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Chapter 349: Nine Skulls Shield

Demon’s Diary
     At this time, Liu Ming who was at the critical moment of sacrificial refining of the Soul Lock didn’t know what happened outside.

    He was covered in blue light, and a silver lock the size of a few feet was quietly suspended above his head.

    The rune above the small lock was still turning slowly, and it seemed to form a weak connection between Liu Ming.

    It seemed that it wouldn’t be long before Liu Ming could fully refine it.


    Deep underground in the Ironfire Valley. In a great hall surrounded by black iron ore.

    The hall was extremely spacious, and a trace of strange red mist permeated from all corners, covering the entire hall and forming a faint red curtain.

    This light curtain was a very powerful enchantment!

    At this moment, a figure in the middle of the hall was holding a crystal jade bowl, floating above an acre-sized pool.

    The man was wearing a red robe with ordinary appearance, but he was born with a pale red spirit pattern on both sides of his cheek.

    It was the Fire Mastery Clan, Forge Master Yan Jue.

    And the pool underneath was all filled with crimson blood. The thick blood was sticky. An abnormally pungent bloody smell slowly diffused from this blood pool.

    These sights made those who saw it terrified; those who smelled it disgusted; those who thought about it shocked. How many soul essences were used to fill this pool of blood red water!

    At the edge of the blood pool, there were black silk threads interwound with each other if one looked carefully, and they were linked together in a mysterious way, forming a black spirit pattern.

    The arrangement of these black spirit patterns was also quite particular. It faintly formed a huge magic array that surrounded the blood pool in the center.

    At this moment, over the blood pool, Yan Jue’s gestures changed constantly. At the same time, he was chanting.

    “Shoop!” In a sharp sound, Yan Jue condensed a dazzling gesture, then it fell into the jade bowl in his hand.

    Subsequently. The unknown, black, crystalline, viscous liquid in the jade bowl began to creep slowly as if it had life.

    At first, the creeping speed of liquid was relatively slow, but later, it became faster and faster. In the end, it danced wildly in the jade bowl.

    This scene made Yan Jue’s eyes and pupils shrink slightly, but there was a hint of joy on his face.

    His right hand gesture changed slightly, then a black light went into the jade bowl.

    A weird scene emerged in the next moment!

    With two “puff” sounds, a black snake figure with several feet long suddenly appeared over the jade bowl. It was surging in the black light. Its body gradually shrank. Finally, it fell into the jade bowl strangely, turning the wildly dancing viscous liquid into a black snake with a thumb size.

    As this black snake just appeared in the jade bowl, it started to twitch fiercely. It had a momentum of coming out of the jade bowl.

    Seeing this, Yan Jue changed his gesture. He slapped on the jade bowl, and there was a black halo flash above the jade bowl.

    At this time, the faint scream of the black snake in the jade bowl could be heard faintly, but it didn’t last long. After a few breaths, the black snake’s body slowly dissipated and finally turned into the black crystal liquid again.

    There was a flash of excitement in Yan Jue’s eyes. He flipped his wrist and pour the black liquid into the blood pool.


    The moment the black liquid was poured into the blood pool. The blood in the pool seemed to have life. It immediately rolled up turbulently and swirled madly, forming a bloody vortex.

    As Yan Jue saw this, his ten fingers formed gestures without hesitation. Afterimages of his fingers moving could be faintly seen.

    At the same time, the deep voice of Yan Jue’s chanting could be heard from his mouth.

    Strangely, with the sound of this spell, rounds of ripples appeared above the blood pool, and they quickly spread out. Some of which fell into the blood pool.

    The huge array outside the blood pool was buzzing loudly instead. Dazzling red lights rose from the array and quickly shot into the sky.

    The bloody vortex’s rotation speed became faster again. Its speed was doubled for just a moment.

    At this time, a more evil scene emerged from above the blood pool. The thick black gas suddenly rolled out from the bottom of the blood pool. It danced wildly as if something was about to burst out of it.


    Less than five minutes.

    With a low whistle, the black gas dancing over the bloody vortex suddenly stopped rolling, then a black skull shield with nine skulls imprinted on the surface slowly emerged from the vortex, and slowly rose into mid-air.

    This shield was dark with around the size of ten feet. There were waves of black gas constantly permeating out of the nine skulls image, and it vaguely formed a ferocious ghost face that seemed to roar endlessly. It was lifelike, and it seemed extremely weird.

    The vortex in the pool stopped turning instantly. It became abnormally calm as the shield flew out.

    “It’s done!”

    When Yan Jue saw the shield, he looked very delighted. The gestures in his hands that were changing suddenly stopped. At the same time, he pointed a finger at the black shield.

    After this point, there were gray waves appearing in the air. They enveloped the shield after they shook.

