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Chapter 346: Flying Sword Fusion

Demon’s Diary
     The elder with slanted eyebrows had been pursuing for three days and nights since he cast his mystic art in his cave house, but he saw the head of Mrs. Ruyu on a barren mountain. He naturally felt grieved.

    When he saw the words “Ye Tianmei”, he became even more furious. He shouted at the sky, then he took out a fireball from his sleeve and turned her head into ashes. He then flew into the sky and continued to pursue Ye Tianmei.

    On the way, Ma Shu also gathered another elder of his friend and several men in the valley. He vowed to kill Ye Tianmei and using her head to honor his dead partner.



    Today, Ma Shu and another old man with short beard, staring ferociously at the white shirt woman above the giant peak.

    “Bitch, how dare you! Not only you break into my cave house, but you also kill all my slaves, and even killed my dual cultivation partner. I will definitely take this revenge. No matter how, you don’t even think of leaving this place. “Ma Shu’s eyes exuded a thick killing intention as he spoke slowly.

    “Ma Shu, you don’t need to remind you about what your partner did right? A life for a life, what else do you want to say!” Ye Tianmei said faintly. Her expression didn’t change the slightest when facing two powerhouses of the Crystallization Period.

    “You don’t even think about leaving this place even if this place turns in hell.” Since Ma Shu chased here, he naturally wouldn’t reason with her. He said with murderous intention.

    “It also depends on whether you two have such capability.”

    As soon as the words were spoken, the coldness from Ye Tianmei suddenly exploded. She shook her sword and her body turned blurred instantly. She turned into a silver light, jumped from the giant peak where she was, and radiated toward the opposite giant peak.

    Ma Shu saw it. He flipped his one hand and a palm-sized golden disc emerged from the hand. He chanted in his mind and the power in his body suddenly burst out.

    The disc suddenly became the giant size of a hundred meter in diameter in a blink of an eye, luminating in front of him.

    Ma Shu, as the deputy valley master of Jingu, naturally knew the power of the Sword Cultivator technique. When Ye Tianmei cast her sword skill, he immediately cast his defensive magic weapon as soon as possible.

    In addition, the short beard old man’s face sank. He threw out a black ball with one hand. He kept changing gestures on both his hands and chanting something with his mouth.

    With a puff, the rune of five-color rune on the black ball changed a little, and then a giant centipede figure flashed out and blocked in front of him.

    The centipede was more than two hundred meter long. Its body was red; its red eyes were flashing; there was a faint layer of blood mist lingering on its body, giving a rather strange and terrifying feeling.

    At this moment, under a sharp whistling sound, the silver sword light had appeared before Ma Shu’s disc. When it was about to be slashed on the disc, the silver light burst suddenly. It turned into a hundred sword shadows and blasted away in all directions.

    In the horrible screams, blood flowers were blossoming in the air. The two Condensation State cultivators, who were caught off guard nearby, died horribly under the sword shadow.

    The remaining Condensation State cultivator was shocked seeing this scenario. They immediately took out their rune spiritual weapon to bless themselves with several layers of light shield trying to resist it.

    All kinds of light flashed for a while, and after the overwhelming sword light flashed. The colliding sounds were endless. The light shield of the four Condensation State cultivators of Ma Shu’s subordinates shattered into countless pieces of lights. They also turned into minced meat after giving a painful scream.

    Instantly, there were only two Condensation State later stage cultivators left. They were still relying on the spiritual weapon in their hands to support themselves, but they looked despair.

    In the air, after another cold snort, Ye Tianmei’s figure flashed out suddenly. She shook her wrists and a large sword light flashed away.

    After the light shields in front of the two Condensation State later stage cultivators trembled, they burst open together with the spiritual weapon. Before they could make any sound, their bodies were sliced into countless sections by the cold light.

    It was a pity for these Crystal Valley Spiritual Masters, they were killed swiftly before they could see Ye Tianmei.

    All these changes were as fast as lightning.

    “Court death.”

    Ma Shu was shocked and furious as he saw that so many of his subordinates were killed by Ye Tianmei in front of him because of his negligence. He made a gesture and his right hand tapped lightly on the round disc.

    The whirling disc suddenly cut through the air and flew toward Ye Tianmei.

    On the other side, after a gust of wind, the giant centipede suddenly appeared in front of Ye Tianmei. As its sharp legs moved, it immediately charged at Ye Tianmei like a storm. Its mouth was even puffing clouds of green mist

    Because it moved too fast, only countless red scarlet shadows were constantly looming around Ye Tianmei like a ghost.

    Ye Tianmei shouted, and silver lights were shooting from her body, hitting the red scarlet shadow from time to time and making a loud noise.

    At this time, the disc also came to Ye Tianmei. As it was about to collide with the sword light, a white figure flashed and disappeared.

    In the frantic spin, the disc ran past Ye Tianmei’s original standing position, leaving a long gold mark. However, after a strange howl, it turned into a ball of golden light and flew back to Ma Shu.

    The next moment, the space fluctuated together, and Ye Tianmei appeared above the giant centipede.

    She made a gesture and pointed at the silver long sword. The sword immediately turned into a thick sword light, radiating dazzling silver light. It struck on top of the centipede relentlessly with overwhelming pressure.

    After the centipede made a hiss, the blood red light on its body surface scattered. It was actually cut into half by the sword light.

    The Crystal Valley elder was furious as he saw it. He gave an eye signal to Ma Shu who was beside him, then he threw a round ball with one hand. After he made a gesture, the round ball turned into a giant toad of a few ten meters.

