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Chapter 348: Red Glow

Demon’s Diary
     However, the weird giant beast flew through the sky like a blast as it just appeared, charging at Li Kun. The space it passed through immediately had waves of blue ripples.

    As Li Kun saw this, his pupils shrunk slightly. The black and translucent stick in his hand was thrown up, and he made gestures with one hand as he started to chant.

    Suddenly, the black and translucent stick rose in the wind and turned into a length of nearly fifty feet. At the same time, the dazzling silver light soared into the sky from the black stick. It instantly enveloped all the places in the circle.


    In a loud shout, Li Kun suddenly pointed out with his right hand, and the stick suddenly turned into a shadow of a ferocious giant beast.

    The fish head bird body monster roared loudly. It raised its head, spitting a blue light ball of the building size, and it hit the giant stick in a flash.


    The sky was shrouded in blue light and stick shadow, and the inexplicable terror waves came from the place where they collided, making a loud noise that spread around.

    In this violent wave, the light curtain of the protector in front of the Sea Creature Clan was shaking, and the blue light was dim in the blink of an eye.

    As Miss Lan saw this, she gritted her teeth and spat her blood on the shell-shaped spiritual weapon, only then she could barely maintain the shield.

    Then, she looked at the light ball and silver stick shadow resisting each other in mid-air. There were countless waves of ripples released from the giant beast and the silver stick glow.

    At this moment, both Qing Qin and Li Kun made their gestures, injecting spirit into the beast and the stick.

    For a while, the two were deadlocked again.

    But judging from the current situation, the blue giant beast seemed to have more advantages than the silver stick. It has a tendency to suppress the silver stick!

    Seeing this scene, Miss Lan’s face constantly changed.

    If Li Kun loses a little bit, not only will they not be able to protect Tidal Shield, but they will eventually be killed by Qing Qin.

    At this moment, a red glow suddenly shot out from an inconspicuous tree slit behind Li Kun. This red glow was very fast. After a flash, it had already reached behind Li Kun. After a crisp sound, it suddenly split into eight light glows, and it attacked Li Kun’s critical points from various angles.

    Miss Lan and others could not respond at all for a while.

    Li Kun, though aware of it, was entangled by Qing Qin, so he couldn’t defend against that. He could only shake his sleeves barely, shooting out two faint silver glows.

    They formed a thin layer of silver shield around the body.

    However, for this unusually strange red light, this faint silver light protection shield was extremely fragile.

    With a few “bangs”, cracks emerged on the shield.

    With a muffled sound, Li Kun threw up the stick in his hand, and several blood pillars spurted out of his body as he stumbled back.

    At this moment, the fish head bird body monster suddenly shook its wings, and its huge body suddenly disappeared like a ghost.

    The next moment, with a “bang”, the giant beast turned into a blue afterimage and slammed heavily onto Li Kun. Li Kun was knocked back straight away and landed in the grass 30 feet away.

    Under the painful scream, Li Kun spurted blood from his mouth, and his breath was diminished to the extreme.

    At this moment, Miss Lan and other Sea Creature Clan people just saw it clearly. The figure that shot out the red glow behind the tree flickered and a woman in a red skirt appeared silently with a sneer on her face.

    It was Chi Li (red carp) under the Siren King who came with Qing Qin.

    It was just that no one knew how could she hide from Li Kun and his party. She hid in such a near spot, but no one noticed her. Thus, there was this successful backstab.

    “Elder Li!”

    Miss Lan yelled. She suddenly jumped out. After landing on the ground a few times, she landed next to Li Kun, helping him up.

    At this moment Li Kun’s face was extremely pale, and he looked exhausted as if he got older for a dozen years.

    “Haha, Li Kun, hands out the Tidal Shield obediently, then I will end your life swiftly.” Seeing Chu Li’s sneak attack was successful, and Li Kun was seriously injured, Qing Qin was naturally overjoyed. After the giant beast morphed into the human shape, he laughed right away, walking straight to Li Kun and Aunt Yu.

    After the red skirt woman laughed, she approached the Sea Creature Clan woman from another direction.

    Seeing this scene, Aunt Yu’s face showed a little panic. However, after she immediately clenched her teeth, she suddenly turned her hand and took out a golden talisman.


    After a shout, the gold talisman was burst by the woman after spurting out a few spouts of blood essences. The golden rune immediately danced wildly around Qing Qin and Chi Li. In a blink of an eye, there was a golden shining talisman array around Qing Qin and Chi Li.

    As this array appeared, Qing qin and Chi Li were immediately trapped in it.

    “Let’s… go!”

    Although Qing Qin and Chi Li were trapped, Li Kun knew that this was only a temporary expedient. It wouldn’t be long before they broke through the talisman array. He immediately endured the wounds on his body and made a gesture.

    “Hoo” “hoo”, the silver glow on Li Kun danced wildly again, and it finally turned into a blaze of silver light and covered the other Sea Creature Clan people among them.

    At this time, Li Kun made a gesture again and the silver light shot to the sky, fleeing straight to the direction of Ironfire Valley.


