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Chapter 352: Escape Plan

Demon’s Diary
     In fact, Liu Ming was a little stunned when he heard Jia Lan said that she could help finish off the scholar behind him easily.

    After all, the man behind him was also a Condensation State intermediate stage cultivator which was the same level as him. Even if his strength was above the general Condensation State later stage cultivator, it will take a lot of effort to finish off this stalker without being noticed.

    If he wanted to make a move, he couldn’t use powerful means as it could overreach himself, causing him unnecessary trouble.

    As for Jia Lan, although she disappeared for many years, her cultivation had already reached the Condensation State early stage, it was obviously one level lower than the other.

    However, she had the physique of a succubus; she also practiced a lot of related mystic arts skills when she returned to her clan. Her strength couldn’t be easily measured by the realm.

    Liu Ming heard from Miss Zhong and others a long time ago that this succubus physique could exert a lot of power in group battles and dealing with opponents of a similar level, but it couldn’t provide many advantages when facing opponents with a higher realm that could suppress her. Moreover, the opponent’s mental power also didn’t look weak.

    However, with her character, she must have confidence for her to say that. Now that she was willing to solve the trouble for him, he was also happy. At the same time, he could also observe the true strength of the woman.

    Seeing that Liu Ming didn’t speak, Jia Lan acted on his acquiesce. She chuckled and removed off the barrier, and the two figures reappeared in the grove.

    Jia Lan’s slender fingers quickly made a gesture, and at the same time, a dazzling light burst out of her body.

    Immediately after that, Liu Ming only felt he was dazzled. Jia Lan’s slender figure was blurred in his sight. When she appeared again the next moment, it was already a dozen hundred meters away.

    “Sir have heard enough already right? It’s time to show yourself.” As Jia Lan’s crisp voice sounded, a slender jade hand lightly pointed at the space in front of her.

    The movement looked so light and graceful, like a butterfly fluttering in the flowers.

    But as her thin fingers swept across the void, it immediately set off ripples that spread to the surrounding.


    Under an old tree about one hundred meters tall in front of Jia Lan, the space suddenly fluctuated violently, and then a figure emerged. A yellow light flashed as he was trying to escape.

    A flash of cold light flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes. He could see the person wrapped in the yellow light was the scholar who had previously tracked him at a glance.

    Just now when Jia Lan pointed her fingers, the scholar felt the space around him was tight. His every movement became stagnant, so his first thought was to escape.

    What surprised him, however, was that the ripples that spread in the air nearby seemed to separate him from the outside world. It followed closely behind the tracker.

    He was not weak. After discovering that something was wrong, he immediately made a gesture. He took out a jade pen and drew it in the air for a while, and then suddenly a yellow spirit pattern ejected from the pen like a storm. As soon as these spirit patterns touched that layer of ripples, they went directly into them silently. There wasn’t any reaction.

    The scholar was shocked. He immediately stopped the escape technique, but he was surprised to find that he was only one step away from the old tree at the moment. It was as if he had never left half a step!

    As he was shocked, he knew that the woman in front of him had a strange mean. He couldn’t get rid of her easily. He immediately said, “This friend, please stop. I don’t have hostile intentions.”

    This person naturally did not really ask for forgiveness, but he just wanted to use his tactics to slow down his enemy.

    However, Jia Lan didn’t bother about the man’s words at all. She suddenly put slender jade fingers on her chest. Her gesture was turning like wheels.

    Subsequently, the space around her became blurred as it seemed to form another space on its own.

    What waseven more shocking was that at this moment, Jia Lan’s slim figure suddenly became eight more.

    The breath on the eight figures was exactly the same!

    Seeing this scene, Liu Ming’s pupils suddenly shrank. Although he had a extremely powerful mental power, he could only lock down Jia Lan’s true body only after a while.

    This also showed that if it was him who fought Jia Lan, he couldn’t be sure to identity her real body quickly.


    The scholar did not even fight back, and he was blown into the air by an invisible force. Its defensive aura was useless. At the same time, the phantasm of Jia Lan appeared around him at the moment.

    These phantasms were also different. There was frowning face; there was angry face; there was a sweet smiling face, but they all stretched out one finger to point at the scholar. A few light blue runes were shot out. They only flashed around the scholar, then they stuck onto him like a leeching worm.

    The scholar’s body flashed in blue light suddenly. His eyes began to stagnate; his hands began to drop down; the jade spiritual pen in his hand also fell to the ground.

