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Chapter 350: Mysterious Tail

Demon’s Diary
     A remote corner in Ironfire Valley, in a pavilion built against the mountain.

    An array that was formed by countless silver runes was shining in a faint silver light, but the original looming rune at this moment seemed to be solid. It was turning slowly as time passed.

    At this moment, Liu Ming, sitting in the middle of the circle, opened his eyes. Two flashes of light flickered from his eyes, then he made one gesture and grabbed the silver lock with only a few inches in the air.

    The silver lock instantly turned into a silver glow and fell into his hand.

    Although this Soul Lock was just an intermediate grade spiritual weapon, it took Liu Ming half a month to refine all the enchantment.

    Seeing that Soul Lock’s sacrificial refining was completed, there was joy on his face. During the refining process, he felt that this spiritual weapon was extraordinary.

    He made a gesture and there was a burst of black gas surging out of his body. Then, after the twinkling light flashed between the eyebrows, an amazing invisible energy surged out. After it made a turn, an invisible vortex was slowly forming in the air above his head.

    This was exactly Liu Ming’s huge mental power. Now that this lock had been refined by him, he naturally wanted to try the power of this spiritual weapon.

    Next, Liu Ming had a thought and injected his mental power into Soul Lock.


    The spirit pattern on Soul Lock seemed to come alive. It began to creep slowly, then a shocking wave suddenly burst out of the lock.

    The scene made Liu Ming overjoyed!

    The invisible vortex above him suddenly became bigger. Its volume was about one-fifth larger than its previous size, and it began to emit a looming faint white light.

    “Yan Jue is right. This lock really has the effect of increasing mental power.” After Liu Ming smiled, he made a gesture and the fuzzy vortex above his head slowly dispersed.

    Half an hour later, when he had understood the usage of Soul Lock and all the enchantments, he kept the small lock with satisfaction.

    “It’s quite a long time since the auction ended. I don’t know what’s going on outside. If there’s a chance, I should also leave this valley early.” After Liu Ming murmured to himself, he jumped down from the bed, exercised his hands and legs, and walked out of the pavilion.

    As soon as he came out of the pavilion, he found that the iron blood guard in the valley seemed to be twice as much as usual. After walking for a while, he even discovered that these soldiers were almost everywhere in the valley, and they kept patrolling back and forth.

    From this point, Liu Ming obviously felt a hint of tension.

    However, just when he was a little curious about what happened. He suddenly frowned; the expression on his face looked serious.

    Just now, he suddenly had a feeling of uneasiness in his heart, as if someone was secretly peering at him.

    “It looks like I can’t leave this place right now.”

    Liu Ming thought so, but there was nothing unusual about the expression on his face.

    The following time, he continued to go in and out of various stores. He seemed to be buying some common talisman, but he intentionally or unintentionally asked the shopkeeper about the recent incident in the Ironfire Valley. At the same time, he had already made a gesture with his right hand that was in his sleeve, casting his mental power mystic art to trace the source that made him feel uneasy.

    With the invisible release of mental power, he quickly locked down on a nearby vague mental surge.

    It didn’t take long before Liu Ming walked out of a shop calmly, but his heart was a little sullen.

    After he used his mental power to glance at the surrounding, he found that this faint mental power fluctuation seemed to come from eight directions respectively. In addition, the mental power fluctuations coming from each direction were abnormally similar.

    This also meant that he simply couldn’t directly pinpoint the source of the disturbing factors.

    But with Liu Ming’s nature, naturally, he would not give up on this.

    His left hand, which had not been used, began to slowly gesture. He secretly activated the Soul Lock. There was a faint silver flash at the center of his eyebrows; a huge mental power was released at that moment.

    Under the buff of Soul Lock, he finally found that the spiritual fluctuations around him were actually disguised by a very clever method.

    Now that Liu Ming, whose mental power was at the same level as Crystallization Period, also needed the help of Soul Lock. It seemed that the person’s cultivation and mystic art seemed to be uncommon.

    After Liu Ming sneered in his mind, his spirit naturally locked on the real mental fluctuation and tracked it silently.

    Within a moment, Liu Ming’s consciousness showed a clear scene.

    On a pavilion more than a hundred feet away, a scholar-dressed man, who was holding an old book, was watching Liu Ming with interest.

    And this person was the one who peeped at him just now!

    The man did not seem to realize that he was exposed. He seemed quite confident in his tracking method.

    Next, Liu Ming didn’t immediately go to trouble this scholar, instead, he continued to shuttle between the major shops.

    It didn’t take long for Liu Ming to hear a shocking news from the shopkeeper of a shop.

