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Chapter 347: Being Assaulted

Demon’s Diary
     A few days after Yan Jue’s auction, the flow of people in the Ironfire Valley didn’t seem to reduce. The valley was very lively as people were moving around and crowding between shops.

    And the best spiritual weapon, Tidal Shield with 31 heavy enchantments at the auction had become the focus of discussion among people in the valley.

    This spiritual weapon was not only unprecedentedly priced at 2.5 million spirit stones, and it also caused the two powerhouses of the Crystallization Period from two forces to fight. The news was spread in the valley, making people surprised.

    Even the Sea Region Royal Family and Siren King were in a hot contention, so everyone of course wanted to see the scene.

    However, after the auction, the Sea Creature Clan who took the spiritual weapon seemed to disappear.

    Not only that, the people who had bade previous spiritual weapons had never appeared in the valley.

    It seemed that those who succeeded in bidding were well aware of the danger of possessing such items. They had spent a lot of effort to ensure their own security and privacy.

    However, this adds a touch of mystery to these spiritual weapons.


    In a remote pavilion built against a mountain.

    A plain-looking young man in a gray robe sitting cross-legged suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were beaming.

    It was Liu Ming who had successfully bade the Soul Lock.

    On that day, after leaving Yan Jue’s room, a person was already waiting at the door. After a little explanation, he took Liu Ming to turn around in an underground cave and went through an underground corridor to a small teleportation position. After a flash of white light, he found himself in a remote corner of the Ironfire Valley.

    Seeing this situation, Liu Ming was relieved in his heart. After he eased his mind, he pretended to be a thin man and quietly returned to his rented apartment.

    Now that Soul Lock was in his hands, he was not in a hurry to leave. Instead, he intended to refine sacrificially this spiritual weapon before leaving.

    After all, the auction was just over. It was not a good time to leave Ironfire Valley.

    Liu Ming had now restored his energy and spirit to the peak state through meditation. Then, he proceeded to the sacrificial refining of the Soul Lock.

    Liu Ming took out a few light blue formation flags from Sumeru Snail and inserted them in several places in the room. At the same time, he made a gesture with one hand and the formation flags disappeared. After a while, a faint blue halo slowly circulated in the room. Eventualy, it wrapped around his body.

    After that, he flipped with one hand, and there was an extra square wooden box in his hand. After one tap with one hand, the lid opened by itself. The small silver lock imprinted with a spiritual pattern was revealed.

    The so-called sacrificial refining of spiritual weapon, in fact, was using his own mental power and blood essence to leave a mark in the spiritual weapon in a very mysterious way, so that he could use it with ease and prevent being robbed by others.

    Although the sacrificial refining of Soul Lock was only an intermediate grade spiritual weapon, the enchantments imprinted on it were extremely complicated. Liu Ming’s must be focused on it. Moreover, in order to prevent someone from peeping at it, he arranged this temporary array.

    After he had arranged all these preparations properly, he threw Soul Lock up, then he spurted blood on the small silver lock in the air.

    As he quickly changed his gestures in his hands, he began to mutter his chants.

    In mid-air, as the mist formed by the blood essence being absorbed by the Soul Lock, the layers of spiritual imprint started to emit silver lights. At the same time, a dense silver rune began to emerge, and the silver rune flickered. After a few rounds, a layer of fuzzy runes began to form.

    These runes were slowly turning at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. It was looming in a certain pattern according to Liu Ming’s chants.

    Later, Liu Ming put a finger on his forehead. The huge mental power was also released unreservedly, and it was transferred to the Soul Lock in mid air.

    After forming a weird gesture on both hands, his body was motionless.



    At the same time.

    A pristine jungle zone more than a hundred miles from Ironfire Valley.

    The trees in the forest were all two hundred to three hundred meter high. They had thick branches and leaves; the forest was dark and shady. From time to time, some undertone beast roars could be faintly heard.

    Six Sea Creature Clan men of varying heights were walking in this dense forest with extreme caution. Among them, there were men and women, and the mind was focused to the extreme. They were always watching the movement around them.

    It was Li Kun and others who successfully obtained the best spiritual weapon, Tidal Shield at the auction.

    “The auction was going smoothly. Even if there are very few precious materials left, it is worth it to successfully obtain Tidal Shield.”

    It was the Sea Creature Clan woman “Aunt Yu” with a thick eyebrow who spoke.