    With a “bang” on the surface of the shield, countless black runes emerged from it, and it quickly condensed into layers of ambiguous runes. There were as many as 34 layers.

    These 34 layers represented the 34 enchantments!

    This shield was a superb spiritual weapon, and its quality was far superior to that of the previous upper rank superb spiritual weapon, Tidal Shield. It was only two enchantments away from the legendary 36 enchantments top rank superb spiritual weapon. The spiritual weapon with more than 36 enchantments could be called as true spiritual weapon with the overwhelming power!

    “Providence does not let down a man who does his best. I finally forged the Nine Skulls Shield in my lifetime. This shield almost depleted the precious materials I accumulated. I don’t even know how much I spend to collect this pool of blood essence. If I wasn’t a guest in the Black Flame Palace to exchange countless resources with my exquisite foring skills, I wouldn’t be able to forge it. As long as I forge it into the 36 enchantments superb spiritual weapon and consume it. Through the power of this shield, I must be able to break through the bottleneck that made me stuck for dozens of years and advance into the Crystallization Period.”

    Yan Jue’s eyes glowed with enthusiasm, and he stared at the Nine Skulls Shield without blinking as he muttered to himself.

    “Hehe, how would the clueless people who fought for the Tidal Shield know that Tidal Shield is nothing more than a test piece before the forging of Nine Skulls Shield. But even so, its level is far from those two old brats can reach. Hmph, what three forge masters!? This is really ridiculous! ”

    Then he seemed to think something again, and his face suddenly became excited, “Fortunately, I got these two bristles with spirits from the kid. Otherwise, I couldn’t forge this Nine Skulls Shield into 35 and even 36 enchantments. However, I can barely forge it into 35 enchantments with this little material. If I want to improve it to 36 enchantments, I must get it from that young man again.”

    Yan Jue murmured to himself again. He turned his hand and two black bristles he got from Liu Ming appeared in his hand.

    After a while, Yan Jue kept his rejoice in his heart. He threw up the black bristle and Nin Skull Shield; his hands began to gesture continuously.

    Suddenly, the two black bristles’ size increase tremendously. In the blink of an eye, they had become the size of few ten feet. They entangled with the Nine Skulls Shield fanatically.

    At the same time, the black gas emanating from the black skull shield became denser. The original vague face also became realistic.


    In the next few days, Yan Jue never left the underground hall at all. He was forging the 35th enchantment of the Nine Skulls Shield for day and night.

    Two days later.


    There was a loud roar, coming from the black skull shield suspended above Yan Jue’s head.

    After the roar, there were unusually fiendish ghost faces, shooting out one by one from the shield. They all hit various places in the hall, making a loud noise.

    The entire hall shook violently at this moment, and huge stones kept falling, stirring up some dust.

    The whole hall seemed like it was going to collapse at any time with such momentum! The power of this superb spiritual weapon that contained 35 enchantments was evident!

    “Okay, very good. I really wasn’t disappointed. I have started to look forward to how powerful this Nine Skulls Shield is after foring the 36 enchantments.” Yan Jue took back the black skull shield with one gesture. After grabbing it, he said in satisfaction.

    Later, he made gestures again and again. After he experimented the power of this Nine Skull Shield for a dozen times, he stopped reluctantly because of the lack of spiritual power.

    After Yan Jue carefully put the shield in his hand into the storage amulet, his eyes flashed as if he seemed to think of something. He took out a golden disc. After he made a gesture to send a line of tiny words into it, only then he slowly walked out of the underground hall.

    For a moment, Yan Jue came to a pavilion. A macho man was waiting in it.

    “How? Does the person have any movement?” As soon as he entered the room, Yan Jue asked the macho man; his words were quite majestic.

    The person that Yan Jue mentioned was naturally Liu Ming.

    Although Liu Ming came here after he disguised his face and hid his breath, with Yan Jue’s power in the valley, as long as he checked and ruled out the places, he could easily find Liu Ming’s hiding place.

    And after the auction that day, he was very excited as he saw the black troll bristles in Liu Ming’s hands. He even had ill-intention about it.

    He never believed in Liu Ming’s words. The reason why he let Liu Ming leave was because he was inconvenient to make a move in the auction. Moreover, he hadn’t confirmed whether the bristles was the spiritual material in the rumor, so he didn’t keep Liu Ming there.

    Now that he was certain that the black bristle was really a spiritual material, he would naturally take action against Liu Ming.

    “Reply to Master, after the man left the auction, he has been staying in that house. He has never been stepping out.” As the macho man heard the words, he immediately said respectfully to Yan Jue.

    “Very well, it seems that he wants to sacrificially refine the Soul Lock. Anyway, you guys keep an eye on him. No mistake will be allowed. Once he leaves Ironfire Valley, report to me immediately. Otherwise, you should know the consequences. Yan Jue’s face flashed ruthlessness as he commanded the macho man.