    “A group of Sea Creature Clan people, who were more than a hundred miles away from the Ironfire Valley, were attacked by Siren King’s two Crystallization Period powerhouses, Qing Qin and Chi Li. They were forced back to the valley after a fight. Li Kun, who was in the Crystallization Period of the Sea Creature Clan, was seriously injured, and he is still in a coma. Miss Lan is still unconscious, and the Black Flame Palace promised to protect the Sea Creature Clan for one month. ”

    After listening to this news, Liu Ming was naturally amazed. He didn’t have any thought to continue to hang out anymore, so he returned to his place without doing anything else.

    “I didn’t expect that this happened in just half a month. It’s no wonder that the situation in Ironfire Valley is so tense. Li Kun and Miss Lan are both seriously injured now. Qing Qin and Chi Li must be lurking nearby. It seems that it is not very safe in the Ironfire Valley. “Liu Ming in the house paced back and forth. His face looked uncertain as he murmured to himself.

    “I don’t know who the man dressed as the scholar is. Ironfire Valley is crowded with a lot of powerhouses. It is difficult to determine his identity.” Liu Ming was having a headache when he thought of the man who spied on him secretly.

    “Fortunately, this Li Kun is seriously injured now, so now he can not pose a threat to me in the short term. I don’t have to worry about being troubled by this old brat.” Liu Ming muttered a few words and started to fall into deep thought again.

    In the following time, Liu Ming’s thoughts flashed quickly. First, he analyzed the current situation of Ironfire Valley, and then analyzed his situation, thinking about how to safely leave Ironfire Valley.

    The purpose of his trip had been achieved, but he didn’t want this trip to become unfruitful.

    One day passed quickly.

    At this moment, Liu Ming frowned and sat on the bed; his expression didn’t look great. After a whole day of observation, he found that the subtle spiritual fluctuations had been circling around his house; they never disappeared for a moment.

    He even discovered that this mental power fluctuation changed three times in a day. Which meant at least three people were monitoring him in turn. Besides, the mental powers of the trio were quite extraordinary which was enough to explain that the force behind them was extraordinary.

    This made Liu Ming even more disturbed.

    After all, no matter who it was, he wouldn’t feel easy being stared at by such an unknown force for days and nights.

    “No, I have to resolve the matter as soon as possible. This is too passive for me.”

    Not sure how much time had passed, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed coldly. He seemed to make a decision finally.

    In the early morning of the third day, he didn’t stay in the house and walked out of the pavilion.

    He walked seemingly casually on the street of Ironfire Valley Street, but he had released his mental power secretly. He spread it around him with a very skilled technique, exploring the movement around him.

    Suddenly, Liu Ming frowned slightly, but it soon returned to normal.

    Just a moment ago, he found that there was another person behind him not far away. An unfamiliar mental surge followed behind him.

    Liu Ming was a little surprised, but there was still no strange expression color on his face. Instead, he went around the lively area in the valley.

    Soon after, he was surprised to find that the mysterious man had been following him closely was completely fearless.

    This really puzzled Liu Ming’s mind. The behavior of this newly appeared person was different from those of the previous ones. He didn’t seem to care about being exposed.

    “Is there anyone else eyeing on me?” As Liu Ming thought about it, he could not help but feel a little helpless.

    Then, he thought of something and walked slowly into a remote forest in Ironfire Valley.


    After 15 minutes.

    In a secluded grove in Ironfire Valley.

    A seemingly thin girl was walking slowly through the forest, but her gaze was constantly looking around as if she was looking for something. She was muttering in her mouth, “It’s weird. He was obviously here just now.”

    However, the next moment, just before the thin woman turned around, a dark shadow suddenly appeared not far from her.

    As this figure just appeared, a pair of sharp eyes like a knife stared at the woman. At the same time, a cold voice sounded in her ears, “Miss, you have followed me for so long, and you should give a reasonable explanation now. Otherwise, don’t even think of leaving this place easily.”

    The dark shadow was naturally Liu Ming. When he appeared, he released an astonishing breath and he instantly blocked the person in front of him.

    But the thin girl’s following move surprised Liu Ming instead.

    Not only she wasn’t in a panic, but there was also a trace of joy on her face instead. She waved her hand and a light curtain rolled out. In a flash, it enveloped Liu Ming and her body in it.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming immediately made a gesture. If the girl in front of him had any strange move, he would attack immediately.

    But the next scene made Liu Ming astounded.

    After the thin girl wiped her face with her slim and delicate hand, a familiar and unrivaled beautiful face was revealed. Her facial features were exquisite and pleasant; she had thick eyebrows and a tall nose. Her face naturally exuding a charm that could hook one’s soul.

    This girl was Jia Lan!