    “Miss Lan, please don’t be sloppy. Although I have used mystic arts of my clan to disguise Li Ye and others into our look, and they departed from the other two part leaving the valley, but I still feel that Qing Qin from the auction won’t be that simple.” A thin old man on the side, Li Kun frowned and said as he heard those words.

    “Elder Li, why are you so worried, didn’t you check repeteadly with mental power before? You didn’t find any marks of mystic arts with your strength of the Crystallization Period. That Qing Qin is just a savage beastkin in the sea. He couldn’t cause any trouble. “Aunt Yu snorted coldly as she said disdainfully.

    “En, it may be that I’m a bit overly worried. But if he dares to chase him, I will definitely make him unable to return. Besides, we didn’t fly purposely when leaving the Ironfire Valley. Normal people can’t discover our trace.” Li Kun hesitated for a moment before exhaling lightly. His expression looked slightly calm.

    Miss Lan smiled and nodded, but she suddenly turned around and spoke to the blue shirt girl to comfort her a little, “Jia Lan, although I did not get the Soul Lock this time. However, when this mission is completed successfully, there will be many rewards from the royal family. Aunt Yu will surely get you a good spiritual weapon.”

    “Thank you Aunt Yu, I will naturally focus on the important matter.” Jia Lan blinked and smiled sweetly.

    As Miss Lan heard it, there was a hint of relief in her eyes, then she continued to move forward with her focus mind.


    After walking for about half of a tea time, suddenly a black shadow surged toward them in a cyan mist in the mid-air ahead.

    The black shadow circled in the air and fell heavily in the grass not far from the Sea Creature Clan people.

    The cyan mist tumbled and a package appeared.

    It was actually two bloody skulls!

    “Li Fang! Li Fang!”

    Li Kun’s eyes widened when he saw this, his face changed, thinking that this was not good.

    Just as everyone behind them still did not react from the fear, they saw a cyan light burst from the trees not far in front of Li Kun. This blue light came very fast, and it was close to Li Kun’s body in an instant.

    Li Kun, as a powerhouse of the Crystallization Period, was already alert. He appeared at the right moment when the blue light appeared, and a silver light radiated out of his sleeve robe colliding with the blue light that was coming at him.


    The blue and silver lights colliding with each other, then they suddenly separated.

    When the blue light was gone, the figure of a semi-bald blue robe macho man appeared.

    This macho man was Qing Qin who lost the bid at the auction!

    “Hmph, petty trick, but it still took me a lot of effort. Leave the Tidal Shield, otherwise no one can get away!” Qing Qin sneered as he made a gesture.

    Then, after a muffled sound, the space above Qing Qin suddenly shook violently. After the blue air surged out, a blue big hand quickly condensed. Its surface seemed to have a faint blue rune flowing. Suddenly, the astonishing momentum exuded from the big hand, surging at Li Kun from all directions.

    “Fall back!”

    Li Kun’s face tightened, and he did not look back at the Sea Creature Clan behind him when he said that. After that, his sleeves shook, the amazing silver light shot out from him, banging up to the blue big hand in mid-air.

    Seeing the horrific offensive of Qing Qin, Miss Lan naturally did not dare to stay in place after being surprised. She quickly let everyone under her scattered while she cast a shell-shaped spiritual weapon. With one gesture, a faint blue light curtain enveloped the crowd to prevent being dragged in by the powerful collision between two powerhouses.


    The blue big hand and the brilliant silver light collided; the blue light and the silver light were radiating, then they rushed up and rampaged violently in the air.

    In the crisp click sound, the trees around Qing Qin and Li Kun were grinded into saw dust and fell from the sky. The blue shield on Miss Lan’s party also had a ripple. After trembling for a while, it almost burst open.

    After the fight just now, the blue hands transfigured by Qing Qin and the silver light released by Li Kun slowly dissipated. This time, the two were apparently equally strong.

    “Hmph, Qing Qin, you try to stop me with such strength? Stop dreaming.” Li Kun Leng snorted coldly and said. He flipped his hand and a black short stick suddenly appeared in his hand. He shook slightly, and it immediately made a horrifying scream.

    Seeing this situation, Qing Qin no longer said nonsense. He just sneered. He chanted as his ten fingers were forming gestures in the air; his figure immediately became blurred.


    At this moment, the space around Qing Qin suddenly fluctuated violently. Under the violent dance of blue light, a gigantic monster was condensed.

    The beast was more than two hundred meter, and it was covered with bowl size blue scales. Its surface was gleaming. The strange thing was that it looked very peculiar. Its head transfigured the look of a blue fish; its body transfigured the look of a giant bird.