    Just fifteen minutes after Li Kun and his party escaped back to the Ironfire Valley.


    At this moment, the golden array suddenly turned into golden light spots and scattered. Then, Qing Qin and Chi Li appeared from these golden light spots.

    “Hmph, let’s chase, Li Kun is seriously injured now, they must have gone back to the Ironfire Valley like a coward.” As Qing Qin said like this, a layer of blue halo shrouded his body, turning into a blue light that disappeared from the place.

    Chi Li also made a gesture and turned into a red light, following Qing Qin.

    It didn’t take long for the Qing Qin and Chi Li to appear in Ironfire Valley. Qing Qin took out a compass in his hand, and he was walking quickly in the direction of the pointer on the compass.

    After fifteen minutes, they stopped in front of a seemingly inconspicuous house.

    “Li Kun, see how you can escape from me.” Qing Qin laughed. As he was about to break in, three dark shadows appeared in front of Qing Qin and stopped him. Everyone was wearing an icy mask; they were the three Black Flame Palace’s Crystallization Period powerhouses who appeared in the auction house!

    “Qing Qin, whoever comes to Ironfire Valley is a guest of my Black Flame Palace. I hope that you can give face to the Black Flame Palace and don’t fight in the valley.” A Black Flame Palace powerhouse slightly cupped his fist and said.

    “I will naturally give face to the Black Flame Palace, but if I can’t complete my mission, I can explain to Siren King when I go back.”

    Qing Qin purposely emphasized the words “Siren King”.

    After all, Siren King was a true Real Pellet State strongman, and the Black Flame Palace was impossible to not be afraid of him.

    Sure enough, after hearing the words “Siren King”, the three Crystallization Period powerhouses of the Black Flame Palace suddenly became silent. After that, they exchanged a look with each other before saying to Qing Qin, “Let’s take a step back. Black Flame Palace will protect them for a month. After a month, their life and death are unrelated to us. No matter what happens between you and them, we will not question you. Is Sir satisfied with this?” A Black Flame Palace’s Crystallization powerhouse said slowly.

    Qing Qin was astounded as he heard that. However, when he looked at the Crystallization powerhouses who were at the same level as him, he slowly nodded after his eyes flickered a few times. “Okay, I will give face to the Black Flame Palace and listen to your words.”

    Although the woman in the red skirt frowned slightly after she heard that, she pouted without saying anything.

    Right now, Qing Qin couldn’t stop for long. He turned around and disappeared at the corner of the street not far away.


    Somewhere in the Ironfire Valley, Li Kun’s face was as yellow as wood, lying unconscious on the bed, and Miss Lan fell into a deep sleep due to mental usage overload for casting the golden talisman array.

    “Miss Jia Lan, Elder Li and Miss Lan are now seriously injured. What if the two Siren King’s subordinates come again? What should we do?” A Sea Creature Clan man was watching Li Kun and Miss Lan; he said as his face looked uncertain.

    “Don’t worry, for a short time, Qing Qin shouldn’t be able to find this place. And this Ironfire Valley is under the jurisdiction of the Black Flame Palace. Even if they come here, they can’t be too aggressive. We should be safe in the short term. At the moment, the only thing we can do is ask for reinforcements as soon as possible. ”

    Jia Lan frowned slightly. There was a hint of anxiety in her heart, but she could still calm down and said that.

    After that, this woman turned her hand and a blue disk array appeared on her palm. After she made a gesture, she chanted in her mouth, and a line of tiny words went into the disk array.

    Seeing that the girl wasn’t flustered and organized the matters well in a dire situation at this moment, the several Sea Creature Clan people were slightly relieved. However, when they thought of the situation in the future, they couldn’t help but feel very heavy in their hearts.



    Another day passed.

    In the Sea Creature Clan house.

    At this moment, Jia Lan looked worried. She was pacing around the house; she looked at Li Kun and Miss Lan from time to time.

    She saw that Li Kun’s eyes were still closed. There was still blood on his robe. His original thin face looked very pale. His breath was disordered and weak. There were no spiritual fluctuations on his body. He didn’t seem to be able to recover soon.

    On the same day, he was seriously injured under the joint attack of the two Crystallization Period powerhouses of Qing Qin and Chi Li. He also forcefully cast an escape technique to come back to the Ironfire Valley that was 100 miles away. His injuries were extremely severe. It was even worse that he was backfired by his own cultivation. If the rescue was late, he would mostly be dead.

    The Sea Creature Clan woman also lost a lot of true spirit under the crisis. She consumed a lot of mental energy to forcefully channel the golden talisman which rendered her unconscious due to the mental exhaustion. Although she didn’t have any life danger, she could no longer command the Sea Creature Clan party.

    As Jia Lan thought of this, she suddenly gritted his teeth and turned back to the Sea Creature Clan people as she informed, “You guys take good care of Elder Li and Aunt Yu. I will go out temporarily to see if I can find any way to save Elder Li.”

    Later, a talisman appeared in Jia Lan’s hand. She pasted it on her body. After five colors rune emerged, her look suddenly changed, turning into a thin girl with delicate facial features, then she walked out of the room.