    The blue runes on his body was getting more and more. Suddenly, his body was burst in a moment of contraction and inflation, turning into a burst of blood mist.

    From the beginning to the end, Jia Lan’s fighting style was extremely strange.

    Liu Ming was shocked looking at this scene.

    The phantasm that Jia Lan transfigured each faintly expressed a heavy feeling after he focused his gaze. It was very terrifying.

    It seems that even though this woman is one level lower than me, the weird succubus physique can still easily win by facing the opponent of a higher level.

    It seems that the rumor about succubus physique is not good at dealing with people of a higher level is really unreliable.

    After the eight figures blurred for a while, they merged into one the next moment. Jia Lan’s graceful figure appeared again in front of Liu Ming.

    She looked back at Liu Ming with an ambiguous smile, then she left without turning her head. After a few flashes, she completely disappeared in front of Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming’s eyes narrowed slightly. He picked up the jade pen that was dropped by the scholar and left the grove without stopping.


    In a remote house built on a hill in the Ironfire Valley, Liu Ming sat silently with his leg crossing. He frowned slightly as he seemed to be thinking about something.

    For a long while, his eyebrows stretched out while muttering to himself,

    “It seems that the Black Flame Palace player who spies on me this time is probably Yan Jue who is the guest of the Black Flame Palace. I really made a mistake to take out this troll bristle for this Soul Lock.”

    As he was thinking, his mind gradually appeared Yan Jue’s shocked and passion that couldn’t be concealed when he saw the black troll bristles.

    Liu Ming only thought about it for a short while, then his uncertain expression became calm. He took another deep breath and said to himself, “Although this Yan Jue is not a powerhouse in the Crystallization Period, he has already reached the Condensation State later stage, and he is also a forge master. His subordinates won’t be a small number. Now that he is targeting me, it isn’t easy to safely leave this Ironfire Valley easily.”

    The following time, Liu Ming’s mind had a lot of thoughts. They were all about the escape plan , but they were invariably rejected by him.

    He suddenly turned his hand and a red token appeared in his hand. This was the Yunchuan token that Ye Tianmei gave him that day.

    “This token may have some effect on deterring ordinary forces. As for this Yan Jue, I’m afraid it won’t work.” Liu Ming stared at the Yunchuan token in his hand. There was no smile on his face at all.

    Later, he thought of Jia Lan’s words that he could go to her after changing his mind, but he still shook his head subconsciously.

    With his character, how would he put his own safety on the hands of others.

    “It seems that the only way right now is to wait for the Sea Creature Clan reinforcements to arrive, and when they fight with Siren King, I will take the opportunity to escape. The Ironfire Valley will be very chaotic at that time, as long as I can get rid of the tracker, it won’t be easy for Yan Jue to find me again.”

    Liu Ming’s eyes flashed as he was thinking. His face finally looked at ease a little, but he still had to carefully think about the specific details of some actions.

    And the scholar who watched him had been killed by Jia Lan. Yan Jue should already know that he had realized he was being watched.

    He held the crimson token with one hand, and he fell into deep thought again.


    At the same time, an unknown land somewhere on Bieyuan Island, a hundred meter long flying boat shrouded in white light screen was travelling blasting at high altitude.

    The flying boat was clear and white. In its carved jade cabin, a woman in a white palace dress was lowering her head and playing a pale silver light guqin.

    Although the sound of guqin was gentle and pleasant, one could hear the hint of impatience in it when listening carefully.

    Suddenly, the woman in the palace costume ten fingers paused, and the sound of the guqin stopped. She looked up, revealing a beautiful face.

    She was the Red Scale Clan’s saintess, Prophecy Fairy who once appeared above the Xuanjing Palace!

    The woman in the palace dress slowly got up and walked to the front of the flying boat, standing together with a thin middle-aged man with brown eyebrows.

    “I don’t know what’s going on there? According to Jia Lan, they were assaulted by Siren King’s Chi Li and Qing Qin after leaving Ironfire Valley not for long. Li Kun is now seriously injured, and he even has a life danger. Miss Lan is still unconscious as well.” The middle-aged man spoke suddenly, and his tone seemed worried.

    “Third Uncle, I’m afraid we need to speed up a little bit more now. Jia Lan just sent me a message again. Their situation is now very critical. It’s only a few days from the one month promised by Black Flame Palace. If it is too late, once the high-level of the Black Flame Palace no longer stops Qing Qin and Chi Li, not only Li elders will have a life danger, the Tidal Shield will also be lost.” Prophecy Fairy, Liu Mei frowned slightly as she said slowly.