his gang qi and other spiritual weapons to resist, but it was too late. He simply crossed his arms in front of his body and let his spiritual power surged out madly.

    In an instant, the red light flashed on his arms. A dense red crimson hydra scale was born. This scale was very sturdy. It was like a layer of armor covering his skin, glittering a metallic luster, and there were several layers of it.


    Silver Sword instantly passed through several layers of scales on his arm, leaving a bloody hole. Then it pierced Liu Ming’s chest after another flashed.

    A sharp metal collision sound echoed in the cave, and the small silver sword bounced off immediately.

    Liu Ming only felt as if he was heavily hit by a giant object on his chest. He snorted immediately, then he was knocked back involuntarily and hit heavily on the wall behind. This made the cave house slightly tremble.

    Fortunately, at this time, the enchantment distributed in the previous cave trembled slightly, emitting a faint light. The rune circulated in the light, firmly holding the surrounding walls so that the cave would not collapse.

    Liu Ming forcibly endured the severe pain on his arm. As he bowed his head, he saw that the clothes on his chest were gone, revealing the crimson carapace worn inside, but there was also another finger size hole on it. A few crimson scales were flashing inside the hole.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming suddenly had a cold sweat.

    If he didn’t spawn a dozen of crimson scales on his chest, this strike would most likely pierce his heart.

    The woman was already seriously injured, but her simple strike actually had such a terrifying power. She was really worthy of being Yunchuan’s Crystallization Period Sword Cultivator.

    The sharpness of this flying sword was far from comparable to that of his own Golden Moon Sword. It was obviously not a general superb spiritual weapon.

    At this time, Ye Tianmei, not far away, was also astounded as she saw that her strike didn’t succeed. However, she became angry immediately. She pointed in the air as she was trying to channel the tiny silver sword.

    But at this moment, the woman suddenly made a painful snort. She spouted a mouthful of blood, and her hand movement stopped as well.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. Without thinking much, his figure moved as he turned into a gust of wind that rushed from the wall.

    Ye Tianmei was also shocked to see this, but at such a short distance, it was too late to call back her flying sword. She could only subconsciously strike with her palm.


    Liu Ming’s arm moved. He also launched a palm. Both palms hit together.

    Ye Tianmei’s palm shook, but she felt like she was hitting on an iron wall. At the same time, an astounding force came from the opposite. After her arm went numb, her body was forced back for a few steps involuntarily.

    Liu Ming just shook his body as if nothing had happened.

    The woman was shocked, and she couldn’t care much. She made a gesture, and her body was flashing a faint silver light. She seemed to be casting some kind of powerful mystic arts.

    When Liu Ming saw this, he almost subconsciously threw his body forward. After his arms turned blurred, he actually embraced Ye Tianmei, who was casting, and he suddenly hugged her tightly.

    At the moment when her body was hugged, Ye Tianmei only felt that her body became slightly stiff. The trace of spiritual power channeled in her body was dissipated immediately. The breath of the man was near to her face, making her more angry, but she could use any of her strength.

    For Ye Tianmei, being hugged by a man like this was naturally something that never happened before.

    For her, since she stepped into the cultivation world and entered the Tianyue Sect, she was directly accepted as a personal disciplinary by the previous generation sect elder because of her amazing cultivating qualifications. The sect elder taught her wholeheartedly. As a result, she advanced to the realm of Crystallization Period within a few hundred years, and she was famous throughout the Yunchuan Continent.

    Until now, whoever from the Great Xuan Kingdom sees her at the first glance wouldn’t think that she was a beautiful woman, but they would think her first female Sword Cultivator identity of Yunchuan and felt awe for her.

    Ye Tianmei was also determined to never marry anyone in her life. She would use all her energy to pursue the path of Sword Cultivator. Therefore, when other men appeared in front of her, no matter of their cultivation, she always looked indifferent to them.

    In this way, even if there were some Crystallization Period powerhouses who thought they were the best match for Ye Tianmei, they dared not show the slightest intimacy to her.

    And for these Crystallization Period men, as long as they were willing, they could have many great beauties of low cultivation falling for them. There was no shortage of beautiful concubines at all. For a powerful presence like Ye Tianmei, although she looked very beautiful, she could still make the men staying far away from her with respect.

    In this way, Ye Tianmei almost had zero experience in the intimate relationship. Let alone being hugged by opposite sex, she never had any physical contact with any man since she grew up.

    Now she was suddenly hugged tightly by Liu Ming, her “junior”. Although she was extremely embarrassed, she couldn’t help but feel a little dazed. Together with the strong arms hugged her, she could only pant in Liu Ming’s embrace after a few fruitless attempts.

    After Liu Ming controlled Ye Tianmei, his mind was calm. Until now he found out that an indescribable virgin body fragrance filled in his arms, and it was at such a close distance. The women in his embrace had her cheeks flushed which made her look beautiful and delicate. The pair of eyes even exuded an inexplicable temptation.

    Liu Ming always looked calm, but when he looked down at the stunning woman in his arms, and once again recalled the naked scenes he had seen before, he couldn’t help but lowered her head and kissed the girl’s lips.

    Ye Tianmei’s beautiful eyes suddenly opened up. Her expression was even frozen, but her body became more enfeeble. She actually didn’t struggle in that moment.

    Liu Ming greedily sucked the liquid from the mouth of the woman in his arms. For a long while, he cleared his mind and took back his kiss after a violent struggle. Then, he once again looked into the pair of cold eyes.