    After the toad fell to the ground, his hind legs curled up and knelt on the ground with its front legs supporting the body. Then, there was a drumming sound from its abdomen. It suddenly opened its mouth and puffed out clouds of black green mist. After a storm, Ye Tianmei was surrounded by the mist.

    Seeing this, Ma Shu immediately understood. Ruthlessness flashed across his eyes as he suddenly bit his tongue. He opened his mouth and puffed a mouthful of blood at the disc, the disc suddenly became golden. It disappeared after a blur in the air.

    Ye Tianmei was caught off guard as she was surrounded by the dark green mist; she frowned slightly. She threw the silver sword in her hand into the air without thinking much. Her spiritual weapon was swirling around on top of her head; layers of swords poured down like a waterfall, protecting her body in an airtight space.

    At this moment, behind Ye Tianmei, a faint golden light flashed out, and the giant disc emerged out of nowhere. With just a single move, it struck the layers of sword light surrounding Ye Tianmei.

    There was a sudden burst of noise, and an invisible force surged out. It actually smashed several layers of sword lights.

    The silver lights near the woman became dim; her complexion turned pale along with it.

    “You don’t even think of leaving today. I will use your life to honor my wife.” Ma Shu was overjoyed as he saw it. He roared as his gesture pointed lightly at the disc far away.

    Suddenly, after a violent shaking of the huge disc, it split into eight identical discs and distributed in all directions, whistling to seal all the retreats of Ye Tianmei.

    Ma Shu’s strength was comparable to the later stage of the Crystallization Period. That elder was only at the early stage of the Crystallization Period. As the two men joined forces, Ye Tianmei, who was in the crystal early stage, was not their opponent, even if her Sword Cultivator technique was more powerful.

    Now, although Ye Tianmei’s breath was weaker, her eyes are getting brighter. After she sighed faintly, her two jade hands were gently closed, making a mysterious gesture.

    There was a sudden flash of silver light around her body. A rough hurricane was rolled up out of thin air, blowing away the mist of surrounding her. After that, all sword lights converged and turned into a thick silver light which surrounded her body and danced fanatically.

    “Not good, she’s going to escape.” Seeing this, Ma Shu’s pupils shrank a little, and he cast his gestures to the extreme. Sixteen identical discs were transfigured, then they blocked Ye Tianmei’s escape road again.

    The next moment, there was a fluctuation under Ye Tianmei her feet. After the silver lights were condensed, a giant silver sword emerged out of thin air.


    The silver giant sword just shuddered, then it disappeared with the woman above, and appeared in the air that was a thousand meters away.

    At this time, the golden giant discs that were originally blocking the escape direction of Ye Tianmei were split into two pieces in a flash. No one saw when they were cut.

    The woman in white did not hesitate for a moment on the giant sword. After she made another gesture without hesitation, she suddenly merged with the giant sword, turned into a dazzling silver rainbow and shot away, leaving only a long trace of silver light in the air.

    Ye Tianmei was performing the rumored Flying Sword Fusion at the moment!

    “Can’t let her run away; chase her!” Ma Shu almost roared this sentence.

    “Rest assured, I had expected that this woman would lose to us, and she will flee. I have a backup plan.” The bearded old man sneered with a long voice, then he sat with his leg crossed. He was chanting something in his mouth.

    Suddenly after a loud bang, the elder’s body turned blurred. Circles of black mist rippled out from his body, spread around him, and blasted forward quickly.

    Subsequently, after a few loud bangs!

    A spider, python, and scorpion of two hundred meters appeared in the direction of Ye Tianmei’s escape route.

    On top of the giant spider’s head, the short-bearded old man teleported there after a fluctuation, and he still maintained a sitting posture.

    At the same time, a burst of air sounded behind Ye Tianmei, and another cloud of golden light rushed toward her, but it was from the direction of Ma Shu’s side.

    As Ye Tianmei saw this, she didn’t look surprised, but she sighed in her heart. She suddenly opened her mouth and spit out a small sword of a few inches long. Except it wasn’t as big as the giant sword under her, it actually looked the same.

    And, this palm size small sword’s silver light was so rich that it reached an extremely horrifying degree. At the moment, Ye Tianmei’s palm looked like a silver sun.

    This was the spirit of the sword embryo that Ye Tianmei had worked hard cultivating in her body for many years!

    The woman just bounced her jade fingers, and the shadow of the small sword in her hand turned into a silver sword light with a hundred meter length. After it flashed, it was like a rainbow across the sky after the rain.

    There was a horrible scream from the opposite!

    The short-bearded old man and the spider puppet below him were instantly drowned out by the huge sword light appearing out of thin air. No matter whether it was the defensive aura or the defensive spiritual weapons, they were shattered by the silver lights in quick succession; they were very useless.

    “Flying sword true spirit!” Ma Shu roared loudly, but his voice was full of dread. His momentum also suddenly eased a little.

    The huge sword light appeared instantly, but it also disappeared quickly!

    In an instant, the huge sword light suddenly turned into a bit of silver light and disappeared, then the figure of the short-bearded old man reappeared.

    At this moment, the Crystal Valley elder had blood mist burst out all over his body. He fell weakly from the giant spider, and his breath was instantly weakened to the extreme. He was apparently in severe injury!

    The spider puppet under the old man was motionless at first, but after a moment, he turned into a pile of powder and scattered after a breeze blew past.

    At the same time, Ye Tianmei was still clutching the silver sword in her hand. After a mouthful of blood spurt from her mouth, her pale face almost turned transparent.

    She swallowed the small sword in her hand suddenly into her belly, and once again she cast Flying Sword Fusion. She combined with the giant sword under her foot and turned into a silver rainbow flying away.